Nine Tails (New Verson)

BY: Lady Danielle

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Honda Meets Sohma

This is her new job for now on, she's been talking to her patient for a year now on the phone, and now it its time to finally meet. She didn't expect her patient belong to this family though, the Sohma family. She moved to this part of Japan with the rest of her family to be a councilor for a very rich patient and who is known as the highest person of the Sohma clan. Her patients name is Akito Sohma and she's the only patient she will come to their home and talk to her personally.

She walks to the main house, a servant opens the door, and she's lead to the doctor of the family, Hatori. She's known Hatori for three years now, but never met in person. They go into his office and talk about Akito.

"Please to finally meet you, Hatori-San." She smiles and shakes his hand.

"Pleasure, Lisa-San." He responds to the shake and gives her folders. "These are your papers you wanted to have."

"Thank you." She takes the folder or paper and looks up at him with her long back hair and blue eyes. "Now, will I be meeting Akito today or is she still sleeping?"

"You can meet her now." He walks towards the door and leads her to Akito room.

When they arrive at the room, it was dark, and a Akito is at the window, looking outside. Akito turns around and looks at Lisa. "Are you Lisa?" she looks at her.

"Yes, Akito I am." She bows out of respect. "Now, are you feeling better?"

"Look at me, I'm pale as ever."

"Because you've been inside a lot."

"I belong in the darkness. I'm cursed."

"It's only is a curse if you allow it." She gently says and takes a step forward. "Do you want to talk or want me to leave?"

"Let's talk." Akito walks over to Lisa then hugs her. She sniffs her clothes, smells of roses, and then looks at Hatori from behind. "You may go Hatori."

"Is it all right if we go outside?" Lisa asks.

"If Akito wishes."

"I wish it. Go away." Akito orders angrily.

Once Hatori left Lisa looks at Akito. "Akito, I told you, you have to work on your manners."

"Why should I? It's their entire fault I'm like this. I'll treat them how I want to treat them."

"Like I always say, only you control your own actions and only you can make a curse a curse. It can be a gift sometimes."

­­­­­­­­­­­­They came here because of Nine Tails, the next in line of their family. Half of the family came from the island to come to the real Japan, to the real world. She came from the world of animals and some humans. Her world is full of fighting, blood, and animals. He job is to protect the ones she loves. That's why she's here and not out running around. For her own grief, she's been here many times, a year ago really, before she went to high school back home. She was the assistant master with her best and only human friend and his father. Her title for assistant master is taken to Kyo Honda, and her only master will be Shishou since its his dojo. She skip her first day today by sleeping in since she arrive last night, It's in the after noon and she wants to see old friends again. Since this place is strange to her, she gotten lost many times, but finally found the dojo. And since its after school, no one was in session yet. They are in the locker room dressing. She steps inside with her socks on, and knocks on the sliding door.

"Master Shishou. Kyo-San?" she asks.

No answer. She leaves her stuff at the door and walks around the dojo to see what has change. Nothing has changed, but the trophy cabinet. She walks over to it and looks at the 1st place trophy she and her teammate's one in the Martial Arts Tournament. She opens the lock and takes the trophy out.


"Hey, who are you and what do you want? Put that down!" a familiar voice run through the dojo.

She turns around with a smile and sees two figures inside the dojo and looking at her. The elder one was her master and the youngest one is her shocking friend, Shishou and Kyo Sohma. She smiles, holding the trophy in her arms.

"Nice to see you again, Kyo and Master Shishou." She smiles at them, turning her back, and putting the trophy back in the case. She hears a tap and turns around and respond s to the punch that was coming towards her. She turns to the side and flips over her opponent and holds him down. Her long orange hair touches his cheek and her amber eyes looks into his orange.

"Why didn't you call?" he ask.

"I was busy, but I did right for a while."

"You could at lease called me or Master."

"I called Master I was coming to see you today. I told him not to tell you that I came though. I wanted it to be a surprise because this is the day I'm going to win my title of assistant master back."

"Hmp, you're on."

"You know you've never beat me at any combate so, prepare yourself Kyo Sohma!" she gets up and jumps back. "You couldn't beat me four years up in the mountains and I won't let you take my place now."

"Yeah, what ever."

She always like Kyo, but he was her's best friends lover; Kagura. Kagura is the reason she didn't contact him after a year. They've known each other since they were ten years old and fell in love with him at 13.

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