Mini Me

By Final Fantasy Princess


"What are you doing?"

Syaoran looked down to see Sakura looking up at him curiously. He was hanging upside down from the cherry blossom tree with his eyes closed. Sakura nearly made him lose his grip on the tree.

"Concentrating. What are you doing here?"

Sakura smiled and held up her bento box. Syaoran felt confused as to why that would be the answer to his question since he hadn't asked for company. He pushed himself up and proceeded to jump down next to her.

"That doesn't necessarily answer my question."

She smiled again.

"Yes it does. I made lunch for us. You're always here hanging upside down that I thought you might be hungry."

Syaoran looked puzzled for a moment. Then he scowled unceremoniously and dropped himself to the ground. He leaned against the tree and looked away.

"I didn't ask for company or food."

This time, her smile became wider.

"I know. But I came anyway. So let's eat, shall we?"

Syaoran gave her a sideways glance. She giggled at his expense and sat next to him. She opened her box and gave him chopsticks. Then she proceeded to split all the food in half.

"Dig in!"

He ate without saying a word. He didn't know what to make of her. She was weird. And yet, he felt this odd feeling in his chest.

Maybe she wasn't so bad after all.

And she had the most beautiful smile.

"Thank you." He muttered just as the bell rang, signifying that lunch was over.

She shook her head and smiled again.

"No, thank you Li. See you again tomorrow?"

He didn't respond. She grinned and without a thought, kissed him on the cheek good-bye. He blushed and stared as she went skipping away towards their school.

Yeah, he would see her tomorrow.

He could get used to seeing her smile everyday. And the kiss… too.


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