Chapter 7: Not Yet

Tails had a slight limp, and it showed as he walked side by side with Cream, into her house. It was near midnight now, and Tails didn't know what he was going to tell Vanilla.

He stepped inside, and cautiously looked around. It was dark, and it apeared Vanilla was sleeping, not in the living room.

Tail stepped inside, and flicked the light on. He moved to Cream's room, the mannerful rabbit behind him. Inside there was Creams bed, and beside that, a cot, with a craploada blankets on it. On top of them all, was a note adressed to Tails.

He opened it, and saw it was from Vanilla.

"Dear Tails,

I hope you and Cream had a great time tonight at the movies. I had to go to bed early, so I set this up for you. If you're hungry, there's piazza rolls in the fridge!

P.S. I swear to whatever god you beleive in, if there is a HAIR out of place on my little Cream, I WILL make sure your life is ended arubtly, watch where you expose your chest while you're sleeping...


Tails blinked, and gulped, 'Oh... Crap...'

He lay down on the cot, and immediatly jumped up, rubbing his back. He reached under the sheet, and found a fork, pointed up.

Tails sighed, and threw it aside, tired. "Good night Cream..." Tails said, laying ack down on the cot. It was firm, and luckily Tails didn't like fluffy beds.

"Cream lay in her bed, the coers pulled up to her neck.

"Tails..." She had said it in a weird voice. Tails turned around, and looked at her.

He didn't know what this feeling was felt... right... He leaned in, slowly, as she did, and their lips touched, and Tails was taken aback, because it didn't stop there.

--Station Square-Mystic Ruins region

Knuckled landed in the middle of a grassy plain. He had shrunken the Master Emerald and brought it with him.

Knuckles looked around, and at first saw nothing, but after his eyes adjusted, he saw... Sonic at the edge of a cliff, lookion down, as if he was going to jump. Knuckles looked on, and gasped, as he spread out his arms, and fell forward into the rocky water below.

"Wh--Woah! S--SOnic!"

He immediatly ran over, and looked after him.

--Amy's Room

Sonic lay on Amy's couch. He had talken to Amy, both agreed they weren't ready to sleep in the same room yet. Starting tommorrow Sonic recalled the coversation they had had.

"Amy, tommorrow... I'm going to take you out."

Amy had gasped. "B--But Sonic... my arms..."

Her arms had scars from where she had cut herself in the last few days.

Sonic shook his head. "I don't catre. I want people to know that you're still alive, and I want people to know that I care for you Amy... I'm tired of keeping my feeling a secret..."

Amy looked at Sonic. He looked serious, he meant what he was saying. Had he really loved her for all those years?

Sonic rolled over, facing the cushions on the couch. "Tommorrow..."

--Cream's Room

Tails came back from the kiss, and they looked at each other.

"Tails... I..."

Another silence was shared between them.

Cream pulled Tails up into her bed, and pulled him into an embrace. "I don't know how to say it..." She said. "What I want..." She removed her night shirt, and hugged Tails again.

"Cr--Cream! but--we shouldn't! It's... not right..." His brain told him that, but his heart told him other.

Cream had now begun to remove her panties, causing Tails to let out agasp. Now he felt a whole NEW feeling... not one of love... which hadn't changed, and was still there... now he had one of.. 'desire... lust...' he told himself.

Cream stopped, and looked at Tails hesitating.

"Is it... me? " She asked, looking at herself.

Tails shook his head, and came back to reality. "What?! N--N--N--No! It's just... it seems to early... and..."

Cream, again cocked her head. "But this is what boyfriends and girldfriends do isn't it..."

Tails didn't know what to say. "Well... yeah but it's... but... well..."

He couldn't think of anything. Cream sunk under the covers, and moved herself to Tails' thighs, where his member was slowly protuding, his brain telling him not to.

"Let your thoughts go.." She whispered to Tails, feeling his tensness.

Tails now shuddered, almost wanting too. A Conflict. He had complained earlier about not being loved, and now here was Cream, throwing herself at him. And he didn't know what to think.

"Cream..." He felt her lick him, and any though of hold back were banished from his mind. He had let his urges take control.

--Station Square-Mystic Ruins Area

Knuckles Looked down, and saw only the cool, rushing waves of the water below hitting the rocks. The hard jagged rocks.

"SONIC!" He yelled. It echoed throughout the area, and Knuckles realized what had just happened. "Why did Sonic just throw himself off the cliff..."


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