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One It was a sunny Saturday afternoon on the country backroads of Ohio. a light blue-grey colored four-door sedan made it's way down the lonely road. To be specific, the car was a 1989 Plymouth Reliant. Four people were seated in the car. Two in the front, and two in the back All way too caught up in their conversation.
The 19-year-old woman in the driver's seat had just borrowed the car from her fiancee for the day. She had shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes; Which were hidden behind her wide-framed glasses.
Behind her was a tall skinny boy of about 16 or so, with short brown hair and brown eyes. You could tell Dan spent a lot of time in the sun, because he was sporting a tan that made his skin look a darker copper tone than it really was. Beside him was a sandy- haired boy of 15, named Tony; Who was hyper, as usual. The blue-eyed Videogame addict was making casual conversation with Dan, as the girl beside Anna, the driver, fiddled with the radio.
The young woman in the passenger seat, so concentratedly fiddling with the radio had green eyes, and brown hair that came to slightly below her shoulders. Her hair had blonde streaks at the very front edges, but you could barely see them, since her hair was currently in a ponytail.

She tuned into the local rock channel, and the car was filled with music; And several groans. "Wendy, can't you find anything better to listen to?" Tony suggested, his voice indicating annoyance. The brunette sighed and turned to another station. Much to the relief of the other passengers.
The four were headed to the local theatre to catch a movie; But they were allready running late. They just hoped their friends, Tim, and Dustin, would wait for them. There Hadn't been enough room in the Reliant, so the two guys rode with their friend John. The radio scanner - Wendy, groaned as a more-less popular song came on. "Hey, turn it up." Dan prodded from the back seat. The driver threw Wendy a look out of the corner of her eye. There was just SOME music you could only take so much of... Wendy pretended not to hear the pleas.

"Awwww.." chorused both the backseat guys.

"Pleeeeaaaaasssseee." Tony chorused, Dan echoing in perfect unison.

Wendy glanced quickly to her left, receiving only a shrug from the driver. No helpfullnes there. So she carefull adjusted the volume to aslightly higher level. Music filled the car, and before they knew it, they were all listening to the whatever-you-call-it kind of music.

Tony heard the noise coming from the trunk first, then Dan. It started out as a soft clunk, which then escalated to a grinding noise. The sound increased in intensity, becoming more like a low groan. Then a sound more like a whine took over, quieting into a hum before dissapearing. Tony had to listen for a second before fully hearing it, but it was definitely there.

"Hey guys?" the sandy blonde asked. "yeah." came the unisoned reply. "Did you hear something?" he asked. "Yeah" Wendy turned around backward in her seat as far as her seat belt would allow. "The rocks rattling around in your head." she said with a teasing smile. Tony glared back. "No, I mean I really heard something." he decided it wasn't worth explaining, and glanced over at Dan.

The tan-skinned boy was listening to some noise somewhere, because he turned back to Tony, and said: "I heard it, too." All four listened, as the pattern repeated a few more times before the noise died completely. "I sure heard that." Wendy stated. "Me too." Anna put in, pulling over.

Getting out, she headed to the back of the car. "Heaven only knows what Dennis keeps in that trunk of his." she muttered, shaking her head.
Wendy got out and started toward her as the key turned in the trunk lock. The bluish white light from the object inside radiated out as the trunk lid came open. Dan looked back and saw it. He and Tony both scrambled out out to go have a look.
"What is it?" Tony queried. "I don't know." Anna replied. "Cool!" Dan breathed, reaching out to touch the glowing silvery object."Don't! It might zap you or something." Wendy warned. Anna reached toward it. "Anna, don't..." Anna cut her friend off as she reached into the trunk to pick it up.

"I don't think Dennis would have anything harmful in the trunk of his car." she said, bringing it out. "He's too chicken for it." she added, holding the large metal contraption where everyone could see.
It wasthe better part of two feet or so long, with a small blue sphere in the center. The blue-white light was radiating from the sphere, like a disembodied light bulb.

It was partially covered by the contoured metal wrapping around it. The thin, shapely bars extended past the core on either side,then ended abruptly near the ends. Where these bars ended, the cylindrical metal was slightly smaller in diameter. The very ends were the smallest in diameter, measuring about six or so inches in diameter. The entire device,(with the exception of the blue-colored core) was made of a silvery metal. "It looks like an alien spaceship engine or something." Tony put in. "Trekky." Wendy accused jokingly. "So, you're into that Transformers cartoon." he replied in the same tone. "So am I, mind you." Anna intervened.
"Can we touch it?" Dan asked, coming closer. "Yeah, just not the blue core." She replied. One by one, the three teens put their hand against the silvery metal. Each time they did, it maded a barely audible hum. "Wow." Tony breathed. The center of the device gave off light as though it held a powerfull blue flame captive in it's orblike center. But the metal was cool to the touch.

When Tony put his hand on it, he noticed it felt like a weak electrical current was travelling through the entire surface of the metal. "We gotta get going, guys." Anna interrupted. "Yeah, we're allready late." Wendy admitted, her eyes still glued to the device in Anna's hands. "I'm going to show this to Tim, and see what he thinks of it." the blonde said as she carefully set the device back in the trunk and closed the lid.
"It's too bad Dennis is on vacation, or I'd call him and demand an explanation." Anna commented, as they pulled up at the local mall. By the movie theatre, three young men stood, waiting.
The Tallest of the three had brown hair a little lighter than Dan's. His dark brown eyes glanced around as he waited impatiently for his friends, an annoyed expression on his face. John glanced to his left at Tim, who was slightly shorter, and more broad-shouldered. The stout young man was watching the people around him with an unreadable expression. At least he was waiting patiently. As for John, Tim thought, he'd been in a bad mood since he'd woken up that morning. Not that it was particularly rare for John to be in a bad mood anyway. Tim was wearing a blue silk Japanese Dragon-print shirt, and black jeans.

His brown eyes scanned the food court for his missing friends, hoping they would arrive soon. Dustin, beside him, was the shortest of the three. he also had sandy-brown hair, and hazel eyes. The boy of 17 was of about the same build as John, but more athletic. Not only was Dustin more active, but was also part of the highschool R.O.T.C. program, like Tim. In their spare time, Tim and Dustin were constantly played Dustin's strategic videogames, and consulted the computer-whiz of the group, John, for new gamecodes and internet information about them.
On the other side of the food court, Anna, Wendy, Tony, and Dan walked in, excited expressions on their faces.
"Hey, Tim. Dustin, John." they said as they walked up.

"Hey, what movie do you guys want to see?" John asked. The group scanned the names listed, then Wendy spoke up.
"You gotta see what we found, Tim." she said excitedly.

"Yeah, it's really wierd." Tony added.

Tim didn't say anything, but by the looks on their faces, he could tell it was interesting. "Oh really, what is it?" John asked half-interested half-impatiently. "We don't know. But you've gotta see it. maybe you can figure it out." Anna replied.

"It looks really strange." Dan put in from behind them.
Tim glanced at Tony, who also looked excited. "It looks like some sort of spaceship-engine-thingy." he put in.

Tim looked a bit skeptical, but said: "Alright. We have a little time until the movies start. Let's see this device." The trio followed the others out to the car, as Anna said "We have an hour till the next movie starts. I think we should go somewhere a little less public for this." "Yeah." The other three echoed. Tim and Dustin looked over at John, who nervously said "Yeah, I guess. But this better be good. I can't spend all my gas running around for nothing."

"Believe me, you won't be dissapointed." Wendy smiled, as she got into the car.

"We'll meet you at the old dam, across the river from here, by the old gravel pit." Tim said. "Okay. See you there." Anna said, and started the car.
Ten minutes later, the blue car turned off the main road, down an old tree lined back road. John's old white camaro turned down the gravel drive, and roared down the winding dirt road beside the river. The two cars pulled off to the right side, towards the river and parked.

John, Tim, and Dustin got out and walked up to where Anna had pulled up in front of them. Anna turned the trunk key, and the lid came open. The same bluish light as before met the eyes of the group.
"Wow!" Dustin breathed. Anna reached into the trunk, smiling, and picked up the device. "See, I told it would be worth your time." Wendy commented. Anna handed it to Wendy. "Can I touch it?" John asked cautiously. "Yeah, go ahead." She replied. "It won't hurt me, will it?" he asked, reaching towards it. "It's not going to hurt you, John." Tony said, coming up, and taking it from Wendy.

John touched it quickly at first, as though it were a hot iron. then cautiously (and nervously) laid his hand on it. The device made the same barely-audible sound as before when he did. Dustin came over to analyze it's design. He ran his hand along the contours of it's metal form. "Just don't touch the blue thing in the middle." Dan pointed out.
"Hey Tim, check this out!" he said. Tony handed it to him, as Tim came over to look at it. "Here." he handed it to tim, who glanced quickly at Wendy.

"You're sure it won't hurt me?" he asked.

"I'm sure." she nodded.

Tim turned it over in his hands, and asked "What is it"
"We don't know." Dan put in.

"Dennis had it hidden in his trunk." Anna explained. "I would call him and ask what it is, but he's on vacation." she added.
Suddenly, the device came to life, making a low hum; And a whine like a power cell charging. Tim immediately dropped the metal cylinder.

"Don't drop it!" Anna exclaimed, bending to scoop it up. The others backed off like it was about to go off, as Anna brushed off the dirt it had collected when it hit the ground. Suddenly, there was a blinding blue-white flash. Then the old dirt road was as empty as it was before. All seven teens, and their cars were gone without a trace. It was like they had never even been there at all.

The Decepticons were being quiet again. Too quiet. But, of course, the Autobots didn't seem to mind. After all the shenannegans the 'cons had put them through in the last few monthe, it was kinda nice to get alittle peace and quiet. Of course, when Megatron and co. got quiet, it usually meaned they were brewing up something big. And The scouting missions had turned up nothing, Which made the Autobot leader more on edge.
Despite the fact that the numerous patrols and scouting routines, the Autobots had completely missed the fact that two Cybertronian-style fliers were spying on the Autobots. And the Decepticons, too. Watching, and waiting; And planning...

Somewhere in deep in the mountains, the soft hum of aircraft engines echoed around the rock, as the two fliers landed. Razer, the reddish brown and black one, transformed as he landed, revealing dark green accents here and there on his armor. His face was almost completely hidden behind a dark optic visor, and reddish-brown vocaliser mask. Although his transformation was quite similar to the terran-style jets, the angular wings folded neatly onto his back. The battleflier's jets concealed themselves into his lower legs, and the flier's canopy and front section folded to rest neatly across Razer's broad chest area.
His companion, Dusk, transformed likewise as she landed, except her color scheme was more in pink and tan . When she transformed, her armor glimmered with hues of red, and yellowish-orange. Silently, she followed him to a flat rock face. Razer pulled out a transmitter and pointed it at the grey slab of rock in front of them. It slid aside easily, revealing a dark corridor. Once the two were inside, the boulders slid back into place, as though the doorway was never there to begin with.
Down the darkened hallway, the two neutrals stepped out into a fairly large cavern, roughly the same size as the Ark's control room, except more square. Lights had been arranged around the walls and the high ceiling, giving it a dungeonlike quality lightwise. On the wall across from where they entered was a computer. Not small, but definitely not as big as the Autobot one. To the left, on the adjacent wall was a metal door, leading to other smaller caves. It didn't look like much, but it was the only thing they had had, since they escaped the Decepticon forces on Cybertron. The duo had been freed from the Decepticon mid-prison after the Combaticons returned to Cybertron in their attempt to take over the planet. Unfortunately, they failed. The two had snuck across the spacebridge to earth, and had been watching the Autobots and Decepticons fight one another. now they were just waiting for their chance to strike.
Their comrade, Backdraft, had supposedly also been freed and given a new form also, but Razer and Dusk hadn't seen him since just before their imprisonment. "Someday," Dusk commented, "We will find Backdraft, and free our Combaticon friends from their Decepticon Brainwashing." "Yes, and when that time comes, we will show both the Decepticons and those pathetic Autobot weaklings who is more powerfull." Razer returned, his voice deep and shadowy.
Razer strode over to the darkened side of the cavern, the wall where the door they had entered was, across from the computer wall. from the door, the cave wall was straight, then angled back into the darkness, shrouding it completely from sight. The pillars, boulders, and such hid the far wall of the partition, making it impossible to judge exactly where the actual cave ended, and where this area began.
The mud-brown Razer tapped a keypad, and the lights in the smaller area flickered and came to life, revealing the contents of the small, carefully hidden part of the cave. A work station, and project table strewn with bits of metal and various tools.
Dusk smiled malevolently as Razer picked up a small metal sphere he had been working on. It was softball-sized, and had overlapping metal plating in squares from one end to the other, and one side had a small box attatched to it. Each end had a small opening, from which a miniature antenna extended. "Believe me," he sighed, "I would like nothing better than to take Megatron apart peice by peice. But we will have to make due with what we have, for the time being." He finished, holding up his newest 'toy'. The bomblike device was designed to release a powerfull energy blast that would instantly scramble and destroy any computer circuitry. Specifically, the delicate circuitry of a cybertronian. The flier picked up a microcircuit frequency adjuster and started working. Dusk watched her lifemate work for a second, thinking of what their homeworld had once been like; Right before the war began. They had been scientists, trusted with the design and invention of new gizmos and gadgets to make life better for all cybertronians. They had worked with some of the most brilliant inventors on the planet. Some unknown to the general public, but still great minds by the their standards. Even the sometimes over-imaginative Autobot Wheeljack would let them into his workshop to see what new project he had going. Although, Dusk mused, being two metres from an explosion wreaked havoc on one's audio receptors, and usually left them ringing for a week.
"Once we have the second device completed, we will finally have our revenge." Razer smiled grimly at the picture. Dusk leaned in, to watch over his shoulder as he worked. "But how do you propose we get the devices into their respective bases without detection?" she asked. She smiled, and added half-jokingly "Hand it to someone and say "Here you go, happy activation day"
Razer paused, and Dusk stepped back from his 'personal space.
He set the sphere on the worktable, and turned to face his lifemate. The devices have an electromagnet, so it will 'stick' to one of their faction, and they will unknowingly carry it into their base." he replied unamusedly. "We then activate it with that transmitter." the cinnamon-brown and green flier pointed to a small rectangle laying on one of the nearby worktables. Dusk nodded thoughtfully, then asked "But what if it malfunctions?" "Have faith in my capabilities, Dusk." he went back to work, then added in a lighter tone. "Don't worry. It won't effect humans, if that's what you're so worried about.If you let me finish my work, I have confidence it will work"
Dusk paused, but Razer gave her a reassuring glance. He turned, and took her hands in his. "Don't worry. If we do succeed, there won't be anymore war. And we can return home to make things right again"
The orb suddenly sputtered and threw sparks. Dusk grabbed a tool and sealed the power leak. When the sparks had faded, she turned to Razer. "I understand it isn't our fault if the humans decide to get in our way. But I don't want any more innocent lives to be sacrificed for the sake of a war they were unwillingly made part of." she replied.
"I know what you're hinting at, love." Razer replied, remembering those on their homeworld who had refused to become part of the violence that swallowed their society. "And they will not have gone offline in vain." He started working again. Soon, we will avenge them, and destroy the ones who began this selfish war. Autobot and Decepticon alike."