It's a bit…difficult…to get used to at first, but while she's never been one to go with the flow, she's always rolled with the punches.

And Jason Blood has promised her that this isn't permanent, even if it is going to last three months. She doesn't trust Jason – Bruce doesn't trust Etrigan – but he's confident in what he's saying, and there isn't another magic user that knows what's going on.

It took longer to get used to the new appendage between her legs than it did to get used to not having breasts she'd had for less time than not. The black-haired wig she has to wear itches, and she still doesn't think that it makes her look like any of the former Robins, but that's probably because she's taller than any of them. More muscular – now – too. She still looks as good in the uniform – but she misses the skirt – and though it'll take awhile to get used to being stronger, being able to kick even more ass is one change she's definitely going to enjoy in the interim.

And it's really for the best that Tim figured out he was gay before this happened – before she became Robin, even – because otherwise things would be…weird.


Everyone in the Batfamily, knows, of course, so there's really only two people she needs to tell. Her mother had been…well, shocked, to say the least. Batman's offer to let her crash with him was quickly brought up and hesitantly accepted. She calls her once a week, and her mother seems okay as long as she doesn't have to see…her.

Her date tonight is probably not going to go as planned, but she's dating a cop – a cop who's worked Metropolis and Bludhaven before coming to Gotham – so there probably won't be any hysterics.


Steph takes a moment to regret that she and Cass had decided they made better friends than lovers. She knows Cass would have taken this in stride. Cass takes everything in stride.

She has no idea what Montoya's going to say when she sees her – his – temporary new form. But whatever it is will probably be filled with lots of Spanish invectives.

But Steph adapted; Renee can, too.