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"What?" Gaara turned a bit irritated at the tone the voice was giving him.

Temari stood at the doorway, her eyes narrowed and she fanned herself from the heat in the room, "You're going to end up giving yourself heat stroke."

Gaara looked at her annoyed by her nonsense warning then his dimmed eyes lingered back out the window.

He could see heat rise off the ground under the sunlight. His back had now drops of sweat rolling down his shoulder blades.

He sighed.

"Answer my question."

"Did you ask me anything?" He had spaced out too long. Oops..

Temari frowned, she sat next to him hand touching his knee, "Look.. I.. Well.."

Gaara looked at her, wondering why she was stuttering all of a sudden. She had blushed from not getting her words straight. "Why are you acting so weird?"

Tamari's eyes sympathized, "I-.. don't know what pain you're going through right now... Um.."

"So I want to know." She had said this quickly, she even closed her eyes getting ready for the rejection but..

"..Ok.." Gaara simply said and looked back out the window. He smiled softly. "But.. I'm not going through any pain right now.."

Temari gazed at him oddly. Gaara.. now seemed relaxed. I..I don't get it..

As if reading her mind Gaara continued, "Its.. strange I know but.. I'm ok.. I'm better than I've been since I was ...I guess born.." Gaara paused.

Was that really true? The first time Hotaru supposedly had died.. He wept so hard it seemed unreal. Not to mention the worst depression in the world. This time though.. he didn't even shed a drop.

Seeing his troubled look Temari pat his back, "I.. I understand.." She smirked, "at least I think I do.. I might not have been.. as bad.. but.. either way the feelings are the same.. Someone dies.. it feels like the world has been taken away from you.. Like.. you don't even want to breath anymore.." Her hand gently stroked his hair, "I lost someone I loved.."

Gaara glanced at her, he was a bit surprised.

She chuckled, "Ezekiel.."

Anger then sadness fought in his body. He looked at her in shock, "What?" He was so deep into his drama he payed no attention to that love. He raised an invisible eyebrow, "Really?.."

Temari laughed, "Why is that so surprising?"

"He looks like a girl."
"Gaara!" Temari took her hand off him, "He does not! And get out of this room! It's like the sun is in here!" She flicked her hand, sweat flying, "It was like washing my hands on a hairless raccoon."

"Hey.." Gaara tapped her forehead, "Not funny."

Temari stood up, patting him on the head, "Look lil' bro just smile more.. It'll probably help ok."

Gaara shook his head, "Get out." He smirked and as she left out the room he had opened the window.

Wind gushed in and his sweats fluttered as he jumped out and down to the ground. Where he was going? He had no clue but.. He smiled to himself, hands in pockets. I ...wanna go ..somewhere..

Breathing grew hoarse through the darkness. In a struggle to the breath she grabbed nothing and clung to nothing. "Ha...Ha.." This was not laughing but only a breathe out... she was struggling to breath.. to breath in..

I.. I want to live!


Her buckled hands again attempted to grab something.. anything and..

"Got ya!" A deep voice broke the silence in her ears. She clung heavily to the wet cloth that offered help and the figure pulled her up.

She suddenly opened her eyes, "Huu." Her stomach caved in and the man was almost to his knees from the woman's strength.

"Woh now!" Her blotted hair fell to the wooden floor. He gently moved strings of hair that stuck to her face, "Breath carefully now.. That's it.. There ya go.. Good.."

"Is she ok?" Another man, slightly younger, had brought towels from the cabin boat. "She looks frozen."

"I know.." The man narrowed his eyes to a worried look, "Can you talk?" He said softly to the woman. Her eyes had widened and as if he saw a flicker of white eyes they were now a heavy brown-gray. "Can-"
Before he could say anything she had slammed her hand to his face, she got up and ran to the edge of the boat, nearly falling off from her speed, "Where am I?"

The man who was holding a towel was looking at her in shock, "You're-uhh.. Chief?"

She glanced back angrily from no answer, she was quick to grab his shoulder and now glared into his eyes, "Where. Am. I?"


"Lady we just found you from catching fish, " The old man had stood up slowly, rubbing the side of his face, "You should be grateful we caught you in our net cause that water is-"
She turned, glancing around like something familiar hit her... she smiled, "I.. I can see.. and.." She suddenly frowned. Memories hit her. "Oh.."

In a run she grabbed the towel the man was holding, wrapped it around her and did a running start to-

A splash got him in the face. He shivered, "Shit..Damn woman."

After coming to shore after about nonstop swimming she got out from the side, which was now river and not ocean, she started running until where snowflakes started to fall softly.

Her eyelashes started freezing over. She parted her lips and stopped when she reached her destination. "Oh.." Her eyes quivered from seeing her brother like this. "Oh..no.." She shook her head in disbelief, even walking forward and touching the icy shaped knife. "..E..Ezekiel..."


Gaara turned. "Aw crap." He muttered seeing none other than Naruto. (Along with friends.)

"G-Gaara-kun.." Hinata blinked up at him, smiling and blushing.

He nodded, then at Sasuke who only did a slight wave. Sakura also smiled. "Hey Gaara."


"What Naruto? I'm right next to you."

"You didn't say hi to me." Naruto dramatically clung to his bare shoulder, "And I see you couldn't find a shirt today either."
Gaara placed a hand on his head and simply dropped him to the floor.

Since no one cared they all looked at Gaara curiously wondering what he was doing outside.
"Where you heading?" Sasuke asked, placing his foot on top of Naruto's head so he wouldn't get up.

"Yeah.. It's so hot out we were going to the river."

Hinata blushed, "You.. should join us Gaara... We came over here to see you anyway.."

Gaara looked blank for awhile then sighed to himself, "Your faces are so easy to read.. Look.. I'm fine.. I'm eating right and my behavior is accurate."

"Accurate?" As Naruto finally got out of Sasuke's death foot, he left an eye open to look at Gaara, "Since when did you start using big words?"

Both Gaara and Sasuke hit him right on the top of the head leaving two lumps. He fell to the floor again.

"Are you sure? Last time-"

Sasuke interrupted, "That doesn't mean we still don't want you to come." He shot a look at Sakura who looked away. Hinata blushed when Naruto grabbed her leg and she even tried wiggling him off.

Sasuke smashed his foot on him again, continuing, "Not that I care but are you coming or not?"

"Sasuke.." Hinata mumbled, she bowed her head at Gaara, "Naruto and I care... um.. if that matters.."
Sakura raised her hand, "Hey just more to the crowd to help beat up Naruto. I say you come."

"Oh why? Oh why is the world so cruel?" Naruto rolled on his back then turned over again wiggling his butt in the air.

Gaara sighed, Oh how could I say no? He thought sarcastically.

"...Huff...Huff.." She held her place, hands at knees and eyes closed to gather energy.

It had taken her some time and lots of energy to get the thing out of Ezekiel. He lay on the floor with a huge hole in the middle of stomach.

"It.. It doesn't mean you're dead though right?" She breathed out heavily, plopping on her knees and looking at him, "I-If I'm still here... and you're still here... That means its done right?" She stared down at his pale face. "W-Why won't you answer?!" It was obvious he had to heal if alive but she needed to hear someone's voice right now... Not necessarily his but more of.. "G..Gaara.."

"Hm?" Gaara raised his eyebrow. He thought he heard.. Nah..

Splashes kept him alert from getting wet.

"Watch it!" Sakura yelled at Naruto who was playing around with Hinata. She kicked grass at him, "Don't make me make another hole on your body!"

Naruto stuck his tongue out, "No fun!!"

Gaara stood, he casually looked around.

"Gaara." Sasuke was sitting, Sakura was sitting pretty much sitting on his lap so he couldn't get up, "Did you hear that too?"

Gaara looked at bit surprised but shrugged, "I'm thirsty." He answered with none at all emotion. Before he could go, two men caught his eye.

"Hey kids!"

Naruto rose, fit body perfectly arched over Hinata's head. He didn't notice this was making her blush and stayed there, "Who are they?"

Sasuke stood, just in case they were trouble.

"Woh Woh there. We don't mean any ya harm. We were just wondering if you saw a girl run through here?"

Everyone looked at each other. Gaara being the only one to hear the voice again.

"I miss you."

Sasuke shook his head, "We didn't."

"Did she steal something?" Naruto got out the water, also helping Hinata up.

"Nah. We just worried about her. When we was fishing we caught her in the net. Dead and frozen like snow but when I reached to grab the pale gal it was like my touch awaked her. She slapped me afterward when she opened her eyes and grabbed my crew's towel and jumped off the boat."

The man next to the old man nodded, "She was odd. Had-

"Oh her eyes were all weird.. well at least it seemed like it cause it looked like white eyes but before I got hit, it was a regular color like gray-brown-"

Gaara tensed, "What did she look like?"

The man looked at Gaara, as if recognizing him then shook a shiver of fear off, "U-Um.. Silverish hair.. about yay tall." He rose his hand, "and.. lips as pouty as fish-.. hey where is he going?"

Gaara had never run so fast in his life. In a blink of an eye he was at the place where the last battle took... Where... he last kissed Hotaru ...held her.. "Hotaru!"

He didn't even know where he was going. It was like a faze when he was running through the forest.

His feet shivered under the fresh snow that was falling down. One minute it was hot as hell now it was freezing as hell. He walked forward, hand where Ezekiel had 'died.'

He was gone.. His body was.. even the ice had melted down like nothing happened.. "Impossible.." Gaara muttered and looked back.

The ice would've still been there at least... But.. there was just rock.

"Gaara?" A familiar voice got Gaara to stay even quieter.

Naruto and the gang had followed him. "Gaaaaaraaa!" Naruto called again.

As he stood quiet he began to think, before long he was alone again, all he could hear was a cold wind and..


He turned looking at the top of the rock, "Hello?" His breath was visible. "Who's up there?"

More crunching and rustles.

He narrowed his eyes, "I can-"
Arms suddenly had wrapped around him. He whirled around, grabbing the hands that clung to his shoulders. He pulled whoever it was to the front so he could see and

His eyes drooped.. his voice turned to utter shock. "Uh.."
"You.. came.." Her eyes widened in joy, "I called you and you came!" She squeezed him tight, "Gaara!"

"Ho..Hotaru?" He held on to her, fingers going through her hair to make sure she was real, "H-How?.. I mean.. so .. suddenly and.. Hotaru?"

"I don't know!"

(Honestly not even I know...)

"It... It was like coming out of the darkness and.." Her eyes watered. "I don't know.."

Gaara gulped softly to himself, afraid if seeing her.. looking her straight in the eyes was not going to be real. Slowly let go of her, hands on shoulders and looked at her.

"Gaara.." She mumbled, then lowered her face and more tears trembled down. Her shoulders shook and Gaara grasped her in his arms again.

This time he circled, lifting her off the ground and ended up backing into a tree. Their lips touched.

Temari finished the last of the dishes, she narrowed her eyes when hearing creaks outside. "Kankuro if that's you and your dumb doll then stop playing cause it's getting old!!"

Silence answered her and she growled angrily, "KANKURO!"

"Silence my lady.."

She gasped, bringing the dish she was holding to hit him but his limb hands grabbed her wrist. "E-Ezekiel!"

His light eyes smiled, hair falling into place, he hovered over her closely, noses touching, "I found you fast."

She dropped the dish. Tears merged out, "Uh.. I.."

"Yes?" He smiled out, she was too shocked to actually say a word so he just chuckled and kissed her cheek then mouth. He touched her lips with his finger, "I would be at loss for words too if I saw me."

Temari closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around him too only hitting him hard on the back, "Shut up you bastard!"

Before Gaara could get any further Hotaru had pushed him back breathlessly, "You're freezing cold Gaara."

He grunted and hungrily kissed her.

She laughed, "Gaara."

"HOTARU!" Hotaru pushed Gaara away hard now, catching Hinata and Sakura in her arms, "OH MY GOD YOU'RE ALIVE!"

Sasuke gave a surprised look while Naruto ran to join in the fun.

"WOO! Foursome!"

"Naruto!... ew!" She chopped him on the top of his head gently, "Wow you got taller!"

"Duh!" Naruto placed a hand on her head, "Guys are suppose to be taller," He pulled Hinata to his side, ruffling her hair.

Sasuke looked at Gaara.

Gaara nodded, oking him to know she was real and not an illusion or a trick. He breathed out a short chuckle as Gaara did, "Unbelievable."

"Sasuke you prick come give me a hug!"

As Sasuke and everyone got their wits together, they had started talking while walking to Gaara's new house.

Before Gaara entered he grabbed Hotaru by the arm, "Hey."

She smiled at his impatient tone.

"How are you just going to barge back into my life like that? How are you just going to.. to act like nothing happened and-"

Hotaru caught his lips, giggling, "I just can.." Her eyes twinlkled, "What are you going to do about it?"

"Gaara!" Gaara could hear the happiness in his sister's voice, "Ezekiel is here too!!"

Gaara looked down at Hotaru, pulling her into another hug, he sighed happily himself, "Well.. what can I say?"

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