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"It was time to start training anyways," Gohan said with a grin. "Tien and Krillin-san you may come join us later in training too if you wish. Please also tell Yamcha."

"Fine fine just please go!" Krillin said fretting. Nodding, they flew off in a rush. Mirai Gohan grabbed Videl holding her bridal style while flying. Red as a tomato, her question died on her lips, they were going so fast, she could have never kept up! Soon Piccolo and the others were dots on the horizon.

Exhaling in relief, Krillin and Tien faced the approaching Saiyan wives. Tien knew they would want answers, the question was, how much could he tell them?

The Valley

'I'd better take the lead; I'm not sure what Krillin may say.'

"Hello Bulma, Chi Chi." Tien said politely.

"Where's my Gohan?" Chi Chi said ignoring the greeting.

With a sigh he responded, "Gohan's not here. He is with… Piccolo and Miss Satan."

"Doing what?" Bulma asked with a tilt of her head. It was a simple question, but her eyes demanded answers.


Far across the sea they flew. Darting through the clouds, Piccolo began to descend, the others following suit. "I trust we are far enough?"

Gohan gave a snort and nodded. Piccolo needn't have asked however. As usual he had gone above and beyond, settling them roughly 500 miles from Capsule Corp. They were in an enclosed field, dark with green. Encompassing the expanse, forbidding rocks piled high on the north, east, and south sides. Grey and browns melded, shaping the outline of a mountain looming overhead. The warm air curled over the inclines, mist blending into the dusky foliage blanketing the slopes. Hidden around a bend, a stream flowed, the rocks slanting downward forming a bowl shape. Cool clear liquid collected via the feeding stream and a small current exited the pool at the end opposite. The effect was a place of running water for bathing and drinking. An old forest resided to the west, completing the barrier. Sight could only penetrate a few feet into the dense wood. Beyond, the broad trunks melted into darkness. A perfect place to train, it was silent and private.

Mirai Gohan was still, 'So this is where you go Piccolo. It is a rather eerie place, isolated.'

Gohan was awed, 'the woods back home were nice, but this… I never really have gotten the chance to go out and see even my own world.'

'I've never had time for idle viewing. This makes me wish I'd made the time. Always one moment to the next, trying to defend from the androids. I never even knew what I was missing. ' Trunks thought forlornly.

Son Gohan couldn't shake a feeling of loneliness. It was cut off from the rest of the world. It was singularly, the most beautiful and haunting thing Gohan(s) or Trunks had ever seen. Videl was entertaining similar feelings, and was unable to describe the place when asked again. It was obviously something very private Piccolo had kept secret.

'It's as if I can see inside you Piccolo,' both Gohans' thought similarly, though with different feelings. Mirai felt heaviness in his heart, 'I feel like we are strangers.'

Quietness settled on the group; each was lost in his or her thoughts. Moments passed, it could have been minutes, it could have been hours; Time was queer here. Finally it was Gohan who broke the spell, "Perhaps we should set up camp Piccolo?" he said softly. Seeing the affirmative, Gohan used to living in the wild, began to make preparations. His older self also remembered and became busy. Trunks and Videl stood looking at each other helplessly until both Gohan's ordered them to hunt. Hearing each other's exact words, the two grinned at one another and went back to work.

"Scary…" Trunks said.

"Way scary," Videl agreed. Leading the way, she and Trunks wandered into the woods for food.

8888888888888888888888888888Later that Night8888888888888888888888888888888

"Never mind the fact that I don't know how to hunt!"

"I still brought back the mo-ost!" Trunks sing-songed teasing Videl.

The newly formed team sat around a cheerful campfire courtesy of Mirai Gohan. Behind them were a wooden lean-to shelter and four high piles of rushes contributed by Gohan the younger. Eating dinner, they had settled into a relaxed camaraderie. That was, until Trunks broke it.

"I'm training with you Gohan," Trunks voiced sudden.

"Hey, now just a minute--" Mirai Gohan objected.

"Gosh you guys!" The Saiyan youth replied. "Jeez, who doesn't want to train with me?"

"Well, I don't." Videl spoke. The three warriors looked at her intently. "What?!" She cried squirming. "He's just a kid; I need someone equal to spar with." They continued to look at her, incredulous. Trunks eyes were popping out of his head.

"Ha ha ha! Heh heh" the 12 year old was laughing hard, his shoulders shaking. Videl looked at the younger Gohan in confusion.

"It's been a long while since I've heard that. I guess I forgot what it was like for normal people to see me. Been used to this for so long." Gohan wheezed out.

"Young Gohan is the most powerful one here." Came Piccolo's deep voice.

"No way!" Videl snapped around looking at Mirai Gohan's face for confirmation. The Saiyan man looked embarrassed, and nodded his head.

"No frigging way…"

"To tell you the truth, Videl-san, I'm not so sure I am the strongest. It takes more than brute force to win a fight."

"Very true Gohan. If one fights with his head, he need not be the stronger one." The Namekian said with experience.

"Anyways, we need to get started!" Trunks said obviously impatient. "Since we all want to train with you Gohan, we'll just have to rotate sparring partners."

"I suggest, that the older Gohan (we'll call him Mirai in the story for simplicities sake) Mirai, train with Videl. During which Gohan the younger will train with Trunks. Then, Gohan and Mirai will train, after which I will train with Gohan myself." It was a suggestion, but when Piccolo expressed something, it was pertinent to agree with all haste. Eagerly, the young people accepted his proposition. 'Hmph. If anyone else had made suggestions there would have been disagreements. This is the most logical path besides.' Out loud, the alien continued, "Good, this will be the daily training regimen." He said brooking no argument.

"Daily?" Videl spluttered. "We're doing all that everyday?"

"Is there a problem?" The Namekian replied irritated.

"Uh... no, no problem." Her eyes hardened resolved. 'I can do this. I did all those intense workouts before. And they were all day, I'll be fine.'

888888888888888888888888888888Capsule Corp888888888888888888888888888888

"Get out here this minute Goku or so help me, I'll not feed you tonight!" That got Goku scurrying out of the GR so quickly Vegeta could still see his after image.

Grumbling, Vegeta followed. "Stupid Ona, barely even got started. Can't beat Kakkarotto if she does it first….. Taking away our time….. She must wear the pants…."

"I had an interesting conversation with Tien earlier." Goku gulped. Ignoring, she continued, "He sent me your way for an explanation. Would you like to tell me why my son is training when the tournament is over?" Mrs. Son was soft spoken but her tapping foot belied irritation. If Goku knew anything, it was that she was most dangerous was quiet.

"Um…. Well, you see…. there's sort of this reallyevilandpowerfulguy namedBuuwhocouldbereleasedbyaguynamedBabidi,whocoulddestroytheuniverse. Sowe'retrainingtofighthim." He spouted in a rush. Deciding to avoid the coming explosion, he high tailed it out of there, dragging Vegeta with him.

As the wife and mother of Saiyans', she was extremely talented and miraculously understood every word. The diminutive woman's temper was infamous for bringing the greatest of warriors cowering in fear. "WHAT?!"

888888888888888888888888888The Following Morning8888888888888888888888888

Brilliant rays warmed the day washing away the valley's evening mist. The once eerie foliage was cast in glossy vivid hues. Piccolo's haven was transformed into a locale of loveliness.

"All right Videl, ready?" Mirai was energetic, slapping his hands together. The two were some distance from the group, far away in a corner. The largeness of the valley afforded ample space for training. (It would have to be spacious considering Saiyan's were fighting!)

Cursing softly, Videl rubbed her sore back trying to limber up stiff muscles. 'Sleeping on the ground outside does NOT agree with me. Who thought that abusing your sleep could be conducive for good training anyways?'

Mirai Gohan ignored her ticking brow, whistling happily. 'My mom isn't here, I don't have to study. I get to train and see Piccolo and Videl. It's a beautiful morning, what a good day!' "We've already worked on flying; I think it's time we moved onto energy beams as well as Taijutsu. To improve our forms, we should pay strict attention to detail as well as increase flexibility, strength, and speed. Endurance will result from all the training."

"It seems like you know what you're doing Gohan (Mirai)." Videl said slightly surprised. Brushing off the slight insult, he began to do some mild warm ups. Videl followed his movements and slowly began to loosen up. She made a happy sound just as her spine popped back in.

"We should probably do this every morning, followed by running and weight lifting. Then I think a heavy spar and stretching. And a lesson about manipulating Chi."

"The Chi is necessary for … energy beams right?" Videl questioned.

His wild raven mop bobbed, "Uh huh. Ok with you?"

"Sounds good, that way we'll have a chance to cool down after fighting. I gotta admit though Gohan (Mirai), this whole energy business is crazy!" She waved her arms about, "I mean I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen you demonstrate it with Goten."

"It's like second nature to me, I can't remember a time when I thought it out of the ordinary. But you'll be the first human out of the Z-fighters who can do that. Kinda gives you an unfair advantage." Mirai Gohan said smiling.

'Human? You'd think he knows tons of aliens!' "Lucky me!... Hey Gohan, race ya!" Her short black tresses waved in the wind as the woman took off running. Laughing happily Gohan gave pursuit. And so their training began.

----------------------------------------Gohan and Trunks Training----------------------------------

"Don't think I'll go easy on you Gohan." Trunks eyes' concentrated.

"Wouldn't dream of it," Gohan said, then he disappeared in a flash. Trunks snapped searching for the elusive form. Catching it just in time, he ducked out of the way, before being assaulted by a flurry of fists. They moved too fast for the eye to follow, Piccolo could tell they were just warming up though. After a few exchanges, Gohan slid to a stop, Trunks following. They looked at the stationary Piccolo.

"What are you doing Piccolo-san?" Gohan asked.

"Looking for ways to beat you," the alien replied smirking.

Gohan laughed, 'I trust you are Piccolo, just as well. You'll stop me from getting a big head. No one can train me like you can.'

Piccolo hmphed at his student's thought. "Don't think yourself so good that I'll watch you all the time, I will do my own training as well. The gruff alien closed his eyes appearing to settle into meditation. Just as they were about to start again, he interrupted, "Gohan you may not go Super Saiyan against Trunks." Gohan gave an indignant squawk while Trunks taunted, "Aha! He didn't say I couldn't go Super Saiyan!" The two continued, while the Namekian cracked his eye once in a while, calculating their moves.


"Ow. Ow. Ow." Gohan said as he half limped towards his waiting food.

"Aww quit whining. You can still walk!" Trunks sauntered ahead looking pleased with himself.

"Does the fact that you trounced me mean nothing? When a Saiyan beats you up, it hurts!" Gohan turned his head away from Piccolo obviously peeved.

"Wait—Trunks beat you?" Mirai asked.

"I'll have you know that isn't as unlikely as it sounds." Trunks cut in looking miffed.

"He was not allowed to go Super Saiyan." Piccolo supplied.

Immediately his confusion cleared up, "Ah hah. That's funny. Wonder why though?"

"Because he will get stronger." Piccolo said.

"Yea yea, I know Piccolo-san, you're right. It makes sense now just hard to believe it'll be good for me when I hurt this much." Gohan said forgiving his sensei.

"When a Saiyan trains in his base form, overall he will get stronger. Sometimes its better to train as we are than when we're Super. It's like building up the reserves that establish Super Saiyan strength, and what that state draws from." Trunks added in.

Videl just got more puzzled. "Super Saiyan, normal states….. What on Earth are you guys talking about?"

"Try off Earth," Gohan said, before Mirai stomped on his foot. Gohan winced and closed his mouth. For some reason Mirai Gohan did not want her to know he was half alien. The others accepted his decision and said no more.

Videl however, was very suspicious. "Well?"

"I'd like to not talk about that at this moment Videl. I will tell you, but in my own time when I am ready." She was about to argue but his pleading eyes and the word, "please," made her grudgingly acknowledge his choice.

"Well I guess it's the Gohans' turns!" Trunks said joking. "Have at it you two!"

Piccolo dictated the terms, "Today, you may not go Super Saiyan. Tomorrow you may. You will repeat that cycle."

"That way, we can improve at the quickest rate possible Piccolo?" Piccolo hmped at Mirai Gohan.

"I don't want to destroy more than we have to of this place. It's really nice." Mirai Gohan said to his younger self.

"We'll limit it to small area attacks," the half Saiyan concurred.

"I'm going to watch," Videl declared.

Seeing Mirai's unease Piccolo replied, "she needs to see this." His eyes understood.

"Besides, she's already seen you power up at the tournament," Gohan pointed out. Videl tried to ignore their exchange, planting herself on the ground she had no intention of moving. They rose slowly, brushing off invisible dirt and crumbs. Dragging steps, they acted hesitant to fight one another.

"I know fighting myself is the best possible training I could do, who knows my moves better than myself? But I don't like it." Mirai said to his counterpart.

"You think I do? I'm doing this only so we can defeat Buu. Then I just wanna go to my time. I saw you leveling up… and yea." Gohan responded.

Mirai looked angry and shame-faced "I hit level two didn't I?"

The Half Saiyans' were piqued with one another. Piccolo, Trunks, and Videl watched, restless. What do say to someone who's fighting himself?

"You did hit level two, but still. It was not what I expected."

Mirai Gohan made a sound of vexation deep in his throat. "Let's just do this."

'I'm not sure I understand what's happening, but what ever does, its not gonna be good,' Videl conjectured.

The two personas moved some distance away from the expectant human and two aliens (one half). They easily slid into taijutsu stances mirroring one another. In that moment, their comrades truly understood they had been one and the same. The fact that they were about to witness an unbelievable fight was exhilarating. Eerily similar, they simultaneously looked at Piccolo, who gave the nod of approval. Seeing that, the spar began in earnest. Exploding off the surface they rushed together for the first clash. Fist met fist in an impossibly quick stalemate. Blocking, Gohan back flipped and came in with a stinging jab. Mirai hissed sharply, he reciprocated with a kick knocking Gohan off his feet. Flying through the air, he attempted to halt his forceful movement. Seeing the upper hand, Mirai pursued determined not to give Gohan a break.

"I can't believe Gohan's got this much energy after we fought!" Trunks exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Videl was caught up in shock. Never had she seen the level of fighting she was seeing now. The two Saiyan's were tough as nails, beating each other harshly into the ground. Their annoyance earlier translated through force.

"Now I see why you didn't let them go Super Saiyan today Piccolo. They don't need too much power before they understand their boundaries with one another. Seeing as this is their first confrontation, it was bound to be a little… testy. " Trunks said, clearly understanding. Piccolo hmphed in confirmation. This only served to confuse Videl even more however.

'What does he mean 'too much power'? This is unbelievable!' It was almost too much for the human to handle. "How can Gohan be so fast? This is impossible!" Videl was distressed and astounded. The two fighters defied nature, moving at impossible speeds. Gohan's fist missed the blurring Mirai shattering a distant boulder into dust. Miss Satan's eyes widened in disbelief, "Oh my god." In her eyes, they were like two Gods, clashing with power too great for any mortal. Despite going 'Super' or whatever that meant, they made the ground shake and rumble with their might. Small energy blasts targeted one another, as they danced across the land. The force blew across, the winds beat against the bracing spectators.

"This is amazing." Trunks said despite his earlier defeat of Gohan. He was obviously impressed at the level of skill displayed by the two non Super Saiyan fighters.

The Gohan's smashed into one another, some strikes connecting, others brilliantly countered. Meanwhile Videl watched it all, shaking slightly, caught in a daze. "I will not give up!" Mirai shouted despite his flagging movement.

"Is this all?!" Gohan declared after Mirai's vicious combination. "My turn!" He shouted, and began an unrelenting onslaught. Despite being fairly close in power, it was obvious that Gohan the younger was stronger. Mirai was unable to defend against his younger self's honed power. Mirai was struck in the neck, and fell limply unconscious. Gohan was sweating heavily, but he still made a sound of disgust before turning away.

"Oh my god, Mirai!" Videl cried.

"He's just unconscious Videl-san." Trunks said placating.

Ignoring, Miss Satan sprinted over to the collapsed form. Holding his head carefully, she glared at the younger Gohan, "What is your problem?"

"He would not give up and accept defeat, I had no other option." Gohan said with a shrug. He was not in the least defensive, merely uncaring of her anger.

Hurrying over to Gohan's side, Trunk's whispered "You didn't have to beat him quite so badly."

"As I told Videl, he would not give. Besides, I think he needed an awakening. Now he may know what his neglect has cost."

Piccolo's exceptional hearing gained him access to all of this. 'You may be right Gohan, perhaps being easily beaten by his younger self will make him realize. But, antagonizing him about it will not help.' "It is time for us to fight now Gohan." Gohan lifted his head; he had just been getting a drink from the stream.

"Now?!" He sounded slightly incredulous.

"Now," Piccolo said firmly. 'I know you are fatigued from your battle with Mirai. That is why I wish to train with you now. Your best growth will come from this stage of training, pushing when you are already at this point.' Piccolo said to his former student in mind speech. Gohan nodded in acceptance and settled into his taijutsu stance. "I will teach you to conquer your exhaustion. A fighter must keep his technique flawless despite weariness; else your enemies will have two weapons rather than one against you." Piccolo advised. That being said, he began the spar. While a strict task master, and an unrelenting fighter, Piccolo was also a good teacher. Expected the best from Gohan because he knew what his student was capable of. This type of sparing was entirely new to Gohan. 'I have trained till exhaustion, that's not new. But not while holding this level of skill. It brings everything up to a different level. My…dad did not ever expect this level of perfection.'

'You are doing well Gohan.' Piccolo thought to himself, 'when you have mastered this, you will fight with intelligence and passion. And that combination will be deadly.'


Mirai revived that evening, no worse off than some soreness and a stinging headache. "I don't think beating falls into the category of training ya know." He spouted with irritation.

Gohan looked indifferent. "You were weaker and lost. It's not my fault you wouldn't admit it."

Perhaps this was true, but the way it was said only served to fuel Mirai's perturb. "More than brute force can decide battles." Mirai objected, "I've done much studying since Cell. I've learned a lot more than you."

"Apparently not enough." Gohan countered before leaving the seething Mirai. Gohan stayed far away from the others that evening. He gazed into the night thinking. Trunks approached him, stepping just loud enough to alert Gohan to his presence.

"What are you thinking about Gohan?"

Beautiful eyes look down from his perch, "I was just wondering about the difference of today's training from what I've always done. My…father" Gohan still appeared to have trouble saying that word. "He never really focused on technique. Kind of a forceful guy. Fights with his instinct. His power comes from his emotions, and he doesn't think into things too much."

Trunks was startled into silence. 'You must have thought about that more than just tonight. Sounds like a subject of often contemplation.'

Gohan chose his words carefully. "I suppose … I'm similar. I didn't go Super Saiyan 2 until I released my feelings."

Trunks nodded in remembrance. "I know, they pushed and pushed till you snapped."

Gohan continued, "This way of thinking is really new to me. Kinda hard to grasp at first. Piccolo is trying to get me to focus myself, and fight with my head."


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