"And just the heck is this thing?" Ryoko asked, floating in front of Washu - seemingly unimpressed by its bland layout. Her tail curled around the front of her waist poking the object, held firmly in Washu's hands.

Ryoko peered at it from every angle. A wooden 3D rectangle shaped almost like a bird's feeding box with a definite oak appearance and a large black hole in middle. Plastic leather straps hung from around Washu's neck, which were clamped onto a rim sticking out. Washu on the other hand was dressed quite traditionally as if preparing for a festival. Ryoko quirked a brow wondering what scheme she was up to.

Washu huffed "This, is not a thing. But a very special fortune teller"

"Really? And why are you dressed like that?" Ryoko quizzed.

Washu grinned, she always took pride in explaining her intentions - or inventions. "It fits the mood" she replied, "People will flock to the Masaki shrine for their accurate fortunes! This baby makes the fortune you pull out come true... as if by magic. But that's all nonsense as it's all done by science."

Everyone couldn't help but "ooooo" at the sound of it. Ayeka became slightly more interested, standing up she looked to the box almost as if it was a great treasure.

"My Washu, it certainly sounds interesting. But let's say I pulled out a certain fortune, could the man I desire be mine?"

Ryoko growled pushing the princess away "Hey! Beat it princess, who said your greedy mitts could touch it first!"

Ayeka forced herself up facing Ryoko with a clenched fist "Oh and who said a thieving space pirate like yourself could get your hands on it, hmm!"

Washu sweatdropped, there they go again she thought.

In the midst of their argument Tenchi reached forward, reached in and took out a fortune. It was neatly wrapped and only required little effort to pull it open. Before he could, Sasami called out to everyone.

"Dinner's ready!" She yelled.

At once Ryoko stopped, as did Ayeka. No doubt they were starving, all they had was some green tea by the tree with mostly everyone. In an instance they began to dart for the house. Washu began to walk but Tenchi began to collect the objects and blanket.

"Washu?" Tenchi called "Could you tell them I'll be a little while. I'll just collect all this and bring it in.

Washu nodded and took her time to the house.

Tenchi began to stack the cups in his arm before placing them into the basket one by one and neatly. He was about to put the almost empty teapot into his arm when the fortune he didn't open flew to the ground as light as tiny feather blown in the gentlest wind. Placing the teapot down, he picked it up studying it as if it was the first time. Might as well open it, he thought. From a first glance he jerked reading the words "BAD LUCK". He paused fearing what his bad luck would be, thinking about the hetics he's had with all these alien women he dared not know. Still, maybe it was harmless he laughed inside.

The words from which he read slowly wrote "You will encounter a great misfortune in the not too distant future..." Oh no he thought, that didn't sound particularly welcoming. Millions of specks of ideas ran through his mind, but wait.. why was he so worked up? Knowing Washu it was probably a failed invention or she was overreacting. He calmly put the fortune inside his pocket, gathered the objects in the basket and began to walk off.

Suddenly, Tenchi heard a faint whooshing sound and a looming shadow growing larger below his own. He quickly spun around but only caught a glimpse of a large object smacking straight into his skull knocking him out.


Bird's chirping high in the dazzling trees was the first sound Tenchi's ears picked up from his sleeping state. Tenchi's eyes opened slowly, the bright sun dazzling his eyes so much he immediately swept a hand over his eyes and resting them there. At once a soft throbbing picked up inside his head before shifting to a constant throb. He groaned feeling the throb causing his head to feel like a drum in use.

Slowly he up righted himself into sitting position, the sun still feeling like a worse effect to his headache. Despite the throbbing inside, his mind went backwards recalling the accident. Oh! He gasped, his memory quickly recovering. He swung his head quickly to his side along with his body soon after. Another gasped followed seeing what hit him from above, it was a women!

Gently he cupped a hand underneath near her chest and the other by her waist, then twisting her around. Still unconscious he gathered.

Immediately he blinked, maybe the sun was playing tricks on him, as she looked very similar. Teal hair was tied up the back of her head with an orange clip and the face made him feel familier with it, despite orange tinted shades across her eyes. Gently he cupped a hand under her neck and lifted it slightly.

"Miss?" Tenchi called softly.

She didn't rouse, but the second time Tenchi called a low groan was heard from the women's throat. Her eyes shut harder seemingly from a bad dream being thrown upon her. Soon both eyes opened with the look of daze in them. Her mouth opened as if to speak as she slowly shifted her eyes in one direction to another. Another shorter groan was heard, this time words came forth.

"Everything's so blurry.." the women's voice crackled. "Who... who's there?" The eyes seemed to strain trying to focus Tenchi's blurry figure into prospective. It hurt her head to even try, no doubt a minor concussion as she fell on his head.

"My name is Tenchi, miss" he paused "I believe you've suffered a minor concussion, I'll take you inside to recover" he smiled; even though he realised she couldn't see such a faint line on his face. He paused, as he was about to lift her with both arms, generally like a hero carrying his maiden away. She did not budge, allowing him to carry her.

As Tenchi walked at a steady pace towards the house something came to mind. How would Ryoko and Ayeka react? Jealous? Caring? He shook the conflicting thoughts out of his mind. He would stand strong if Ryoko suspected him of sneaking in someone; but that seemed over the top for Ryoko, right? Tenchi sighed as he came to the door and slid it open.

Tenchi made a quick poke around the corner of the door before going in. Ryoko and Ayeka were stood there looking out the window when Ayeka clasped her hands together seeing Tenchi.

"Tenchi!" Ayeka wailed in joy, approaching him with light steps "What took you so long? I was so worried"

"Well I.."

"Woah, who's this?" Ryoko interupted "Don't tell me ANOTHER one's fallen from space!" Ryoko rubbed her head "How many is it now?"

Ayeka turned sharply towards Ryoko "Ryoko! don't be so rude!"

"Peh.." Ryoko turned her head away with an uncaring, uninterested look; usually to bother Ayeka with.

"Actually.." Tenchi stopped mid speech thinking about how she suddenly landed on him out of thin air. He didn't know quite how to put it. Maybe, he wonderd, it was something to do with teleportation. He steadily met Ryoko's eyes giving a concerd glance as if he suddenly became clueless again "She just appeared suddenly behind me and before I could gather anything she landed on me and knocked both of us out."

Both of their eyebrows arched and quickly looked at each other in wonderment.

"Odd" Ayeka ponderd to herself before raising her head to Tenchi "Maybe it was teleportation; an accidental one"

"Mmm.. sounds fishy to me" Ryoko spoke in an suspicious tone, her tail idly wagging behind her.

The women althougth concious, was having great difficulty hearing their booming voices which her ears couldn't translate properally into words as all she heard was low pitched and high pitched booms void of anything understandable. The booming words began to make her ears hurt and strain in trying to understand them and despite convernig her ears it failed to help. She opened one eye and raised her throbbing head in a vain attempt to depict Tenchi out.

"Please stop.." she rasped quietly "All I can hear is booming echoes" she slumped her head back down and yelped quickly feeling the pain in the back of her head rise.

Tenchi quickly stopped and looked down, as did Ayeka and Ryoko. Tenchi, in a quiet tone barley hearable asked Ryoko to fetch and ice pack out the freezer. Ryoko agreed, anything to please Tenchi. Tenchi began to walk upstairs to his room foguring his bed would be the best place for her rest, when Ayeka quickly followed him up.

Tenchi slowly eased the women onto his bed and stepped back waiting for Ryoko. To no suprise Ryoko floating up from the floor with a small sized pack held high in her hand. Tenchi took it, walked steadily towards the women and slowly eased it onto her head.

Tenchi winced as his words came out hoping not to hurt her ears again. "How are you feeling miss?" Tenchi looked at her eyes, they seemed to be able to focus now.

Another stifled groan was heard "Better... I think, but.. how did I land on you?"

Tenchi scratched his head, he too didn't have an answer to that "I'm not sure, it's as if you appeared out of thin air"

"Ah, how about I go ask Washu? She'll know" Ayeka asked.

Tenchi nodded "Good idea"

Ryoko yawned letting herself float down into the floor again "Think I'll go have a nap" She idly sank through leaving Tenchi alone with the stranger.

The women sighed, sounding annoyed. "I swear, if it's Washu again.. I'm going.. to..."

"Wait, did you say Washu?" Tenchi interrupted

"Yes? Why?"

"It sounded like you know her. Are you a colleague?"

The women's eyes widened from a slit looking at him in the eye.

"What? Did that blow to your head give you amnesia? Huh? And why on earth are you wearing that old uniform?"

What seemed like a million questions were just a jumbled mess of confusion with just two. Tenchi couldn't quiet grip the situation here, not even one solution popped into his mind. His words formed into a jumbled mess unable to think of which question to answer first. The teal haired women sat up placing the ice pack on the table and giving him a concerned, confused glare. She removed her shades and at once Tenchi gasped.

"Are you alright Tenchi?"

"Wh..WHA! How did you know my name?" Tenchi backed up slightly "And who are you? You look familier?" Tenchi's eyes strained at all the details on her face, the eyes he thought. Where have I see those before?

The women arched a brow his words "Are you sure you don't have amnesia?" She pointed to her face indicating herself "It's me Kiyone, remember?"

Tenchi's face went agasp. He looked as if he'd been given some shocking news and almost skipped a breath snapping back into reality. "What? Didn't you just leave with Mihoshi?"

The supposidly women who was Kiyone doned the same confused look as Tenchi eariler with her mouth slightly adjar "I did?" she rubbed her temples trying to recolect

Tenchi groaned trying to piece together what happend today. But it was no use, it was as if this women came from another dimension.

"Look.. I'll just go talk to Washu." She said causing Tenchi to look back to her.

"I'll come with you" Tenchi followed

She nodded once and retrived her shades from the bed and placed them back on. The women went first followed by Tenchi down the stairs to Washu's lab. Once they reached the bottom they saw Ayeka come out. It took no more than a second for her to look up and regnoise Tenchi in which she then trotted over.

"Washu said she's a little busy at the moment and said not to be disturbed. I tried to ask her but.." Ayeka sighed "It's so hard to cnovince her when she gets like that.

Tenchi sweatdropped agreeing "Don't worry, I'll try rouse her. Thanks Ayeka"

Ayeka bowed polietly to Tenchi and calmy walked into the kitchen. The teal haired women broke the silence as she led on, upon which Tenchi quickly caught up with her. He took quick occasional glances at her eyes trying to place where he'd seen them. At one point her eyes averted to his catching him in the act. Tenchi jerked feeling embarissed.

"Is something wrong with my eyes?" She asked as she opend Washu's door, curious if she'd gotten a black eye or scrape during her fall.

Tenchi shook his head, his mouth halting as words tried to come out upon hearing Sasami call him. Still in his fit of minor panic Tenchi turned shariply towards Sasami. But upon turning his shoudler jerked so hard he caused to women to slip into Washu's interdimensional portal. He herd a thud and went white turning back.

Sasami looked puzzled for a moment "Tenchi?"

"Oh Sasami!" Tenchi fretted momenterally "Hello there"

Sasami huffed not replying, she waved her wooden spoon frantically "Tenchi, your dinner's cold now! What took you?"

Tenhci looked down, he knew how much pride Sasmai took in everyone enjoying her meals and he missed it due to being knocked out cold thanks to the women he just knocked over. "I'm so sorry Sasami but something came up. could you heat it up for me?"

Sasami sighed "Ok, but it's so unlike you to miss dinner unanounced"

He watched Sasami retreat back into the kitchen

His eyes flowed over the knelt women who was rubbing her cheek, no doubt where she fell upon impact. Feeling a presence behind her she turned around and scowled.

"Uhn... why did you push me Tenchi?" the voice sounded upon the brink of her patience snapping.

Tenchi flinched again "I.. I'm sorry.. Sasami was turning the corner and accidently knocked you over" he slumped his head.

A slow sigh of annoyance escaped her throat standing up to face him. Before she managed to utter sound, Washu appeared from behind through one of her doors.

"Oh!" she gasped "What's the visit for you two?"

Two? Tenchi spoke inside his mind surprised.

"Wait, you know her Washu?"

Washu gave him a concernd confused look "Tenchi, isn't it obvious?" she indicated with her thumb "Kiyone"

This whole day was becoming so confusing, making poor Tenchi feel like the odd one out. He groaned, feeling like diving into a puddle and hopefully emerging in reality, nothing made sense here. At least not yet.

"What!" Tenchi rummaged through his hair feeling his mind hurt with confusion. Tenchi gave the women another look over "She just appeared out of thin air."

Washu ignored Tenchi and walked close to who appeared to be Kiyone, giving her a look over with a few prods here and there. "Hmm..." Washu tapped her chin and stepped back. "Tenchi? Let me see that fortune."

"Fortune?" the teal haired women quizzed twisting her head to Tenchi.

At once Tenchi responded with a sigh of relief feeling as if this whole situation would be made sense to him. Walking to Washu he willingly gave it to her, wanting to be let in on things. Washu opened it, a few seconds went by before she smirked and laughed a touch.

"Haha! It does work!" she smiled at Tenchi tossing the fortune nearby.

Deep inside Tenchi felt a sudden feeling of relief was over him. His inner yearning reaction felt like shaking Washu like an excited child wanting to be let in on a secret. Inside it felt like he was freed from curiosity. Infact he felt more excited than curious.

"Huh? I don't understand. Tell me Washu."

Washu shook her head "Silly boy, she IS Kiyone. You just brought this one from the future." With so little words and so much simplicity Washu spilled it out so clearly. She caught Tenchi's eyes widen and jaw sag in shock more than surprise.

Kiyone blinked and looked surprised but then seemed understanding. It made sense to her too, Tenchi looking younger and still wearing his school uniform. She turned toward Tenchi; arms crossed "That explains it.." she gave an glare towards Washu "Somehow I knew it was you"

Tenchi did a double take trying to force himself back into a state of mind. All over he felt nervous striking him instantly and washing over him like a loose wave. He felt quite foolish and stupid. "I uh..." he gritted his teeth feeling the impending doom of embarrassment loom over him "I thought you was a stranger" he quickly put on a brave face and laughed, stopping when he saw their faces.

"...No surprise there." Washu nodded with displacement.

Kiyone sighed nodding with her.

Tenchi mourned for sympathy feeling like a complete fool. If a wasp came for him he probably would mistake it for a bee before realising the truth. Oh how alone he felt now, feeling like he was the only person in existence right now, probably the only one stupid enough he thought to be in this country.

Washu giggled and waved her hand at Tenchi "You're so amusing Tenchi.." she grinned.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Washu." Kiyone clasped a fist in her palm "since it's clear I'm in the wrong time can you send me back?" Kiyone asked.

"My time machine?" Washu assumed with certainty "Oh, alright, I WAS hoping to probe your brain of the future... but alright" Washu frowned, disappointed as she headed them all with her. Kiyone sweatdropped thanking what heavily forces changed Washu's weird mind.

Once arriving through the vast dimensional tunnel of one of Washu's doors they both looked up towards the huge towering machine before them. All except Washu's face darkened remembering the last time they used it. It was to go back in time to save Tenchi's mother from being killed thus the Masaki family dying out. But not without complications of finding the location and date of her death, not to mention the threat of the culprit who killed Achika. A1-class criminal KAIN, whom destroyed the GP HQ and managed the amazing ability to go back in time. All thanks to Washu though, KAIN was stopped but not without a consequence. Tenchi's mother used up her Jurai power in that single battle, living only another decade or so. The thought slumped Tenchi into a wondering sorrow, remembering the snowy day she died.

"Oh.." Washu slowly spoke in a concered tone, snapping Tenchi from his daydream.

"What's wrong Washu?" Kiyone spoke jerking forward to the machine beside Washu.

"This doesn't look good.."