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A year and 3 months…(Yes that long.) since Hotaru's death and ever since Gaara hasn't been that active.

For awhile Temari wasn't either but seeing her brother in pain pained her and she now acts like her usual self.

Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura and so on still visit but had no success in making him smile or even getting him out his room. (Shower and bathroom but that's as far.)

Gaara hasn't spoken in a long time and Temari and Kankuro are very worried now since he had gotten a lot skinnier and barely eats.

About 2 months later he began to have small panic attacks and now goes out every midnight and runs particular to nowhere until he tires out and falls on the living room floor exhausted and sweating.


Gaara shifted around and turned until he couldn't take it anymore and stood up. He opened the door to the living room and headed out the front door getting ready for his normal run until he was stopped by a familiar warm voice.

"Gaara? Where are you going?" It was a tired voice.

He turned thinking it was Temari but his eyes gave a surprised look when he saw it was, "Hotaru?" He said weak and stood there in complete shock.

She was exactly how he remembered her if she were in her sleeping clothes. Baggy gray shirt and messy wild hair flowing in the air.

He held out his arms to her but drooped them down remembering it was all just another dream.

She looked hurt and was about to take a step closer when a huge sand hole opened beneath her and pulled her foot down. She screamed.

Gaara even jumped to try to catch her hand but as always, in all his dreams, he only touches the tips and she is swallowed up into darkness.

He gasped awake and his eyes quickly dimmed to catch up with the darkness.

"Gaara?" It was Temari and she was still awake, "Gaara? Are you ok?" She clicked on a nearby lamp.

Gaara felt a small guilt and knew she was getting ready to go to bed. He shook his head and a painful thought of Hotaru made him jump to his feet. With a quick grab for his shirt he headed out the door.

A sudden tug made him jerk back to where he was.

Temari gave a worried look, "Gaara please don't go… You're already sick.. And-"

He looked away and shrugged about to say something but nothing came out. Depressed now again for not saying anything to his own sister he let go of the shirt and grabbed a gray one nearby.

After about an hour of running half jogging he came to a stop to catch his breath and placed his hand on his knees.

He didn't bother to put on the gray shirt and instead had it around his neck. He was gazing down at the ground, watching drops of sweat fall down from his bloody hair when something caught his eye.

With a small side turn with his head he noticed a dark blue light glimmering in a nearby forest. Hey that's… Without even realizing himself he started running toward it until he was jumping over bushes and trees.

About 5 minutes later he abruptly stopped trying to figure out what he was doing. I don't even know where I'm going. He leaned back with his muscularly skinny body when he heard a soft voice. Huh?

"I'll take your love.. I'll take your hate.. I'll take your desire… I'll take the world when it turns on you. I'll bring you to life."

Gaara was still breathing hard but unknowingly started following the voice, A male obviously but… who.. He slowed down when he heard a waterfall. It was weird since the singing was still loud and soothing. Waterfall…? Huh? He pushed past the last huge leaves so he could see who the mysterious person was and stepped onto wet cool, grass. Slick from the harsh waterfall and moist from damp.

The guy who was singing had finally stopped and raised his eyes at Gaara. "Gaara." As if he were expecting him.

At first Gaara didn't know who this person was but then it hit him.

Remember in the very very first chapters when he met Hotaru? Remember that guy who came out of nowhere and touched her shoulder? Then on the last ones chapters he even said something to Ezekiel? Then followed Gaara and was hiding? (Something like that.)

Anyway Gaara remembered that very presence and narrowed his eyes, "Rameses.."

Don't worry things will be explained later but for now you just wonder what the hell is happening. If you have any questions just ask me and I'll explain in the story. So yeah. Review!