Call of the Spirit

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Chapter 17

He dodges a swipe from the agent. He keeps the agent distracted so that Justimon can get behind to cut the cord. He keeps just within range of the agent, but is quick to evade any attacks launch in his direction.

Within a minute of Justimon vanishing from sight, the agent is destroyed before their eyes. Soon Justimon and Sakuyamon unmerged into their usual selves. He lands close to Rika and Renamon and transforms back into his normal self. He looks over and sees that Mr. Katou is busy looking at the red mass that is the D-Reaper. He walks up to the grown man and says, "Jeri's safe, Mr. Katou. A friend of ours carried her off to safety as I dealt with the drone." Mr. Katou looks at him and then slowly nods at that. "This has been a long day." Mr. Katou says mostly to himself. He shrugs and they begin to head back to head quarters.

He pauses as his D-Ark begins to go crazy, he unclips it from the belt lop and holds it up. Suddenly a beam of light erupts from his Digivice. He searches the skies for something and suddenly he spots a red dragon like thing flying towards head quarters. "Now what?" Rika says as they watch as it flies overhead.


He stands before Grani with Guilmon by his side. He can't believe that Grani used to be the Ark that brought them home from the Digital World, for Grani has under went some modifications since. He just knew he should have listened as they were explaining things, but it's too late for that and he doesn't mind that some how, Grani is connected to Guilmon and him.

Currently, Guilmon is now talking with Grani, updating the war 'horse' about what they've been up to since they last saw each other. He smiles as he moves closer to Grani. He pats the head and says, "I'll be back with something to eat, ok?" Guilmon smiles and says hopefully, "Guilmon Bread?" He chuckles and says, "We'll see, boy. Nice to have you around, Grani. I think we'll have plenty of time to work together to defeat the D-Reaper." He pats the red plated head and turns to leave. He hopes his partners have had time to make Guilmon Bread, Guilmon's not the only one hungry. After all, it took a great deal of energy to destroy that freaky agent.


Just because they now have Jeri, it doesn't mean that the D-Reaper is defeated. All they did was remove the power source, just slowing it down and making it conserve energy. It can't just relay on overpowering them with hundreds of drones, it now had to decide what kind of agents would work better against them then just throwing everything it got at them.

She is currently hooked up to equipment to see just how much Renamon and her are connected. She can see her partner out of the corner of her eye. To say that she's getting bored and frustrated at being used as a guinea pig, the only good thing is that Ryo, Henry, Cyberdramon, and Terriermon are also in the same boat as Renamon and her. Takato's not involved with them, he's currently having other tests being run on him. They now know that Takato can become a Digimon by using hid D-Tector.

The Monster Makers don't have any idea about what the D-Tector does other then store Takato's Spirits of Shifting Chaos, store data of fallen Digimon, and create a odd map. They've had Takato Spirit Evolve into all three of his Digimon forms over the last two days. According to Takato, all it's doing is helping him become more familiar with his Beast and Fusion forms. She guesses she understands that, for Takato hasn't had either for very long, so he's still awkward when using them.

She thinks about Jeri's Digi Egg. It seems that it's going to hatch soon and they're all hoping to be around to watch it happen. It's not everyday someone receives a Digi Egg, though Guilmon and Calumon have named the egg 'Bob.' They don't know why the pair decided that the egg needed a name, but they did and Jeri seems fine with calling the Egg Bob.

Her musings are cut short as one of the technicians says, "You can leave now." She grunts in acknowledgement and soon begins to take off the clips and other items. "Coming Renamon?" She asks before exiting the room. "Coming." Her partner replies.

She leads them into a hallway. She spies Henry and Terriermon walking ahead. She moves quickly to catch up with the pair. "Going to visit Jeri?" She asks once she's close enough. Henry nods and Terriermon says, "You should ask her out already, Henry! We all know you want to!" Henry blushes and says, "Terriermon! Now isn't the time or place to go out on a date. We still have the D-Reaper to deal with." "Henroid, Henroid. Now's the perfect time to go on a date, for nobody going to make a big deal of it. They'll be too busy worrying about the D-Reaper then what the two of you making out." Terriermon says. Henry flushes at that and says, "Terriermon!" "Momentai!" Terriermon says.

She watches this exchange with a bit of a smile. Ever since Jeri's been returned, Terriermon has been bugging Henry about his 'girlfriend.' "Hey guys!" She hears Ryo say. She turns her head slightly to see Ryo and Monodramon, Cyberdramon's rookie form, and says, "O, its only you." Ryo smiles and says, "The one and only Ryo Akamiya, Wildcat." She growls at hearing his nickname for her. "I'm not a cat, Ryo." Is her reply. "But you sure are wild, Rika." Ryo adds. She just shakes her head as they walk towards the elevators.

They chat lightly about Grani and about plans they're making after this is all over. They try to keep it light hearted; they already have enough to worry about. The door opens and they find Kazu, Kent, and Guardromon wanting out. They move and the threesome exits the elevator. Then she notices MarineAngemon in Kenta's pocket.

"We're getting tested to see if we can Bio Merge too." Kazu says with excitement. "I don't think MarineAngemon and I will Bio Merge. My partner is a mega after all." Kenta says with pride and clearly rubbing it in that he's partners with a mega level Digimon. Kazu's eyes flash jealously and counters, "At least I'm not partners with a tiny pink fairy." They bicker as they walk down the hall.

The doors close and began to move. They were on their way to visit Jeri and 'Bob.' Terriermon cracks a few jokes and Monodramon looks confused at some of the jokes that Terriermon told. She's relieved when the elevator doors open and they exit the elevator. They walk towards the room where Jeri will most likely be.

They open the door and walked in. "Hey you guys! You just missed Bob hatching. Meet Botamon!" Jeri says as she holds up a small black Digimon. She smiles at the pair before them. "That's great Jeri." She says and Jeri smiles at this. "Thanks Rika." Jeri says. They all settle down and they chat about things. She does wonder what Takato's doing though.


He hopes that Henry and Terriermon are alright. They've been taking turns patrolling around the city. They have had five encounters with new D-Reaper agents. They weren't as numerous as when the D-Reaper had Jeri, but they were still strong.

The D-Reaper is slowly on the decline. For without Jeri, it's no receiving too much energy or has someone to network into. They were also helping the D-Reaper in that decline, but it's slow going. The Monster Makers are making plans to speed this up, but it's not going to be easy though. He doesn't know much detail, they weren't releasing much info, but it seems that they'll be needed to enter the red mass.

How they'll survive inside of it without losing their mega form inside of the red mass. He asked Henry about it and it seems that it's a work in progress. He turns to find Upamon coming his way. He grabs the in-training Digimon in midair and says, "What's wrong?" "Bath time!" Upamon exclaims and then jumps out of his arms, racing down the hall as quickly as something without any legs.

"Upamon!" Jeri shouts as she comes his way. He points to where the little Digimon took off and Jeri nods her thanks as she heads that way. He watches as Jeri turns a corner, he's smiling. 'Who would have thought that Leomon was such a brat as a kid?' He thinks as he turns foreward.

He continues on his way through the building with that book in his one arm. He just returned from visiting Rika's place to get the other papers he stashed there. He had been stunned to find three fully detailed pages all about Kurashimon. He doesn't remember creating them, but it seems that whoever took the papers in the first place redid his Fusion stats. He even has a pretty good picture of Kurashimon.

He had a chance to scan through the info before he left. He learnt that Kurashimon has two more attacks then just Twin Lights. They were Shadow Trackers and Dawn Raiser. Both attacks summon beings made of either Darkness or Light to help him in a fight. From what he gathers, Shadow Trackers summons canines, as Dawn Raiser summons a bird.

He makes it to the room where he's been sleeping. He opens the door and places the book by his pack. He takes a look around and finds Calumon, Guilmon, and Impmon were sleeping by a large box that has been filled with candy bars. He examines the wrappers and just shakes his head. He leaves the room without waking any of the Digimon resting in his room.

'It's better that they're sleeping it off then acting on the surge of surgery energy they had just finished eating.' He thinks as he closes the door softly. He then heads off to look for Rika to see if she wants to do anything. He checks the time and then heads off where he believes Rika will most likely be.


He listens as Janyu, Henry's dad, explain what exactly the red card will do. It also seems that Terriermon has the Juggernaut program so that they can de-evolve the D-Reaper back into its basic program. He sighs, not really knowing if it'll work out the way the Monster Makers think it will.

It's not that he doesn't trust their work; it's just that anything can happen in that portal where MegaGargomon will to be position at. He sighs as he looks around the group. It'll be Henry, Rika, Ryo, Cyberdramon, Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, and him in their mega forms of Justimon, Gallantmon, MegaGargomon, and Sakuyamon.

They all look tired and he couldn't blame them, for it's been a whole month since they were able to get Jeri away from the D-Reaper and it seems that the D-Reaper is find ways to keep to keep powered up. Sadly, they haven't had luck cutting off the power to the parts of the city that the D-Reaper has engulf.

The meeting ends and he with his partner get up. They were going to do this tomorrow morning and he doesn't want to push anything. They all want to enjoy the time they have until tomorrow. He heads to where Grani is being kept. He spots Jeri and Elecmon waiting for Henry and Terriermon. He nods at Jeri and she smile at him. They make it pass the pair and towards the elevators. He just hopes that tomorrow will be the end of it.


She looks out at the great red mass glowing in the distance. She's just plain tired of all this fighting going on. She knows that each time she goes out to fight the latest drone or to stop it from reaching a generator, her mom and grandmother worry about her. She also wouldn't mind returning to how things use to be, when all they had to worry about were rogue Digimon that were Bio Emerging.

She smiles as her thoughts turn to a certain goggle wearing kid. They have grown closer during their time together. She might not know if Takato just saw her as a friend or something more, but she does know that they're still quite young and that Takato might see her as something more in times to come. They were only twelve years old; they have plenty of time for romance later.

"You think this will be the end of it?" Renamon asks. "I hope so, I don't want to keep my mom and grandmother worried any more. I wouldn't mind just returning to a regular life, you know? Just going to school and maybe just hanging out with friends." She tells her partner. Silence returns, as Renamon doesn't reply to that.


He blushes as he feels Jeri's weight on his right shoulder. He moves his right arm around her shoulders as they watch a movie. He had time to chat with his family and either of his parents seems to mind him wanting to spend time with Jeri. He's also happy that Terriermon wasn't around to make him even more embarrassed, for both Elecmon and his partner are off with Impmon, Guilmon, and Calumon. What they were doing he doesn't know, but he hopes that Takato is around to keep an eye on the group.

"I hope you know that I'll be waiting for you to return tomorrow, Henry." Jeri says softly. He smiles and says, "I'm sure that the others feel the same, Jeri. Hopefully this will bring an end to the D-Reaper's threat to both our world and to the Digital World. We just need to have faith in that." "I'll try to remember that for tomorrow." Jeri whispers. They don't say anything, just continue to watch the movie before them.


She some how found herself where Takato is. She takes note of the other Digimon that were spread out around the goggle wearing kid. Takato turns and nods his greeting to her. She nods at him and stands in the corner, not really knowing why she's here.

"Want to talk about it?" Takato asks softly. She pauses and blinks in surprise, but then she shouldn't be. Takato seems to have empathy when it comes to Digimon. "I guess I'm worried about Rika's safety." She finds herself admitting. Takato nods thoughtfully at that. "Oddly enough, Terriermon confessed the same thing." Takato tells her. That kind of surprises her, for she's never known that Terriermon would admit that he's worried about anything.

"What did you tell him?" She asks curiously. "That Bio Merging is a way for both of you to keep each other safe. I mean, you have to admit that when you're battling as either Kyubimon or Taomon, that you're always on the look out for dangers to Rika, right?" She nods at his statement. "You don't have that when the two of you are Sakuyamon. You also don't have to worry about the time it takes to inform each other about a plan and then the execution of the course of action. So Bio Merging has more pros then cons." Takato concludes. She thinks over what he's saying and slowly nods in agreement with what he's trying to get at.

"Thank you for your advice." She says and Takato just nods. "See you tomorrow, Renamon." Takato says. She leaves the room. Her mind is at ease for the time being.


They were standing as close to the D-Reaper as they felt comfortable with. He watches as Henry takes out the special card that the Monster Makers had been working on, it reminds him of the blue card; only it's all red. He sighs as Henry swipes the card through his D-Ark. Rika and Ryo swipe the red card next. He holds the card and can feel the weight on his back. Just encase something goes wrong and they're sent to the Digital World, they all have packs on their backs with dry food in them. He has the book in it as well. He studies the red card and then swipes it through his D-Ark.

He pockets the card and they soon Bio Merge. He can feel the link between Guilmon and him grown and expand. Soon they're Gallantmon and before them stand MegaGargomon, Justimon, and Sakuyamon. He sighs and together Guilmon and him say, "Lets finish this." The others nod in agreement with him. All together they face the red mass and enter into it.

A one they pauses as Grani moves lower so they can jump onto Grani. They then continue on into the red mass before them. Once they entered into the mass, Grani takes them higher into the air. He shivers at the feeling he receives from around him. He doesn't mind that Guilmon takes over the body as he with draws a bit. He knows that to fight effectively, both Guilmon and him will need to share control over the body, but for now, he just wants sometime to get use to the surroundings.

He once more takes over part of the body as they watch as a gigantic agent emerges from the hole. It's mostly made up of cords that in time begin to weave into some kind of blanket. The 'arms' were long and have hooks or were like blades. They began to battle the massive agent that emerged from the Digital World.

Riding on Grani, they move quickly pass the swinging limbs and they use Lightning Joust on the agent. They retreat out of range of the drone and they dance in and out of the thing's guard. The drone roars out in frustration as the four of them is attacking it. In the end it decides to focus in on the largest of them, MegaGargomon.

They didn't need to urge Grani to move between MegaGargomon and the incoming attacks. Together they use both the shield and the lance to block the attacks. Left, left, up, left, down, right, centre, right, right, up, left… It continues on and on as the agent begins to focus in on them, giving the others time to come up with a plan of action. He just hopes they think of one quickly, for he doesn't know how long they can keep this up.

"Send all you energy into my blade, Sakuyamon!" Justimon says in their dual voice. "Are you crazy, Justimon! I doubt that you can control all that energy." He hears Sakuyamon say. "Do you have a better plan? We need to clear the way for MegaGargomon and this might be the best way to do it. So will you give me your strength?" Justimon counters. "Fine! Just ready yourself, Ryo!" Rika's voice sounds out in a growl.

He smiles at that as Grani pulls back just as four arms attack the space before them. They use Shield of the Just on the limbs before they move. The attack hits them squarely and the agent roars out at this attack on its person. They blink as eight arms are created before their eyes and he says, "Uho." He feels Grani's agreement with that simple statement. The eight new limbs soon assault them.

"Hurry up, Sakuyamon! Gallantmon's in trouble." He hears Justimon say as the arms assault them. "Alright, fine! But don't say we didn't warn you!" Sakuyamon says. "My power I give to thee, my light be my gift. Elements of the world I pray! Let this gift cut down the foe!" Sakuyamon sings out. They soon hear a cry of pain from Ryo.

They pause at the cry and in that second, they're sent flying from the agent. They cry out in pain as they're sent fly of Grani. "Grani!" They shout as one as the other limbs move towards Grani. The red dragon veers away from the attack and begins to follow their descent downwards.

They reach out and grab the sides of Grani. They're descent is slowed and then they feel the ground beneath them. The let go of Grani and says, "Thanks Grani." Grani moves to face the agent and before they leap onto their friend, they watch, as Justimon is finishing off the agent before their eyes. Soon MegaGargomon enters into hole and they jump onto Grani's back.

They fly toward where Sakuyamon is, they all watch as MegaGargomon continues to spin around and around. "I hope this works." Sakuyamon says. "It will, just give it time." They say together. Sakuyamon nods at his attempts of comfort.

Then slowly at first, then faster the very cords that lay on the ground begin to be drawn into the hole. Soon the speed continues to pick up and all they see is a green whirlwind that is MegaGargomon.

The landscape begins to be drawn into the great hole in the ground. They stare into the hole and after three minutes, they find that the green whirlwind isn't spinning inside of the hole. "I'll get Terriermon! Justimon grab Henry!" They order as they move into the hole in order to get to Terriermon. They find the rookie and gently pick him up.

They move out of the hole and they begin to feel a bit of a drain. But they begin to exit out of the D-Reaper as quickly as they can. They take Renamon and Rika, for they no longer had enough energy to remain Sakuyamon.

They make it pass out of the red mass without too much damage done. Grani lands and they leap off onto the ground. Once they gently put down Rika, Renamon, and Terriermon, they unmerge into their normal selves. They watch as the D-Reaper disappears and they all let out the breaths that they have been holding. He now wonders just what's going to happen next.


They move towards the park and they just kind of fell asleep under the trees. They were just plain tired or they wouldn't have fallen asleep within five minutes of being in the clearing. He slowly woke as he hears someone call out the names of his friends and him.

He stirs as he struggles to wake up. He blinks as he finds bright green eyes staring into his eyes. "Calumon?" He asks sleepily. "I've found them!" Calumon shouts at the top of his lungs. He sighs as the voices begin to head towards them. Calumon floats over him as he gets up off the ground.

He looks around as their parents and friends race towards them. He finds himself being hugged by his mom. "Hey mom." He says as he tries to keep from yawning. "We were so worried!" His mom says. He smiles and says, "Sorry about worrying you two. I guess we were just too tired." They began to talk and he watches as the others began to wake as their parents were chatting about how concerned they had been.

He notices that it's sometime in the afternoon. He didn't know what time it is, but just couldn't find the energy. He spots Grani lying behind Guilmon. He smiles as he remembers how Grani help them with the agent. A soft smile plays on his face as he turns to watch the others struggle to stand on their own feet.

He notices Impmon standing with two young kids and that Lopmon is with them. He looks around and notices that Susie has some how found her way onto Henry's shoulders. He spies Ryo's dad with a scowl in his face. Jeri and Elecmon are watching Henry and his family; he can see the smile on Jeri's face. Lastly he notices how Rika's mother and grandmother talk with Rika and Renamon.

They slowly began to drift away with their families. He pauses with Guilmon and his parents. He takes out his D-Tector and blinks as it begins to glow. "What's wrong?" His dad asks. "I don't know." He answers as it begins to pulse. He hears Calumon say, "There's a light coming out of your bag!" He pales as a thought crosses his mind. He takes off the pack and finds that the book is glowing as well.

"Takato!" He hears his mom cry out as he begins to feel weird. He cries out, "Mom!" Then his world goes black.


They hear a cry of "Takato!" They all turn and find both Takato's parents and Guilmon crying out Takato's name. "What happened?" She demands. "Takato's bag began to glow and then he faded away!" Calumon explains. Guilmon nods at that and looks gloomy.

They all turn towards Janyu, Henry's father, looking for answers. Janyu looks pale and says, "We had hoped that it wouldn't affect Takato. It was easy to exempted the Digimon from the recall program, but we had hoped that whatever connection Takato had to Guilmon would be enough to over ride the program." They all look grim as they began to wonder just where Takato was sent.

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