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Downstairs, downstairs, why am I downstairs. . . maybe I'm hungry? No, I just ate . . didn't I? Holding the Grimmerie . . . But what would I want to cast a spell for? And don't I usually cast spells up in the tower room? Hmm . . . Nikko enters, gibbering half-heartedly.

"What dog? Why were you running after a dog?" Nikko gibbers some more, testily. "Toto? Who would name a dog something like that? Oh well, I'm sure you did your best."

I start wandering again, trying to think what I'm doing downstairs. After about ten more minutes, I give up and start leafing through the Grimmerie. I flip to the "how to" section.

"How to dispel warts . . . how to volumize hair . . . how to make animals Animals . . . how to take off magic ruby slippers. . . that one's rather specific . . how to usurp a dictator . . . how to . .Wait a second! That's why I'm downstairs! Brat Doro's upstairs in the tower room, and I'm supposed to think of a way to get those slippers off her feet! Hazah! I think therefore I am.

I flip back to "how to take off magic ruby slippers" and start reading.

"How to take off magic ruby slippers:

"Warning: Do NOT attempt to remove by hand if you are a witch. It will hurt (That's a little late.)

"Step 1- Make sure the person wearing them has no friends nearby. If they are nearby, dispose of them in the same manner as recommended for the wearer.

"Step 2- Keep some water nearby in case of emergencies.

"Step 3- Light a long stick or branch or some other organic object on fire. Hold the end that is NOT on fire. (That seems obvious. Well, I suppose the writer didn't want to be sued for liability.)

"Step 4- Light the wearer (and/or friends) on fire with the organic object, preferably starting with the top.

"Step 5- Make sure the fire does not go out. After the wearer has been burned completely into ashes, the slippers will remain untouched by the fire. Wait at least 5-10 minutes before removing slippers without protective gloves as they will be hot.

"Step 6- Now the slippers should be wearable. Put them on your feet and enjoy wearing them for an eternity or until you yourself are burned."

Well, that seems simple enough. No incantations or anything. What could I use as a long stick. I'd first think of breaking off one of the branches in the Haunted Forest, but those trees aren't ones to cross. Maybe . . . the broom? I mean, I love that old thing to death, but the ruby slippers . . . I know I'll never find another pair of those.

While debating in my mind whether to use the broom or not, I hear four different kinds of footsteps coming my way: soft heavy footsteps, small quick clicking footsteps, creaking clanking footsteps, and soft footsteps that sound almost like hay hitting the floor. Just then four curious creatures ran into my room. A large Lion, a Tin Woodman, a Scarecrow, and a small black dog. All stopped short the second they entered.

"Hallo, who are you?" I asked, confused.

"W-we, um, we are, um," stuttered the Scarecrow.

"Can you tell us where to find Dorothy?" asked the Lion boldly. The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman looked at him in shock and horror.

"Who's Dorothy?" I asked.

"A little girl, about 11 or so years old," explained the Lion, "wearing a blue and white gingham dress."

"Hmmm, sorry." I answered, straining my memory to no avail. "I don't know anyone of that sort. I'm truly sorry, I think you have the wrong castle. Maybe you can try the one up the road?"

"She also had on a fairly distinguished pair of red shoes." put forth the Scarecrow.

"Oh yes! That no-good brat, stealing my slippers. She's in the tower room, all the way up the stairs and on the left." I answered, pointing them in the right direction.

"Thank you very much, Miss Witch." said the Tin Woodman graciously.

"You're quite welcome." I reply just as graciously and return to my mental debate. I guess I can always cast another levitation spell on another broom.

I start walking up the stairs to the tower room to retrieve my broom about halfway up, the group of companions run down the stairs right past me.

"Watch your step!" I call after them, continuing my ascent. Five minutes later, as I walk into the tower room and find it devoid of the brat, I realize what must have happened.

"WINKIES! STOP THEM!" I scream down the stairs. I grab the broom and hourglass, which has run out of sand, and start running down the stairs. After about three steps, the broom makes me loose my balance and go tumbling down the rest of the way.

With a large thump, I land down at the bottom landing. Owwwwowowow, I groan straitening up. My eyes are greeted by the sight of the foursome cowering near the doorway surrounded by Winkies. I blink a little in confusion.

"How did you get out," I say, pointing to Dorothy, "and how did you all get in?" I ask, pointing at the companions.

"You told us where to find her." answered the Lion.

"I What! Oh, well, never mind about that. The sands of time have run out for all of you." I say, holding up the empty hourglass. "Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of spears," I taunt, descending the steps, "thought you'd be pretty foxy, didn't you?"

(Step 1- get rid of friends, I think. Wait, step 2- have some water nearby.)

"Bring me a bucket of water!" I command the Winkie general. "Now then, Enie, menie, minie moe, who shall be the first to go," I chant, pointing at each in turn. "Lion, girl, Tin Man, no! My broom has chosen Scarecrow!"

The Winkie returns with the water. I light the end of the broom on fire and grab the flaming bristles. Ouch! Ohhh, right, grab the end not on fire. I turn it around, nursing my burns, and start moving it closer to the Scarecrow.

"No! No, please!" the Scarecrow pleads.

"What's the matter, Scarecrow? Don't you want to be my old flame?"

"Leave him alone!" shouts Dorothy. "Can't you see he's terrified!"

"I'll get around to you eventually, Miss Mouth! In the meantime, watch your friend here go up in . . ."

One of the sparks from the broom fell on the hem of my dress, lighting it on fire. I scream, dropping the broom in panic and try to stamp it out.

"Oh no!" yelled the girl, in fright. She runs toward the bucket of water. "I'll save you!"

"No! Not the water!" I screech, but too late. She threw that water all over me, burning through me with a flame worse than any earthly fire.

"Ohh! What have you done!" I scream in pain. "I'm melting! MELTING! Who could have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness! OOOHHH!"

The flame eating away at me, darkness closing in, I see the faces of all those I've known. First my family, then those whose stories are finished, next those whose stories are yet unended. I see the girl, and her gang of misfits, clearly, then fading into the darkness with the rest of the world.

I am dead, I tell myself. And I remember everything.