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Chapter One: A New Dawn

Harry Potter awoke and stretched, enjoying the feeling of freedom he was experiencing. The sun shone through his window, almost as a testament to his good mood. He was almost ecstatic about recent events. His Godfather had finally gotten his pardon, after 12 long years for him, and even more for Harry. The knowledge that he was going to be able to go and live with his Godfather, and never have to see Vernon and Dudley Dursley again was such that he literally sprang out of bed, and skipped over to Neville's bed, only to find him awake and laughing at Harry's antics. "Shut it Neville, it's a beautiful day!"

"You're hyper today."

"You know, I think I am! Come on; let's go run around the lake today instead of around the trunk."

"Suit yourself Harry."

Ron grumbled from the bed. "Whatever you do, go do it somewhere else, I need to sleep."

Harry's eyes lit up with a fire that many students in his previous seventh year had grown to be afraid of. None could describe it, it was simply known as "the look", and woe to you if it was directed your way. A whispered incantation, and a small flick of his wrist, and the jug of water on his bedside table was lifted above Ron's bed.

Neville whispered quietly from his side. "Harry, that is just mean."

"Nah, it's a prank. There is a difference Nev." Harry turned his wand over, and with it the water. A splash and silence fell on the room. Then, it was broken with the cry equivalent of a banshee. Ron screamed to high heaven, causing Harry and Neville to nearly wet themselves from laughter. Ron stood up, and began saying Scourgify over and over, getting himself and his bed dry. While he was doing this, Harry and Neville began getting ready for their run. When they had, they noticed that Ron was also wearing clothes similar to theirs, and looking almost as dangerous as Harry had a moment before.


"Yes Ron?"

"After our two and a half years of friendship, I will give you a five second head start."

"Let's go Nev!"

The group ran out of the room, out of the front doors, onto the snow covered ground, laughing all the way as they pelted each other with snowballs, some of which were enchanted to repeatedly bash Harry before finally breaking up on his head.


The group walked in laughing again, wet, exhausted from the run around the lake, and over all happy. Seeing Hermione and Ginny walking towards the Great Hall for breakfast, they decided to join them.

"Are we having fun?" Sirius spoke up from the entrance to the great hall, casting the cleaning charm on them again before they brought down the wrath of Filch. Remus was next to him, quiet, yet seemingly amused at the threes antics.

"Why yes Padfoot, we are."

"Mr. Moony, do you agree that this is a breach of Marauder protocol?"

"Yes Mr. Padfoot. Section Two, subsection one, paragraph 6. No Marauder will ever exclude another Marauder from activities that would bring enjoyment to the group."

"And what should we do about this Mr. Moony?"

"I believe Plan Clumsy Nymph would be appropriate."

"Shall we?"

"Indeed." With that, the two cast a series of charms and hexes at Harry. Not sure if he wanted to know, he asked a rolling on the floor Ginny if she had a mirror. Unable to get an answer, he turned to Hermione, who gave him the same mirror she had seen the basilisk in a year ago before collapsing against the wall, unable to contain herself anymore. Stopping herself for a moment, she said, "Don't Panic."

Harry looked at himself, and after getting over his annoyance, he began laughing himself.

Looking back at him from the mirror was not Harry Potter, but rather a male version of Nymphadora Tonks, pink hair and all. When he went to hand Hermione back her mirror, he promptly fell on his face, sending the mirror flying to Remus, who caught it and gave it back to Hermione, before laughing again.

"Okay, I solemnly swear that I am going to invite you the next time we go out to join us. Now will you take these bloody charms off?"

"Sorry Harry, can't. You must bear your punishment for 6 hours."

"I have to look like this until 2 o'clock?"

"That's right! And since it was just punishment, you are not allowed to retaliate, by the Marauder code."

"That's the second time you two have mentioned the Marauders Professor Lupin. Who or what are they?"

"Always wanting to learn, eh Hermione? The Marauders consisted of Mr. Moony, myself, Mr. Padfoot, chucklehead over there, and Mr. Prongs, Harry's dad James. We are the greatest set of pranksters to ever roam these halls. Back in our day there was not a man, woman, professor, or student, that did not fear of being on the receiving end of one of our pranks."

"So that's what that banner meant last year, when Dumbledore's chair acted all weird?" Ron asked, finally able to talk and look at Harry without laughing.

"Yeah, I had gotten to the point in my dad's journal that mentioned that Peter, the other member of the Marauders-"

"Ex-member Harry, EX-member."

"Right, sorry. Anyway, when I read he was the one who betrayed him, I wanted to send out a warning. I knew that he was alive somewhere, I was hoping one of other students would know him and pass it on." This of course was not true, as he knew that Scabbers was in the dorm room, but it was not exactly a lie either, as he had hoped that he and Ron could get the message across to him without him realizing that he knew.

"So you mean YOU'RE Mr. Hunter? Harry Potter! How could you do that to the headmaster?"

"Oh lighten up Hermione, it was brilliant!" Ginny spoke up from the floor as she picked herself up.

"Totally wicked."

"Yes but…"

"Hermione," Remus interjected. "It was a harmless bit of fun, which Dumbledore himself said was one of the most amusing things he had ever seen in the staff meeting that week."

"Oh!" Hermione turned around and began walking off, muttering something that sounded oddly like "men," and "bloody stupid gits" as she went to breakfast.

"If she hates me for that, then she will really hate me tomorrow."

"And why is that Mr. Hunter?"

"Because Mr. Padfoot after we have breakfast, I would like the three of us to go to Moony's office and discuss what we shall do for the return feast."

"Ah come one Harry. Let me help!"

"Well, there are a few things you could do, you as well Ginny, Neville. What do you say Professor? Shall we bring the Marauders back to full force, plus one?"

"Of course Harry, what would Hogwarts be like without the Marauders?"

"Oi! Did we just hear"

"Something about the legendary"

"Marauders?" finished the twins as they came around the corner. Spotting Harry, they burst out laughing.

"Fred! George! Just the two men I was looking for. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mr. Hunter." Spoke Harry, as he shook each of the twin's hands. "And these are my associates. Mr. Moony," pointing to Remus, and then towards Sirius, "and Mr. Padfoot." Upon hearing this, the twins acted as anyone who has followed in the path of the Marauders, and fell to the ground bowing low.

"We are not worthy to be" started Fred.

"In the presence of such greatness!" George finished with an overly dramatic flair to his movements. "Please allow us to help in the participation of a prank planned by the great ones!"

"Should we Mr. Moony?"

"I do not know Mr. Padfoot. These three over here know them the best, perhaps we should let them decide."

"YES!" A chorus of voices answered.

"Wonderful, the ranks of the Marauders are slowly building up. We already have replaced the traitor with a set of pranksters that are close to giving us a run for our money!"

"It seems we shall have to brew a great amount of potions."


"Potions, what for?" asked Neville, apparently glad that since he was helping, he would not be the victim of it.

"My dear lad, how else should you be able to get your nicknames?" To demonstrate, Sirius transformed into the Grim-like dog, then back. "Formerly unregistered animagus at your service! Moony is the only one who is not, and his condition makes up for it."


Sirius lost some of his mood, as he realized that he had accidentally let slip his friend's secret. Ron knew, as did Harry, but the twins, Ginny, and Neville, did not. "Err, that is to say…"

"I'm a werewolf." Remus spoke up, silently looking at the ground, awaiting the cries of freak and the abandonment of all but a few. It was a common thing, and a very few, such as James and Sirius, and now Harry and his friends, had not acted like he was the black plague.

"So that's where the name Moony comes from." Fred said, as a light of revelation went off in his head. "Wicked!"

"Hey, that's my line!"

"Sorry ickle Ronnikins, older brother privileges." George said, given afore mentioned brother a rub on the head.

"George! Geroff!"

"So is that why you have been missing certain days?" Ginny had unconsciously moved a little closer to Harry. Harry noticed, but decided to not say anything, after all, Hermione and Ron had over reacted to begin with at first, and Ginny was doing much better.

"Yes. I locked myself in my office and drank a potion called the Wolfsbane potion. It allows me to keep control of my mind and curl up in my office, away from any I might hurt."


Neville moved forward and began to say something, then stopped himself. Finally, a whispered "to hell with it" and he looked up at Remus. "Werewolf or not, your still the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we have had. I am glad you're here." With that, Neville walked into the great hall, followed by all but Remus, Sirius, and Harry.

"You have some good friends Harry."

"We do Remus, WE do."

"Wormtail is barely in prison and already planning pranks Potter?" Severus Snape stepped out of the shadows he had been hiding in. He approached the group, and looked around before letting a smirk grace his features. "I do hope you plan on letting me help. After all, potions can lead to a great variety of effects."

"That Mr. Moony proves it. Whether we doubted Harry's story before, now we know. The ONLY way Severus Snape would offer help on a Marauder prank was if he had many years to think about his past and get over his grudges."

"You did believe me before hand, right?"

"Of course we did Harry." Remus said. "This git," a smack to the back of Sirius head followed by a shout of pain from the afflicted "doesn't engage his brain before talking."

"Yeah, I know. So Sever, what did you have in mind."

"After breakfast Hunter, I believe that you have a group meeting to attend then where I can explain, and perhaps keep Mr. Longbottom from ever dressing a Snape-boggart in his grandmother's clothes again."


After planning his prank with the rest of the group, who had been shocked that SNAPE would be willing to help, but eventually accepting it, Harry had gone to his room to read and let the effects of the hexes wear off. He was ready for tomorrow night, and Hogwarts, along with the entire student body and staff, would know that the Marauders had returned.

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