Title: the Deer Creek Trip (first person p.o.v.)

Challenge Set: 1

Prompt: 23 White (as in white-water river rapids)

Rating: G

Word Count: 845

Pairings: none

time frame: towards the end of the 3rd war series, after Jade joins the autobots, and after the rest of her group goes home.

summary: While in the area, Prowl gets a call about some teenagers jumping off a bridge into a rocky part of the Deer Creek rapids (Deer creek is a river, not a creek. Eh, go figure) Jade, who is with him, knows that bridge, and beats him to it... She is one of the people who have jumped off it in the past!

July 15th, 1994 Deer Creek River, Pennsylvania

It was an old metal bridge, the kind that they don't make anymore, with the v shaped beams at the sides, and crossbars overhead, kind of an arch-shaped bridge, more or less. It was about ten feet from the old pavement of the bridge to the river below.

But what if the local law enforcement found us? Oh, I knew about that. The bridge had been since blocked off to traffic, on this old unused backroad, and the bridge itself was off-limits. Every year, some inexperienced kid had jumped off it during the rainy (flood) season, and hit the rocks below.

I glance at the steel beams above my head, and glance at the guy on my left. a short-haired muscular hispanic dude with a moustache and a thick accent. I can hear the sirens. Someone knows we're here. The light-brunette haired girl on my right yells "Jump!" The guy on my left runs and jumps the metal barrier at the edge, dissapearing into the river rapids below before I can stop him.

The girl glances at the black and white State Highway Patrol car as it pulls up, sirens blaring, and runs and jumps also. I look up at Prowl as he transforms, then look back down, across the churning, white-foamed waves of the river below.

I grin.

"See you at the Resevoir!" I wave, and run and jump the barrier. I only hope I miss that giant rock...

A minute later I resurface, and look up at the Autobot, grinning widely at our persuer, who was sent out here because of a report of a bunch of teenagers who were jumping off the bridge. I tagged along, but knew where the bridge was, and beat him to it. True, jumping off this bridge during the rainy season, one might not see the rocks just under the water, but those who jumped off here constantly knew where it was. Besides, if someone did get hurt, there were Autobots here to help us out, right?

Although I'll probably have hell to pay for this later, I'll still remember the look on Prowl's faceplate when "the jet who's afraid of water" jumped. heh. Well, I am afraid of water, if it goes over my head. But these mild rapids are so shallow I could probably walk downstream if I wanted to. Anyway, I just rest my hands behind my head and float on downriver towards the naturally created lake cut out of the limestone hills. The rather canyon-like lake is surrounded on almost all sides by sheer rock walls and trees, making it virtually secret.

The Deer Creek resovoir. Shallow enough to wade on one side, and deep enough to swim on the other, before shallowing out by the walls.

I reach the tri-tier falls that cascades into the resovoir, and find my feet. It's a stairstep falls, with three levels, the lowest just below the water. But I'm not going to jump off that one. That would be no fun, now wouldn't it?

"Hey guys!" I yell. The humans look up at the giant muave and blue jet, and I grin. They gasp. Oh, they know they're in for it now. heh. I back up about ten feet and run, launching myself off the top tier. "Look out below!" I do a canonball, and drop into the 20 foot deep section, sending waves across the 100 or so foot long mini-lake. A minute later, I break the surface, coughing and giggling at the same time.

A sandy-haired guy of 26 or so paddles over. "Hiya foofoo!" I grin, using his nickname.

"Hi." He smiles back and pretends to tackle/dunk me, even though I'm about four times his size. I go under, blowing bubbles like I'm drowning, and come back up, seeing a flash of light on the shoreline as I do. I turn and look. "Uh... I hate to spoil your fun, but..." I look over at Prowl, then yell "COPS!" the other swimmers scatter, finding the various paths up the wall, and most of them taking the path from the lake up to the top of the falls, and out of the river from there.

"So, Prowl... what brings you all the way out here?" I ask innocently, walking over, and up out of the old swimming hole lake thingie...