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Chapter 7

When they arrived the next evening, they let themselves in, per instructions. The living area was dark, the sconces on the walls turned to a low glow. A trail of clothing led towards her bedroom- first, tiny strappy heels, followed closely by sheer stockings and their garters, delicate white lacy undergarments, and a silky little black sheath. Obi-Wan kept silent, pondering the implications, renewing his nerve. Anakin, striding confidently beside him, simply chuckled. "I told you, she never wears them," he gestured to the lacy thong tossed carelessly to the floor, "she'll do anything to avoid it."

Obi-Wan returned the laugh, "And here I was hoping to remove them from her, this time."

Anakin clapped his good hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder, smirking, "Well, I'd say you could remove, but ah…" he trailed off, hooking a thumb in the waistband of his leather pants, edging the line below his bare hip.

His Master snorted, "You never do, either… I learned that one years ago." He paused, leaned in, "Don't you remember how I gained that knowledge?" He projected the memory to the younger Jedi, reminding him of the pair of leather pants that had remained around his ankles as Obi-Wan knelt, attending to rather glaring needs.

Anakin's eyes darkened in response; he prodded Obi-Wan towards Padmé's bedroom. They found the bedroom just as empty as the previous room. However, the door to the 'fresher stood open; the scent of fresh blossoms wafted to their noses. "Bubble bath." Anakin nearly growled it, tossing his tunic over his head as he followed the smell.

Obi-Wan followed, watching the taut muscles of Anakin's back, already feeling the passion bubbling over through their Bond as he found Padmé. By the time the Jedi Master had joined them, Anakin had already tossed his pants to the side and had situated Padmé in his lap. He stood at the edge of the tub, watching as the water circulated fragrant bubbles around their wet flesh, obscuring details. "I can leave, we can do this another night."

Padmé shook her head, rising slowly out of the water. Rivulets streamed down, trailing down breasts, highlighting round curves of hips, finding intimate areas between her thighs. She reached out, tangling her wet fingers in his hair, pulling his head close. "No, Obi-Wan." She murmured, her full lower lip pouting, her eyelids lowered over her eyes. "I need this." She whispered before taking his mouth with her own, her tongue massaging his own.

He groaned softly, complying, his hands roaming towards her bottom. When she finally withdrew, he started with his tunic, intoning, "Yes, ma'am."

She settled back into Anakin's lap, straddling him. Her head tilted back as his lips went to her nipples, feasting on them greedily. "I think Anakin needs attention, Obi-Wan." Her words were breathless as she squirmed under his touch.

Obi-Wan just settled down into the bubbles as Anakin turned heated kisses to her neck, moving her closer still to allow her to impale herself on him. He watched as she rose and fell, not muting her moans of pleasure. He found his own arousal growing as Anakin's heated gaze met his own, his lids lowered and mouth parted as he reveled in the feeling of Padmé's warm wetness surrounding him.

It was not long before she quickened her pace, bringing the younger Jedi to his climax as he shouted her name into her hair, holding her close. They shared the moment for a few heartbeats before Anakin's smirk came back to his lips, his cheeks flushed. "Now I can concentrate on the two of you."

Padmé grinned and moved from Obi-Wan to Anakin and she settled back into the tub, rubbing the bubbles over her arms. "Anakin, you got to see me kiss Sabé… I think you need to return the favor." She kept from grinning further as Obi-Wan started blushing.

Anakin, on the other hand, laughed. "Do women like that? Two guys kissing?"

Padmé shrugged, "Depends on who the guys are. It's got to be two attractive men…" she trailed off, meeting both men's eyes. "And there's got to be enough women that like it… there was a rather popular holovid about two nerfherders recently."

Anakin scoffed, "We're better looking than those two guys." Obi-Wan remained silent, mortified.

Padmé nodded slowly, her toes working under the water in Obi-Wan's lap, running them gently along his thighs. "So it shouldn't be a problem, I'm sure you've done it before."

Anakin scooted closer to Obi-Wan, putting a hand on the older man's face. Their eyes met before their lips, a gentle tease at first. Anakin's hands went through Obi-Wan's hair as he applied his tongue, meeting Obi-Wan's in a slow caress. When they finally broke for air, Padmé's hands were settled between her thighs.

Obi-Wan took her hands in his own, taking her into his arms and lap. "Let me do that for you." His voice rumbled low. She drew Obi-Wan in for another kiss as he moved his fingers to the delicate nub between her folds, gently drawing pleasure from her.

Anakin's fingertips grazed around her nipples, teasing the furled peaks. He brought his mouth to them as her breath started picking up at Obi-Wan's intimate strokes. Her orgasm finally came and she collapsed her head onto Obi-Wan's shoulder for a slight reprieve. "Perhaps we need to move to your bed, my dear." He murmured. She nodded. The Jedi Master scooped her up into his arms, followed closely by Anakin.

They laid her down on the pillows gently. Obi-Wan danced kisses over her nose and mouth, his heavy erection lying on her belly. Anakin fumbled through the bedside table and produced a tube of lubrication, squirting a generous amount into the palm of his hand, coating two fingers. He waited until Obi-Wan drove himself inside Padmé and gently inserted the fingers into the older Jedi, rubbing the prostate. He hardened as he heard his Master gasp and Padmé's own muffled cry as Obi-Wan's cock convulsed within her at the sudden invasion.

He moved his ministrations with the lubrication to his own cock, closing his eyes as he rubbed the silky liquid over his head. Impatient, he stilled Obi-Wan's strokes, inserting himself into his Master as Obi-Wan pulled back from Padmé. Obi-Wan's mind was reeling as he moved again, Anakin's slick member stroking his prostate and Padmé's warmth clutching hard around him.

It did not take long; within a few strokes Obi-Wan grinded himself harder into Padmé, his orgasm coming quick and hot. Anakin's own climax came shortly thereafter as the passion from his Master echoed over their Bond.

They cradled Padmé between them, her smile glorious on her sated face.

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