Well, you think you know Oz, right? Forget it. Everyone thinks they do! They know Glinda, they know Dorothy, they all know the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and the Wicked Witch of the West. However, the Witch isn't exactly what you think she is. She's not evil. She's not even misunderstood! She's . . . well to be honest she's a little slow. And forgetful. Here's that classic story with that little part they left out. . .

Disclaimer:I don't own Oz, or Wicked, although I really wish I did. Wouldn't that be fun? ;; Getting on with the story.

I appear in Munchkinland with a very theatrical burst of orange smoke. It took some work for me to make that smoke bomb, but I eventually got it to work. The monkeys weren't too happy though, my castle was full of choking smoke and sulfur smell for about a week. Oh well, time to find my sister!

"Nessa!" I call, looking around me. The Munchkins are all on the ground. I didn't mean to scare them so. "Hey, Glinda, have you seen my sister? I can't seem to find her anywhere."

"Ahem." she clears her throat awkwardly. There's a girl in a blue and white gingham dress standing beside her. I wonder if she'll be my friend, or even come and visit me. "Over there."

She pointed to a strange house. It's quite different from the surrounding cottages.

"All right, who was the smart aleck that turned my sister into a house. Was it you, Glinda? Or was it you, what-ever-your-name-is? Because turn her back, I wanna say 'hi'!"

"Not the house." Glinda says, rather exasperated at me. "Under the house."

"Under the house?" I look back at it. There doesn't seem to be anything under it, just a pair of legs sticking out from one of the sides. I wonder why those are there.

"It's, well, you see, my house dropped on her." what's-her-name says, seeming very sorry.

"You dropped your house on my sister? How could anyone be so unbelievably clumsy!" I don't even know this girl, but she already seems like a dits. "Didn't you at least look where you were landing that thing? Her face might have looked a little like a runway, but you didn't actually have to land on it. Well, is she alright?"

"Look at the house again, Elphie." says Glinda, pointing at it with her wand.

"I already looked okay! I'm not an idiot!" She always made fun of me. "All there is are those legs sticking out from under it!"

"Yes, legs. Look closer at them." Glinda urges. Sheesh, alright. I'll do it.

"AAAAHHHH! Nessa! There's a house on you!" I bend down next to the foundation. "Can you hear me! I'll try and get you out!"

"You finally recognize her, then?" Glinda sighs.

"Of course I recognize her! Who wouldn't recognize their own sister? Besides, no one else would wear ruby slippers with those socks. I always said she had no fashion sense." Then suddenly, it hit me! The shoes were shiny, and I just love shiny objects.

"The slippers! I want them!" I reach down to take them from her. She won't need them anymore, right? But just as I'm about to get my hands on them, they disappear! "The ruby slippers! Where are they! Glinda, do you know where . . ." Shiny hat. Shiny shiny shiny . . . wait, slippers!

"It's too late. There they are, and there they'll stay." Glinda says authoritatively. I look down. What's-her-name has my shoes! Not fair!

"Give me my ruby slippers! They're of no use to you! Give them back to me, give them back!" I yell. I want shiny!

"Keep tight inside of them, their magic must be very powerful or she wouldn't want them so badly." she says. What on earth are you talking about Glinda! I've never had any talent for magic! Have you ever seen my tower? I can't even master a simple cleaning spell!

"You stay out of this Glinda, or I'll fix you as well!" Wow, that sounded cool. I can act like I have power! I bet anything I just fooled old what's-her-name over there.

"Rubbish! You have no power here!" she says loudly, then mumbles, "or anywhere else for that matter."

"Oh, very well. But I'm not just going back to my tower and forgetting about you, whatever-your-name-is! I want those slippers! So . . . I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!"

I hurry back over to the spot from which I appeared, retrieving another smoke bomb from my pocket. I laugh at the terrified look that little girl's giving me now. Haha, what is she thinking! Up goes the smoke, and off I run. I grab my trusty broom from one of the bushes.

Up in the air, it's a very nice breeze. The sun's unusually bright today. Birds are singing. Maybe I should stop and look at that field with a Scarecrow in it, but maybe later. And now, off to plot my revenge and . . . wait, where am I going again?