From the cliff overlooking the battle, two jets suddenly appeared. Megatron glanced up between exchanged blows with the Autobot leader. Then two more mechs appeared, firing wildly from their vantage point. Blitzwing flew past, strafing the Autobots, and momentarily distracting their leader. Starscream, who was near Megatron, and for some reason still on the ground, asked "Who are they, Megatron?" in a tone implying Megatron would know. "I don't know, Starscream!" Megatron retorted, narrowly ducking another punch from Optimus Prime. Starscream kept firing at the Autobots, but was far enough away to be safely out of range of the Autobot leader's attack. "But you're supposed to know everything, oh mighty leader!" Starscream shot back, screeching as a shot nearly took his head off. Instead it hit the rock next to his head. 'You'll pay for that, auto-brat!" the seeker screeched, firing back with both arm cannons. Megatron was about to reply, but Starscream didn't hear. He had taken off after the two jets that flew over.

Jade swooped down among the fighting Autobots and Decepticons. Turning sideways, she came alarmingly close to Skywarp's face. The black and purple jet was distracted for a second, and received a punch to the faceplates from Ironhide, who he happened to be fighting at the time. thundercracker looked up and took off, Skywarp following.

Windstriker swung down circling Megatron and flew back out. Up on the ledge, Bullet transformed into a sniper rifle and landed in Syus's hands. The green dragon-mech looked through the rifle's scope, looking for a certain person... He spotted Thundercracker and Skywarp in hot pursuit of Jade. On the other end of the valley, Windstriker was leading Starscream through an elusive chase of loops and dives. The sound of their engines bounced across the valley as Windstriker went into a steep dive, then pulled up sharply, hoping to make the red and blue Decepticon crash. Starscream, being more experienced, followed her, easily pulling out of the dive after her. Skywarp and Thundercracker were gaining on Jade, who radioed Syus up on the ledge overlooking the valley. The dragon had his sights aimed on Megatron, but the jet's voice brought him out of his concentration. "Bullet, a little help would be nice here!"

Syus took aim and fired. Thundercracker was too busy chuckling about how easy it would be to shoot her down to notice the high-powered rifle aiming for him. That is, until Bullet's blast pierced his wing. The jet let out a cry, and Jade snickered, doing a flip and twirl to reverse directions. She swung down to fire off a row of shots at the mayhem below.

When Thundercracker came to, he realized what had happened, and shook his head to clear the dizziness. He swore under his vocalizer at the 'stupid femmebot and her friends' and started walking. His wing was too damaged to fly without it hurting almost unbearably, so the jet opted to stay on the ground. As much as he hated to. About two hundred meters away, up a small slope, he could make out the mech that shot him down. He grinned. He'd be able to get his revenge after all. "Nobody shoots down Thundercracker and gets away with it!" he fired with both arm cannons.

He missed. But it did hit the nearby tree.
Unfortunately, Gobee was underneath it. The black mech let out a shrill cry and dove to one side to avoid a ton of burning tree landing on him. He had forgotten about gravity, apparently, and his leap ended in a roll down the other side of the embankment. Gobee, who was rather vocal about his discomfort on the way down smacked into another tree, which swayed dangerously. Gobee winced and covered his face, praying it wouldn't fall on him. The pine tree finally swished to a stop, and the black and silver car uncovered his face. He could still hear the sounds of weapon fire, so he was still in danger. He picked himself up, and cautiously made his way back towards where his friends were, determined to survive this small catastrophe alive.

Sneaking along the tree line, the black mech darted from tree to tree, not even noticing as Thundercracker came up behind him. That is, until the blue jet wrapped an arm around his neck from behind, grabbing his arm and forcing it behind his back with his other arm. "Going somewhere?" the jet chuckled. Gobee knew he was on his own. He had tried to call for help, but the sound was drowned out by the loud weapon fire. Almost instantly, his gun appeared out of subspace in his free hand. Even though Thundercracker was almost twice his size, the jet jumped when the blast hit him. Gobee broke free and ran for where he'd last seen his friends. He would've transformed, but the terrain was too rough to make it in car mode. "I might be small, but at least I can run fast!" the mech thought as he took off up the slope. As soon as his path cleared, he transformed and gunned his engine, hoping he could make it in car mode. the black BMW 530i did a peelout, kicking up dust and stones in his wake. He realized he was going too fast when he skidded past behind Bullet and Syus, and reached the edge of the cliff. He slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. He'd done a slide right off the embankment.

He transformed midair and squeezed his optics shut, hoping to land on his feet the (far) distance to the valley below, but instead felt something grab onto his shoulderplates. He opened one optic, then the other, glanced down and eeped audibly, then looked up. Syus was hovering in his dragon mode, clutching the small mech in his talons. "Are you alright?" Syus asked calmly. Gobee gaped. He hadn't wanted to be here, nevertheless be involved in this fight. He was about to reply, but instead winced when a bright flash of light streaked past his helmet. There was a sound like a shotgun, as Blitzwing's missile connected with Syus's chestplate. The dragon let out a sound halfway between a snarl and a grunt of surprise, and let go of Gobee.

The small mech's world did a loop-de-loop, a full 360 degrees before he slammed into the ground below.

Syus hit the ground, and seeing Blitzwing, took off after the mech to settle their fight. Gobee picked himself up a moment later, shook his head, then put a hand to it. He suddenly realized he was in the middle of the battlefield as several shots whizzed past. The small transformer. froze as cold panic gripped him hard, almost unable to make any of his servos move. He flattened himself against the crevasse wall, realizing how close he had just come to being KILLED!

Shakily, he found his balance, and retreated quickly to the cover of a nearby boulder. Well, if you had been looking at him just then, you would have seen more of a black and silver flash than a small black and silver car mech scrambling for cover, but anyway, Gobee made it behind the rock, and sat down rather abruptly, shaking uncontrollably. He buried his helmet in his arms, trying not to let the shock overtake him, trying to understand it all. "I didn't ask to be a part of this stupid war, why did I have to end up here?" he whimpered to himself. Glancing over, he suddenly realized he wasn't alone back here. There was also a human hiding out here. He was about 17 or so, with light brown hair and brown eyes, and was looking at him curiously. Realizing how small and fragile this human was made Gobee feel like they had something in common.

He suddenly spotted a glint of yellow out of the corner of his optic.

"Spike!" Bumblebee ran over to where his friend was, his handgun aimed at the black and silver mech's helmet.

"Don't move, Decepticon!" the yellow bot commanded.

Even though he was shorter than Gobee by several inches, the handgun was enough to freak out the small car it was aimed at. He drew back against the rock behind him and blurted "PleasedontshootmeI'mnotaDecepticonIswear!" trying to move back more.

Bumblebee scrutinized the mech for a minute, then realized he didn't have any symbols.

"We're... I'm..." Gobee thought for a minute, then tried to make his words come out slower. "I never wanted to be here, or be a part of this battle." He flinched visibly as Bumblebee took a shot at one of the Decepticons over Gobee's shoulder.

"Yeah, well neither do I." Bumblebee turned to Spike. "Prime sent me to make sure you're okay. There's Decepticons all over the place, and I'll try to get you out of here as we can find a way out. Prowl's trying to find someone to give us cover fire on our way out. I'm sorry to have gotten you into this Spike." the minispy apologized.

"It's okay, Bee." Spike replied in a voice that said it really wasn't. But he was trying to make his friend less nervous. "Prowl sent an S.O.S. to the Ark, so backup should be arriving soon." he added.

Gobee looked frightenedly at the battle before him. Somewhere in the distance, a mech cried out as he was shot. A yell of victory came from somewhere else as the twins, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, shot down two more Constructions.

Gobee flinched again as a laserblast whizzed by fairly close. "...why?"

Bumblebee grimaced "Because if we weren't here, the Decepticons would drain this planet of every single drop of energy, and heaven only knows what would happen to the humans if we weren't here.

Gobee turned and gave him a look that said "Understatement of the Century. He looked over at Spike, who was huddled close to his Autobot friend for cover. So fragile, so helpless against the giants that threatened his homeworld. How many more humans would be put in danger, or how many would even die before this battle was over. It frightened him to think about it, but Gobee could only imagine what that would be like. What if those people were his friends? his family? the Autobots didn't hear the car pulling up at the edge of the battlefield.

Sparkplug had sworn never to get anywhere near the battles, and the Autobots had promised to keep Spike out of their fights, but he had heard their SOS signal when it reached the Ark. Why had Spike gone with them!? he knew the risks. If he'd been there, Sparkplug would have stopped him from going along. But he hadn't. And he didn't have time to be angry with his son right now. He just had to find him. He didn't even notice Hook and Bonecrusher coming up towards the sedan out of the forest until they Transformed. The middle-aged man opened the door and ran. Not a moment too soon, too. The car he'd just been in exploded in a ball of bright orange flames. Sparkplug swerved left, catching his foot on a rock, and half-slid half rolled down into the more shallow end of the valley. He looked up to realize just where he was, and froze.

Gobee glanced up at the sky as Windstriker flew over.

Spike suddenly screamed "DAD!" Bumblebee had to grab his friend to keep the teen from running out onto the battlefield.

He peeked out, scanning the field and saw the dark-haired human trying to get to cover among the weaponfire.

First he ran one way, and an energy burst landed at his feet. He turned another way. Another blast.

He heard Prime yell for his troops to hold their fire, but the sound was lost over the din of battle.


Gobee's fuel pump jumped at the sound. "That human is this kid's father!" he thought. He glanced at the struggling boy, who had tears forming in his eyes, and made up his mind.

"You have to do something, Bee!" Spike pleaded.

One energy blast hit so close, Sparkplug was knocked off his feet, and put his hands over his head protectively.

Without a second thought, Gobee jumped to his feet and ran towards where Sparkplug was. Gobee transformed mid-stride, and sped towards the human. Sparkplug looked up at the car speeding towards him, who leapt up and landed a nice flying karate-kick on the approaching Reflector. He then transformed back and swung a door open. "Need a ride?" He asked.

"Thanks!" Sparkplug scrambled in, and Gobee slammed his door. "Hang on!" the black car did a peelout, and sped towards the safety of the boulder, explosions rocking the ground around him. But now Gobee was more worried about the human in his care than his own armor, which he was (kinda) sure would take it.

Once behind the safety of the boulder, Sparkplug got out, and Gobee transformed. "Dad!" Spike and his father hugged, more than happy to see one another. "I was so worried about you! I was afraid that... what if the Decepticons had gotten ahold of you!?" Sparkplug half-admonished.

"You're right, Dad, I should have stayed at base. But I was safe with Bumblebee." Spike tried.

Sparkplug gave him a look that clearly said "We are going to discuss this later." then turned to Gobee. "Thank you, whoever you are." he said breathlessly.

"My name's Gobee." the black-armored blue opticed mech replied, smiling behind his vocoder mask. "And thank you, Autobot." he said to Bumblebee. "For giving me a reason to fight." he drew his hand blaster from subspace. He looked down at the two small (to him) humans. Bumblebee smiled slightly. "No problem, and mine's Bumblebee." Gobee nodded and turned to go. "See you later." He transformed and sped away.

In the air above the battle, Windstriker was having a hard time outrunning the coneheads, Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge.

"We've got her now!" Thrust cackled. "We'll see about that." the purple and tan jet muttered under her breath. Windstriker transformed and put her feet forward, coming to a screeching halt. "Hi." she waved as the jets flew past on either side.

She had already transformed back to jet mode and accelerated in the other direction before they could even turn around. Windstriker and Jade passed each other, and Windstriker fired a missile at Skywarp and Starscream. The black and purple jet didn't even have time to teleport out of the way. He let out a surprised cry as it connected with his wing. Starscream yelled something, probably an insult, but Windstriker didn't hear it. she sped up. Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge accelerated, and Windstriker slowed down a bit. The two were so busy catching up to the purple and tan A-10 thunderbolt in front of them ,they didn't see Jade do a jack-in-the-box maneuver behind them. The mauve and blue seeker did a vertical climb so fast the two never saw her before she fired her blasters at them. Thrust and Dirge spiraled away, trailing smoke, and Ramjet cursed loudly. Jade snickered. "Shame on you. Do ya kiss your maker with that mouth?" she chuckled.

"Thanks for the help." Windstriker radioed. "No problem. Need help with the white one?" Jade replied.

"no thanks, I..."

Windstriker's reply was cut off by the missile that hit Jade's afterburners. Starscream snickered as he rejoined the fight. "Apparently, your weapons are sub-standard, Autobot dolt." he snickered.

"Dagnabbit!" Jade cursed as she collided with the top of the canyon. She bounced off and did a 180, hitting the ground with a thud. "Oh my aching helmet." she transformed and put a hand to her head as she got up. Spike and Sparkplug gawked.

Whirlwind radioed Starscream. "A. we are not Autobots and B..." she transformed and put her feet out in front of her, barely missing scraping Starscream's undercarriage with her chest. She transformed back to jet mode.

"My guns are bigger." She unleashed a round of shots from her gatling cannon, leaving a trail of large ugly holes along the back of the Air commander's wings and tailfins. He screeched and tried to transform. Before he could get completely into robot mode, three more hit him, and one shattered his cockpit window. Windstriker transformed and brought her rifle out, aiming at his chest. "Nighty-night." she smirked and fired.

Starscream got out half a reply before he was knocked out. "Why you... Aaaaugh!"


Windstriker smirked and went back to jet mode.

Jade looked at the two humans, and a grin crossed her features. "Hi." Bumblebee aimed his gun at her, and probably would have shot her, except that he didn't see any faction symbols on her wings. "Just dropping by for a second to say hi." She started to take off, but unfortunately Bullet got knocked out of Syus's hand and landed on top of her.

"This just isn't my day." she groused, shoving the gray Megatron lookalike off her wing.

"I know just how you feel." he replied.

Megatron!" Sparkplug exclaimed.

"Huh?" Bullet and Jade looked at each other.

"No, I'm Bullet. I'm with them." he said, motioning to Jade and the distant Gobee. Then he realized the silly grin Jade had on her faceplates.


"Oh, nothing. I just suddenly realized it wasn't me, and you really do resemble old bucket head. Well... except your sideplates are blue, and you're a different shade of gray..." she trailed off for a moment, then remembered what she was really going to say. "Oh yeah, and we can use that to our advantage. We can lure Megatron, the real one, out of sight of the other Decepticons, and have you fly up and call a retreat. They'll think you're him." the jet suggested. Bullet nodded.

"It might work." Jade prompted.

"I'll go tell Syus." He flew up towards the cliff where the green dragon had regained his old vantage point, and was shooting at various Decepticons with his blaster. Syus looked down, and nodded, noting his second-in-command was all right. He fired off another shot at a passing Decepticon. He would much rather be engaged in hand-to-hand combat with his kitana (sword), but he knew it would be inferior to the firearms being used in the battlefield. And that it would be a loosing battle if he did use it. So he (rather unhappily) settled for shooting at the opposition. Bullet appeared over the edge of the cliff face. Syus nodded and fired at another robot. He couldn't really see the symbols, so he just shot at anyone who got close. Or anyone he could see had the purple sigil.

Bullet started to explain.

Mic and Needle accelerated, screeching past Autobot and Decepticon alike, intent on doing some damage. They'd seen Jade get shot down, and saw Bullet and Gobee go over the edge of the overlooking cliff. Now, they were going to get some payback. If there was ever anything that got either of them mad, it would be damaging one of their friends. And now several of them had been damaged. It had been Windstriker and Jade's choice to go into battle, and Bullet was trying to help. But loyalty was one thing that mattered to all of them. And Bullet was second in rank. That had been decided before they joined this battle. Now Gobee... Gobee hadn't deserved getting shot out of Syus's grip like that. They hadn't seen it clearly, but the duo could have sworn their friends had been shot. And in the tumultuous battle like this... for all they knew he could have been deactivated by now.

And most annoying of all, Megatron had dared to taunt them. That in itself would set off Mic's temper. And it had made Needle mad. The pickup truck could only imagine what was going through his friend's head right now. The black, green, and blue pickup truck followed Mic, who was a white Camaro Z28, as he swerved around a fistfighting Wheeljack and Soundwave.

Mic was the first to transform. Bonecrusher ran up from one side, but Mic grabbed him and tossed him aside. "I'm going to take you apart piece by piece, Megatron!!!" he growled, optics burning with anger. If there was one thing that would get a number of Decepticons out of your way in a hurry, it was a berserker. Needle smirked at the Decepticons that quickly backed off as they rushed forward. Needle already knew her was mad. Just not... well, okay, so he Iwas/I REALLY mad. Anyway, Needle shot at two reflectors, while the third made his getaway. Mic, who had assumed the worst, was out for energon. He hadn't seen Syus or the others since the beginning of the battle, and hadn't even seen Windstriker fly over.

"What the.." Megatron turned just in time to get a powerful punch to the face that sent the Decepticon leader sprawling to the ground. Blitzwing and Longhaul came running up behind them. Both Mic and Needle simultaneously retrieved their blasters from subspace and fired at Megatron. the two would never have gotten free from the two Decepticons if Syus hadn't flown down and shot them both in the back several times. They were knocked down, but not out. Megatron was unfazed, but low on energy. Perhaps he would let this new dragon transformer deal with his subordinates. "Tim! You're alive!" Mic declared happily. Megatron started to get up.
Mic elbowed him as hard as he could, sending him back down. Megatron growled. His sensors were starting to frizz from being so low on power. His plan had been perfect. Now he was going to have to hear it from Starscream the Ientire/I way home. He hoped the jet had been shot down and his vocalizer was damaged. At least. He started to slink to the side, and managed to get away from them. He looked around for Soundwave and the rest of his troops.

Syus ignored Megatron and instead studied his friend. "Perhaps we should leave." he stated evenly.

'Whattya mean leave, we've got them on the run! We can kick their tin metal asses all the way to Cybertron, or wherever they came from!" Mic argued. Needle just nodded in silent agreement from beside him. He wanted just as badly as Mic to go do some more damage, but he knew better than to argue with their leader.

Syus regarded Mic and Needle with a look that said he was reading their body language and expressions like a book. "It is futile to fight anymore. The battle is nearly over, and it will only cause more damage to our group." he stated, once more scanning the anger written across his friend's face. "Don't worry, Jon. Our friends are fine. They are still alive." he reassured.

The trio made their way up to the top of the valley, avoiding Decepticons. Jade made her way up to where they were, and Syus flipped on his communicator, voice still deceptively calm. "Everybody fall back. We are retreating."

"No, we have to force them back." a voice suddenly said from beside them. A familiar form appeared, making Syus almost do a double take. Wyldkat smirked inwardly. She'd been just another dumb car. Until now, that is. Jade did do a double take, openly surprised. "Wyldkat!!? Oh my gosh!!! Dennis is gonna have a heart attack when he..."

"Don't you dare." Wyldkat interceded, firing a shot at a passing Decepticon.

The group looked up as Megatron and Prime were seemingly facing off again. The Decepticons were still trying to pick off the few remaining Autobots, which was currently about half, and they weren't giving up.

Hook and Scrapper limped onto the scene. Apparently they were the two that had been knocked out earlier.

Megatron announced loudly "It is time to finish this, Prime!!!" He motioned to the constructions. "Constructions, merge into Devastator!" Slowly but surely, the six mechs transformed and merged to form a giant towering menace. Megatron fired his arm cannon at Prime, but a rust-colored blur got in between them.

Megatron growled and fired again. This time he hit Prime, even though Ironhide had intercepted the first shot. Before either Autobot could recoil from the fusion cannon blasts, the greenish-yellow monstrosity known as Devastator stomped up, grabbing up both Autobots. The gestalt threw Ironhide into his teammates like a rag doll, sending Cliffjumper flying, and getting surprised protests from several Cassetticons that were attacking them. "Prepare for termination, Optimus Prime." The giant threw the red and blue Autobot at the ground at his feet with all his strength.

"Ooh." Jade and Wyldkat both cringed.

"That had to hurt." Jade noted.

Megatron walked up to about six feet away from where Prime was laying facedown and aimed his arm cannon at the leader's head. Prime raised his head enough to give Megatron a defiant look. "Now, where was I, Prime?" Megatron smirked maliciously.

"Oh yes, I remember now. The part where I win and you lose!" he cackled and powered up his arm cannon...

Suddenly there was a metallic flash, and a purple and tan femme jet stood between the two adversaries, weapons drawn. "Leave him alone, Megatron." she said icily.

Windstriker had placed herself dead-center in front of the most dangerous mech in the galaxy.

The Decepticon leader shot her a bemused look. "Or you'll do what, female?"

Bullet fired a shot between the two from above, hitting Starscream who was running up to settle his own personal vendetta with the femme. In the instant the shot passed between the two, Windstriker and Megatron both glanced up at where Bullet and the others were standing. But Megatron's attention went back to his opponent faster than Windstriker, and he delivered a powerful punch in the jaw that sent the femme flying back almost on top of Optimus.

She landed next to him, and started to get up, but Megatron fired his arm cannon, sending her down again, chest and side sparking. "Wendy!" Jade yelled from above. But Syus grabbed her arm. He simply shook his head, drawing surprised looks from his comrades.

"Wait for it."

Megatron started forward. "Just who do you think you are to think that the likes of you can defeat Me!?" laughter could be heard faintly in the background. The other Decepticons, probably.

Every circuit seemed to pulse with pain. Realizing there was smoke coming from underneath her made her realize just how damaged she was. Now she, too, was facedown, as though in some sort of perverted worship of this warlord who threatened the world she cared about. Windstriker tried to get back up, but realized she could barely move

"What a pity. Now I'll just have to destroy you both." the tall silver Decepticon chuckled evilly from a few feet away.

Still able to see, Windstriker turned her head slightly to see the mech beside her. Their gazes connected, and Whirlwind felt something flash through her.

" ...Optimus.."

Before the Decepticon leader could advance again, the jet turned and fired four shots in a row at his head. All four connected with their target.

"Now." Syus said.

Megatron growled. "Why you little..."

His insult was cut off by a wild war cry from above. The mauve-and-blue seeker slammed into Megatron, sending him back to slam into the crevasse wall. Before he could react, Syus lunged, impaling him with his Kitana. Mic nudged his way forward and landed a nice one-two punch before wrapping his hands around the Decepticon leader's throat.
He growled. Megatron squirmed, coolant pouring from the hole in his chest armor. "Soundwave... help.. me..." he called weakly.

Mic leaned in, so their faces were mere inches apart. "There's no help for you now, Megatron." he growled, a sinister smile making his intent clear.

Syus removed his sword, checked it for dents and looked at Mic. "Let him go, mic." he stated, sheathing his sword. "What? No! Why the hell do you want me to let him go now!?" Mic demanded, grip tightening. Syus simply motioned upward. Mic rolled his optics upward to find Devastator looming over them, hand on hips.

The white car did a two-second rethink, then let go.

The group instantaneously went seven separate directions as the silver Decepticon leader hit the ground with an audible 'thud'. Devastator didn't know whether to give chase, who to chase, or to see to his leader first.

Jade hurried over to Windstriker while Devastator was distracted and hauled her up. "Are you okay?" Jade asked.

"Do I look okay?" Windstriker replied sarcastically, collapsing and causing the smaller seeker to stagger under the weight. Syus came over to help her off the smoldering battlefield. Jade glanced back at the Autobot leader, but continued on. The red and blue Autobot looked at each of them from where he had fallen. The sound of jet engines echoed across the sky, and a white form collided with devastator. Jade looked up. "Oh sure, now the Aerialbots show up." she shook her head.

Megatron struggled and failed to find his feet. Mechfluid leaked from where one of his lines had been nicked by Syus's sword. The strike had also damaged his equilibrium circuitry, too, apparently. "Decepticons, retreat." he called. Devastator separated into the constructions, and Soundwave made his way over to help him up.

Syus looked at the retreating group. "Well." Jade finally said to Bullet. "At least we didn't have to use that plan we had." Bullet looked back at her. "Because we couldn't get Megatron away from the others. Perhaps next time, we should rethink our strategy."

Windstriker lifted her head. "Yathink?" she groaned, then put her head back down. Jade looked worriedly at her. "So what now? I don't know if the Autobots would help us, and we don't have any other means of getting Windy fixed." she said.

Gobee started forward, down into the valley, and towards where the Autobot's medic was seeing to repairs on Prime. He looked up.

Mic started forward, too. Ratchet put himself between Prime and the new group and aimed his gun at them.

"Apparently, they don't get the idea." Mic started forward faster.

Brawn and Windcharger also aimed their weapons at them. Cliffjumper fired off a shot at Mic.

"Hey! Why you little..." He started to aim his gun, but Jade leapt forward. "Hey, waitaminute! Mic!"

Windstriker made a noise as she went over to one side. Syus glanced at her "Jade!" he barked.

The jet looked over at the other Autobots, who were also damaged, some more than others, who were coming out from behind cover. A couple more, she couldn't think of their names, aimed weapons at them. One tried to shoot at them, but missed completely. Even if they were capable of helping, the Autobot medic would have his hands full for a while. Besides, it looked like the Autobots didn't want to help them anyway. Even after they saved Prime.

"Let's go." Mic said disgustedly.

They turned back to the cliff, and looked up at where Syus had been a moment ago to find he wasn't there.

The trio looked at each other and hurried up the cliff to find a strange pair of flyers talking to Syus. The first, apparently a mech, was reddish brown, with black and green highlights. He had wings that angled downward, and a cockpit rested on his chest. You couldn't see his face for his dark almost black optic visor, and vocoder mask.

His companion, who was apparently a femme, was squatting next to Windstriker, who was sitting against a rock. The femme, who was red and blue, with purple and pink accents seemed to have the exact same transformation as the mech. "And then..." Windstriker explained. "He just hit me with that... cannon of his."

The femme flier nodded. "It's called a fusion cannon."

Windstriker nodded. "I figured. But I didn't know it was that powerful."

The red, pink and blue femme nodded again. she didn't have a visor covering her optics like the mech,, but had the vocoder mask. Her optics were a cornflower blue, a sort of blue with purplish hues to it. More less a purplish-blue.

"Your flight systems have been short-circuited, and your equilibrium and balance centers may have been effected as well." she explained.

"Your friend is damaged." the reddish brown, black, and green mech said. Jade and Mic gave each other a glance. Syus nodded. "We would be most thankful if you could help her out. However, we are not looking to join any faction." he started to turn away. The femme made a sound like she'd just been insulted. "Nor do we." she added under her breath.

The darker colored mech explained. "Nor are we. We have no faction. We are neutrals. we help all those that have been wounded by this war." He turned to look at the femme, the on towards the horizon. "We can repair your friend at our base. We ask nothing in return."

The femme-flier nodded. "I'm Dusk." she introduced.

The mech turned around and extended a hand in the customary terran greeting. "I am Razor." Syus grasped his forearm in a warrior's greeting. Razor smiled under his vocoder mask. "I have not received such a greeting since my days on Cybertron long ago." he turned to walk up to Windstriker. "Come, we will show you the way."

Dusk, the femme, helped Windstriker to her feet. "I can carry you if you like." she offered.

Windstriker looked at Syus. "I would rather...umm..."

Syus stepped forward. "I can take you"

"thanks." Windstriker looked a bit sheepish as the Dragon-former picked her up. The flyers transformed and lifted off.

"Vertically", Jade noted. She hadn't seen anything like them on Earth. They looked nothing like any Earth jet she'd ever seen. They had absolutely no tail section, and only two small ridges that started halfway down the sides of the cockpit that squared off at the back that might be taken as tail fins. They looked something like the batwing, she smirked. But the wings were smooth, almost angular, and thicker at the body of the jet than the ends, which each wing angled forward in a sort of odd L shape.

Needle, Mic, and Gobee transformed, and Wyldkat took the lead. Jade transformed and followed the fliers and Syus in the air. "There's a reason why I don't know who you are." the jet thought. "And I am going to find out why."


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