Prompt #: 48 Silence Title: none Time Frame: sometime during the RP2 series characters: Jazz, Jade, Shadow, Terra, Gunlock, Cable, Cap, Beacon, Ty Rating: G


It had started out as a discussion, that turned into a challenge, that evolved into a dare. Jade considered this as she lurked in a darkened corner of the Ark's corridors. She was hiding in a slight indntation in the wall, just waiting for her quarry to come past.

Shadow, Gunlock, Cable, Cap, Beacon, Ty, Jazz, and herself had decided on a game of "Hide and go Seek in the Dark". a type of game human children played. Basically, players could either run or hide, or both, and the "it" person had a dodgeball or some other kind of soft ball. Whoever was hit, though, would become "it" too, until only one person was left un-itted.

Two levels of the Ark had been marked out as "game territory", and all the lights had been turned off, plunging the halls into nearly-pitch-black darkness. The backup lights, which had been placed along the floor and ceiling every 200 yards or so gave the halls a dim shadowy light. light enough to see, but dark enough to hide.

Instead of playing like the humans, with a dodgeballs, the players were armed with stun guns. This was a game of elimination, and once hit, a player was out of the game.

Jade smirked to herself. The bolts would sting slightly, but they would only temporarily scramble movement impulses. "Kind of like a tazer", she thought. But her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming down the ajacent corridor.

Apparently, Cable, Cap, and Terra had decided to form an alliance and work together. The group turned the corner and hurried down the hallway towards her. Jade dimmed her optics a little more, thankful she had asked the trio to help her spray-paint her armor black, and replace her wings with much smaller identical ones.

The game was supposed to be everyone against everyone else, but Jade guessed the trio would only stay together until they were the last ones standing. "that's not gonna happen." Jade grinned, waiting for the group.

Suddenly, Gunlock popped out from around a corner and fired. The trio let out a chorus of suprised yells and scattered, diving in three different directions. Cable sunk to the floor. Terra's dark coloration allowed her to simply melt into the darkness.

Jade guessed she was somewhere close to the ceiling, above where an opponent would assume she was. the sound of her wings had stopped, so Jade guessed the bat-former was either hanging from or perching on one of the crossbars traversing the hallway.

Cap ducked, fired, and missed. A shot came from the ceiling, stunning Gunlock before he could hit his target. Terra chuckled and landed. "aren't you glad you have me around?" she told Cap gleefully as she landed. Cap just grinned and wrapped his arms around the taller femme's neck. "My hero." he grinned, giving her a quick kiss.

about that time, Jade peeked around the corner. She was half tempted to yell "get a room!", but instead settled for waiting for the two to finish kissing, then popped off a pair of shots that dropped the duo. She walked up. "Sorry guys, but you're gonna have to wait till later to P.D.A." she grinned, and tiptoed down the hall.

The seekerfemme continued, stopping to glance to her right. She grinned. There was a ladder on the wall leading up to the ventilation grate on the ceiling above it. Probably one of the access points to the ductwork for cleaning and cassetticon-chasing.

Shadow padded down the Ark's corridors nearly soundlessly. she was on the hunt. the dragoness had allready passed Cable, and Cap, terra, and Gunlock also. There were only a few left. She turned a corner and sniffed the air. Someone was close. She grinned to herself.

Meanwhile, on the top rung of the ladder down the hall, a certain human grinned to herself, Jade smirked knowing nobody had counted on her ability to go from autobot to human. She watched as Shadow padded down the hall, the femmes steps nearly soundless.

"The point *is* to be quiet, but I wonder how she does that, being metal and all." Jade thought. She knew her black clothing concealed her well enough shadow couldn't see her. Well, she *hoped* shadow wouldn't see her. She stayed very still, letting the dragoness pass.

It wasn't very long before a suprised roar echoed down the corridor, followed by a very Jazz-like laugh. "Yer gettin' way too casual 'bout it shades." Jazz grinned and walked down the hall where Jade was hiding. She aimed, but he was too far away. And with one of the emergency lights as close as it was, she couldn't shoot him without him seeing her (possibly) first. The human decided to just let him go by.

Jazz got halfway down the hall, right next to her. She froze, and even tried to breathe more quietly. the black and white looked around, and Jade though she had been spotted. But he started to walk away. Jade took aim at the back of his head, grinned, and snapped of a shot.

The shot hit it's mark, and Jade laughed out loud as she jumped to the flooring, transforming as she did so. She sauntered over and rolled the stunned saboteur over onto his back. "Turning human wasn't againt the rules." she grinned, squatting down to look him in the visor. "I told you I love this game." she stood, knowing he couldn't reply.

"and" she thought silently "that's what you get for challenging me to 'a friendly game' of hide and go seek in the dark." then aloud "the key is to be completely silent." she hit her comm, calling the rec. room where those following the game would be witing on word from the command deck where the game was being followed with cameras and the ship's sensors.

She grinned again. "this is Jade, Jazz is down. Game Over. Anyone wanna go for round two?" there was a pause, then someone in the background confirmed it. There was a chorus of groans as those who had placed bets lost them.

Bumblebee's voice chimed in. "I'll play a round with you guys. anyone else want to join in?" Cable joined in on the comm. "I'm up for another round." a pause, then "somebody needs to get a little payback." a chorus of "Ooooooooooh"s sounded from the "peanut gallery" (the rec room).

Jade just grinned. "yup, gonna be a fun night." she thought, heading towards the rec room, where all the players would meet after the game, and start a new one.

~the end