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Chapter 1

The engine of a loud motorcycle raced through downtown Tokyo, the bike skidding along the street stopping by the opening to the park. The dark red helmet resting over the drivers head. Only for the fingers to click the break, the bike speeding forward again leaving a long black streak along the road. The driver was Priscilla Asagiri, otherwise known as Priss. She had just recieved bad news from her guitar player in her band. He had decided to quit, this left Priss without anyone to play the guitar in the band. So naturally she was now pissed. Tearing through the streets finally stopping in the park to only drop down and sit on a bench. Helmet removed and plopped down, eyes cutting to the sun above her. Hand touching the cellphone hooked to her waiste. Reading the text message from Leon. Something about wanting to go to dinner, finding that not to her liking at the moment.

Various people would walk by Priss, others in the distance, it seeming to be another regular day in the park. However sounds of a guitar would cut the unusual silence in the park. The guitar belonging to someone who was resting by the fountain.

Priss quickly sat up, cutting her eyes over to the fountain. Seeing a young woman playing a blood red accoustic style guitar. The sound itself didn't stand out, it was the song the young woman was singing. Priss finding herself walking in that direction.

"You ignore my pleas, my tears for you. Why do you turn away from me." The young woman's hand slid along the neck of her guitar. Eyes holding soft tears in them. "Please don't leave me behind. Please dont leave me alone. Please don't leave me dieing." Fingers sliding to a stop on the guitar, the womans dark brown eyes looking to Priss as she approached. "What the hell do you want." Her tone becoming rather sharp, the soft tears quickly drying from her cheeks.

Priss's foot was softly tapping the grass, the song was good. Real good to say the least, blinking when the young woman stopped playing looking to her slowly. This in turn ended up with a sharp response from the woman about what the hell did she want. Priss caught in the moment before speaking up, "I liked that song, you write it?"

The woman quirked a brow, "Yeah I wrote it. Doesn't sound right without an electric guitar." The woman looking Priss up and down, taking in the dark clothing and blood red leather jacket.

"So you can play an electric guitar to huh?" Priss feeling like she was looking at a possible sister from her past. Both of them had sharp glances taking in one another. Priss noticing the girl had long brown hair, dressed in blue jeans and a black tanktop. Even similiar clothing taste, Priss deciding to introduce herself. "I am Priss Asagiri."

The young woman shook her head, "Yeah I can play an electric to. I just prefer Accoustic when I practice." Tapping the side of her guitar she spun it around when she stood up. The guitar resting on her back comfortably. Then Priss introduced herself, "I'm Marie Tracer. You can call me Marie. So what do you want Priss."

Priss listened to the name that Marie gave her, "I won't beat around the bush anymore, I run a band. My guitar player has quit on me and I don't have anyone to replace him. I want to know if you want a shot at it. I sing at the club called Hot Legs."

Marie slanted her eyes seeing the woman did want something from her. Hearing about her bad luck with the guitar player and then about how she sings at the Hot Legs club. Marie tapping her fingers against her thigh. "What's in it for me?"

Priss was a little shocked hearing Marie ask what was in it for her. Half expecting her to accept without any desire for anything else? "Well I can pay you out of band fee's if you want?"

Marie shook her head again, "Don't need the money, I make plenty at my job. I need something more, something with a little excitement. Money doesn't make my heart race." Marie's cold tone lingering before she turned to walk away. Stopping when she was ten feet from Priss, "Come to the Kabuki Club tonight, we will talk again." Marie now exiting the park, off distance sound of her motorcycle dissapearing into the distance.

Priss crossed her arms, this girl sounded way to much like her. Needing excitement more than money. At least she knew Marie wasn't a scammer or theif. Kabuki Club, why did that sound so familiar? Priss deciding she would have to go to see.

Later that evening Priss would be walking up to the glowing red neon lights of the Kabuki club. Foot tapping the concrete, where was Leon he was late.

"Priss over here!" Leon McNichol would pass through the crowds, this club was quite busy. Wondering why in the hell Priss wanted their date here. Already bad enough he took a prsonal day off from the A.D police department to go out with her. Stopping when he stepped up beside her, "You look good."

Priss slanted her eyes over to Leon, looking him up and down, same old Leon. Sometimes it confused her on how she ever fell for this lughead. Shaking her head, "About time you get here, let's go in." Moving quickly, her hand grasping Leon's wrist. Not letting him see the fact the small compliment made her cheeks redden a little.

"Ack, wait a minute Priss." Leon was drug along with the crowds, filing into the club. The place was huge several large stages everywhere. Tables and such, to his suprise there was a waiting list to even get in seeing several people ushered away by large Boomer Security. "Priss you have a reservation or something?"

Priss was just as shocked about the waiting list as Leon was. Hearing him ask about the reservation, "Nope, lets wait and see I suppose." Moving up to the host behind the podium. "Priss Asagiri?"

The man was dressed in an expensive suit, yet one could easily see inside of his jacket was a bulge, possibly a handgun of some sort. Hearing Priss give her name taking the time to look down at the list. "Hmm, Priss Asagiri, I don't see one. Wait... Here you are, Steven escort them to Marie's special table."

The host looking to a large man dressed in a similiar suit, the man motioning with his left hand to follow him.

Leon blinked, "Who's Marie? You not telling me something Priss?" Now feeling like he was caught in a trap of some sorts.

Priss was suprised at first when the man said they had no reservation, then he said they did. Marie's special table? What was that about, following the man who motioned them. Hearing Leon she smirked, "She's someone I want to talk with again. Just enjoy the fun time."

Leon groaned, "Whatever you say Priss. So who do I have to arrest to get a drink?" Glancing about the room, before he noticed the doors shutting to the public, lights dimming. "Now what?"

A waitress made it by Priss and Leon's table, dressed in black dress pants and a see through white top. The woman bowing softly, "What may I get you two?

Priss noticed the lights dimming and found that less than enjoyable. Turning when a soft voice touched her ears. Blinking seeing the woman dressed in something that was less than covering. Getting a full view of her chest, hand now covering Priss's eyes. "Just a beer or something like that. What's with the lights?"

The waitress smiled softly, "Well we don't serve beer here, however if you would like a wine I can get you one." Tilting her head when she spoke about the lights. "Oh we are about to start, the Kabuki Club has strict times to be in. If you are not in by eight o'clock you do not get in."

Leon glanced over to the waitress, finding himself staring at her chest area. Oh this had to be a joke, hearing about no beer and why the door's shut. "Just, give us something good." Hand waving dismissively.

Priss slanting her eyes to Leon, finding him staring at the woman, heel of her boot crushing his toe. "What are you looking at Leon.." Her tone far from playful.

The waitress bowing her head, "I will be back soon, please enjoy the show Ms. Marie will be on shortly."

Leon bit his tongue, oh christ that hurt. Looking to Priss slowly, "Nothing sweety." Before more could be said the sound of an announcer came on.

"Okay Ladies and Gentleman, The Kabuki Club welcomes you to another night of splendid entertainment. Without further waiting please welcome Ms. Marie." The voice fading as the stage right to the side of Priss and Leon's table lit up. Various color lights from red to green, only for a soft oriental sound of music to take hold.

The room itself seemed to be clapping loudly with the announcement of Marie.

Priss looking to the stage, the anticipation in the room could be felt almost like an electric current.

The soft curtain would begin to rise up, the sight of an umbrella seen first. The designs on it were of unreadable kanji. Only for it to spin and the be tossed into the air. The sight of Marie behind it, dressed in a bright blue kimono, the top of it barely containing her breast. Long strapped heels were on her feet clicking softly along the stage top. Hands now holding two japanese style fans, one was made of blue light paper, the other of pink paper. Her long hair was held up in a high long ponytail. Her body beginning to dance left to right, spinning using the fans to hide her face and slide along her body.

Leon glanced on stage looking up at Marie, wait was this the one that Priss wanted to see? Finding himself following the fans a little more than he probably should have. "Can I ask what you wanted to speak with her about?"

Priss was a little suprised to see Marie move out onto the stage, even more in the clothes she was in. A little to caught in the moment herself to even see Leon watching her intently. Hearing him ask about what she wanted to speak with her about. "I want her to play guitar in my band."

"Oh is that all." Leon blinking and shaking his head, this was a little extreme to get someone to play guitar wasn't it. Leaning back looking back to Marie, noticing someone leaning hard on the stage.

Marie spun around, her body dropping into the split, noticing someone leaning on the left side of her stage. Hearing his less than pleasant words, she could only grin. Hands flat on the ground would push her back to her feet, walking over in the guys direction.

The guy was grinning ear to ear, "Thats what I thought bitch, you know you do what I want for this money." Hand resting on the stage with a few large bills in hand.

Marie only grinned, her right foot rose up and then slammed down. The high heel of her shoe crushed into the center of the man's hand. Grinding it left to right until the satisfying crack of bone was heard. "Sorry baby, you just aren't man enough for me." A sassy kiss blown his way before she moved back to the center of the stage.

The guy groaned as his hand was nearly destroyed, hearing Marie's smart ass words. "You bitch!" His other hand pushing him to leap onto the stage. Hand sliding under his jacket removing a knife, "I will show you how much of a man I am. I am going to put you in your place!"

Priss leaned forward witnessing what was happening on stage, only to about to jump on stage seeing the man move toward Marie.

Leon snapped, "Hey that isn't part of the show, I am going." Hand pushing on the stage about to jump onto it.

Marie smirked seeing the upset man approach her, fan's closing, one being placed in her belt. The other pointed at the man, "You are all talk, show me that action."

The man would lunge forward his knife aimed for Marie's chest.

Marie simply opened her blue paper fan, catching the blade in the paper. Only to quickly close it, spinning the fan to the side. This would cause the man to lose his knife, Marie spinning and kicking the man under his chin, the point of her shoe sending him flying off stage into his table.

The man felt the knife gripped and then jerked away. This would cause him to lose his balance to the right side, exposing his jaw which was kicked extremely hard. Flying off the stage crashing into a table.

The room would be full of applause for the show, even if it was interupted. Security moving over to take the man away.

Leon blinked watching the skill of Marie, "Well I guess she doesn't need help after all."

Priss grinned softly, "Seems that way."

Marie bowing to the crowd gently would move to exit for another dancer to begin on the other side of the room. Looking over and seeing Priss, she leapt down onto the ground. Walking slowly over to the table, "So you made it Priss." Pulling a chair out and taking a seat beside them.

Leon just looked at the woman carefully covering his eyes to keep himself from getting into more trouble.

Priss nodded, "Yeah I made it, nice show out there."

Marie nodded, "Thanks, it's usually not this exciting. Who's this man?" Pointing to Leon with the blue fan she had in her hand.

Priss smirked, "This is Leon my boyfriend. So have you given any thought to my offer to joining my band?"

Marie nodded softly, "He's cute. Tad shy, but cute." Joking with Leon a little, hearing Priss ask about the band. "Do you have something exciting for me if I do?"

Leon turned even more red as Marie poked a little fun at him, man this wasn't his night.

Priss grinned softly, "He's mine though." Hinting that flirting with Leon would get her into trouble. However when Marie asked about the excitement. This forced a soft laugh to Priss, "I got just the perfect excitement for you."

Marie smiled seeing Priss protect her man finding that feature cute. Then about the perfect excitement. This had to be good, lips parting slowly. Sinfully sweet voice escaping, "Tell me more."