Title: Long, Lost Sister's Pain

Author: Angel's-Baby99

Disclaimer: I don't own Dean or Sam or the network, but I do own Danni and Shelby so don't sue me for publishing my ideas

Summary: Dean and Sam find their sister, after she has been gone, presumably 'dead, for 10 years… but what happens when she starts to hear voices in her head and sees horrible images? Is she going crazy or is someone trying get her alone to kill her and will the boys be able to save her in time?

Chapter 1: Not Paying Attention

Meg looked through the window and smiled. She finally knew what she was going to do, to wake the 'father' of darkness. She had to make someone bleed, but she had to find the right person with the right blood. Her 'father' had been told who had that right blood… it was one of the Winchester family. She thought that Sam would be a perfect target, they already met and he already knew her. It was someone in the Winchester family with the right blood and she was going to find out whom if it was the last thing she did. She thought that it would be possible for someone else to have that blood, it was a stretch but it was worth a try. This person was a woman, no older than 24. But the one piece of information that Meg didn't know, this woman was the Winchester boy's sister.


She had been running for at least 5 minutes, she had been hearing voices and she started to think she was going crazy. All her friends thought she was going insane, and they didn't want to be her friend after their thoughts took over. She had a small little apartment in Colorado and she loved her home and her 2 yr.-old puppy, Chopper.

She had to find Dean, he would believe her, and I mean with everything they dealt with, he had to believe her. She had been calling him ever since she had taken a break from running and started to walk slowly. "C'mon, c'mon… damnitt Dean pick up" she pleaded, but again got a hold of his answering machine, and again she left a message. She quickly looked behind her and started walking a little faster. You can't prevent your demise another voice said, inside her mind. She shook her head so the voices would fade, and they did. She started to walk across the street, without looking for any cars. She didn't see the car slamming on the breaks, all she heard was the crack of a few ribs as the car crashed into her.



Shelby walked through the halls of her school with her best friend Cassie at her side, they were laughing about something, no one knew what. When someone bumped into her, causing her to drop everything she had in her hands. She looked up and saw no one else than Kara Witherspoon, popular girl, she thought she was superior to everyone else… that bitch.

"Watch where you're going" Kara exclaimed.

"Why don't you" Shelby snapped back.

"Sorry I can't do that" Kara said, pushing her hair over her shoulder.

The girls stopped talking and Kara pushed her way through Shelby and Cassie.

"Slut" Shelby breathed, loud enough for Kara to hear.

"Excuse me" Kara stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around to face Shelby.

"You heard me… I called you a slut" Shelby seethed, bursting with happiness as she saw Kara steaming at her words.

"Oh, you have no idea what you just did" Kara replied.

"Oh yeah, I think I do" Shelby answered happily.

Cassie just watched as the scene played out in front of her, that was one of the reasons she like Shelby; she could stand up for herself… something she herself could never do.

"Ugh" Kara groaned heavily.

Shelby pushed a pathway so she and Cassie could get through, smiling at the fact that Kara was still speechless.

"Slutty Whore" Shelby said, and started to laugh with Cassie.

"Bitch" Kara replied, loudly enough for Shelby and Cassie to hear before she walked away.

Flashback Ended…

Shelby gripped her steering wheel at the memory. She was going to get her revenge; she actually already had… a few hours ago. She had snuck into Kara's boyfriend's car and when Kara was just about to start walking up her driveway, Shelby had slammed the bumper into her waist. And then ran over her legs a few times, she got out of the car to admire her dirty work.

Kara's legs were all bloody and she had a few gashes on her thighs and calves. When she called Cassie to tell her, Cassie just laughed and clapped in applause, she would never try anything like that. Shelby had slowly got out of the car and ran to hers behind a bunch of trees.

She had been driving ever since she had made her revenge. She had been driving by a bar when it happened, she didn't see anybody, but then she heard a crooked smash at the bumper side of the car. She slammed on the brakes and sat in her car for a few minutes.

After she ran over the idea of running from the NYPD she slowly opened her car door and stepped out. She slowly walked to the front of her car, and saw a horrible sight. A girl on the ground barely conscious. She ran to her car grabbed her cell phone and called 911. After she got off the phone with 911 she walked over to the girl and knelt down to see if she had a name or anything.

"Call Dean… call Dean" the girl on the ground whispered before she fell unconscious.

Call who? Shelby asked herself before checking if the girl had a wallet, she did. But before she reached to open the other girl's wallet, a picture fell to the ground. Shelby slowly unfolded the picture and she saw the girl on the ground, two teenage boys and an old man, who was obviously their father. She folded the picture and tucked it safely in the girls wallet and started looking for a driver's license.

After she found a bunch of credit cards she finally found a little white piece of paper that said, "Gotta call Dean" and she just guessed that "Dean" was one of her brothers. Shelby put that back in the girl's wallet and finally found her driver's license, it had her picture and underneath was her name. It clearly said… Danielle Winchester.

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