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The next morning I awoke thinking of it as nothing but a dream. But as I looked around my room and finally got to the other side of my bed and there she was.

"Good morning," she greeted.

Then I heard a knock at my door.

"Come in!"

And my mother came in.

"Well me and Cecil are going boating. Are you sure you don't want to go?"


Then she left without even noticing Samara.

"Get dressed," commanded Samara.


"You'll see."

I picked out an outfit and went to my bathroom and changed. I came back out and my bedroom door was open. I walked out and saw that the door next to mine was open. I went in and Samara was there at the window.

"Look out the window," she said.

I did as told. I saw some cool kids from my school.

"Let's go," she said.

I am a very shy person, but I had nothing better to do and she'd be with me. So I left my house and walked to them.

"Hey," I said.

"Hi," greeted one that lived across the street.

"This is that girl," said Keith.

"Oh!" Said the neighbor boy. "I'm Alex! I'm xdeathxbloomsxlifexblossumsx from xanglplodar!"

"OH! HEY!"

"So what are you doing today?" Asked Keith.


"Ok cool. We're just hanging out at this kids house. We're expecting uhhhh what's the kids name?"

"Mike," answers Shelby.

"Mike and his girlfriend."

And as soon as that was out of his mouth a car drove up and dropped them off. Mike looked surprised to see me, and Veronica just looked pissed.


"Calm down!" Commanded Keith.

Samara then yelled, "BLOCK IT!"

Following her orders and put my arm up and as soon as I did Veronica's fist hit it.

"Veronica, please don't." I said. "I have no wish to fight or to ruin anything for you."

"Oh whatever! You just want Mike!"

Samara then said "Say something and go back to your house."

"Well I see that my presence here is ruining things so I shall return to my house."

And then I walked away from this now arguing bunch. And as soon as I got there Grant, my step-brother drove up.

"Hey Krista, I got a new skateboard! I wanna see you on one so lets just go up the street."

So I got out his old skateboard and we skated. As soon as we passed the STILL arguing bunch Grant told me to grind the railing to the stairs at the neighbors house. And I did it. Then I did a kick-flip. I have a feeling Samara helped me out.

"Wow, you're good! I was expecting you to fall on your face."

"Well thank you."

"Race you back to the house!"

"You're on!"

And we both raced to the house, me winning narrowly. I think Samara really is good.

9 PM

"Do you want Mike?" Questioned Samara.

"Well of course."

"You could have him, you know."

"Really. Find a way, tell me."

And soon she disappeared. 'Uh oh this might not be good.' I looked out my window. The kids were just saying their goodbyes. Veronica still looked steamed. She stormed off into the street as a car came by and hit her. WHAM! And she was down. Everyone was stuck in a shock. Suddenly Samara appeared before the bunch. They didn't see her. Her hair floated up around her and they all fell to the ground. Then she drug Veronica's body, put it in the back of the car that hit her and made it speed off. Next thing, she appeared next to me.

"Never speak of Veronica again. She never existed. She is just some poor girl that that guy picked up and killed."

A couple days later I went back to school. I'd barely seen Mike. It was so weird without Veronica. I accidentally mentioned her to Jenny, Veronica's best friend and she got confused insisting that I was on crack. Finally after school came. I sat by myself until it was 4. Mike wasn't out yet, but he wouldn't be much longer. Before he came out Jordan came over. Now me and Jordan had some sort of 'thing'. But truely to me we were friends, nothing more but I felt much less. He began to talk to me and I could sense he wanted to make some relationship appear out of thin air. Luckily Mike soon came out. I acted like I didn't see him and he approached. He had something behind his back.

"Krista, would you do me the honor of... being my girlfriend?"

He handed me a rose.

"Of course!"