Call of the Spirit

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(----) Different point of view

(-/-/-) Flash back


Chapter 1

He blinks as he stares at this book that lies on the ground. He swore that he had been surrounded by fog, but it disappeared and this odd book appeared. He looks around him, looking to see if Kazu and Kenta were around.

He doesn't spot anyone that he knows and he moves towards the book. He picks it up and opens it. He flips through some of the pages as he skims through it. He can't read a single word of what's written in the book. He did notice the pictures and the symbols on some of the pages. He frowns as he studies the words and he knows he's seen something like them before.

It then occurs to him that the writing was like the stuff he's seen watching the Digimon Adventures. He grins and wonders if this is someone's made up story about Digimon. He finds a fold out page and stares at the two drawings of what looks to be a Garurumon and some kind of red winged Greymon.

He closes the book and begins to head for home. He'll need help to decode the book, but he's really interested in what kind of story is written in the book. He knows his parents will frown when they see the book in his arms, he does tent to be a bit of a pack rat. He remembers the goggles that he found in the garbage and can't believe that someone would throw out perfectly good goggles.

He checks the time as he enters through the back door of the bakery. He can hear his parents busy and he tries to creep past the kitchen where his father is most likely busy cleaning up. He makes it to the stairs and just as he's about to be half way up, he hears his dad ask, "Takato is that you?" He pauses and says, "Yea dad, it's me. Just going to clean up for dinner!" He then bolts the rest of the way up the stairs.

He enters his room and places the book on his desk. He sighs and heads to the bathroom to wash his hands. Then he heads to the living room to watch Digimon. He hears rumours of a second season, but if there is one, it's not coming out until next year.

He flops onto the couch and turns on the TV. He changes the channel and finds that it's a repeat. It's the one where Joe's partner Digivolves. He hears his mom ask, "Is your homework done?" He yells, "Yes mom! I finished it before going out." He returns to watching the TV.

After thirty minutes, the show ends and he turns off the TV before his mom cries out, "Supper!" He gets off the couch and heads to the table. He pulls out a chair and sits on it. His stomach growls at the sight of food and his dad chuckles. "So, did they have those cards you wanted?" His dad asks. "No, they were sold out. I'll have to wait until next week for the next shipment." He tells his dad.

His mom finally finishes and sits down. They soon dig into the food, he had school tomorrow and his homework was due too. He did finish his homework before leaving to go buy cards for the Digimon card game. He's been saving money since his tenth birthday and he knows he has enough to buy a starter pack and three booster packs. He did odd jobs for his parents and for some people around the bakery.

He finishes and clears off the table as his parents head for the living room to relax in front of the TV. He does the dishes and puts them away. He then heads back up stairs to go through the odd book more carefully. He might even get ideas for some drawings.

He turns off the room's light and turns on the lamp on the desk. He opens it to the first page and takes out a piece of paper to write the coded words onto it. He'll then take it to school and see if Kazu and Kenta could help him decode it. He can't help but feel that whatever is written in this book was a really great story and he really wants to know what it is, even if it takes him a whole year to decode it.


It's been two months since he began the task of decoding it and, sadly, both of his friends were too busy playing the Digimon card game to be any help to him. He decided to make copies of the pages and hand them out to anyone who wanted to take a crack at it. So far, the only letters that he knows are the ones for A, E, G, and M.

Some of the people would in time quit and he'd need to find others to help him decode the letters. He did have three who have been more constant and they were Jeri, Shoji, and Nick. He did know Jeri for he's had some classes with her before, though Shoji and Nick are in higher grades then him. Still he's thankful for their continued help. Even though it looks like Jeri was beginning to lose interest in decoding recently, for the last time Jeri and him talked about it was just last week and they haven't meet up since.

He sighs and pushes those thoughts out of his head. He stares at the page in front of him and at the erased letters below some of the code. He then hears Kazu and Kenta coming towards him. He looks up and listens to their conversation.

"I can't believe that they're going to have a tournament in two months! I wish I could enter, but you know, vacation at my uncle's beach house." Kazu complains. Kenta nods and says, "I'm visiting my grandmother's while my parents go to China." Then both at once sigh and say, "Bummer." His friends notice him and Kazu asks, "Are you still going over that stupid code Takato? Man, I can't understand why you're so interested in that stuff when the coolest thing ever is the Digimon card game! I've beaten Kenta like twenty times now and I need a new opponent. Don't tell me you still haven't found time to buy any cards because of that stupid code!"

He looks embarrassed as he mutters something softly. "I didn't hear you!" Kazu says. He sighs and says louder, "I haven't open the cards yet." Both look at him like his an idiot. "You have the cards and you just haven't open them? I knew you're crazier then a noodle soup." Kazu says sadly as the pair then heads into the dino to get their card boxes.

He returns to his paper and tries to tune out his friends as they begin to play the card game. He blinks as something occurs to him. He repacks his things and heads off to find Nick and Shoji. He just hopes he'll find them before supper, or he might forget what the idea is. He says, "Bye, see you guys tomorrow!" He doesn't know if they said anything for he's busy remembering the places that the pair hangs out at.

He finds them at the 7-11 store and slows down. "What's the hurry, small pint?" Nick asks. He takes a deep breath and says, "I just thought about something. May the code is arrange in a different language? You know, like in English or Chinese." Both twelve year olds blink and Shoji nods slowly. "Good idea." Nick says. "Dido." Shoji says and they chat a bit. Then he notices the time and races home before his parents begin to worry about where he is.


She scowls as she finishes signing up for the Digimon card game tournament. She doesn't even know why she's here, but she is and she walks towards the room where the guy points. As she enters, she counts the competition. Considering that the game's new and this is the first official tournament, there are quite a few entries.

She walks over to a spot by a corner in hopes of being left alone. She sits down for a good three minutes before someone comes up to her and says, "Hey, I'm Ryo Akamiya." She sends the guy a glare, Ryo then says, "Busy, huh? Well, see you later." She watches as the guy walks away. She doesn't know why, but there's always some idiot that thinks she needs company. Some don't take the hint like Ryo and she usually has to hurt the guy to send them packing.

Her hand rests on the card deck hanging from her belt. There's very few chatting in the room and those that were are whispering between them. She's glad, for it means that she doesn't have to listen people either talking about her or about their stupid problems. She just waits for them to be lead out of the room and to where they'll be duelling.


He sits in front of the TV, but isn't watching, as he is busy piecing sentence around. Between them, Nick, Shoji, and himself, they finally know what symbol is what and they also know that it's arranged in the English way of things, so he's using a English to Japanese dictionary to help get the story into Japanese way of writing so that he'd be able to read it without trouble.

So far, he's correct about the book having something to do with Digimon, but so far, it only about facts and about these elemental spirits. The elements that are listed are Fire, Light, Lightning, Wind, Ice, Darkness, Earth, Water, Steel, and Wood. He doesn't focus in on the spirit's names yet; he just wants to be able to read the whole thing without getting confused. Nick and Shoji were helping out, for Nick's doing the middle part, Shoji the final part and him doing the beginning.

He pauses as a voice from the TV says, "And the winner of this tournament is Ryo Akamiya." He turns to look up at the TV and notices this older looking guy on TV. He studies the guy before shrugging it off and returning to his puzzle. He's done five pages and he's on his sixth page. He has twenty-four more to go and he'll be finished.

He just as he's about to finish his seventh page, his mother calls him for supper. He sighs and gathers up all the pages and places them into the book. He leaves the book on the couch as he leaves the room. His mind else where then on supper, he was also beginning to have ideas about creating his owns Digimon as well as spirit. He doesn't know what the element will be, but it defensibly will not be one of the ten listed in the book.

A picture of a thick line octagon with three triangles plays in his mind. On the two lines connected to the top line were triangles with the bases facing the lines but not connected to them. The one on the left points left and north as the one on the opposite points right and north. The bottom triangle points straight down and like the other two, isn't connected to the octagon. He thinks about adding four tiny triangles in the centre of the lined octagon. They weren't connected to the octagon as well. He doesn't picture them on the normal sides of the octagon, but similar to the top triangles but pointing inside. They're bases parallel to the edge lines. He grins as he sees the symbol in his mind's eye.

He then does his chores before heading back to the couch to retrieve the book with the loose-leaf papers. He decides to draw the symbol on one of the unused pages. He wants to see if it look as good on paper as it does in his head.


It's been a year since he found the book and he continues to enjoy reading it. Sadly Nick and Shoji weren't around to read the whole thing, for their parents moved out of the city. He also has been doing stretches of the spirits. His been reading the descriptions of what the Human and Beast spirits were like and been trying to draw them as he pictures them in his mind, he feels that his skills as an artist are getting better at a quick pace.

'It's cause I practice a lot.' He thinks as he stares at the clock in the classroom. He also has found time to play the Digimon card game with his friends, though he wasn't as good at Kazu and Kenta, for they had more time to gain experience at the game. He also hears that there's going to be a tournament in a month's time and many of his classmates were hoping to get Ryo's autograph. It seems that the two top finalists have been dubbed the Digimon King and Digimon Queen. From what Kazu rants about, it seem that the Digimon Queen is some girl named Rika.

He never really paid much attention to what Kazu and Kenta talk about now. It's not that he doesn't like them; it's just that something about Kazu's attitude that now rubs him the wrong way. He doesn't really know just why, only that the way Kazu seems to battle and his opinions about Digimon just unsettled him now. He wonders when he began to feel that Digimon were more then just a cartoon show or a card game, but he does.

He sighs as the bell rings out and pauses to let Jeri through. He frowns slightly at seeing the sock puppet on Jeri's hand. He knows that something is up with Jeri, but he doesn't want to intrude on what is Jeri's personal life. He's become more observant about things since he finally read the whole book the first time and it made him really think about what he read in the book.

He moves through the halls to leave the school, he can't help but study the kids around him as he goes. He shakes his head as he leaves the school. He heads for the park to go through his box of Digimon cards. He might not have as many cards as Kazu and Kenta, but he is in the process of building a decent card deck. He is also trying to balance out his deck while Kazu and Kenta try to get better cards.

He makes it to the dino before his two friends and begins to pick and chose, what kind of Digimon cards to use today. He tends to prefer virus Digimon then vaccine or data types. He feels that virus types are underrated.

He pause and closes the box slowly. He then scans presses himself more into the shadow of the dino. He spots something moving through the trees. Then whatever it is pauses. He blinks as whisper, "Impmon?" Then the figure drops out of sight.

He swallows and returns to his box, his mind wondering if he truly saw a Digimon or if it was just a figment of his imagination. He sighs as he hears his two friends approach. He grins as Kazu makes some joke. He'll think about whither he saw a Digimon or not later at home, right now he needs to focus in on his duel with Kazu.


She moves towards the mist and stares at the Apemon that is currently battling her partner, Renamon. She takes out her D-Ark and reads the info about the Digimon. It's her first fight and she doesn't want to screw up.


Champion level Digimon

Attribute: Vaccine

Animal type. Attacks are Mega Bone Stick and Metallic Fur.

Not that she'll ever admit it, but she has seen the cartoon show, both seasons. She remembers the one where Yolei faces off against that Apemon. She watches as this Apemon does Metallic Fur and her partner evades the attack and uses Diamond Storm. She frowns as Apemon just shrugs off the attack.

She reaches for a modify card and then pause, she didn't know if it'll work, but she didn't want Renamon to lose. She gambles and swipes the card. "Digimodify! Power activate!" She cries out as the card finish swiping.

Renamon's head dips a bit and then cries out, "Diamond Storm!" The attack hits Apemon and this time Apemon cries out in pain. Her partner sends Apemon flying through the air. She is relieved that it worked and that if needed, she can power up her partner Digimon.

Soon Renamon is on the offensive and Apemon barely defending itself. Within three minutes Apemon breaks into particles and Renamon absorbs them. She smirks and says, "Good job, Renamon. I think this is the beings of a good partnership." She turns away and heads for home. Knowing that Renamon is following her in the shadows.


He finishes off the description for the fusion form of his two spirits. He also decided to call them Enlilmon for the human spirit and Cerawmon for the beast spirit. He had a good fifteen names for the fusion form, he has yet to decide which to use.

He yawns and turns to look at the designs for Guilmon. He altered the biohazard symbol into an upside down triangle in a circle with three triangles to the points of the inner triangle. He also has stats for Guilmon like how big the rookie is to how strong the Digimon was to be. He smiles as he picks up the picture for Guilmon.

He then gathers up the papers with information about the spirits and Guilmon. He's been working on them for a good year now. He's twelve years old and he's seen Impmon around, but never talked to the virus Digimon. He then puts all of the papers into the book and turns in for the night. He closes his eyes once he lies on his bed and falls asleep.


Over a sleeping Takato a white creature appears. It hovers over Takato and then turns to the book on the desk. The glowing being floats over and lands on the book. The book glows for a few seconds and then the glowing being known as a Digi Gnome begins to glow brighter too. Soon two different Digivices appear one is a red and white D-Ark while the other is a white and purple trimmed D-Tector.

Then the D-Ark lands and an egg appears on the screen of the D-Ark. The D-Tector lands and two small totems like statues appear and the Digi Gnome holds out its arms and the totems move to hover over the hand. Then one of the totems shoots out of the room and the Digimon takes the remaining one and fades out of this reality.

To Readers:

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To be continued …