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Chapter 1 – The Black Moon Contract

It was the stupidest thing I have ever done. Then again Nabiki tells me that I used to do lots of stupid things and in a way I still do or at least Ranma Saotome does. It's hard to say that. I mean, I am Ranma Saotome or at least I used to be. Now, now I'm not sure who I am. All I know is that I am honor bound to follow this contract a contract that I should have never signed.

Ranma walked into a small shop thinking, "Maybe I should get something for Akane. She was actin really weird when I came back."

A figure with snow white hair approaches him and says, "Young sir. Perhaps I have just the thing to solve your problems."

"Yeah right.! I doubt you have anything that can cure curses or fix fiancée problems" The pretty white haired woman looked at him and smiled a mysterious smile. She held out a small black gem.

"With this you could indeed cure a curse." Ranma stared at the black gem.

"Yeah right, how much will it cost?" The lady smiled enigmatically again and held out a single silver scroll. She unrolled the silver scroll carefully.

"Sign your name at the bottom." Ranma backed away almost in terror.

With fear in his voice Ranma said, "No way! I ain't signin no contracts. I know that much at least from Pops and his stupidity."

The pretty white haired lady looked at Ranma again and said, "Come see. Read the scroll look at the language and see that it will affect you in no way. I tell you the truth. "Ranma Saotome" will be unaffected by signing this contract."

The white haired lady rolled the silver scroll up and then held the black crystal in her hands. She smiled and pocketed the crystal saying, "Too bad. I hear that this crystal can cure any curse, even those of great power. Still, if you don't want it." She turned and started to put the scroll away as well, but Ranma grabbed the scroll from her.

"Lemme see. I don't believe you." Carefully unrolling the silver scroll Ranma read its text mentally filling in his own name and information where there were blanks:

WHEREAS, The Black Moon Family incorporated located at1-4-2 Azabu-Juuban Minato-ku Tokyo 21117, was created to eliminate the threat of Crystal Tokyo and to provide related services to complete that goal; and

WHEREAS, Ranma Saotome is a cursed young Japanese citizen residing at the Tendo Dojo Nerima Tokyo; and

WHEREAS, The Black Moon family incorporated has lost much of its staff and personnel due to problems carrying out its main objectives; and

WHEREAS, Ranma Saotome seeks to have his curse removed; and

WHEREAS, The Black Moon family is willing to remove the curse; and

NOW THEREFORE, as long as this scroll exists and is held by the Black Moon Family and in consideration of the foregoing premises and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:

Ranma Saotome will be cured of all past and future curses.

The Black Moon family will gain in perpetuity any byproducts of the curse removal. Including, items, creatures and people.

Signed:----------------------- ------------------------------------Signed:----------------------

Neherenia----------------------------------------------------------Ranma Saotome

Acting agent for the Black Moon Family---------------------------- Honorable Japanese Citizen

Ranma finished reading the contract. "What does it mean you'll get any byproducts?"

Neherenia smiled at Ranma and said, "We keep the crystal and any magics that it might gain. We have found that removing curses with the crystal provides us some magical power. So using the crystal is not free and sadly there have been some cases where people have actually wanted their curses or the magic back. That is why we created this contract."

Ranma looked at Neherenia as if she were insane, "People sometimes want their curses back?"

A nod and an enigmatic smile came again. "Yes, strangely enough it has happened on occasion. Now, why don't you just sign? You get cured and we receive just a bit of your curse. Everyone wins right?"

Ranma looked at Neherenia then again at the contract. He didn't see a downside at all. He would be cured. Not only that, but as he looked at the contract again he would be cured of any curse he might get in the future. There was no way that he could possibly refuse. "I'll sign it."

Neherenia handed Ranma a pen and he signed the contract. Then she held out the black crystal and said, "You will feel some disorientation, but when it is over you will be cured."

When Ranma woke up he was in female form. The young red haired girl was being pulled up and shoved across a black room. She tried to fight back, but her hands and feet were stopped. She could not control them as she punched herself in the face and then abased herself on the floor next to a dark form.

Ranma just seethed in anger and said, "You violated that contract. I should be cured of my curse! I should be…

An evil emanated from the form saying, "Silence!" The word echoed through Ranma and she could no longer speak.

"Ranma Saotome is cured of his curse. You however are not Ranma Saotome. You are the leftovers. The parts of him that were cursed he gave all of them up willingly and now according to the contract you belong to us forever."

Ranma dropped her head and started to cry. "No, it can't be. I'm Ranma Saotome. I'm not a girl I'm not a curse."

Ranma's head was forced to look up at the figure. It was mostly just a black cloak, but it did have hands. In one of its hands she saw the black crystal and in the other she saw the silver scroll.

"Come now surely you notice the differences."

Ranma looked confused. "Think about cats. Go ahead think about them and then try touching your head."

Ranma thought about cats and she was not afraid. Then she touched her head and on top she could feel the velvety fur of cat ears. She gasped and said, "How?"

"You are all of Ranma's curses in one form. You are the Neko-Ken given life; you are the Nanichuan given heart, you are the essence of chaos given physical form."

Ranma was shocked by this. "But, but how? and and why?" She stammered trying to understand.

Ranma swore that she could hear a smile in the voice as it said, "I found Neherenia just before the Dark Moon family was slated to go back in time. I found her inside a crystal prison. Forced there by the 'so called' warrior of Justice Sailor Moon. Neherenia signed a contract as well to escape that prison and has been helping me ever since. Do you truly want to know what she told me? Do you honestly want to understand why I am doing this and how I will to use you?"

Ranma nodded vaguely. "Neherenia told me of this day. A day in the past when the Dark Moon Family arrived chasing after the Ginzuishou in an effort to use it to fight against Sailor Moon and the disgusting future that is called Crystal Tokyo. They arriver here and fought against impossible odds and they almost won, but almost isn't enough. In a life and death struggle almost winning means that you die.

"Do you know how much that hurt? To know that my best laid plans were for naught, that I, the Wiseman, would ultimately fail and the abomination of Crystal Tokyo would exist anyway. It was too much for me to bear and so I started making new plans. New plans that incorporated information given to me by my new servant Neherenia

"She told me about a young boy named Ranma Saotome. A boy who was instrumental in helping the Sailor Senshi defeat her in the past. This young upstart was apparently an amazing martial artist and he could manipulate his own chi and use it in battle. If not for his help and that of his friends the Sailor Senshi may have lost. A boy of honor and integrity who fought against her and her allies.

"But, this boy had flaws, many flaws that could be used by someone like me."

Ranma couldn't help herself and had zoned out of the conversation. Wiseman noticed this and stopped his monologue when he heard snores coming from the girl. "Wake up you impudent girl!"

Ranma woke up and said, "Is the answer three sensei?"

Ranma was forced to stand up fully straight and stare at Wiseman. "You will listen to me girl? Do you understand? I can completely control you if need be control you to do things that would utterly destroy you. So listen to me and listen good or you will regret it."

Ranma paid attention as Wiseman continued, "So I sent Neherenia back in time and she was able to gain more information on Ranma Saotome and his many curses. She then explained that the boy even used those curses to his advantage in many of his fights and that was when I knew how to defeat him. All I had to do was have Neherenia go back in time once more and offer him a cure. A cure that would give me all of his curses in a physical form. You are that physical form and you are beholden to me by your very own agreement."

Wiseman let Ranma relax and then he said, "Now I will tell you my plan. As my servant you will be given powers. Powers that will come from the planet called Nemesis. You will use those powers to pretend to be a new Sailor Scout. You will join the others and pretend to fight against the Black Moon Family, but in reality you will be our agent within their midst. Once they trust you enough they will tell you the location of the Ginzuishou and when they do that you will take it and bring it to me. In addition you will make sure that Ranma will not interfere in our plans."

Ranma looked perplexed and said, "How will I do all of that?"

"Neherenia will be there to advise you." Wiseman gestured and Neherenia was transformed into a blood red cat with yellow eyes and a white moon symbol. Then the black crystal glowed and a rod came from it.

"Take the rod Ranma of the Black Moon family. Take it and join our crusade!" Ranma was unable to resist the command and she took the rod in her hands.

"Nemesis Power Transform!" The words came to her and she spoke them loudly, clearly and for some reason without any hesitation. The cat girl jumped into the air and transformed. Her red Chinese tangs by a black blouse and a black sailor-style collar with blood red highlights. Her pants were replaced by a very short black pleated skirt and a long dark red ribbon tied itself on her chest and laced itself through a loop attached to her blouse. Her ears were suddenly pierced and she was given ruby earrings while on her head a black tiara appeared with brilliant blood red rubies. Finally as she landed her shoes were replaced by high heeled black boots that laced themselves almost up to her knees.

"Good, good. Now you must decide on a new name and new identity one that will allow you to complete your mission."

Sailor Nemesis stared back at Wiseman for the moment she was free of his control. He was holding the silver scroll and she thought she might have a chance to attack him. A chance to rend him with her claws, but she heard a small voice in her head. It was a piece of her feline soul the Neko-Ken inside her was trying to tell her something. That part of her, the Neko-Ken self, advised against attacking. It told her to bide her time and wait. Wait until she understood the contract and how to break free of its terms. Her analytical mind listened and then she realized that she really could not attack yet. Because she did not know enough. It might be that even if Wiseman was dead it might not be enough. Until she knew for sure what could free her attacking him would be useless.

She stared at Wiseman and a whisper came once again from her Neko-Ken self and she said, "I will be Called Sailor Angerona." With that she released her transformation and was dressed in her regular clothes again.

Remembering something of Amazon lore Ranma said "In my natural form I wish to retain the name Ranma. I will be Ranma Hitoshirenu."(1)

Wiseman smiled and said, "Very well. Now be off with you." With that Wiseman raised the black crystal and then he and the location were gone. Instead Ranma was Standing in the street in front of an apartment building.

"Are you going to enter or what?" Ranma looked down at the red cat and shrugged her shoulders.

"Why would I go in?" The cat just looked annoyed and then dropped a wallet and a key.

"Because it is your apartment now. Come on you live in 2A and I'm tired."

Ranma walked into the apartment complex. As she entered she noticed a well equipped Gym on the first floor with a pool and a large aerobics area. She sighed and thought that at least she could train here. She continued on up to her own apartment and wondered if the art was the only thing that she truly had left.

That thought kept Ranma up for a short time until her cat mind soothed her and reminded her that she was waiting for the right time. The time when she could pounce upon her prey with impunity. She reminded herself that she still had her name and that she would continue to be Ranma no matter what her new surname was and she would continue to win no matter what. The odds were against her, but somehow she knew she would figure a way out of this. She would break this contract and she would win.

When morning finally came Ranma had an idea. She looked at the foot of her bed and saw that Neherenia was asleep at her feet and so she sneaked over to the phone and picked it up. She dialed a number and said, "Hello, may I please speak to Nabiki?"

When Nabiki came to the line Ranma said, "Nabiki, I have the scoop on Ranma's new cure and so much more, but I need your help. How about you meet me at the Furinkan field."

Ranma sighed and said, "Yes, I know it is a weekend, but I also know you'll want this information right?"

"Alright I'll be there at Noon. Bye now." Ranma hung up the phone and saw a little red cat awake at her feet.

Neherenia looked at Ranma and said, "So, what was that about?"

Ranma stared back at the cat and poked her ears up from their slicked back position as she tried to adjust to the surprise . Then she forced an evil smile on her face as she said, "I'm just implementing Wiseman's orders. I am going to make sure that Ranma Saotome does not interfere with our plans."

The cat nodded and said, "Very well proceed." Then she sauntered off a little way and pulled a silver scroll out saying, "Remember you must abide by the contract and just in case I will be watching you."

Ranma snorted and said, "Fer now I'm going down to the gym and practicin' you wanna come with me and watch it's your prerogative."

Neherenia jumped into Ranma's arms and purred. "Yes, I'd like that let's see what you are capable of."

Ranma walked out the door with her cat and went to the gym. As she walked she realized that the scents in the areas were almost like colors. With her nose she could practically see the past of who had come by and what mood they were in. She arrived in the gym and went to the aerobics floor and began her kata. Her life force sang to her and she was in better form than she had ever been. She was faster, stronger, and she had access to her claws. Claws that she knew could be used to slice through virtually anything. Imaginary foes came before her and she spun, kicked, dodged and even clawed her way through them. She realized as she was fighting that her foes were being killed she was purposefully using the ultimate form of the Saotome style to kill and even if they were imaginary foes she was still startled by her own vicious and predatory nature. Startled that is until she felt her Neko self in her thoughts and realized that she was and would forever be part cat.

When her exercise was over she had gained an audience. She stared at the men and a few women who were watching and then picked up her cat and sauntered off with her head high.

When she arrived back in her apartment Ranma went to her room and took a shower to clean off. When she was done she looked around for clean clothes. She went to the closet and found it filled with frilly skirts and the Sailor uniform of the local school. Ranma saw this and stalked over to Neherenia and said, "Alright, I'm guessing that I have to wear the sailor uniform as Sailor Angerona, but I sure ain't gonna wear it otherwise you hear me?"

The cat stared back at Ranma and said, "You will be wearing the appropriate uniform to school. It is necessary because we believe that the Sailor senshi attend Juuban in their civilian guises. In order to get close to them you will need to attend as well and without that uniform you will not be able to attend. It is not negotiable you will wear the uniform!"

The cat practically spat the last sentence and Ranma growled an angry feline growl. "Fine, but I will wear other clothes on my days off you got it? I ain't gonna wear those frilly things on days that I don't have to."

Neherenia smiled and said, "Very well you may have that little bit of freedom."

Ranma held out an open hand. "Good, now where and how can I get some money to buy new clothes?"

The cat handed a small wallet to Ranma and said, "This is a living stipend from master Wiseman himself. You will receive more at the end of the week. There is not enough in here to pay for new clothes and food, but it is your decision."

Ranma took the wallet and said, "Yeah whatever. I'll rustle up some more money if I need to." Then the red haired girl dressed herself in her dirty clothes and said, "I'm going shopping if you want you can come with me and watch, but in this case you'll have to stay in my bag."

Ranma held out a school bag that she had found in the closet. "No, I'll stay here."

"Alright, suit yerself." Ranma walked out the door and towards her meeting with Nabiki at Furinkan High School. She smiled at herself as she thought about what she had done. She hadn't quite lied to Neherenia. She was going to go shopping, but not until after she spoke with Nabiki. Hopefully the young Tendo Girl's business acumen could come in handy. At the very least she could meet with her and the two could come up with some plan of action, some way to get out of this stupid contract.

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