Title: A Change In Action
Author: Chrissykat
Ship: Troy, Briseis/Achilles
Category: Drama/Romance
Part: Epilogue
Rating: T Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.
Authors Note: Well, we have reached the end of my Troy Saga. I want to thank all of you who have read this, my first fanfiction story. The ride has been a rollercoaster and your reviews have really encouraged me onward. Thanks to Ethereal Prey, for all her wonderful feedback, (especially on all those make out scenes. Lol.) and for giving me the courage to even start writing this tale.

A few other notes, I am taking a bit of Briseis' background about her father from the book Daughter of Troy. I have changed a few of the details to fit into this story. I thought it would be a nice final twist. The Pasgasaean Gulf and the port in Pasgasae were real; however, it may not be completely accurate that they docked there and traveled by a road along the coast to get to Larisa. In addition, after a bit of research I found that Larisa Kremaste, which is located in the region of Phthiotis (Pthia), might have been where Achilles made his home. This might explain why in the movie Thetis says Larisa and not Pthia. Last thing, the final lines of the story are from the Children of Dune, I have edited them a bit to fit with my story. I liked them and felt they were a nice way to end my tale. Anyway, I just wanted to brief you on these things so you are not confused. Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy the conclusion of the Troy Saga: A Change in Action.

Several weeks passed as the ship carrying the Myrmidons, Achilles, and Briseis sailed across the Aegean. Over the course of the journey, Achilles had feared his mothers' prophecy would come true. Not long after reaching open sea, Poseidon and Zeus joined forces, invoking one storm after another. The storms lasted for days on end. Bolts of lightning lit up the sky by day and night, while strong winds, stinging rain. Violent waves pounded against the ship and its passengers. Finally, three short days ago, as the shores of Greece came into sight, the storms let up. The battered ship sailed safely through the Pasgasaean Gulf to dock at the port in Pasgasae.

A week after leaving the port and riding further south into the region of Phthiotis, Larisa was within sight. Achilles closed his eyes, breathing in the air around them. Soon they would be home. His men would be able to see their families again. He had to admit that he was eager to present Briseis to his mother, certain that Thetis would approve of his choice.

The thought of Briseis brought a grin to his face. Briseis had not been as merry weeks ago when the constant tossing and turning of the boat had made her ill. Having never been on a ship before, she was unused to the unsteady movements, the storms making this worse. Briseis had been downright miserable, but somehow even in those moments she had managed to put on a brave face, if for no other reason, then to maintain her noble dignity.

Hearing her laugh, Achilles turned his head to the right to see what was sparking her amusement. She sat atop a beautiful brown mare that he had purchased for her while they were at port. Patrocleus rode next to her and was clearly the reason for her laughter. The younger man was making absurd gestures with one hand, holding the reigns of his horse with the other, and occasionally nearly toppling right off the saddle. Achilles shouted over to Patrocleus, "Cousin, as amusing as it would be for us to see you fall onto your backside, I highly doubt it will do much for your reputation."

Briseis pulled her horse closer to Achilles, then swatted playfully at him. "Leave your cousin alone. He was telling me a very a funny tale."

Achilles snickered, pulling his arm away so her hand missed hitting him. "I am quite sure it was, but I would hate to see him make a fool out of himself by falling from his horse as we enter the city. I am not sure the ladies would be very impressed." Patrocleus expression was priceless and the younger man grabbed the reigns with both hands.

"Do not listen to him Patrocleus, one never knows what aspect of a man a woman will find…attractive. If you do fall and injure yourself, perhaps you will find a woman who will mend your wounds." Unable to maintain a straight face, Briseis broke into peels of laughter once more.

Her laughter was as enchanting as her singing. Achilles noted that a few of the men nearby had joined in her mirth. He too could not help but smile and eventually Patrocleus gave into the jovial mood that spread throughout the group.

They rode onward, sharing tales of triumphs and tragedies as well as stories about their families. The chatter continued until the gates of the city came into view. Achilles held up a hand, halting the entire group. He turned his horse around to face the men who had fought by his side. "Myrmidons, you have fought bravely and proved your worth more times than I can count. Now, raise your hearts men…for we are home!"

The Myrmidons cheered loudly and with Achilles leading them, they rode swiftly forward through the city gates.

Briseis recalled all the pomp and fuss that the citizens of Troy made when Hector and Paris returned from their mission to Sparta. No such celebration awaited these men. There were no large crowds gathered, no flowers thrown before them, and no grand music to herald their return. However, wives, children, and other relatives, who were present to witness this, dropped what they were doing and rushed forward to welcome the Myrmidons home.

Pulling their horses to a halt, the Myrmidons climbed down to greet their families. Eudorus dropped from his horse and quickly lifted his daughter in the air. Shortly after, his wife and son hurried over. They too found themselves caught up in a loving embrace. Eudorus looked up at Achilles then bowed his head.

Achilles returned the gesture before he and his two companions departed from the scene. They rode through the city, past a small temple, through the agora, and upwards over the hilly terrain where the large dwelling of Achilles stood. As she laid eyes upon the large stone structure, Briseis could not help but be awed. Though it was not the palace of Troy she had grown up in, the buildings beauty was no less impressive.

They passed through the gateway. Achilles leaned over at her, surprised that she had not spoken. "For once, you are speechless Briseis?" When she made no response to his sly comment, he entertained himself by watching her gaze upon her new home.

"Do not worry Briseis, when I first came here as a young boy, I was just as amazed. I feared I would get lost. Achilles has built himself a grand home has he not?"

Briseis nodded slowly, her eyes drank in the sight. "Yes…quite…it is beautiful."

Achilles leaned over again, placing a hand on her cheek. "Come, I believe my mother is waiting to meet you." He turned his gaze to the pillared porch where Thetis stood, her blue and white gown swaying in the gentle breeze.

Briseis had already spotted the woman and the nervousness she had felt before began to creep up. Would Achilles mother accept her? She clung to the reigns of her horse as they rode forward.

Patrocleus was the first to leap down from his horse. He rushed up the stairs and embraced his aunt. Thetis hugged the younger boy. "Patrocleus, my sweet nephew; you have grown." Pulling away, she looked him over. Taking his hands into her own, "The boy who left these shores is now a man." They shared a private moment while Achilles helped Briseis down from her horse.

"What if she does not like me?" Briseis whispered. He could hear the apprehension in her tone.

"She will love you Briseis, have no fear of that." Achilles said proudly, taking her hand in his. They walked forward stepping up together onto the porch. Letting go of Briseis hand, Achilles and Thetis embraced. "Mother… I am home."

Relief filled Thetis' soul and the overjoyed smile on her face made her glow. "My son…welcome home. It brings ease to my heart to lay eyes upon you. I feared I would never again have the chance." The embrace lasted a few moments more before they each pulled away. Thetis took his hands in hers and as she had done with Patrocleus, looked him over. "You look as strong as the day you left."

"Stronger mother, much stronger" There was an underlining meaning behind his words.

Thetis caught his meaning. He had always been physically strong, but now he appeared to exude strength of heart. She peered over at Briseis who must be the reason for this. "Are you going to introduce your mother to this lovely creature my son?" Thetis let go of Achilles hands and moved closer to Briseis.

Briseis bowed as Thetis approached her; it would not do to show a lack of respect. However, not wanting to seem weak in his mothers' eyes, she lifted her head proudly. She spoke no words because she truly did not know how to address the woman before her and did not want to offend Achilles mother.

She looked Briseis over; the girl had a beauty that Thetis knew outmatched that of any other woman Achilles had been with before. However, she knew her son well enough to know that he would not have taken to just any woman as he so obviously had with this one over simple beauty. This girl obviously knew when to show respect; she must be well born for she carried herself as nobility does. She noticed a certain spark in the brown eyes, a spark that spoke volumes. Thetis took the girls hands in her own, speaking gently to put the girl at ease. "You need not bow to me child. I welcome you to Larisa. What is your name, since my son neglects to introduce you?"

Relieved at the positive reception she was receiving, Briseis replied "Briseis, daughter of Briseus and Pymaya." It had been many years since she had spoken her father and mothers names.

Thetis remembered the names well. She noted the pride Briseis took in her parentage. Oh, yes, this girl was a perfect match for Achilles. She took Briseis' arm in her own and the two began walking through the entryway of the home. Achilles and Patrocleus followed close behind. "So, you are the daughter of a princess of Troy and a wandering warrior from Greece."

Achilles and Patrocleus looked on both even more shocked then Briseis at this revelation. They looked at each other, then back toward Thetis and Briseis but remained silent to let the two women converse. Achilles made note to question Briseis about her father later.

Briseis looked at Thetis in shock as they passed several storerooms and into the megaron of Achilles home. It was years before she learned why her fathers' origins had always been something never discussed. Not until he died was she able to comprehend that his Greek heritage put him in a difficult position when the wars began. However, she would not lie about who he nor who she was. Briseis was proud to be his daughter. She nodded her head, looking Thetis straight in the eyes. "Yes milady, I am."

"Please, call me Thetis or mother but never milady. After all, I suspect my son will be taking you as his wife very soon. We shall be family." Thetis spared Achilles a look of approval.

"Indeed mother, I have already asked Briseis to be my wife and she has accepted." Achilles stepped closer taking Briseis' smaller hand in his own. She looked up at him, beaming with happiness.

Thetis observed the couple for a moment. It had been a long time since she had seen her son this relaxed. Normally, Achilles guarded his feelings, even around her. Yet, here, with this girl beside him, each emotion played across his face for all to see. As for Briseis, so filled with life, the smile that graced her youthful face made her even more beautiful. "Well, you must be absolutely famished after your travels. Achilles, why don't you show Briseis around her new home? While you are performing that task, I will have the bath prepared for you and the cooks can set to work making some food. "

Achilles looked up at his mother. "A wonderful idea Mother" he then peered down at Briseis "It would not do for you to get lost in your own home". He kissed her cheek before guiding her away. His public display of affection caused her to blush and she allowed him to lead her away.

When Patrocleus went to follow Thetis held him up. "Where do you think you are going nephew?"

Patrocleus was smart enough to look at his aunt bashfully. "I was just going to…I mean…me…" He sighed, "I understand Aunt Thetis".

Thetis giggled as she pulled her nephew close to her. "Let us give them some time alone. You and I will fetch some dinner for them and you can tell me all about your time in Troy."

With a huge grin, Patrocleus began talking nonstop about their adventures in Troy. He and his aunt walked in the opposite direction, out of the megaron, and towards the kitchens.

Achilles showed her through the sitting room, the gynaceum, and the courtyards. The courtyards were beautiful; the focal point in both was the magnificent wells erected in the center of each. Violets, crocuses, and lilies sprung up around the small courtyard, while in the larger courtyard, apple and pomegranate trees blossomed. Achilles told her that he had spared little time in the gardens, but because his mother enjoyed walking among the flowers, the servants made sure to take great care of them.

By the time the tour was over a servant told them that the bath was ready. Now, she sat in the magnificent tub, her head lying against Achilles chest. He lazily ran the fingers of one hand through her damp locks while his other hand held one of her hands.

As she lay there, his appreciation for her naked body pressed against him was prominently clear. Unable to resist teasing him, she released his hand and torturously rubbed her body against his.

Achilles moaned deep in his throat before grabbing her arms. He whispered huskily in her ear. "If you are trying to seduce me woman, there's little need. You are already forcing me to show a great deal of…restraint." He felt her shiver as his breath touched her neck.

Briseis smirked coyly. "A thousand pardons…my lord. I could not help myself". She scrunched her nose up, giggling when he splashed a bit of water up at her. She tried splashing him back but her attempts were paltry at best due to the size of the tub. After a few moments of mischievous play, they settled down. Briseis spoke softly to him while he ran a cloth over her back. "Your mother…she is…a remarkable woman." She had been worried

Achilles placed the cloth down onto the floor beside the tub. "She likes you, I can tell."

"I am glad for that. Fathers may be protective of their daughters but mothers can be overbearing when it comes to their sons." Briseis twirled her fingers around in the water as she spoke.

"True. My mother speaks plainly. Had she disfavored you she would have said so outright, without hesitation. I saw it in her eyes when she first looked at you; she was pleased."

Briseis blushed again letting her head fall back against his chest. A weight felt like it had lifted knowing that Thetis liked her.

There was; however, still one question Achilles wanted to ask the woman in his arms. "Why did you not tell me your father was Greek?"

She wondered when his curiosity would force him to ask. Briseis shrugged, "You never asked".

"You have told me about your cousins and your uncle, will you at least enlighten me about your parents or siblings?

"My brothers died before I was brought to Troy. My mother passed not long after them." She frowned. The memories of happy times playing with her brothers, and of her mothers smiling face as she taught them the arts, rushed back.

"What about your father?" Achilles asked, noting the faraway look in her eyes.

Briseis sighed as she stared ahead, images of sitting on her fathers lap as he told stories of his many travels playing out in her mind. "Truthfully, I had not thought about him until all this war business. He died when I was still very young."

"I assume his death came in battle". Knowing her father was a warrior, Achilles assumed that like his own father, Briseus had left this world with sword in hand.

"Yes, he was fighting in one of the earlier wars with Greece. This was long after he pledged his allegiance to Troy because of my mother. I remember the day he left; there was this sadness in his eyes. I always thought it was because he was leaving us, but my mother told me, after he died that, she had begged him not to go. That if he did, he would not return. He told her that it was his duty, what kind of man would he be if he did not defend those he loved?"

Achilles stroked her upper arm. "Why did he leave Greece?" He was curious why such a noble man had left his own homeland for another.

Briseis shook her head. "She never said. I think it may have something to do with his brother but I cannot be certain. He always said it was because he wanted to see more of the world. He was good man though and he loved my mother deeply. Her place of birth never mattered even when so many saw their marriage has scandalous. In time, their union became a symbol of hope that one day there would be peace between Greece and Troy."

Achilles smiled at that thought. "Peace can be fleeting, but it has its advantages." His fingers played over her sides and she tried to squirm away from him, giggling. Her movements against him forced him to stop as they were only making it harder for him to restrain from taking her. The water settled around them and Achilles brushed a few wet strands out of her eyes as she turned her head sideways to look at him. "I think Briseus would be proud of his daughter." Achilles said before kissing the top of her head.

No words were necessary and so they contented themselves with lazing about in the tub for a while longer.

"This moment could last forever and I would not mind, but your mother is probably waiting for us." Briseis' voice finally broke the silence. She hated to end their alone time but she was starting to get hungry.

Achilles agreed, grumbling. "Let us not keep her waiting. If we don't hurry, my cousin will eat all the food before we arrive." He watched as Briseis stood up, the water flowing down her skin captivated him. Achilles would have pulled her back down into the water had she not already climbed out of the tub by the time the idea formed in his mind. Regaining control over his reaction was difficult at best especially when Briseis bent over to pick up a linen cloth to wrap up in.

Once she covered up, Briseis knelt down next to the tub. "Are you getting out today? Or shall I have your mother bring our food in here?" She asked, that coy little smile dancing across her lips.

He gripped the sides of the tub lifting his body out of the water and now Briseis was the one entranced by the droplets of water rolling down his bronze skin. She mumbled under her breath, "Although that may not be such a…bad idea".

Achilles turned his head to look over at her, flashing her one of his cheeky smiles before grabbing the other linen cloth. He wrapped it around his waist before pulling Briseis to her feet. They spent the next few moments kissing before breaking apart to dry off and dress.

"Achilles kicked him halfway across the cove and the man landed face down in the water." Patrocleus stood telling Thetis about their time on the run. Currently he was describing how Achilles had treated Menelaus' former servant Talius.

Thetis watched with amusement as Patrocleus acted out the entire scene he was describing, nearly knocking over one of the female servants who were carrying over wine, when he reenacted the beheading of the Spartan. "Do be careful Patrocleus; you are not on the battlefield." She lightly scolded.

"Besides you're exaggerating again cousin." Achilles plucked a grape from the platter set before them and threw it at Patrocleus. The fruit bounced off Patrocleus' head and they all laughed.

Patrocleus sat down to eat, "Well it was amazing anyway".

"Enough of that, both of you; I will not have you wasting good food." Thetis said shaking her head. She then turned her attention to Briseis. "They may be men, but sometimes they still act like little boys." The two women laughed, while both Achilles and Patrocleus shrugged and ate their food. When the laughter died, Thetis continued. "I am happy that you have come to Pthia my dear. You and I will spend some time away from the men and get to know one another. After all you will soon be part of our little family."

"I would like that very much". Briseis was elated that Thetis did not hold her heritage against her, but what worried Briseis was that she had no knowledge of how to be a wife. She hoped Thetis could guide her in this matter. "I must admit, I am a bit flustered at what is expected of me for this wedding. The role of a wife was not my…intended path before your son came to Troy."

Achilles set down the piece of meat he was chewing on. "I have an idea. Mother, why don't you take Briseis down to the shore in the morning? You can discuss plans for our union and perhaps show her how you made the shell necklace she wears." He gestured to the necklace draped about Briseis' neck.

Thetis dipped her head in agreement, her gaze shifting from her son over to the pearly white shells, puzzled at how she had missed one of her own creations. "Indeed, a marvelous idea." The older woman placed a hand over Briseis' hand.

The rest of the meal progressed with Patrocleus chatting nonstop about his first real battle. Briseis spoke a bit more about her family while Achilles discussed plans to fortify Pthia. He wanted to fortify Pthia should the sons of Menelaus or Agamemnon wish to confront him and the Myrmidon.

Thetis listened to every detail as a mother does. The house that had been so empty and cold with her son and nephew gone, now felt warm and full of energy.

When the hour grew late, she stood up, excusing herself for the night. She hugged each of the men and then Briseis. She whispered in Briseis ear, "Take care of my boy" then out loud, "I will see you all in the morning".

Patrocleus stretched his arms before heading for his room. He was eager to begin training with the Myrmidon and needed his rest.

Achilles and Briseis stepped out onto the porch to watch the sunset before they too retired for the night.


Briseis leaned back on the couch as she read the scroll in her hands. The messenger from Troy arrived moments ago and she practically ripped the document out of the boys' hands.

Her family was always on her mind and though banished, Hector made sure to keep her updated. His first letter came a day after Achilles and she wed. The message informed her that priests who had plotted the murder of his father were now dead. They paid with their own lives for their heinous crime. Achilles had scoffed, saying that the swift death they received was too lenient for what they had done not only to Priam but also to Briseis.

When the twelve days of grieving for Priam ended, the coronation of Hector and Andromache went forward. The new kings' first act was to tighten the bonds of peace between Greece and Troy. Plans for a grand feast began and Hector invited all the kings of Greece to attend. Many of them had accepted the gracious invitation, even Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Lysander, son of Menelaus. From the rumors, the entire affair had been successful so much so that Hector declared the feast would take place each year during the summer season.

Briseis was so proud Hector. In today's letter, Hector described how the royal family was fairing. As he predicted many times, Andromache was a wonderful queen and the best advisor he could ever wish to have. Their son was getting bigger by the day. The little boy was taking his first steps and speaking his first words. Hector relayed his joy at hearing Astyanax call him daddy for the first time.

Paris too was growing. From a rash youth to a responsible man, the younger prince was honing his fighting skills. He and Helen had just welcomed their first child, a son. According to Hector, all of Troy had rejoiced at the birth of the new prince. Helen was recovering and she and Paris both sent their well wishes.

Briseis skimmed over a few humorous tales Hector included in his letter before laying the parchment onto her lap. It was good of Hector to send her these letters. If the priests were aware of his correspondence with her, he made no mention of it. She hoped they were not berating him for keeping in contact with her.

She sighed, gazing out over the balcony towards the sea. This day had brought only wonderful news and she could not help but smile. Briseis stood up, placing the scroll down onto the chair. She was quite content with her life here. Achilles concern that Agamemnon's son would strike Pthia for his fathers' death soon vanished. Orestes was nothing like his father. A more rational man then Agamemnon had ever been and disgusted by how his father had killed his own daughter, Orestes encouraged the peace with Troy. He stated frankly that his fathers' greed had been the cause of too much misery and assured Achilles that he would not avenge the man who had murdered his little sister. As for Lysander of Sparta, the boy was still young. The other kings had told him that Menelaus died in battle. Nestor advised him to follow his cousins' example.

She had been relieved and though he never showed it, Briseis could tell that he was just as relieved. Life had calmed and she became accustomed to her new role as a wife. The news she learned earlier that day made her contentment grow. Deciding she could not wait any longer to share her news with Achilles, Briseis set off to find him.

He had left to train with his men by the time she had risen that day. By now, he and Patrocleus were probably up in the old ruins sparring. The path to the ruins was not an easy one. A slow climb due to the rocky nature of the landscape, was made even longer each time Briseis stopped to catch her breath. Soon enough she reached her destination. Her guess had been correct.

The two men were dashing about, each trying to outdo the other. Back and forth they went, throwing quips and jests. She approached quietly, leaning against one of the large stones that overlooked the area where her husband and his cousin were fighting.

Out of the corner of his eye, Achilles spotted his wife watching, her arms folded across her chest. Patrocleus had not yet noticed her and swung his sword, only to be spun and then tapped on the backside with Achilles sword. "Enough for now Patrocleus, we have a visitor." Achilles smiled over at her, "And such a pretty visitor as well." The blush that crept onto his wife's face only encouraged his lighthearted behavior.

Patrocleus turned around. He rolled his eyes dramatically at his cousins' behavior. "Amazing cousin, how you go from hard warrior to fluffy puppy by the mere sight of the lovely Lady Briseis." He laughed as Achilles glared over at him, unimpressed by the playful insult. "I think I will take my leave now before you both get too…romantic." Patrocleus wiggled his eyebrows before climbing the stairs to where Briseis stood.

"You are just glad she saved you from a real beating." Achilles shouted good-naturedly at Patrocleus retreating form.

Briseis laughed at the cousins never ending battle of wits. She began walking down the rock stairs towards her husband. "One day he will win one of these little sparring matches with you."

Achilles picked up a small jug of water; his eyes fixed upon Briseis. "I know and when that day comes he will be ready to lead the Myrmidons." Her paused, taking a gulp of water, before spitting it out onto the ground. "Until then; however, he will have to handle being endlessly defeated by his older cousin." He gave her his best cavalier smile before picking up a cloth to wipe his face.

"Here let me." Briseis said as she walked over to him. She took the cloth from his hand and wiped the sweat from his face. The cloth quickly became damp from his sweat soaked skin.

Achilles put the jug of water down then caught her hands in his own. "What brought you up here Briseis? I thought you were resting." In the past few weeks, Briseis had been feeling ill and was easily fatigued. He was deeply concerned for her health.

Briseis gave him a sideways glance, a knowing smirk upon her lips. "If you had your way I would be lying in bed for the rest of my life. For your information, I was resting until I received another letter from Hector."

"How is your family these days?" He appreciated that Hector kept in touch with Briseis. The letters cheered her up and reassured her that they missed her. He held his arm out to her and felt her slip her own arm through it. They walked side by side towards up the stairs.

"They are fairing well. Hector and Andromache are getting used to their new roles as king and queen. Preparations for the next Feast of Peace and their son are keeping them both very busy." Briseis informed him.

Achilles nodded. Odysseus had also sent word to him about the feast, keeping the Myrmidon leader in the loop on all the details. Unfortunately, due to Briseis' banishment, they were not able to attend the gathering. "And your younger cousin, the troublesome one. How are he and his dear wife Helen doing?"

Briseis elbowed him lightly in the stomach. "Paris and Helen are wonderful. I told you in Hectors last letter that they were expecting their first child." She looked over at him, biting her bottom lip, then continued. "Helen just gave birth to a son, they named him Erymanthus. It means son of Apollo."

"Fitting I suppose." The couple climbed back down towards their home, Achilles cradling her form close to him the entire way. He did not wish to rush her, but knew there was more on her mind. Biting her lip was a sure sign that his wife had more to say to him. "Tell me Briseis, what else is on your mind?"

Briseis looked away. Though she was just as excited about what the healer had told her, she was not sure how thrilled he would be. "The healer finally came to see me today."

Her serious expression sent a chill down his spine. Achilles moved back over to her taking one of her hands in his. "What did he say? Was he able to tell you what has been making you sick?"

She took a deep breath before speaking. "He said that I did not have an illness that he could cure."

"What is that supposed to mean? What did he say this illness was?" Achilles growled, growing more and more frustrated. The thought of losing her was unthinkable.

"Calm yourself and let me finish." Briseis grasped his arm. She felt the muscles tense underneath her fingers. "The healer told me that the tiredness and the queasiness that I have been experiencing should pass in a few months and…" she paused "he asked how Lord Achilles would feel about… becoming a father."

Achilles eyes wandered over her face, confused by the mirth in her voice. Not until her words about him becoming a father sunk in did he find the words to speak. "A father, you mean?" He grasped her shoulders lightly hoping he had heard her correctly.

Briseis shook her head in the affirmative, smile lighting up her face. "The healer confirmed your mothers' suspicions. I am carrying our child."

"Do not scare me like that again Briseis." Achilles scolded. He let his hands drift upwards from her shoulders to her cheeks before he leaned down to kiss her. Briseis wrapped her arms around his neck, as she kissed him back. He was going to be a father. The shock of this was so new that when they drew apart his hands dropped to her still flat belly. In her womb was a tiny life, a life they had created. Never had Achilles felt as humble as he did right now.

Her hands came to rest over his. "I take it that you are pleased?" They had not discussed having children. Achilles was still getting used to being a husband and she had not wanted to pressure him.

"How could I not be? This child, our child is a blessing." Before she could say anything else, Achilles had lifted her up into his arms, carrying her back into their home. He was looking forward to telling Patrocleus and his men the good news.

Though she wanted to object at his carrying her around, Briseis knew well Achilles stubborn nature and decided to enjoy the moment. "We must tell your mother first, though I have an inkling that she already knows. There is so much to be done before this child arrives..."

Achilles listened intently to her, amused at how rapidly she spoke when excited. "You will rest, while I inform my mother, Patrocleus, and the people. I will not have you exhaust yourself." He carried her to their chambers and laid her down on the bed. He leaned over her and kissed her brow. "For once you will listen to me and stay put."

Briseis smiled. "Alright, I will, but just this once and only because I am too tired to put up with your cousins inevitable taunting." She winked at him before pulling him into another heated kiss.

Loath as he was to leave her, Achilles was eager to speak with his mother about the pending arrival. He pulled away from her. "Thank you, now rest awhile. I will have some food sent up for us in a bit."

When he had left Briseis placed her hands on her stomach. Closing her eyes, she thought about everything that had led her to this moment. The, what ifs ran through her mind but she brushed them aside. There was little point in considering what could have happened if things had not occurred as they had.

If she had learned one thing, it was that ones fate was not written in stone. A person could change his or her destiny.

History was written on the sands of Troy.

One chapter of her and Achilles lives had ended there, swept away by unexpected love and the promise of peace.

One door had closed, but with the child growing inside her, another door was opening and on the other side

…their future.

Well, what did you think? I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I will be writing a second chapter to Bed of Flames, but I am also working on my Dormékin tale so I am not sure exactly when that will be out. School will be starting back up in a week so future updates on both my Dormékin story as well as the second chapter of Bed of Flames will be slow. However, keep your eyes peeled because I do plan to make another Troy video soon.

Thank you again for reading.