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Victory and Doubts

The Z gang was taking a much needed repose on Kami's Lookout as a warm breeze stirred in the wind. Overhead an endless dark sapphire sky stretched across the world. Despite all odds the earth continues to survive and thrive. Amazing… Piccolo thinks to himself.

Oblivious to such introspection, the other Z fighters are celebrating. Today they have achieved victory over Cell! Only two others did not join in the festivities.

Gohan stood by the edge of the lookout, and surveyed the world with unseeing eyes. The coal colored orbs were filled with such experience. The eyes were knowing, well aware of pain and hardship and sacrifice. This was not the gaze of a child.

Another lone figure sat away from the rest. Long purple hair tied back into a ponytail, Trunks sat thinking...

'Victory has come at last! Cell is defeated, all that's left is for me to go home. Back to a mother in a broken time, where so much misery thrives.' Trunks scowled as his thoughts took a dour turn.

'I don't even know if I can do it. Everytime I've misjudged my strength the consequences have been grave,' The half-saiyan clenched his fist remembering past failures.

'If I die, there is no one to protect the world from the android menace. There is only one person I know who could defeat them both should the worst happen...only one person I could possibly trust with this…'

The subject of his thoughts turned to gaze directly at Trunks as if reading his mind.

'I must ask him,' Trunks thought.

'I must ensure the people's safety.'

Easing himself off of the ground, Trunks approached Gohan at the lookout's edge.

After acknowledging his presence Gohan returned his gaze out to the land. A green landscape blanqueted by a cover of soft velvety darkness while stars twinkled above in the heavens.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Trunks spoke softly.

"It is." Came the reply.

Turning to face Gohan, Trunks spoke, "I have a favor to ask of you."

Coal black eyes faced his searching.

"When I return to my time, the androids will need to be destroyed. I'm not sure if I will be enough… for the people's safety I cannot take the chance. Will you come with me to the future? Together we can defeat the androids."

There was a sigh issued from Gohan and a long silence stretched between them. Afraid he wouldn't answer, Trunks held silent waiting. Finally he spoke, no more than a soft whisper, he said,

"Trunks, I'm tired. It's … been so much, I just can't anymore, I can't do it anymore." 'I've failed my father in my arrogance, because of me, he is dead.' Gohan thought to himself.

His voice was filled with an inescapable anguish. His shoulders seemed to sag from a heaven burden, with a look of defeat etched unto his visage. It was sad to see the once strong and powerful warrior become nothing more than a young boy grieving at the death of his father.

A cold numbness seeped into Trunks, if Gohan was not with him, he wasn't sure what to do. He had failed before, he could not defeat them then and it cost him the life of his teacher and many innocent people.

"Please Gohan," he pleaded, "I don't know if I can defeat them alone and if I die, there is no hope left. The reign of terror must end!"

Gohan heard a catch in Trunk's voice; he realized, it was a man full of despair. Comprehension suddenly hit him, Trunks was filled with the desire to protect just as it was for Gohan. Closing his eyes, memories came unbidden into his mind, befriending Piccolo even when his mother disapproved, sneaking away to train, leaving for Namek to help his friends, defying his mother to go and fight. He had been filled with a determination to stop the suffering. Needless deaths could not continue, he was not content sitting on the sidelines watching the injustice.

'What am I doing? I can't turn my back on Trunks, there have been too many costs, if I don't take action, who will? I must be hope, like my father was before me.'

Gohan was filled with resolve after these thoughts. His inner turmoil was eased and he was filled with purpose. Opening his eyes, a smile smile tilted the corners of his mouth.

"Thank you Trunks," Gohan said confidently.

Startled Trunks peered into face, confused, he said, "For what?"

Viewing the laughing Z fighters and the tranquil Piccolo, Gohan knew their lives had depended on him. This precarious survival of happiness was all they had to live for. After one last look at all that had lived and sending a prayer to his father for what was to come, Gohan replied to Trunk's inquiry,

"For reminding me of who I am."

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