A story by xxSilaxx and Darth Vengeance

Disclaimer: We do not own Kingdom Hearts, Disney related characters, or characters and worlds of Tim Burton

Chapter 1: Earth's Demise

Sila felt her head bobbing up and down. Where am I? She could barely open her eyes, for they were heavy with lack of sleep and worry. She was……..floating? No, falling, the sensations were becoming mixed into a feeling that wasn't describable. Sila blinked and then stood on the side of a grassy hill that went off into a cliff. Someone was standing on the ledge looking outward towards the stars. The figure was wearing strange cloths, and black trench coat and they had strange pointed ears. On the back of her hand, there was a glowing symbol in the shape of a triangle. The figure turned around.

"Caitlyn? What's going on?" Sila asked worriedly, she noticed her friends eyes were distant and her pupils were dilated, you could barely see the sky blue her eye color was. She was staring through Sila.

"Sila…….the door…'s opening. Now we can leave this place……..come with me…….it is the only way…….." Caitlyn extended her arm to her. She was wearing golden gauntlets and she had two swords in two different sheathes strapped to her waste. Her forehead had the same symbol her arm bared. Sila began to step forward, then she noticed the grass was no longer their and the cliff began to crack. Then a huge shadow appeared behind Caitlyn. Caitlyn remained unfazed and continued to stand their patiently. Then the creatures arm shape shifted into a sword and went straight through Caitlyn, the ground shattered and Sila began to fall. Sila was standing in the patio at her school, but instead of it being crowded and busy, only three people stood there. She walked up to the first person, it was her friend Shuikei. Before Sila could say a greeting Shuikei asked her a question.

"What's most important to you? Being number one, friendship, or your prized possessions?"

Sila thought about this and replied, "Friendship, friends are better then any title or possession."

"That's not what Caitlyn said." Shuikei smiled while saying. "But I agree with your answer better." Before Sila could ask what Caitlyn's response was, Shuikei disappeared. Sila then ran over to her other friend, Lita.

"What are you so afraid of? Getting old, being different, or being indecisive?"

"Being different, I don't want to be excluded." Sila said.

"Once again, Caitlyn responded differently………I'm not afraid of anything." Lita then disappeared. Sila ran up to the last person, C.J.

"What do you want out of life? To see rare sight, to broaden your horizons, or to be strong?"

"To see rare sight, you only live for so long……." But before she could finish, C.J was gone, and then, so was she.

Sila was now on a stained glass platform, Caitlyn was in the picture. She was in the center holing a sword, the symbol that Sila saw earlier was above her head with three other people, a young man in green, a young woman in a dress, and a big older man in foreign cloths. To her side was her in other cloths, she was wearing Egyptian clothing with a sword with an Egyptian eye. Her other side was blank. Three items appeared around the platform. A wand, a sword, and a shield, Choose one and sacrifice another……

Sila walked over to the wand and picked it up, then she discarded the sword. It's done………rest up……the door is almost opened.



"SILA! WAKE UP!" Sila awoke with a jolt.

"What?" Caitlyn was shaking her frantically.

"I know this class is boring, but an F is an F no matter how boring. Now do your work!"

"Have you done it?" Sila asked with a yawn.

"Me? Heck no! I just want your answers!"

"Caitlyn! Sila! Shut Up! Cleaning Duty, after school!"

"What? Why don't you yell at anyone else that talks?" Caitlyn snapped.

"Because I dislike you above all my other students."

"That's because you are jealous that I have more friends then you'll ever have."

"I know you have no friends, you are a loner that doesn't fit in! Do you want detention for tomorrow?"

"No! Being stuck alone in a room with you for God only knows how long, no thanks. Send me to hell instead!" The class began to snicker at Caitlyn's sarcastic remarks. Before the teacher could get her in more trouble the bell rang and Sila and Caitlyn walked to the closet to get the cleaning soap and mops.

"Caitlyn, your big mouth is always getting us in trouble! Why can't you keep your remarks to a minimum?" Sila scolded.

"The sad thing is…..I am!" Sila hit her self, giving up on Caitlyn's reckless behavior. Caitlyn swung open the rusty closet door and out emerged a small black creature. "Wahhhh!" A bucket fell on Sila's head as Caitlyn yelled when the creature latched to her face. "What….in hell……is attacking my face………?" Caitlyn said while trying to breathe through it.

"I haven't the faintest idea…….." Sila said, trying to pull it off her face. She then gave up and tried removing the bucket that was on her head. The creature unlatched it self and was perched on Caitlyn's shoulder. "Awww, you have a friend." Sila smiled as she began to clean using the bucket that had landed on her head.

"Yeah……….let me go get a container for all of my extra joy……" Caitlyn began to clean too as the little black thing began to sing on her shoulder. It was all black with yellow eyes; it had long feet, and fingers. It also had long antennas that were zig-zagged. They were soon done with their hallway and went to move the cleaning items to the storage basement. "Why don't we put the cleaning stuff back in the closet?"

"Because it's the weekend and they want all the equipment in the basement." Sila said while waling down the old concrete steps. They began to put their mops on the racks when they heard a voice.

"This world has been connected, tied to the darkness. Soon to be completely eclipsed."

"What? Who are you?" Caitlyn started, and then she noticed the old wooden door next to the hooded figure. "Has that always been there?" Sila nodded her head no as the shadow thing on her shoulder began to growl.

"You know nothing, and one who knows nothing understands nothing."

"I understand more then you think." Caitlyn said in a voice that wasn't her own. The man appeared to gasp. Sila could see his teeth clench together in frustration. The man's mouth gaped in surprise then twisted in frustration.

"This time you won't be so lucky, this time you'll be mine! And you'll help me by finding this world's door!" The man then disappeared.

"Let's go home……..what!" The ground began to shake uncontrollably. Screams could be heard through the walls.

"What's going on?" Sila yelled out in confusion.

"The door…….." Caitlyn began to point to a random location lifelessly. She then snapped awake and grabbed Sila's arm and dragged her up the stairs.

"Come! We are running out of time……" Caitlyn was speeding down the hall, out the building, and onto the road.

"Where are we going?" Sila yelled. Caitlyn then skidded to a stop. She turned and looked at Sila's hand. It was glowing, then a key materialized into her hand.

"A……key……?" Caitlyn asked, and before Sila could comment on it, the ground began to shake again. Caitlyn's sister ran up to them along with Lita.

"These little back shadow things are taking peoples hearts, everyone is dead!" Erin yelled, she was shaking in fear and Lita was trying to kill the monsters. The one on Caitlyn's shoulder killed it for her.

"Hey! He was mine!" Litra yelled at the little shadow. Suddenly, a gigantic shadow formed and stuck it's hand in the Earth.

"It's taking the planets heart……." Caitlyn muttered. Caitlyn grabbed a lead pipe, well; the pipe actually came to her. She held her hand out and the pipe flew to her. She lunged at the creature and swung at it. It pulled it's hand out of the ground and swung at her. Caitlyn dodged and landed, then made another move. The cloaked man appeared next to Sila.

"She still hasn't learned, again she will die……." Sila took the key and slashed at the monster. It paid no attention to her, instead it attacked Caitlyn harder. Its hand shape shifted into a sword. Caitlyn twisted in the air to get another blow on it, but it moved quicker then she estimated and stabbed her in the chest with its shadow sword. Her face twisted in pain as she fell to the ground. A shadow came and tried to absorb her heart, but the shadow that had been with her took it first and disappeared.

"Caitlyn!" Sila yelled, then everything went black.