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Chapter 19: Can't Lose You

Dani woke up in a house... she got up on her feet and realized that it was her old house... the house she was just shot in. But it wasn't dark and gloomy and it wasn't damaged in any way. She walked up the stairs and looked in her old room, and saw something she would never see again. There on Dean's old bed was her mother, Mary reading a story to a four year old Dean and a two year old Danni... it was weird she never thought she would see her mother's beautiful face and beautiful smile ever again, and yet here she was staring at the picture that she always carried in her wallet, behind her id. Mary was tickling Danni at that moment in time and Dean was helping, and little Danni was laughing and crying and able to say the words stop mommy stop. She walked out of her old room and walked into Sam's nursery just down the hall and saw John sleeping on the chair next to the door and baby Sammy sleeping comfortably in his crib. Danni smiled in awe that she was able to see her mother again before she died and what it was like to be a normal family.

"Freaky" she muttered, still amazed at how childlike Sam looked, nothing like the Sam she knew.

"What?" asked a feminine voice from behind her.

Danielle whipped around ready to fight some type of attacker but instead found a blonde haired woman about her size and somehow she knew that this woman had a connection to their family.

"Ok, who are you and why the hell are you here?" asked Danni, she wanted an answer before she decided to run for her freakin life.

"My name's Jessica, and as for why I'm here, I'm here to help you on your journey"

"Journey what journey?" Dani asked confused.

"Your journey home... back to them" Jessica replied with a sad smile on her face.

"What aren't you telling me?" Danni wasn't ready for the running for her life at the moment.

"I am... was Sam's girlfriend, before i died by the hands of that demon that took your mother" Jessica finished and her and Danni's surroundings faded into black.

Once the surroundings returned it was no longer the happy feeling it was before... no Danielle got a feeling of dread and fear. "No... no" Dani ran back up the stairs ran into Sammy's nursery to find her mother on the ceiling her stomach cut and bleeding. She screamed in fear and kept thinking no not again, this can't b happening again.

In an instant, Jessica was at her side, consoling the sobbing woman. John ran up seconds after and took Sammy and ran out to give him to Dean, while the ceiling erupted in flames.

"No, I don't wanna see it again" cried Danni, and then her and Jess's surroundings faded into black... again.


Dean had been waiting a few hours now and he was getting impatient. Sure Sam and John were with him, but Danni told him not to leae her alone and the doctors would not let him see her. Of cours she had been in surgery for over 2 hours now, and the docs were going to have questions about how Danni was tortured and why. Suddenly Danielle's doctor walked out of the ER with a notepad in his hands and Dean was the first one out of his chair.

"How is she, doc?" asked John, once he and Sam all gathered around Dean and the doctor.

"She is stable, and her vitals are improving... however she cannot be on her own right now so we put her on a ventilator and hopefully by the end of the week she will be awake" the doctor explained.

The whole family sighed in relief, Danni was going to be okay... there was just something else wrong and Sam could feel it in his bones. And by the look on the doc's face Dean figured it out too, John was none the wiser.

"What's wrong doctor?"

"Well Danni was shot with a 45', it's not the bullet thats interesting... it's the coating arund the bullet" the doctor finished.

"Well what's around the bullet?" asked John, worry was cover all over his face.

"It's a drug... called orpheus... unfortunate ly that's all we know about it"

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"Can we see her?" Dean asked.

"Yes, she's in ICU but if you tell them that you are family, I'm sure they will let you in" the doctor smiled.

Sam, Dean and John... all got into IcU without a problem and they were all in Danni's room. John's face had not left from a scowl ever since the doctor told them that orpheus was coating the bullet and Dean was noticing.

"Dad, what exactly is orpheus?" Sam asked, he also noticed John's face.

"It's a supernatural drug, if injected into anybody or any demon, it will... it will... it will take you down to hell and leave you there" John sighed in terror that his daughter might be in her version of hell.

"Jessica" Danni muttered, making Sam stare at her in wonder... he had never told hiss sister about his girlfriend so how did she know.


"What else do I need to see?" asked Danni, getting tired of the trip down memory lane.

"Just a few more things" Jessica replied sweetly.

Danni's surroundings became John, Dean and her surrounded by woods and she instantly regretted asking because she knew which memory this was... it was her first hunt.

The scene unfolded the way it did the first time, she and Dean were sent to go one ay while John went the other. There was an argument about being bait and on her end she lost the fight.She was only eleven when this happened so she was still a scared little girl, but her dad thought it would be better if she had her first hunt before the age when Dean did... Dean was thirteen...and Sammy would be thirteen when he went on his first hunt.

They were hunting a werewolf and Dean was ready to fight, however, Dani was as scared as she ever would be. It took a while for Dean and Danni to find the cave and that is where it all went wrong. The werewold jumped and was ready to kill her when Dean jumped in the way. Dani screamed and ran to hide behind a tree, it was a few minutes later when John came and shot the thing, but what really scared her is what Dean looked like once the werewolf was off of him... she never stoppeed blaming hersellf after that.

The scenery faded into black and then changed into a inside of a car with her inside. She instantly realized that this was her fourteenth birthday from the anchor necklace that Dean had given her. John was driving and then a car was going in the wrong direction and Danni screamed at John to stop but he just kept going, and in the end Danni was in the hospital and John was nowhere to be found.

Her surroundings faded into black again but stayed that way, and soon a door appeared in front of her. There was light coming from the other side of the door, which only freaked Danni out, she hadn't seen Jess in a while so she was a little worried. Although the last thing that Jess had said to her was 'tell Sam I love him'.

"Jess, where are..." she turned around to see black, no Jessica, no nothing.

Danni turned back to the door to see the door but someone standing a few feet in front of it. Danni had to spuint to see but once she did she realized it was her mother.

"You need to go home, sweetie" Mary said soothingly.

"How did... where did... I must be going crazy" Danni convinced herself.

"No you're not" Mary smiled, oh it was good to see that smile.

"Then where am I... where's Sam and Dean?" she asked... it was like her whole memory lane thing was done now she just needed to remember where she was.

"Walk through the door and find out" Mary smailed again.

So Danni did it, she opened the door and walked into the light. I mean her mother said to, and the last thing she heard from her mother before the door shut on that world was 'I love you baby girl'.


A Week Later...

Dean was getting food, John was sleeping at a motel... so it was only Sam and his unconscious big sister left in the bleak hospital room. Danni had muttered 'don't go' amd 'i'm sorry' during this whole comatose thing but other than that no other normal activity. She was done with the ventilator, she could now breath on her own and Sam was proud of her, It had been a few days longer than the doctor predicted but he kept saying 'any day now' every single day and it was getting irratating.

Now Sam was sitting along side Danni's bedside holding her hand pleading with her to wake up and end the brother's suffering. Dean hadn't been sleeping for a week and a half and he wasn't able to sllep that long anymore. Danni made them, all complete, like they could sleep knowing that their family wasn't in danger at this day and time.

"Please wake up, I can't lose you, not again... I've already lost mom and Jessica... don't make me lose you too" Sam was close to tears.

Suddenly Danni gasped for all the air she could get, trying her hardest to get her best to get oxygen into her lungs. Dean chose that moment to walk in with a bag of food after saying goodbye to the hot nurse with a date planned for Friday. Sam was speechless, Dean was stationary, he couldn't believe she had woken up after wherever she was.

After a few hours Dean came back to his cocky self while Sam and Danni were chatting about wherever the hell she was. he finally told them about the hot nurse and his date while Danni some sarcastic remark about him getting a date while she was in her own personal hell.

A Few Days Later...

Sam, Dean and John walked into Danni's new recovery hospital room and saw her watching television. She was just about to throw the remote through the television before Sam grabbed it away from her.

"Daytime television sucks" she muttered, everyone started laughing. "Yeah don't I know it" Dean muttered back, sitting beside his sister.

They started talking about when she was getting released, two more weeks, and how she was glad because the food she was being given sucked... that's why Dean sneaking in food was always a plus. Danni turned her head to the tv and saw the Teddy Bear for the laundry detergent came on.

"That bear is posessed... we should go kill it" she smirked and looked up at Dean.

"Yeah we will" Dean chuckled while giving Sam a 'i told you so' look and then he laughed along with his sister as Sam turned off the tv and mumbled something under his breath.

Two Weeks Later...

They had been on the road for a couple hours when one of Dani's songs played through the speakers. John and Sam were in the backseat, Sam was looking for their next job and John was smiling as he stared at his daughter staing out the window. Music started to play through the speakers and right when the singer started her vocals, Danni sang along with the music.

I miss you,
I miss you're smile,
And I still shed a tear
Every once in a while

And even though we're different now,
You're still here somehow,
My heart won't let you go,
And I need you to know,

I miss you,
I miss you

She finished singing the song and the car was quiet for a few minutes before they all erupted in laughter. Everyone knew what that song was about... it was about Mary.

"I found a joh" Sam said from the backseat.

"What is it?" asked Dean.

"Mysterious killings occured in Radford, Alabama... get this all the victims were sliced in half.

Danni looked in the rearview mirror at Sam and her father, and then looked at Dean before looking back out the window and saying three words before falling asleep.

"Back to business"

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