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Creatures of the Night

The moon beamed brightly as it illuminated the darkness that nightfall had created. Many denizens of the city were home in their beds, sleeping, blissfully unaware that a few stray individuals had yet to sleep. One of these individuals went by the name of Eripmav (E-rip-mav). At the moment this young man was high above the rooftops of the city, content with the solitude he was feeling. A slight breeze wisped by, blowing on his short jet-black hair. A smile formed on his face, revealing two teeth that poked from within his mouth, giving him an almost animalistic quality. His smooth, pale skin only complemented his dark hair along with his eyes, which were a deep blood red, a rarity among most individuals. As his gaze moved lower, to view the quiet street of the city he noticed that someone appeared to be getting mugged. His calm eyes instantly narrowed and without further delay he leapt from the top of the building, wall jumping from the sides of two building in order to quickly get down to the attempted robbery.

"Alright, just give me the money and I won't hurt you." Ordered a man in black, the knife he was holding glistening in the moonlight

The woman simple nodded her head as she watched the deadly weapon sparkle and quickly gave the man the purse. With his objective in hand the man ran off, leaving the woman in fear. But just as he turned the corner and out of the sight of the woman the woman could hear the man stop abruptly as if someone stood in his way.

"Move punk before I rip you a new one." the woman heard the mugger say

"You should not steal from other people. It is against the law and it is degrading." the woman heard a different voice say

"And what of it? You gonna stop me?" the mugger asked

"If I must. But make it easier on yourself and just return the purse you stole." the other voice said

"You must be joking. Now get or I'll open you up like a tin can." The mugger told him

"Now you must be the one who is joking." The other voice quipped

"Alright kid, I warned ya." the mugger said "Get ready to--" But the mugger never finished his sentence

The woman swore she heard something hard connect with the mugger but couldn't be sure. Then she heard a body fall before everything went quiet. Soon enough however footsteps could be heard and someone else walked into the alley. Like the mugger he was dressed in black, but it looked more like a body suit/formal wear than anything a normal mugger would wear. Whoever it was looked as if they were going to a banquet or something. The young man walked up to the woman, purse in hand, a small smile portrayed on his lips and the woman could see the predator like teeth the kid possessed.

"I believe this is yours madam." The boy said, handing the woman her purse

Gratefully the woman took hold of it and feverishly thanked the young man for his assistance.

"It is no problem madam. I was simple in the neighborhood and decided to help. Thanks are not necessary." the told her

But the woman would not be so easily satisfied. She looked down to dig into her purse to repay the young man for his kindness but when she looked up...he was gone, just like that!

"I do wish that some people did not have to resort to crime." The boy said, back on the rooftops, jumping from one to the other

While he sailed from rooftop to rooftop he once again noticed something, this time on the city streets. It seemed like someone on a very demonic looking motorcycle was yelling and destroying things! And from the looks of it, whoever it was took pleasure from it!

"Mindless destruction! What sort of animal would take amusement from that!" Eripmav wondered

"Did ya miss me city! Johnny Rancid is back and better than ever!" yelled the egotistic biker

Though the city did not miss the crazed racer Johnny was right in the fact that he was back and better than ever. His bike had gone under a complete transformation and looked more like a two-wheeled tank rather than a bike. Guess he decided to put in the kitchen sink this time around when he built it. And as Eripmav had stated before, he (Johnny) was taking great pleasure from destroying anything his monstrous bike could. People fled in fear as car were blown to pieces and debris from the street was thrown in the air, pelting them like rain!

"The fiend! He has no regard for the innocent! He must be stopped before someone is hurt!" yelled Eripmav

Studying Johnny's pattern of travel, Eripmav determined that he would be able to cut off Johnny at Upper and Third. Racing across the rooftops Eripmav tailed his quarry, increasingly growing angry that this arrogant man would do such a thing to people just for the enjoyment. Eripmav swore that he would stop this man. At Upper and Third Eripmav was now in front of Johnny Rancid and he (Eripmav) decided that he would strike.

"It is now or never." Eripmav said aloud, jumping from the building toward Johnny

"Ah, ha, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha, ha!" laughed Johnny "Ah, ha, ha, ha...huh?" he questioned as he saw someone falling toward him

Eripmav landed on Johnny's bike and nearly caused the insane cyclist to crash.

"Are you crazy kid!" Johnny yelled as he tried to shake off the seemingly crazy individual

Eripmav didn't reply, he simpled narrowed his eyes on Johnny, flashing a two-fanged grin at the mad motorcyclist.

"Johnny's going down Upper and Third, we should be able to cut him off at the next intersection." came the voice of the leader of the Titans

As per Robin's statement the Titans soon did catch up with Johnny Rancid...well...his bike anyway.

"What the?" Robin wondered as he hopped off his R-Cycle

The reason for Robin's bewilderment was the fact that Johnny's bike seemed to be parked right outside the police station but Johnny was nowhere in sight. Now Johnny was not the sharpest knife in the cupboard but not even Johnny was stupid enough to park his bike right outside a police station and from the looks of it, go inside! Something was up. Robin was ready to investigate, being that he arrived to the location first, but before he could a strange person walked out of the police station, a couple of dollar bills in his hand. Immediately Robin chalked up whoever it was as a bounty hunter and it seemed the bounty hunter was successful.

"If you don't mind me asking? Did you happen to catch Johnny?" Robin asked the boy, who was only slightly taller than himself

"You mean that fool on that bike?" Eripmav asked, "Yes. I did catch him and stopped him from causing mayhem." he replied

"So I was right. You're a bounty hunter?" Robin replied

"Yes. Though I really catch criminals for the duty. The money is just a bonus." Eripmav replied

"Not too many bounty hunters would say that." Robin quipped

"I'm not 'too many bounty hunters'." Eripmav replied

That little reply granted the bounty hunter a smirk from the Titan's leader. Then, at that moment, the other Titans made their way over to Robin, minus BeastBoy.

"Yo Rob, where's Johnny? And who's this kid?" Cyborg asked

"Yes...who is he?" Starfire asked, slowly being mesmerized by Eripmav's looks

"He's a bounty hunter and he caught Johnny. Didn't catch his name though." Robin replied

Robin was about to ask but Eripmav was walked pass him, heading for the dark Titan known as Raven. Taking her hand he brought it to his lips and lightly kissed it in the most polite fashion that he could muster.

"My name is Eripmav madam. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He told her

Raven tried her best to cover up the redness that dared to cross her face and replied with a simple gesture.


Eripmav smiled.

"Dudes!" yelled a voice

Turning, the Titans watched at BeastBoy finally caught up, heaving and hoeing do to his excessive flight.

"BeastBoy is here!" he cheered, but seeing Johnny's bike parked outside the police station he cleverly deduced that Johnny must have been caught, "Aw maaaaaaan! I missed it?" he pouted

"Sorry B, but bounty hunter boy over here caught him before any of us." Cyborg told his friend


That was when BeastBoy got a good look at Eripmav. Almost instantly the two boy's eye's met and almost instantly the boy's glared at one another. There was something about this guy that BeastBoy just didn't like. But he wasn't sure. Eripmav shared similar feelings. Something about the green young man just seemed to make Eripmav's blood boil. It was a similar feeling that Eripmav was accustomed to but from the looks of it BeastBoy didn't seem like a bad person. But you should never judge a book by its cover...that was Eripmav's motto.

"My name is Eripmav...and yours?" he asked, masking his true feelings behind a wall of innocent

"BeastBoy." BeastBoy replied, masking himself as well " caught Johnny?" BeastBoy asked

"Yes, I did. And as your friend stated, before you." Eripmav replied, grinning slightly

BeastBoy didn't miss it and instantly countered.

"Well the guy was on a fast bike and I'm the only one who has to actually run!" BeastBoy exclaimed

"That didn't seem to stop Eripmav." came Raven "From the looks of it he does not look as if he can fly." she replied

BeastBoy looked away, embarrassed somewhat.

"Madam is correct. I cannot fly." he told them, but kept his gaze on BeastBoy

"How did you catch him?" Robin asked

Pointing to the top of a nearby building he explained.

"I leapt from that building after I intercepted him and Upper and Third. When I landed on that sickening excuse for a motorcycle it was quite easy cutting the ignition and taking out the oaf." Eripmav replied

The Titans stared at him as if he had grown a second head. Not too many people could jump from seven stories and land on a fast moving bike. The Titans deduced that he was not a normal person.

"Well, yah either go super-cool gadgets or your one hell of a fit person!" Cyborg replied with a chuckle

"I am the latter." he replied

"Well I guess that since Johnny is taken care of we can head back to the tower." Robin suggested

"Well then, I hope I shall be seeing you all at another time." replied Eripmav, walking pass them

But as he walked pass them Eripmav's ruby-red eyes made contact with BeastBoy's emerald-green eyes and both sets of eyes narrowed on one another. It only lasted for about a second but to the two boys it seemed to take an eternity. After passing him Eripmav continued on his way, but he could feel BeastBoy's eyes burning into his back, furthering he dislike he had for the changeling. But, he still had that smirk on his face and BeastBoy could feel it, mocking him from afar.

Interesting Facts

This is the part of the story that I tell you some "Interesting Facts" that just happen to come to me. In a way they relate to the story but I'm not telling you how.

Interesting Fact #1: Did you know that the only mammal that can fly are bats? Flying squirrels don't really fly but glide.

Interesting Fact #2: Did you know that a Brown Bat is the biggest of all bats yet it only eats small insects like moths? They (like most bats) don't even like humans all that much and try their best to stay away from them.

Interesting Fact #3: Did you know that a Vampire bat cannot go no more than two days without feeding or it could die from starvation.

And that concludes "Interesting Facts". Please continue with the story

Walking the streets of the city during the day was just as fun as it as running across the rooftops at night. Though, he could have gone without all the noise, it was still good to see people going about their day, not a care in the world. It showed that they lived in relative peace. Sure, there were a few people who were yelling and throwing fits but in general the people of the city were very good-natured. This was something that Eripmav enjoyed. He basically liked anyone he came across with and every once in awhile wave hello to a person. Some would return his gesture but others might not, being too busy to care. But that didn't deter the young boy as he continued walking the streets. That was until he noticed a familiar little someone walk into a bookstore.

"Is that...couldn't be." he thought

But just to be sure he walked into the bookstore and to his surprise he saw none other than Raven of the Titans. From the window he could see that she was walking down the isles of the bookstore, engrossed in what seemed to be her selection process. Raven would look at each book that she was interested in, open it to the first chapter and skim through it. If it seemed like she like the book she would put it under her shoulder and move on.

"So, she likes to read?" Eripmav wondered

Eripmav was no stranger to books and he himself enjoyed reading a good book from time to time.

"Maybe I can use this to my advantage." he thought

Ever since he had first seen Raven he had deduced there was something different about her. Sure, there was something different about the entire group of Titans, but she had a different something different. She was dark, and she had darkness within her, but she was very kind. Eripmav was good at reading a person's emotions and even though Raven was good at hiding them he could tell that she was impressed with his capture of Johnny Rancid. He wanted to know more about her and the best way how was to talk to her personally.

"Well, here goes nothing." he thought, walking into the bookstore.

Inside, he didn't immediately walk towards Raven but instead he made it seem like he was looking for a book himself. Secretly however he was inching closer and closer to Raven's location and because the empathic girl was so engrossed in book searching she never saw or sensed him coming.

"Perfect." he thought

It was not until boy parties reached for the same book where their hands touched did Raven even realize he was there.

"Sorry" she questioned, looking at the boy

"Yes madam. It is I." he replied, once again taking her hand and kissing it ever so lightly

Once again Raven blushed but it was hard to see with her hood up.

"There is no need to be so polite...not that I'm complaining." she told him

"Where I come from it is gentlemanly to act polite in the presence of a lady." he told her, watching as a small smile graced her face

In his mind he chalked up a score for that.

"So it would seem that you are interested in fiction, "Everything That Rises Must Converge" Interesting selection." she replied

"Well I have read a couple of O'Conner's works and I thought that I should try this one as well." he replied

"Did not even look at the book. I see that you must be a fan of her works." Raven said

"Actually yes. But I like to read a wide variety of fiction." he told her

"I see."

"But it seems that you wish to purchase this book so I will let you." he replied

"No, no. It's okay." She told him

"No, please. I would be honored. You take it." He told her

"...thank you..." he replied sheepishly

The scoreboard in his head went up another point.

"Score!" he thought proudly

After her final selection was complete Raven thought about leaving but she was interested in this strange guy. Maybe it was the eyes or maybe it was the way he treated her but Raven found herself drawn to him.

"This is a very nice city. Much nicer than some of the cities I have been to before." he said absentmindedly

"Guess you travel around a lot...due to your profession I suppose." She responded

"Yes, but I usually try to stay in nice cities as much as I can and I see that this is one of those cities. Hopefully I will have a chance to do a little sight-seeing before I leave. I'd really like to know more about this place." he told her

"I could help you with that." Raven replied

"Oh, so you will show me around?" he asked

"No, but we could tell you about the city...over tea?" she asked

"I would be delighted madam." he replied

"Please, just call me Raven. Madam seems too formal." she asked him

"If that is what you wish. Please lead the way, Raven."

As per instructed, Raven did lead the way, to her favorite cafe, for tea. The gloomy area didn't seem to faze Eripmav in the least. He seemed indifferent to the darkness. Raven was slightly surprised. She wasn't expecting him to take to the place like he did. Finding a private booth the pair order a small cup of tea and waited until their orders came.

"I have heard of the Titans but I have never actually seen a picture of them. I am glad that I was able to meet you." He told her

"Like wise." she replied, then her tone changed slightly "But I must seemed to...dislike one of my friends." she told him

"Dislike...I do not know what you mean Raven?" he questioned, though he knew exactly what she meant

"Please don't lie for my sake. I have a sixth sense for this, literally." she told him "So...why?" she asked

"Well there is no point in lying." he thought

Eripmav seemed to be in deep thought at how he was going to reply to her statement. Finally however, he responded.

"It is not like a true dislike you friend. There is just...something about him, I don't like." he replied "I do not want to seem is just what I feel." he told her

"This wouldn't happen to be because he is green?" she asked

" That is certainly not the reason. It is something else. But it is probably nothing. Maybe it was that predatory look or something. People usually look at me funny for the same reason. Reminds you of an animal ready to strike." He told her

"I don't think that at all. I think it makes you look...distinguished." she replied, though the word 'distinguished' was not her first choice

"Thank you. I suppose you think that of your friend as well?" he asked

"BeastBoy? You do not know him. I wouldn't say distinguished. He has something, just not distinguished. More like mental." she joked

Eripmav chuckled slightly, though it might have been more because he saw BeastBoy as mental rather than the joke itself.

"Look, on a serious note, I would like to deeply apologize if I have offended you in anyway. I did not mean any disrespect toward you or your friend." he replied

"Don't worry about it. BeastBoy is known to aggravate me on a daily basis so it's not a big thing. Just wanted to know why was all." She explained

"Well thank you Raven. I am glad you accepted by most heartfelt apology."

"Don't mention it."

At that moment their orders arrived and the two partook in the consumption of tea while they continued with their discussion. Much later that day a certain female walked into the doors of Titans Tower, an armload of books in hand and a small smile on her face. But much to her dismay the first person to greet her when she came in was none other than BeastBoy.

"Hey Raven!" he called cheerfully

"Hello BeastBoy." she replied monotonously

"Where you been?" he asked

"Bookstore." she replied

"Oh...find any nice books?" he asked

"Why do you want to know? Going to booby-trap them or something?" she questioned, slightly glaring at him

"I said I was sorry about the whole exploding flour trick." he told her "Just want to know that's all." he replied "But you got to admit, it was pretty funny." he chuckled

"Hilarious. Now move." she ordered and he obeyed

She tried to make it to her room but BeastBoy was right behind her. He usually was.

" couldn't have taken you this long to get back from just he bookstore. When you usually go you come back pretty quick." He surmised, "What else you do?" he asked

"None of your business." she replied

"You should know me by now Raven. Half the stuff I ask you about is none of my business but I eventually find out anyway." he told her

"Yes, you have a rather annoying habit of that." she replied

"Thanks...I think." he murmured, "So come on Raven. What you do? Did ya go to that creepy cafe of yours or something?" he asked

"Actually, you are correct. I did go and I had tea, with Eripmav." she replied

BeastBoy instantly tensed up when he heard that name.

"Him?" he asked in a slightly dark tone

"Yes, him? Is that a problem?" she asked, though she couldn't care less what he thought

", just something about him..." he trailed off

For a second Raven stopped to think about that and remembered that Eripmav had said the same thing. When she made it to her door she wondered if BeastBoy was onto something. Eripmav was a bounty hunter but he was rather gentlemanly for any bounty hunter she ever met. He did have something about him that was very mysterious though. But she quickly dismissed it. So what if BeastBoy didn't like someone? That was his problem, not hers.

"Whatever." she replied with an indifferent tone, and with that entered her room

Before BeastBoy could get another word in the door was closed in his face and he was left in the hallway, half disappointed and half vexed. He didn't like this Eripmav character and the fact that Raven seemed to be the opposite of that worried him.

"Just something about him." thought the green changeling

"Just something about him." thought the bounty hunter

It was not as if Eripmav didn't like the green changeling but, there was just something hidden beneath that green exterior that he did not like. He decided that he should learn more about him. By asking around the city he found out that BeastBoy could transform into a variety of different animals, extinct or otherwise.

"Maybe it is just he presence of so many animals within one person that has me on edge." he thought "I've never really had any luck around animals." he thought

He tried to use that as the answer but there was still something bugging him about the boy. He just couldn't put his finger on it. But Eripmav did not want to dislike someone without really getting to know him or her. Maybe he could ask Raven more about him the next time they met.

Interesting Facts

Get ready for another installment of "Interesting Facts!" (Like the bolding and exclamation point. Thought it would give the phrase emphasis). Another group of facts that relate to the story are on their way. See if you can guess how.

Interesting Fact #4: Vampire bats release a special chemical from the back of their throats during a feeding. This chemical keeps the host from creating platelets so the bat can gorge itself on blood as much as it is able.

Interesting Fact #5: Once a vampire bat has found a suitable host (a cow for example) they will continue to feed on the same animal for weeks at a time as long as the animal stays in the same general area.

Interesting Fact #6: Vampire bats dislike the taste of human blood and rarely feed on humans. The irrational fear of bats that some people have is due to their nocturnal nature (and some cheesy movies).

That is it for another batch of "INTERESTING FACTS!" (Crowd cheers in background). Now on with the story!

Children were happily playing in the playground of Hytogi Elementary during recess. Children were swinging on swings and sliding down slides and spinning around without a care in the world. One of the kids in particular happened to notice a teddy bear lying on the ground. It was rather cute and had a big heart in the middle of it and a happy expression on its face.

"Hey, did somebody drop this?" the child asked

He probably would have kept it for himself or give it to Nancy Drew who he had a crush on. She should like it; it had a nice smile. But he blinked and the smile changed quickly. Now it had a snide look on its face, almost grinning wickedly at the child.


Before the child could further speculate the strange occurrence the teddy bear began to morph into a hose like object and an incredible suction took hold of the child.


But before the child was sucked in a strange black blur saved him.

"Are you okay?" Asked the boy's rescuer

The boy looked up to see the dark-haired, red-eyed Eripmav holding him. The boy nodded his head in acknowledgement and Eripmav grinned.

"Good. Now run along now." He told the child, setting him down the on the ground

"Thanks Mister." the boy said before running into the school with the other panic stricken children

With the child out of the way, Eripmav could now focus entirely on the giant heart that was floating nearby.

"I believe you go by the name of Cardiac, am I right?" he asked

Cardiac said nothing, instead it lashed out with one of its tendrils and tried to smash Eripmav. Eripmav easily dodged the attack by simple moving to the left.

"Well I see that the reports are accurate. You do not act rationally. I suppose asking you to give up is out of the question?"

Another attack by Cardiac answered that question.

"Well then, let us do battle."

But Cardiac was not interested in the young man; he wanted the little children. Rushing pass Eripmav the creature made his way toward the child who were currently hiding in the school.

"Foul beast! Fight me!" Eripmav yelled, chasing after Cardiac

But he didn't make it in time. Cardiac busted through the doors of the school on his hunt for children and found a big group of them hiding in one of the classrooms. Using its powerful suction it sucked the door clean off its hinges and a tendril snaked its way into the classroom, slowly moving towards its prey. But before Cardiac could inhale one of the children it felt a tug from one of its other tendrils.

"You will not have these children beast!" yelled Eripmav as he held back the monster

Eripmav was surprisingly strong but Cardiac was stronger. With a flick of its tendril it popped Eripmav into the ceiling where he peeled off it like a piece of tape! With his face now in the floor, Eripmav was temporarily stunned and could not stop Cardiac from resuming the hunt. Fortunately for the children a barrage of electro disks changed that.

"Get ready to experience a heart attack Cardiac. Titans Go!" barked Robin

"Need some help dude?" asked a certain changeling with a smug smile on his face

"Not from you, dude." replied Eripmav, pulling himself from the floor "Now stay there and watch how a real hero takes care of things." Eripmav told him, racing off to deal with Cardiac

Not to be out done BeastBoy (with a scowl on his face) raced after him.

"Stupid...giant...floating...heart." mumbled Cyborg as he tried to pull Cardiac away from the children

Unlike Eripmav, Cyborg was far stronger but Cardiac was still stronger than him. He threw the mechanical Titan into the classroom itself, smashing him into the teacher's desk. The others couldn't do much to help; two other tendrils keep Starfire, Robin, and Raven at bay. That, and they couldn't risk attacking long range should they accidentally hit one of the children. Luckily for them two individuals made an appearance. Eripmav dodged a series of tendril strikes and attacked with a devastating drop kick while BeastBoy, running on one of the tendril as a squirrel. When he got close he morphed into a panther and shoulder charged the giant evil organ. When the two attacks connected the force sent Cardiac across the room and out of the window. Both the green changeling and the bounty hunter quickly made haste and followed after the dangerous body part. The other Titans were about to follow but because of the destruction that took place in the classroom the ceiling started to cave it. But seeing this Starfire and Cyborg quickly took hold of the walls and the ceiling to try and keep it from caving in on them.

"Raven, go help BeastBoy and Eripmav while we help these kids, they're going to need you!" Robin ordered, while he helped the children navigate themselves out of the collapsing room

Raven nodded and was out of what remained of the window to join BeastBoy and Eripmav in battle. Both boys in question were battling it out with Cardiac in the nearby parking lot that became an innocent victim to their destruction

"Maybe they won't." quipped Raven as she watched in awe as BeastBoy and Eripmav battle the giant heart.

Eripmav moved with such fluid grace that it was almost as if Cardiac moved in slow motion, unable to land a successful hit on the flexible bounty hunter. Meanwhile BeastBoy was morphing between so many animals so quickly that Raven couldn't even see the lapse time of different transformations. BeastBoy seemed to instantly morph from one animal to the next, no matter its size or shape. Apart the two were powerful, but together...they were a force to be reckoned with! It became apparent that Cardiac would not win this fight and in a fit of rage it sent one of its tendrils, lashing out at anything around. The tendril hit a car and shot it into the air, right towards Raven! She hadn't noticed, being that she was so caught up in watching BeastBoy and Eripmav battle, until it was to late.

"Raven, look out!" yelled BeastBoy but he didn't have time to morph into something to stop it

However, that was not need because Eripmav had already seen the tendril and got ahead of it (the car), pushing Raven out of the way before she was crushed. BeastBoy morphed into a small humming bird and took flight. When he was at an adequate height he morphed into a blue whale and let gravity do the rest. The heavy weight of the sea mammal crushed the giant heart and smashed it into the ground. The ground cracked under the weight of the blue whale and Cardiac but it was Cardiac who fell under the punishment. One loose tendril thrashed around for a few seconds, hoping that it could still do something productive but it finally lost life and went limp. Meanwhile Raven looked up to see her savior looking down at her, a small smile on his face.

"Are you alright?" he asked

"I'm fine." she replied, her face turning red

"Yo Rae, what happened? You alright?" asked Cyborg as he and the other Titans made their way over to the battle scene

"I was distracted and was nearly crushed but I'm fine, thanks to Eripmav." she replied, trying to hide the shame of being so easily distracted by two boys

"I am just glad you are not hurt Raven." he replied

There was brief moment of awkwardness between the two but it was quick diminished by another boy.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking by the way." came BeastBoy sarcastically as he pulled himself from the hole he made

"Finished him off yourself I see." quipped Eripmav

"Yeah, what of it?" BeastBoy asked

"Nothing...just did not think you could handle it without some help." Eripmav replied, glaring slightly

"Like I need..." but Robin cut him off

"Let's just be glad that Cardiac is out for the count." Robin replied, hoping that that would quell anything that might arise between the two

"Yes, that is truly what counts." Eripmav replied

"Yeah, I guess so." BeastBoy replied

That comment may have stopped the two boys from saying things they might regret but that didn't stop them from glaring at one another. And poor, poor Raven was caught in-between them, like person caught in the train tracks while two trains came fast, ready to collide with one another. Although, Raven proved to be more dangerous than these two trains and with a glare for the both of them she stopped their staring contest.

"Robin, maybe it would be a good idea to head back to the tower. Eripmav is the bounty hunter so it would be a good thing to let him talk to the police instead of us. Friends Eripmav and BeastBoy do not seem to want to be in each other's company. It would be in the best interest to separate them as soon as possible." suggested Starfire

"Good idea Star." Robin replied, "Well our work is done, can you handle the rest Eripmav?" Robin asked, after walking up to the bounty hunter

"Huh? Oh yes." he replied

"Good. Let's go home Titans." came Robin, and with that the Titans were on their way

On the ride back BeastBoy was unusually quiet in the back seat along side Raven and Starfire. Usually he was talking up a storm, trying his best to get a good laugh out of everyone in the T-Car. But today he was sulking, looking out the window with a vexed look on his face.

"Yo B, you alright man?" Cyborg asked while driving

"I'm fine dude." BeastBoy replied

"You don't sound fine." Cyborg countered

"I said I'm fine." he emphasized

"Okay B, whatever you say."

The rest of he ride back stayed rather quiet. BeastBoy did not like Eripmav that was pretty evident. Why? That was still a mystery. But that wouldn't stop Raven from putting an end to this silly pettiness. The next day, at Raven's favorite cafe, Raven asked Eripmav one simple question that would spark total chaos for the Titans.

"Eripmav, would you like to visit the tower?"

Well that's the first chapter ladies and gentlemen. Man, that was one long chapter but I completed it. Tell me what you think and if I should continue?