This, my friends if the final chapter to my story. I hope you've enjoyed its run. But don't think this is the end. Look to the future for more Teen Titan stories I have in the works. A hint at what I plan to create next: The Titans will be saving a few planets. Now enjoy the last chapter of "Creatures of the Night".

Everything was quiet. Far too quiet. There was no sound to be heard from anyone present, though their minds were racing a mile a minute. Opening her eyes Rehtom's gaze fell upon Eripmav, sprawled on the ground, eyes closed, body limp as a noodle. In his left shoulder was a large needle, the contents of which was empty, showing that Rehtom was successful with injecting the serum into her transformed boy. A small smile had spread across her face for this small victory. That was until a drop of blood hit the top of her left hand. She looked up in surprise to see the WereBeast above her, growling softly next to Drolrevo who had an unreadable expression upon her face. Her eyes widen in horror as she saw just why blood had begun to drip.

"Grrr…" growled Drolrevo, the WereBeast's large fangs digging into his flesh

From a doctor's standpoint it seemed as if the tendons in Drolrevo's arms had been severed, rendering his left arm useless for the moment. However, that was not the only attack that had been successful. Drolrevo's fist was driven into the gut of the WereBeast and Rehtom couldn't tell what damage had been done to the green creature. The WereBeast pulled itself from Drolrevo's shoulder blade, a smile of victory on its face. However this didn't last long as its injuries kicked in and it fell over, losing consciousness completely and morphing back into BeastBoy, short hair and all.

"BB!" yelled Cyborg, racing off toward his fallen friend

"Not so fast…" Drolrevo interject, but he wasn't given the time to finish as Cyborg unleashed a sonic blast toward the vamp lord

Drolrevo tried to avoid the blast but felt a tug at his leg. Looking down he saw that BeastBoy had hopped up and grabbed hold of his muscular leg in a vain attempt to keep him still. Drolrevo kicked the boy off effortlessly but BeastBoy's distraction gave the sonic blast all the time it needed to crash into Drolrevo, sending him spiraling away.

"Yo BB!" Cyborg called, when he reached BeastBoy, "You okay buddy?" he asked

BeastBoy didn't respond at first, only groaning a little as he tried to stand up. Cyborg began to worry, thinking BeastBoy was seriously hurt. But before he could ask again BeastBoy gave him one of his patented wide-grinned smiles and the cybernetic brawler calmed.

"Heh, heh…don't worry about me Cy." BeastBoy asked " I think a few of my ribs are broken and I might have some internal bleeding. But other than that I'm fine." He joked, cracking a small pained smile

"Let's get you outta here." Replied Cyborg, carefully pulling BeastBoy up to a standing position

"Get Erip first." Replied BeastBoy, "Rehtom's gonna need some help heaving that big guy up." He replied, directing Cyborg's attention to Rehtom who was trying to lift her much large creature of a son

Even with her strength, Eripmav was very heavy and the fretting mother was having a hard time lifting him.

"B, I can't just leave ya like this." Cyborg replied

"Naw, I'll be fine. I said broke some ribs, I can still walk." He said, pulling himself from Cyborg's grip and taking off toward Robin

"You okay?" Robin asked when they reached each other

"Yeah, but I'll be taking my vacation now." BeastBoy replied

"Consider yourself there." Replied Robin, helping the boy

"Who said that any of you will be leaving?" Drolrevo asked, rising to a standing position

Even thought his left arm was useless the vamp lord was still had an intimidating aura about him.

"Damn, why won't that guy stay down?!" grunted Cyborg

Cyborg couldn't do much with Eripmav hanging over his shoulder and Drolrevo didn't look as if he would leave them be.

"Don't you even think about it!" barked Rehtom, taking a position between Cyborg and Drolrevo, "I won't let you touch him!"

"You can't stop me." Drolrevo replied matter-of-factly, "Even wounded I have more than enough power to destroy you."

"I don't care. You won't lay another finger on him you monster." She said defiantly

"And you will stop me?"

"She isn't alone." Replied Robin, taking position beside her

"You two still aren't enough."

"Maybe we can even the score?" came another voice

Drolrevo looked up to see Raven and Starfire descend toward the group, stopping a few feet in the air.

"You will not survive this." He heard yet another voice say

From the back alleys, growls could be heard as Lyken emerged, lead by Larkin.

"So you all believe if you 'gang up on me' as one would say, that you will come out of this fight victorious?" he asked, "Hah, you fools do not know who you are dealing with. I have dealt with both of your beasts and I can still fight. You haven't the strength to contend with me." He said

Then, without wasting anymore time he shot off toward Rehtom with the intent to kill. But that attack never made it to her for Eripmav's jumped to the scene, throwing Cyborg to the ground in the process. Eripmav brought his claw back before throwing it forward with devastating force, catching Drolrevo in the chin and sending him flying back once again. Drolrevo dug his clawed hand into the street to stop himself, tearing up the pavement as he slowed to a stop.

"Eripmav?" gasped Rehtom, watching as her son stood between her and Drolrevo

He was breathing hard and looked as if he was in pain, but one positive thing about the bat boy creature was that the insidious look of insanity and unbridled rage was gone. He was angry, yes. He was in pain, yes. But he was in a sense, a lot calmer than he was before the fight. The pupils in his eyes were actually visible now, as if he was no longer a soulless killing machine.

"Y-y-y-you…" came the garbled voice of Eripmav, "w…ill not, h-h-hurt m-y-y-y-y, mother-r-r-r-r-r."

"Are…you back?" Rehtom asked, her mouth hanging agape slightly

Eripmav turned to face her, looking down at the woman who was his mother. Rehtom looked up at her son, her face the very picture of confusion. With an unreadable expression on his face Rehtom was worried that he may be reverting back to his primal instincts. However, all thoughts of that were abolished when she saw a warm smile appear on the monstrous boy's face.

"Mother." He said, feeling new warmth in his heart as he said that word

"Eripmav…I'm so…relieved." She managed to say, as tears welled up in her eyes

"That is so sweet." Larkin murmured softly

Even her pack shared her feelings on the touching moment, which they expressed in a chorus of howls. In truth, all present felt the same in a strange way. All expect one.

"What a touching moment…it makes me sick." They heard the vampire lord growl

The warm feeling Eripmav was feeling soon faded as he turned his attention back to his enemy, his smile turning into a scowl as he glared at the creature that dared to threaten his mother.

"You will perish." Eripmav snarled, "I will destroy you."

"It that true?" Drolrevo asked condescendingly, "Then come, prove that to me. If you can? Hahahahahaha!" he laughing mockingly

With a snort Eripmav was off, charging Drolrevo with all that he was worth. Drolrevo looked uninterested as he watched Eripmav approach; the boy's claws open and ready.

"He's still relatively unchanged. He may have some of his sense back but he is still a wild animal. His attack proves that." Drolrevo thought, standing his ground and waiting, "I'll crush him in one blow and take off with him before those others can intervene." He told himself

Eripmav ran on two legs, closing the gap quickly but Drolrevo was ready, pulling his fist back to deliver a powerful punch to the gut, in hopes of taking Eripmav out of the fight. But just before Eripmav was in range, the bat boy creature smirked deviously before closing his fist and changing his attack angle.

"Huh, what the…" gasped Drolrevo

Caught off guard by Eripmav's new attack Drolrevo didn't have time to block, let alone counter the blow that was coming dead for him.

"Critical Erip Punch!" roared Eripmav, delivering a powerful punch to Drolrevo's face

Drolrevo held his ground, though he couldn't stop himself from skidding back slightly from the impact.

"Why you little…" he began to say, but Eripmav gave him no time to bark at him

"Vicious Erip Roundhouse!" Eripmav bellowed, smashing his foot into the side of Drolrevo's head

More attacks came from the boy and as Eripmav fought with all that he was worth, the others noticed something strange happening to him. As he battled he began to revert back to his original, human form. Each attack brought him closer and closer to being himself. And at the rate he was fighting he'd be back to normal before long.

"Demon Killer Drop Kick!" Eripmav cried, driving his foot down into Drolrevo's wounded shoulder, granting him a cry of pain from the vampire monster


Eripmav's muscles began to diminish as each crushing attack connected, gradually returning him to his human form.

"Vampire Slayer!" he yelled, driving his fist into Drolrevo's chest

Drolrevo clenched up upon impact to try and absorb the blow, but he still felt an overwhelming pain to his chest.


"This shouldn't be possible. His attacks are actually hurting me!" Drolrevo roared in his mind, "Have I been weakened that greatly?" he wondered

Drolrevo didn't get much time to ponder those thoughts though as Eripmav relentlessly attacked him, ignoring the burning of his muscles and the fatigue his body was feeling. He would not stop until Drolrevo fell.

"Fierce Erip Kick!" he yelled, his body shrinking down to his original size as his hair receded back to its original short length, "Jaw Crusher!" he yelled, bringing his fist to greet Drolrevo's chin


The sound of bones breaking could be heard, but the others couldn't tell whether it was from Drolrevo's jaw or Eripmav's fist. Either way, Eripmav's fierce attacks refused to slow.

"Gut Buster!" he yelled, driving his elbow into Drolrevo's abdomen, though the attack didn't stop there, "Critical Destruction Kick!" he roared, bring his foot up so that it smashed into the side of Drolrevo's face

Drolrevo was lifted into the air by the power delivered by the kick and as he floated up a few feet, Eripmav steadied himself, awaiting the right moment to strike. So many thoughts ran through the boy's mind as he watched Drolrevo float up; his life as a bounty hunter, knowing of his mother's existence, and finding out that he had a beast of unimaginable fury within. He wondered, even if he was able to defeat Drolrevo, just what would he do with his life now? Would he return to his own ways or try to forge a new life for himself? The vampires wouldn't leave him alone, as long as he was the way he was and he knew he could never change that. It almost made him want to just give in, just as Drolrevo was making his descent. However the more he thought about giving up the more it became apparent that that was a foolish idea. Whether or not his life would be tough wasn't a problem. He knew he had allies to turn to whenever he needed help.

"The Titans." He thought, truly feeling completely human and in control of his life, "I will not give up no matter what." He thought, Drolrevo in range for his final blow, "Titanic Beast Kick!"

Eripmav pulled his leg in before shooting it out with the last of his strength. The kick smashed into Drolrevo's chest, propelling the beast of a vampire away like a gun going off. Drolrevo screeched in protest as he was driven away, flying back a few feet before hitting the pavement and bouncing. He bounced a few more times before coming to a rest, over fifteen feet away!

"Hah…hah…hah…" Eripmav breathed, trying to get his breath back

Dropping to his knees Eripmav stared at the unmoving form of Drolrevo for a few moments before dropping to his hands, his body feeling heavy and weak.

"Just…stay…down…" Eripmav rasped, hoping against everything that Drolrevo wouldn't get back up to finish him

He heard multiple footsteps coming from behind him and guessed that the Titans had come to assist him.

"Eripmav, my little boy, are you alright." He heard his mother tell him before absorbing him in a huge hug

"Mother…please…my friends." He tried to tell her, but she was having none of it and refused to let go

"So dude, how you handling?" BeastBoy asked

"A lot better…than you." Eripmav replied

"Well what do you expect; I did all the hard work." BeastBoy replied

"Yes…I am sorry I let my rage get the better of me." Eripmav told him

"Don't worry about it dude, it happens to the best of us." BeastBoy replied

"It happens to BeastBoy as well." Quipped Raven

"Hey, what's that suppose to mean!" BeastBoy barked, before cringing in pain

"I wouldn't yell if I were you. Just because I was able to heal your broken bones doesn't mean your completely better." Replied Raven

BeastBoy glared at Raven, wanting to say something, but knew she had him and choose not to reply. Instead he looked off toward Drolrevo and asked…

"What about tall, dark, and ugly over there?" he asked

"We should rip his throat out and see how he likes it." Larkin growled

"I don't think we need to destroy him." Robin commented

"Do you truly believe there is a prison strong enough to hold him?" Larkin asked

"There should be." Robin replied, "But it would be a good idea to get him to one before he wakes up."

"Too late." Replied Cyborg, "Look." He said, pointing to Drolrevo

The large behemoth was moving, lifting himself to a standing position. His left arm remained unmoving, but for the most part it seemed to have healed.

"You fools will pay for what you have done to me. I swear it. One day I will drain you all!" Drolrevo roared, his wings beginning to lift him into the air, "Remember Titans, I have the night on my side."

"Only…one problem…with that theory." Replied Eripmav, smirking

"What would that be boy?"

"The night is over."

"Wha…what?!" barked Drolrevo, until he began to understand, "The sun!" he yelled, turning around to see that the sun was indeed rising

He hadn't noticed earlier because of his battle, but now the sun was clearly making an entrance and his weakness began to kick in. Slowly his body began to burn, like small firecrackers going off all at once. If he didn't act soon he'd been finished. With a quick beat of his wings he took to the skies, flying past the Titans in a desperate attempt to get away from the morning sun.

"We cannot let him get away!" barked Larkin, "If he should infect others with his new strength we could be looking at an army of creatures just as wicked as him!"

"He will not get away!" yelled Starfire, taking off after the fleeing vamp lord

"I will hide for a while, throw the Titans off my trail, and then I will rebuild my army with my new found strength. Then they will pay, oh, will they ever PAY!" Drolrevo thought, hoping to make it back to the forest to hide away from the sun

However, his senses peaked and caused him to turn around to see Starfire zooming toward him.

"That annoying sun witch! Why must these Titans be such persistent pests?" he muttered, picking up the pace

"Stop! You are defeated, give up!" he heard Starfire yell

"Foolish girl. Do you truly think you can stop me? There is no prison that can hold me. I will create my army and when I do I will destroy you all!" he cackled, picking up speed and leaving Starfire behind

"I cannot let him escape, not matter the cost." She thought, gathering energy into the palm of her hands

The power she drew upon grew more powerful by the second, exhausting all her reserves. The ball of Starbolt energy grew brightly in her palms, bathing her in its emerald glow. The light of the rising sun seemed to amplify the already formidable ball of energy, creating a mixture of beauty and ferocity. When she felt it to be ready she threw her hands forward, releasing the ball of pent up solar energy with monstrous force.

Almost immediately after the ball left the hands of the alien girl it grew six times it original size, the concentrated energy within expanding to show the full force of the blast. Drolrevo didn't notice the ball at first, for much of its light was shielded by the sun. However when it grew too close the green light that it shined caught the demon vamp's attention.

"What…" he mumbled, turning his head to see the heated ball of light coming his way,
"NO! I cannot get around it!" he roared, trying his best to get away

It was almost as if the Starbolt had a mind of its own, locking onto the evil aura of the vampire lord in order to take him down once and for all. The blast engulfed him, bathing him in the green light of the Starbolt, burning away his body without mercy.


In one bright green explosion, Drolrevo the lord of the vampires of Jump City was no more.

"Once again Titans, I must thank you for you assistance. You have done more than you know." Replied Eripmav, standing at the bottom of private jet, "I am forever in your debt."

"Just doing our job." Replied Robin, shaking hands with the boy, "To bad we couldn't capture all of Drolrevo's people." He mentioned

"I don't think it will be that much of a bother. Without their leader they are not much of a threat and even if they do try to finish what they started I will be there to stop them." Eripmav replied

"I do wish that we were able to have Darlene's help in the matter." Starfire commented, "However she and her pack left moments after everything was finish."

"It is okay. Dr. Larkin has gone threw quite a lot and now that Drolrevo is gone for good she now needs to think of what her next step will be. I however already know what mine will be. I will live my life with fear and loneliness."

"Take this, just in case." Robin replied, handing Eripmav a Titan communicator, "If you need us, call us."

"Thank you."

"Dude, how many of those things have we given people?" BeastBoy asked

"Ya know, I'm not really sure?" replied Cyborg

"Dude, we need to figure it out."

"I think life will go one without that question answered." Replied Raven

"We shall miss you greatly our new friend." Replied Starfire, a brightly yet pain smile on her face

"Where you gonna do?" BeastBoy asked

"Mother and I are going on vacation. After working as a bounty hunter for much of my life and think I am due for one."

"So where you headed off to?" BeastBoy asked

"Somewhere quiet…I'm not sure exactly, but somewhere very quiet." He replied

"Quiet...You're just like Raven, boring."

"What?!" barked Raven, "Mind repeating that?"

BeastBoy jumped back and hid behind Cyborg, trying to protect himself from Raven's deadly glare.

Eripmav chuckled at BeastBoy's lack of charm and would have put in his two cents had his mother not called out to him.

"Eripmav dear, its time to go!"

"Coming mother!" he called back before turning back to his friends, "Well Titans, I do believe this is goodbye for the time being."

"See ya Erip." Replied Cyborg

"Bye friend." Replied Starfire

"It was good to know you Eripmav." Replied Raven

"Be careful out there." Replied Robin

Finally it was BeastBoy's turn. Both boys stared at one another for the longest time, neither able to come up with a suitable goodbye. So Eripmav turned and head up the stairs to get on his plane. However, just as the doors were about to close BeastBoy was finally able to open his mouth to say…

"I want a rematch!" he yelled to Eripmav, giving the boy one of his wide-mouthed grins

Eripmav smiled in return, though not quite as large as his green counterpart.

"And you shall have that rematch, though I already know who the victor shall be!" Eripmav yelled over the roar of the engines

"Yeah, thanks for admitting that. I know I rule!" Replied BeastBoy

"You, I was talking about myself!" Replied Eripmav

"Please, like you could handle me!"

"You're not much of a challenge my green friend!"

"Whatever. You better get on that plane before I finish what we started!"

And with that the door of the plane closed and the plane began its take off, taking away the boy that had grown to become a new ally and friend of the Titans.

Man…I hate endings. No matter how I write them, I always feel as if they come out too sappy for their own good. I hate ending stories. But all stories have to come to an end and its better to end a story than to just simply stop writing it halfway through. My whining aside, I hope you enjoyed this story and also look forward to future stories in the mix.