Taking Hold

Summary: Someone has hold of her heart, and someone is affecting her like no other. Sara Sidle can't breathe without thinking about that someone, so why is she trying to pull away. (FemSlash s/c)

Rating: M (language and themes may offend some people – you have been warned)

Slash – I've warned you so no flaming! Don't like don't read.

This is my first attempt at S/C ship so not sure how it's going to come out. I'll give it a shot though. First part is just a teaser – I'll have more for you real soon if you like it! Thanks for reading…

Part 1

The sun, an unwelcome visitor, entered into her apartment through the gap in the curtains, she inwardly groaned as she stirred from her sleeping state and was brought back into the reality that was her life. Though it was a reality that she was happy to have to live – as she awoke she remembered the events of last night, and she remembered just whose arms it was that were wrapped around her waist holding her close to their body. She moved her hands down to rest them over those around her as a smile crept over her lips. Right here, right now, this moment was perfect. She never would have thought it, if someone had told her three months ago she'd be dating Catherine Willow, the Catherine Willows that every guy wanted but as of a few months back none cold have. As she was lay thinking about this perfect moment however her ringing cell phone cut into the silence. This time she did groan but it was not inwardly. She reached over to the bed side draws and lifted it. The number all too familiar she flipped it open.

"Sidle" She answered, her CSI kicking in. She rolled onto her back and look up at the ceiling. Catherine awoke now and moaned slightly as she opened her eyes to the light. She then realized that she was in Sara's apartment, and the night before flooded back. She smiled and tightened her arms around Sara's waist as she rested her head against Sara's shoulder, listening to the convocation Sara was having. "Sure, who needs a night off anyway" She spoke, sarcasm audible; "Yeah…" with this she cut her phone off and threw it back to the table.

"Mm Sar…" She mumbled through her sleepy state

Sara placed her lips against Catherine's before leaning back, and whispering, "Shush, sleep…they called me in early. You still got a few hours" She explained.

Catherine groaned knowing she was going to have to let go of Sara. "I hate him"

"Me to…" Sara smiled, she doubted weather Catherine was fully awake, "but he's the boss" she kissed her again, "now sleep."

As she attempted to get up she felt Catharine grab hold of her hand, entwining her fingers in hers and pulling her backwards. "Give me a proper good bye" She shot as she opened her eyes still sleepy. He voice was gruff and this cause Sara to hate Gil Grissom even more. If only he knew what he was pulling her away from, but none of them knew that Catherine was hers. Sara groaned as she was pulled into Catherine's lips and the older turned on her back pulling Sara on top of her so she was now straddled over the blond's waist. The passion engulfed them both as the kiss deepened and Catherine's hands moved to Sara's waist and under the shirt she was wearing.

"W…ai…t" She managed breathlessly as she court hold of the wondering hands, she pulled back and angrily growled as she buried her head in Catherine's neck, "Y…ou can't d…o this to m…e….not n…ow…"

"Mm…you going to stop me baby?" Catherine teased as she pulled her hands from Sara's grip and moved them further.

"Shit" Sara groaned angrily. Forcefully she pressed her lips into Catherine's instantly forcing her to open and give her the much needed access. Breathlessly she pulled back, "I hate …you" She gasped as she some how managed to get fully on top of the woman, straddling her waist she took hold of Catherine's wrists and pin them above her against the mattress, she lent forward and kissed her longingly knowing that this was probably the worst thing that she could have done – this made herself wanting more. Sara moved off her, forced herself free from the woman she loved, rolled of the bed and stumbled from the bed room, "I really hate you" she growled.

Catherine could only laugh, though she herself was regretting teasing Sara as she'd only got herself wanting more than she knew she could get right now. She rolled over onto the front and buried her head in the pillow that still had the sweet smell of Sara, groaning in frustration, having only managed to get to sleep a few hours ago and wanting nothing more than for the sleep to be in the arms of her lover, was more than enough to piss her off, she brought her hands into fists and closed her eyes in defeat having to compromise with the images that last night had imprinted on her mind and recall the way Sara had made her feel, the way that Sara had loved her.

When Sara returned that's how she found Catherine, lay on her front, in the center of the bed in a pale blue tank top as the sheet fell just bellow her waist reviling the shorts of Sara's that she had borrowed. Now she really did hate Gil Grissom. The shower she'd just had managed to cool her down but walking in to see Catherine sprawled across her bed she couldn't help but feel the heat rising. All she knew was that if she didn't leave soon she never would. She had only been fifteen – maybe twenty minuets at the most in the bathroom but a smile formed on her face when she noticed Catherine had been unable to stay awake – she must have really been worn out from last night –a smirk formed evilly. She'd done that.


"Nice of you to join us Sar…" Warrick smiled at her as she walk up the drive way to the house, it's a big house in a nice neighborhood – yet looks like something big has happened. Sara took the sun glasses from her face and wince at the light – she's not used to working in the day –

"Traffic" She explained, walking up the front steps. Then I notice when I get to him the look on his face change, his smile turns to more of a smirk – he's not looking at my face now, damn it. He moved forward and touches my neck – "Yeah right – traffic" he laughs. I hate that laugh, I glare at him as my hand moves instinctively to cover the spot – I'm still unsure just what it is he's looking at but it can't be good.

"How about you tell me what's going on…I take it Gris has given you point?"

"Sure did…be a fool not to" Warrick joked,

"So -What's the deal?" I ask him, not offering and answer to his question. He smirks again, and then goes into work mode, "DB, female…" he explained, "rang in by her daughter… she's sixteen. Hasn't said a word to officers since they showed up"

Instantly she regretted taking the call, taking this case. She looked from Warrick to the floor knowing that this was going to be hard. "Doc just finished so Vic is all ours" he explained as he opened the front door. Sara nodded and followed him in with kit in hand.

--- TBC