Chapter1: Crazy

I sat in the alley, I didn't know h ow, or why I was there, I just was, and I only remembered one thing.


I had been drinking a little bit earlier, for no paticular reason.

It was probobly becuse I had just had a bad day, a paticular bad day ending with Amy showing up at my house, and following me to my bedroom.

" What?" I asked in disbelief. She couldn't be telling the truth. A joke?

" It's true Sonic..." She said. " I got so tired of you, so tired of rejection, you just aren't worth it! You're not worth th trouble!"

As she started to walk out, I don't know what happened, I lost control, I saw red, and I did something I never thought I would do.

I abused her.

I sniffled. I thought of what I did. She'd never look to me again. I knew that much.

I grabbed her. She tried to brush off my hand, but I wouldn't let go. I turned her around, and stared at her.

" So beautiful..." I murmered.

She yelped, and tried to escape my grasp, but I wouldn't let go.

I pushed her onto my bed.

She squealed, but I wouldn't let up.

I put my weight onto her, making sure she wouldn't get up.

" S--Sonikku?" She asked, fear heavy in her voice.

" I'll show you what you'll be missing!" I screamed, losing my sanity.

I tore her dress open, and she cried out. " Sonikku! Stop!"

I banged my fist against the ground. How could I be say crazy? So blind?

I had already torn her dress to shreds, it lay tattered next to the bed. I grabbed her bra, litterlly ripping it off.

I massaged her right breast, moaning greatly.

Sheyelped in discomfort, pleading me to stop.

I wouldn't. I rubbed my shaft in her face.

" Suck it." I commanded.

She simply cried.

" DID I STUTTER?" I shouted, blinded by anger. " NOW!"

She cried, but i pushed it onto her.


She cried, but obliged, not wanting too.

I moaned sensually, and continued massaging her right breast.

As she sucked, I orgasmed. She gargled, and even choked, but I grabbed her.

" Swallow it."

She shook her head. But I hit her. " NOW!"

I started to cry. How could I be so dumb?

I worked my way down to her thighs, and pulled down her panties, throwing them to the door. She started to cry, as I stuck my two fingers into her.

She gasped.

I took my mouth, and stuck my toung inside her, tasting her. She tasted sweet. It left my mouth with a good taste. I craved more.

I quickly took my length, and shoved it into her. She gasped, and I continued to push myself into her.

Making a slow one sided rythem. She was reluctant, but of course, I was raping her.

After I was finished, I let her up, and threw h er a tattered piece of her dress.

" You weren't worth my affection... you slut... If you tell anyone... ANYONE! I WIL kill you!" I vowed.

She cried, and ran out the door.

I don't even know what happened next, I jsut know I got drunk, and ended up at Cream's house.

I think I thought I'd scar everyone Amy knew to assure no one would tell anyone, ever. It was like digging a hole. I started, and I can't stop now...

I'll never forgive my self for what I did there...