Title: Destiny (1/5)
Rating: PG
Genre: General/Hinted Romance (In this part)
Warnings: Minor spoilers
Summary: After the defeat of Luther, Fayt reflects and come to a decision...
Word Count: 460
Comments: Ficlet written for the stagesoflove LJ community. the theme for this one is 'Attraction'. Note, this take place between the very end of the game, but before one of Fayt's paired ending (Whoever you get, but the choice is obvious with who I paired him up with. :D).

It was finally over. Everything they fought so hard to protect was saved. Peace should return to the universe now that Luther was no longer in control of their lives. Everyone was now free to go about his or her own life without worry. The future was now something to look forward to instead of dread.

So why did Fayt feel so hopelessly lost and confused?

He continued to smile at his childhood friend, Sophia, as he partly listened to her about what she was going to do when she got back. Or more correctly, what they were going to do, as she automatically assumed that Fayt was going to go with her.

'And what reason would I have not to go with her?'

He looked away from Sophia for a second to his other companions. Maria, Cliff and Mirage were speaking with each other over a bit to the left while Adray and Nel were conversing only a small distance away to the right. 'Most likely planning what they are going to do...'

His eyes drifted to the lone swordsman, who leaned against the tree, his arms crossed, looking at the ground. 'Albel... I wonder what he's going to do when he gets back. I guess go back to Airyglyph. But can he go back there after all of what he's been through? And... why do I even care?'

Somehow, the older man sensed he was being stared at and lifted his head, looking directly in Fayt's eyes, his face unreadable. Fayt half expected for the man to scowl and say, 'Stop staring, fool!' but that didn't happen. Instead, he continued to stare back at Fayt, his expression never changing.

'No happiness, no sadness. Nothing. Is that how he feels? That after this, there's... nothing?'

For some reason, Fayt couldn't tear his gaze away, even if he wanted to. Ever since Albel had decided to tag along with them, for some reason, Fayt found himself the most comfortable when he was in the swordsman's company. Although Albel was blunt and harsh with what he said, he never lied and always spoke directly and to the point. And even though Albel made daily threats of Fayt's death by his hands, he knew that deep down; Albel would never carry them out.

But more importantly, whenever Albel looked at Fayt, there was no fear in his eyes. 'He always saw me as a person. Never a weapon or a tool of Destruction, but as who I am...'

"Fayt? Fayt? Are you listening?"

Fayt finally broke the intense gaze, and turned to his childhood friend, the indecision lifted. "I'm sorry, Sophia, but I can't go back with you. There's somewhere else I need to be..."

'There's someone I need to be with...'