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Chapter 1 : Missing Terror

Charlie Weasley was part of something he loved. He loved his life and loved his job. He was a dragon trainer. He had worked with the finest of trainers and was even a superior in his own right. His colleagues looked up to him and his friends respected him. He was married to a beautiful woman named Bella who was currently home with their four month old baby girl. Hannah Elizabeth Weasley, black hair darker than the night and honey brown eyes that sparkled when she laughed. Charlie was happy with the way his life was turning out. He was currently in Romania, though he had agreed to transfer to France to train a group of dragons for the French ministry there. He would be leaving in three weeks. Bella had missed France and Charlie wanted her to be happy, he would be happy no matter where they were.

"Hey Charlie" shouted Michael Blain. Harry looked at his friend. Michael was a tall buff guy whose shoulders were wide and his chest stone hard. He had a burn a crossed his cheek, but Michael insisted that this gave him character. He always wanted to stand out. As if the pierced left eyebrow didn't do it, Charlie wasn't sure what would. Michael had a tattoo of a Wash Green dragon that covered his entire back. His light brown hair and see through sea green eyes were shinning dangerously. Michael was that, he was dangerous, in a good way. He never hurt anyone, but loved the dangers the world offered.

"Hey Mike. Everyone settled down and asleep?" asked Charlie who was referring to the nine dragons they were currently looking after. Three Common Wash Greens, three Chinese Fireballs, one Hungarian Horntail, one Norwegian Ridgeback and a Hebridian Black.

"Yeah, I think so I was just about to go and make sure." said Michael. "I don't hear any commotion, but you remember what happened to Stan over in Italy, don't you?" Charlie nodded. Poor bloke, had retired for the night without doing a proper lock down check and woke up to both dragons flying overhead and started heading towards a near-by village, Arezzo.

"Yeah, hey I'll walk with you" said Charlie getting to his feet. He wanted to go home to Bella, but for the next three days he would have to be stationed at base camp with the dragons in case anything was to happen.

"Alright, Lumos" said Michael lighting his wand and Charlie followed suite. Each dragon was caged separately apart from two common Welsh Greens, who they were trying to mate. Unspeakable's at the Ministry of Magic in England needed a baby dragon and Charlie had only agreed if they promised not to hurt or kill the dragon. They agreed, so Charlie assumed that the unspeakable's were just wanting a dragon to protect something they had discovered in Japan last week.

"The two love dragons are asleep" said Michael as he tested the cage around them with a spell from his wand. It proved to be safe and tight. Charlie tested the cage around a Chinese Fireball and found it a little loose, and tightened it magically.

"The cage around the fireball is good, though she isn't asleep. In fact she looks pretty awake" said Charlie.

"Speaking of fire how is your sister?" asked Michael. Charlie glared at him.

"How does talking of dragons remind you of my sister?" asked Charlie frowning.

"Well mate, she does have that hair that reminds you of the fire currently back at base, and not to mention she does suddenly burst into flames" said Michael. Charlie nodded his head. Ginny had visited him only a month ago and Michael had been overly fond of Ginny. Much to Harry, Charlie, and even Ginny's dislike. But Ginny and Harry had been near when the male Chinese fireball got out and she burst in flames and she and Harry guided it back into the cage. Charlie had been worried when Ginny flew in the cage and the dragon followed her. Harry told them to lock the gate, but Charlie had disputed it, but Michael locked it and suddenly Ginny flamed right to Harry's side. Charlie had smiled and acknowledged his sister's relationship was more than a simple thing. But by then, he was just realizing what that the whole wizarding world already knew.

"The Hebridian's awake too" said Michael. Charlie noticed this too and was starting to get a little worried. The dragons were usually asleep before midnight and it was currently two in the morning.

"Let's check on Norbert. And call it a night. Maybe we're keeping them up" said Charlie. Michael shot him a look as if to say 'yeah right' but none the less they headed for Norbert's cage. Norbert had come to Charlie by way of Ron; his brother, Harry, and Hermione. It turned out that Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, who also taught Care of Magical Creatures according to Ginny. Had gotten a hold of a dragon egg in the pub and hatched it, bringing Norbert into the world. Charlie had agreed to take over Norbert's care when he had grown too big for Hagrid's small hut and Charlie had sent word back that he would take on the Norwegian and day's later he had received the dragon. Charlie didn't know why he had stuck to the name Norbert, but that's what everyone called him now. Norbert was a good dragon, and kept mainly to himself, though he would never refuse a good bottle of Madam Rosmerta's whiskey. Charlie had, had a lot of fun with that.

"Whoa" said Michael stopping short.

"What?" asked Charlie looking at Michael. "Did you forget something?"

"No, but someone did" said Michael pointing to the cage that housed Norbert. Charlie looked and his breath was knocked out of him as he saw the cage empty. Norbert was gone.

"Get the other's we must search for him" said Charlie. "ACCIO BROOM" he shouted and heard the sound of his broom flying and whistling in the wind, it stopped right beside him and he quickly got on. "Michael Move! We've got to find him" Michael nodded and took off running back to base. A horn blew around the tents that had been housing the remaining trainers.

Charlie flew in the air raising his wand trying to see as far as his wand would allow. He flew forward against the wind. Dragons loved feeling the opposing wind against their nostrils. Charlie was soon joined by twelve others.

"What's going on?" asked Nikkei

"Whose Missing Charlie?" yelled Greg.

"It's Norbert, he won't have gone too far. I want four to the south, four to the east and four to the North, Michael your with me" said Charlie as Michael joined them in the air. "Change your course ten degrees every half an hour, to keep the sky covered. Remember Norbert's probably just scared, so no one harms him if you can get by with it. Does Melany have the ground searchers out yet?" asked Charlie turning to Michael.

"They were heading out when I left" said Michael nodding his head.

"Okay then let's go team" said Charlie as everyone flew off in different directions.

By mid day next morning Charlie was sitting with the care of magical creatures committee reporting Norbert missing. Charlie smacked his head with his hand frustrated. This was not like Norbert. He had never shown any signs of wanting to be free and wild. Norbert had been trained and was as close to a pet as you could get. Charlie had claimed that he and another dragon, Sky, had to be the only ones that he had found to love captivity. Charlie sighed, his job was on the line if he could not find Norbert and soon. He knew who would help him. He could always rely on his sister's boyfriend. Charlie showered and changed his clothes. He apparated three blocks from his house and with a grim sigh knocked with the brass stag's head.

"Easy my hoodoo, don't want to flame too hard, just yet" said a raspy voice. Her black hair that had once been beautiful and lustful was dead and stringy. Her eyes had gone sunken into her face and her high cheek bone structure left her looking eerie and decrepit. Her sallow skin gave an odd glow that would make the kids scream in terrier when they saw her. She would laugh and taunt them. That had been her fun, before she saw him. She had watched him for days and then weeks. He would become hers.

Last night she claimed him. She had just the thing he was looking for. She offered it to him freely and even laughed when he took her bait. She had watched him mature over the last few years and all under her watchful eye. Last night she had freed him. He flew like none other. He was fully trained and manageable. She took him low over a town and let his beautiful flames dance on the townsfolk. Burning their houses and shops. Letting destruction burn freely. She laughed loudly when she saw him put flame to a pub and its occupants ran from it screaming.

"Soon my hoodoo they will know of you. Soon they will know they will never be without evil" she said whispering in his ear, as the destruction continued and she cried out her laughter and pleasure. "That's it hoodoo show me you're willing, show them you are not some thing that can be ignored"

The flames blew hotter and wilder at the nearby shops that lined the street. She laughed as a woman fell to the ground dead, her body ablaze. Wizards started firing spells at her, and even though she knew they would only reflect off his beautiful body, she steered him towards home. Enough destruction had been made. She would show him her pleasure tonight. Make him aware that their love for everything evil was mutual. He would let her do whatever it was she wanted to do. He let her become his mistress, his master. And she loved every part of it. She dominated him like none other and she was sure to please him.

Returning to her home she lead him into the den and with a smile let him rest as she planned their next adventure. She was going to execute her revenge on the wizarding world, and mainly on a certain wizard. Harry Potter would fall at her knees. She would entrap him, make him pay. She was evil and she loved it, she would bring him over to her side, or hell be damned. The ministry would take her seriously now. She laughed out loud as a growl came from the den. He was ready, and she went to him willingly. She let him feast upon the meat she had prepared for him. She would keep him right here, like this, forever if she could. She laughed out loud and he looked at her with wondering eyes.

"Soon my hoodoo' they will know that we will not be swept under the rug. We will be more menacing than anything they had seen. We will execute our revenge and make Harry Potter pay. And you... you are my key, my hoodoo and it is you that will bring him to me" she laughed again as he growled again, but continued tearing at the meat. She watched with an excitement. Soon the world would know of her existence and there was certainly going to be hell to pay for forgetting her.

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