Mini Me

By Final Fantasy Princess

Short-shortstories on SxS and ExT. Contains either fluff, comedy, tragedy (barely), and everyday life. Written to relieve myself from the evil college classes I'm taking. Enjoy!

The End

"I love you!"

Syaoran stared wide eyed at the incoming body of Sakura Kinomoto, the only girl he could ever love in his life, propel itself towards him from the other side of the clock tower. He didn't understand where she got the energy to even jump across the gap since he already felt exhausted from all the fighting done today.

Certainly why that card was called the Void.

Sakura smashed into his body as he received her with open arms, clutching her tightly and never wanting to let go.

The force Sakura came at him was too much for his weary body to bear so they both fell backwards and down a couple of steps. Syaoran didn't mind that he might get a few more bruises on his back from sliding down the stairs because he finally felt all right. He was with the love of his life and he remembered everything still. They were finally together.

Sakura looked sheepishly at him as she looked up from her position on his chest.

He took the whole force of the fall. She wasn't even hurt. He was glad that she wasn't hurt. He wouldn't have forgiven himself if she took any damage from the fall after defeating the Void on her own.

"I'm sorry Syaoran. I didn't think that I could've knocked you down."

She had a light blush on her cheeks and she was looking away from him. The sun's rising rays shined on her making her appear ethereal. She appeared so shy and adorable that he couldn't help but stare at her for a few seconds to lock the expression away in his mind.

"Don't be sorry Sakura. I love you too."

And with that, he turned her face towards his and kissed her. Their first kiss. And he couldn't help but feel that this moment was absolutely perfect.

And that Daidouji Tomoyo would be screaming bloody murder later for missing out this precious footage on her video camera.

He idly thought as he continued to kiss Sakura if Daidouji and Meiling were already back and had found them kissing in the clock tower. He would've wanted Daidouji to get this on film so he could watch it over and over again.

But as Sakura opened her mouth and their tongues clashed together in a harmonious dance, there was only one thought that lingered before his mind went blank.

He thought that he could never forget this moment even if it wasn't on film.