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My name is Krista. I've never thought myself as something special. I go to high school and other than that I have no social life. Big woop. People call me weird or gothic. I don't care. I fully ignore people when I walk down the hallways going to class, just as I am doing now. I walk quickly with my hair over my face, staring at the ground. Occasionally I look up, see a face I used to know and look down. I finally make my way to room 181, choir. I take my usual seat in the back. My folder partner Emily is sick today. I'm happy. I mean, she's cool and all but she's a bit too colorful for me. I look at the wall of mirrors in front of me. I see myself and my black outfit. My friend Chey approaches me.

"If you're going to prom, then you're doing my make-up!"


"You always do it so well. You always look so well put together and perfect."

"Ok, thank you."

Then the teacher motions for us to begin our warm ups. Chey goes to her spot and the choir sings. 40 minutes later when class is over I quickly make my way from the choir room to the area outside the front of the school. I pick a spot in the shadows and sit. It's cooler here. I watch people playing around, saying their good byes and just standing there with their friends, like it has more purpose than what I do.

50 minutes later I see him walk out of the school. I run to him, but quickly change it to a walk. He sees me and smiles. He opens his arms and we embrace. No, me and Mike have nothing. But this embrace is longer than it should be. And he smells so good. But he has a girlfriend; my friend Veronica. But I push that out of my mind as I follow him to his friends. They talk and he sneaks his arm around my waist. They question and he makes up some lie. They believe it. Finally my ride comes.

"Mike, my mommy's here." I say in my most adorable voice.

He holds me in a tight embrace.

"Bye sweetie."

And as we part our hands find each other and slowly slip apart.

"I love you."

"I love you, too" I say.

Then I walk to my ride as I hear his friends say to him, "Why don't you go hold the door open for her?"

10:00 PM

I don't have school tomorrow, but I am tired so I'm going to sleep. I walk over to the mirror and look into it. I see reflected back a pale teenage girl, slightly overweight, with long dark brown hair. I walk over to my bed, turn off the light and climb in. I close my eyes and don't open them. I know there's nothing to be afraid of, but almost everyone has a slight fear of the dark. You never know what is there. I hold my eyes tighter closed. Just as sleep was about to take me I heard a noise. I low vocal noise followed by the sound of something quietly scraping on my floor. 'Keep your eyes shut,' I command myself. But they flutter open and I observe my room. Nothing out of the ordinary. But just as I am about to close my eyes once again I swear a see a figure, black on top and white on bottom fall to the floor and disappear. I hear a knock with it. I quickly clamp my eyes tight. 'You're imaging things,' I say to myself. Then I drift to sleep.

My dreams are not pleasant. I'm in a hallway at school. I see Andrew Faulhaber, the boy that raped me. I run away from him, with disgust. But he follows me and soon he has pushed me against a wall. I see a teacher and I scream for help but they just look at me and walk away. Soon he rips open my shirt and is doing things most inappropriate. I scream more and more, with no avail. I wake up soaked with sweat. I look at the clock. Two AM. I stay awake and I cry. I am now afraid to sleep for fear of dream. I get on my computer and check Vampire Freaks. I have a new message. It's from Veronica.


Then I check Mikes comments. He got one from her, too.

"Krista seems to like you more than I think huh. Well she's becoming obsessed and that isn't cool. It's making me very mad and I can't handle that."

These messages were posted 4 hours ago and within minutes a new one appears.

"Hey krista girlie!"

'Ok, she's really bi-polar or something.'

After an hour of web surfing I begin to get bored and rather tired. I finally give in to sleep. I lie down and close my eyes. But right before sleep takes me, I get the feeling that I'm being watched. 'Ok, just open your eyes and nothing will be there.' So I open my eyes. They widen in shock. In front on me is a figure with long black hair, the face hidden behind it and a white dress. 'It's your imagination!' But I don't believe. I clamp my eyes tightly shut, in hopes I was imagining it. But I feel a cold hand on my back. I screech and lunge to the far corner of my bed.

"P-P-please go away, but if you have no wish to harm me, by all means stay and s-state your purpose."

And surprisingly her form changes. She now resembles a girl slightly younger than myself. Then she speaks.

"Hello, my name Samara Morgan. I do not wish you harm. I am here because I have taken an interest in you. I'm sure you can relate to the fact that the human race is weak and not worthy of me. I feel that we are equally matched."

And so began a friendship.