Fortune Cookie says: Man that does prank ends up dooming himself

The Daymare Begins



"Space, the final place. These are the voyages of the People's Metal Ship, and its pointless mission to destroy strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to dumbly go where we will be in constant danger. These are the voyages of PMS," a fake voice mocked.

"Hahaha…this is too much," Purple laughed as he cut the music.

"I know…I know…but it will work," Red assured with a sly grin.

"Is he really that stupid?" Purple questioned with a raised antenna.

They both froze and stared at each other in thought. Their cheeks puffed up and they began to madly laugh. Red quickly grabbed a soda from a table-headed service drone as he cackled. He deeply sucked the soda down slightly choking as he chuckled. Purple grasped his thin frame as he continued to laugh. His legs were slightly pulled up in the air as he laughed. He dropped hisfries as the technicians watched in worry. The Almighty Tallests were laughing far too much for comfort. Red coughed and regained his composer with a grin. Purple still hovered in one area as he laughed. Red swore that Purple was turning purple from lack of air. His large Red eyes blinked and he floated back to his chair.

His metal gauntlets with the thick red stripe in the middle clinked against the metal handle of the chair. The three red rings that kept his waist sickly thin loosened as he sat. The metal that covered his body bent to his form as he sat. He was thankful that the metal was more liquid metal or else he would never be able to sit. Purple calmed down and came to take a seat next to Red. He snickered andtried to calm down. His two thin fingers covered his mouth in a failed attempt to quiet. Red smirked and yawned. Purplesviolet colored metal suit reflected the light as the Massive quickly dimmed their power.

"Are you sure he'll fall for this?" Purple questioned.

"Positive," Red drawled with a smirk.

"If this doesn't work you owe me a massage," Purple replied.

"I can't massage…I only have two fingers," Red dryly pointed out.

"Then get more," Purple complained as Red raised an antenna at Purple's attitude.

"I can't get more," Red pointed out.

"Then take someone else's," Purple grumbled.

"Fine, but if this works then I want you to be silent for a day," Red smugly said.

"Hey!" Purple shouted.

"Agree?" Red challenged with a smirk.

"You just don't want to hear my voice," Purple stated with a glare.

"Agreed?" Red pushed as Purple nodded. "Turn on the image thingy

"You mean the hologram?" Purple questioned with a haughty smirk.

"Lasers!" Red shouted with a growl.

"MY EYE!" Purple cried out as a laser shot him in the eye.

He held his eye as he rolled around on the floor moaning in pain. Red chuckled and shook his head with a grin. He really did love lasers.

"Everyone loves lasers," Red sighed.

"Why the hell are there lasers here!" Purple shouted as he climbed into his seat. His violet eye twitched every few seconds.

"Holograms are in place," a technician declared.

"Quick, open a link to Earth!" Red excitedly ordered.

The Massive approached the Earth and its form changed as the hologram covered the entire ship. Red and Purple chuckled as they stared at each other. They look just like the crew from that weird space show.

"Give it back now Zim! Give it back or face my wrath!"

"NEVER!" Zim shouted as he ran down the block.

A growl filled the air and he squeaked as he picked up sped. His lens-covered eyes blinked in fear as he heard the heavy footfalls of black combat boots behind him. Zim griped his wig with his right hand as he tried to run faster. In his left hand, he held the scared object. Gaz's new Gameslave X-treme was clutched to his chest. He had stolen it from her hands and took off running. Zim briefly wondered why he had to go and piss off the only human that could really harm him. He blinked and grinned in relief as he saw his house down the block. The familiar flamingo and lawn gnomes greeted him.

"You're dead green bean!" Gaz shouted as she launched at him.

Zim's gloved hand reached out for the doorknob and his eyes widened. He literally squealed as he was tackled to the ground. The Gameslave softly landed on the ground as he went rolling along with Gaz on top of him. His green skin scrapped against the dirt as he grunted. Gaz's petite pale hands wrapped around his neck and she began to choke him. Zim gasped and his body withered on the ground as Gaz continued her revenge.

"Ack! Release Zim!" Zim quickly choked out, literally.

"You took it Zim!" Gaz growled as she shook him.

Zim reached up and pushed her away. Gaz landed on the ground with a grunt. Zim quickly scrambled away from her as she glared at him through her squinted eyes. He gulped as she pushed herself up. Her short black skirt brushed against the violet tights she wore. Her black corset was covered by a small purple hoodie. Zim quickly stood up and put a lawn gnome between them.

"I need you to answer a question," Zim gritted out as his voice rose at the last word.

"If you want to know about your funeral…then yes…I'll leave something behind to be buried," Gaz darkly replied.

"Huh? No, I need to know about the starship humans," Zim quickly said as she came closer.

Gaz stopped her stalking and stood there in confusion. Her head tilted to the side as she thought about this and stared at him. They were in their second year of high school and still had a rocky friendship. She didn't know if she should kill him or answer the question first. Die in bliss or die in ignorance, such a tough decision. His lean form was tensed and ready to lunge away from her slender form. Zim had grown and they had never questioned why. Dib was still working on a theory. They had formed their own threesome of freaks at school. All of them had no friends and each knew why. Dib was obsessed with his paranormal studies, Zim was a freak, and Gaz just didn't want a friend.

Dib had finally come to understand that Zim would never conquer the Earth. Gaz was proud that her brother realized that Zim was bad at world conquest. It was strange in her opinion, all three of them getting along on rocky terms.

"There are no starship humans," Gaz calmly replied. All her thinking had calmed her anger.

"But that documentary!" Zim protested with a shock look.

"It's a fiction show you idiot," Gaz replied with a smirk.

Gaz sighed; her lust for blood had ended. Zim visibly relaxed as Gaz calmed down. He picked up the Gameslave and handed it to her. Gaz reached out and grabbed Zim by his shirt. She pulled him down to her level and balled her fist up. If he had a nose, she would have broken it for good measure. Her fist unclenched and she sighed in defeat. Zim carefully pulled her fisted hand from his shirt; he didn't want to end his superior life.

"So you're saying that those starship humans aren't real?" Zim questioned again.

"They're fake," Gaz assured.

Zim nodded and walked over to his door. He kicked it open and stepped out the way. The roboparents came flying out and landed in the front yard. Zim marched inside his house and Gaz followed. She had nothing better to do this evening. Zim quickly turned on his TV and noticed a beeping. Gaz raised an eyebrow and he shrugged.

"GIR!" Zim shouted.

"Yes my master!" Gir responded as he fell from the ceiling.

"What were you doing up there?" Zim questioned.

"I was decorating!" Gir happily said as his eyes glowed blue and he waved his arms.

Gaz raised her amber gaze to the ceiling. Her violet hair brushed her shoulders as she stared up at Zim's weird ceiling. Sporks now lined the ceiling, Gir had super glued them. Zim shook his head, there was no use getting mad at the strange robot.

"What is that beeping?" Zim questioned.

"Oh yeah…some spaceship humans called you," Gir spoke.

Zim tore off his disguise and Gaz watched in mild amusement. His antennae twitched with anger as he ordered the computer to open a link. Gaz's eyes widened as she stared at the characters from PMS. Her pupils narrowed and she grinned as a glitch caused something to grow fuzzy on the screen.

"Invader Zim, I am John Puke Leotard of the PMS. I wish to know why you are on my planet," the balding human questioned with a grin.

"They're real!" Zim gasped.

"That's fake," Gaz assured.

"If you wish to know, then I am an Irken Invader sent to destroy Earth," Zim proudly answered.

"He's bad at it," Gaz pointed out as he glared at her.

"We know,"the man with violet eyessighed and John sadly nodded.

"We are warning you to leave or else you shall be met with hostile greetings," John assured.

"Filthy-human!" Zim spat. "I will not surrender my mission!'

"Zim," Gaz sighed.

"Computer, lock onto their ship and send them a surprise," Zim ordered as the transmission ended.

"You know that those were probably your leaders playing a joke on you?" Gaz questioned.

Zim remained staring at the screen as Gaz began to darkly chuckle.

Red's eyes snapped open as the hologram faded. The ship shook and the power went dead. Purple began to shouting and searching for his missing curly fries.

"What's going on?" Purple demanded.

"A frequency has damaged our systems!" The technician worriedly answered.

"We're going to die!" Purple shouted. Everyone stopped and stared at Purple as curly fries went floating everywhere.

"Quickly fix this!" Red demanded.

Red emergency lights began flashing and a mass panic broke out.

"The power core has caught on fire!" Another technician shouted.

"We're going to blow up!" Another voice shouted as the Massive began to shake.

"Beam the Tallest to the nearest Irken base!" An advisor shouted.

Red and Purple's eyes shot open when they heard this. Everything began to fade as they felt themselves being beamed to the nearest Irken base. One dreadful word floated through their minds.


Gaz chuckled as she watched Zim bang his head against the wall. Gir was currently following his actions. Gaz loved the misery in the room. She stood up and stretched, all the sorrow was making her tired. The house alarm systems went off and Zim snapped to attention.



Gaz looked up and her features turned into a dark scowl. The two Irken leaders materialized above her and gravity took affect. They fell upon her and she squeaked with pain. Zim sheepishly smiled at his Tallest.

"Uh…hello," Zim said.

"Zim!" Red snapped.

"Hey, this is soft!" Purple said as he reached down a squeezed something.

Red looked over and down at the thing Purple was squeezing. Zim's face turned green in embarrassmentand he knew that Gaz would officially kill him. Red reached down and smacked Purple's hand away.

"Hey!" Purple protested as he rubbed his sore hand.

"Don't touch that!" Red snapped as Purple scowled.

"I want some of those," Purple happily said as he reached down and poked the soft thing.

"Touch those again and I will doom you to a endless abyss from which you will be tortured for all eternity!" Gaz growled as she pushed the two aliens off her.

"Don't touch me!" Red snapped as he floated off the ground.

"You were the one that fell on me!" Gaz growled.

Red scowled at her and Purple looked around at his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the sporks on the ceiling.

"Greetings my Almighty Tallests!" Zim saluted as he drew their attention from Gaz.

"Zim!" Red snapped again. "What did you do?"

"Yeah! You blew up my curly fries!" Purple growled.

"I sent a wave of power to overload your systemsand blew up your ship," Zim sheepishly informed.

"That's crazy Zim," Red dully said.

"Crazy or ingenious?" Zim questioned back with a proud smile.

"No…it's crazy," Red assured with angry smile.

"Told ya' so," Gaz mumbled as she moved for the door.

"Silence!" Zim demanded.

"Where's your communicator?" Red demanded.

"About that…" Zim drawled as Red raised an antenna in question. "The amount of power I used drained my base."

"For how long?" Red gritted out.

"The batteries going to be out for a while," Zim continued.

"How long Zim!" Red growled as Purple chuckled.

"He completely drained his last battery and has no more…Gir ate the last battery," Gaz answered as Zim scowled at her.

"Traitor!" Zim accused her.

"That's for taking my Gameslave," Gaz replied with a smirk and left.

"We're stuck on this planet?" Purple questioned.

"Until he gets a new battery," Red informed.

"Don't worry! I'll show you all the horrible joys of earth!" Zim quickly assured.

"We're doomed," Purple sighed as red sullenly nodded in agreement.

Author's Note:

I'm so proud…I finally typed this idea out. I've really wanted to do a fic about Red and Purple, but it won't be slash
I didn't mean to insult Star Trek...I like that show that's why I used it.
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