Name: Jade

Age: 19-ish (I started writing the ficseries in highschool)

Hair: N/A Eyes: green Height: about 19ft 4 inches

Weight: uhh... a couple tons? how much does a jet weigh, again?

Gender: female Species: trans-Cybertronian (human-turned transformer, see explanation at page bottom)

Demeanor: huh? umm.. young, irreverent, I dunno.

Description: Muave (a little on the crimsony side) and blue seekerjet (F-15E strike Eagle)

Fandom:Transformers G1

Relationships: the other fancharacters from my fic will appear regularly, various Autobots and Decepticons will appear (later.)

In basic, the fanfiction I'm writing here is canon to my fanfic, which I'm working on renaming (canon G1). The basis of the fanfic is yes, it IS a self-insertion fic, and NO, my character is NOT a Mary Sue. I am not the only one being thrown into this. My fanchars are based off some of my friends who gave me permission to do so. And yes, the whole story is about a bunch of teenagers getting thrown into the TF universe, and being stuck there.

In a plot device echoing "Starscream's Brigade" and "the Revenge of Bruticus", (episodes 62 and 63), I'm also putting in a couple of 'neutral' transformers. (Hey,I figure if it's possible to have giant robots that turn into cars and are alive, justabout anything is possible)
So there ya go. The fics for the fanchar100 challenge will be mid-fic, not at the beginning, leaving me a nice roomy place to squeeze in all my other ficcystuff.

Title: the Sky is the Limit

Challenge Set: 1

Rating: PG/ varies

Word Count: various, according to fic

Pairings: Jade/Syus (friendship, non-romantic), Jade/Highroad(later)

Summary: well, my summaries don't really say much. But I think I got it written down somewhere in the paragraph above this one.

Spoilers: Oh yes, there will be spoilers. But I may not get the fic itself published for a while anyway.

Other Stuff

the abbreviated Bio from the ficseries homepage:

"The clouds are my home, the sky is my domain. The air is but an ocean of blue. And I am the shark among the waves of the wind."

Name: Jade

Function: Air Support (no actual held title)




Endurance:6 (the site says 7, but it's supposed to be 6)





Primary Weapon: standard arm-mounted blasters

Secondary Weapon(S):twin pistols, carried barrels-crossed at the back of her waistline (subspaced), can also be carried in hip-holstiers while in use. Also has hidden wrist and elbow spikes.

Standard seekerjet design, but with a feminine twist. Sarcastic, and lack of respect for authority. (kinda. She may razz Syus, but she'd follow him if he ordered her to jump off the edge of a cliff.) Immature and spontaneous sometimes, but know how to be mature and focused when the situation calls for it. Believes unwaveringly in the cause, but isn't overly-anxious to fly into a full-scale battle. Uses sarcasm to conceal the fact she's unsure of the future, and the outcome of the war.