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Summary- Harry has finally come into his inheritance, as a Draconian. The first Draconian Hogwarts has seen in over 900 years. Harry is now a man with a dragon's heart, and power. Being a Draconian allows Harry to transform into any predator he wants. Also Harry can transform into a different body, allowing wings to sprout from his back, claws and fangs to form. Dumbledore, who he learns to despise, puts Harry through intense training, forcing him to learn how to control all his powers, body, and mind. When summer ends, he is reunited with old friends, and old enemies,

Heart of a Dragon

'Run harder. Run Faster. Run deeper' he chanted to himself, forcing his legs to stretch further ahead, jumping over a rock landing on his knee he stopped, breathing raggedly. " Where are you?" he muttered quietly. Brushing long pieces of sweaty black, silver hair out of his face. He flew to his feet when a feeling in his mind alerted him that he was now not alone

'Everywhere. Anywhere. All around you- in you' a voice whispered roughly. The voice disappeared, only to come back seconds later, booming in his head ' Now, I'm above you, move little one, or you'll be caught' laughter surrounded him.

Forcing himself onward, ' Run harder! Run Faster!' He cried to himself, his legs were shaking, gasping for breath, he ran, ran faster than he ever had, not daring to look back. Falling to the ground, he heard the voice laughing again, this time it was accompanied by the harsh flap of wings. Crying out, he ran again, running over a hill, he saw what would save him from a world of pain, almost crying for joy, new energy seemed to seep into his body 'Your not there yet little one!' laughter was all he heard as he felt talons rip through his shirt and skin, blood running down his back as he neared the entrance. ' Your not getting there, you never will' he heard as he felt the large talons circle his chest.

" NO! LET GO!" He screamed, slamming his fists above his head into the feathery underbelly of the bird.

' If that's what you want Harry' the voice hummed, and he felt the grip loosen letting him fall.

'Shit' he thought, looking down he was 100ft away from the ground, and falling fast. ' Concentrate, call her, she'll come, hopefully.' He thought quietly, calling Ariel to him he asked her to slow the fall. Feeling the wind gather up around him, he felt it slow his speed, till he could gently run to the ground, ' Ariel, can you sidetrack the eagle, please. Just till I reach the gate' he pleaded, he felt the soft cool tough as she left his mind. Hearing an angry squawk, he grinned, muttered thanks and ran the rest of the way to the gate.

Upon entering the ancient gate, he immediately felt that something was wrong, swinging around in a circle, he felt weariness take over him. ' No, can't rest, not yet. Something's wrong' he turned around swiftly just dodging the sword that was aimed at his head. Rolling out of the way, he grabbed the short sword, holding it in front of himself; he stood ready for an attack. A large winged man stepped out of the shadows; his wings, and hair were made of blue fire, " Thorondor, you were the eagle! How could-I thought you wanted nothing to do with this!"

Laughing Thorondor replied, " Who said that I would never participate, it was you just assuming. This is a war Harry, you can't just assume, you need solid evidence, now attack me!" his harsh voice rolled over a stunned Harry, feeling painful hot needles down his spine, he launched an attack, swinging his sword up into a high arch aiming for the shoulder, it was blocked with a sword made of fire, " Come now Harry, surely you can do better?" Thorondor taunted, stepping back, Harry launched a series of attacks, retreating into his mind, he let his body take over endless drills it knew, feeling helpless he called his elements to him 'Earth, Air, Water, Light, Dark! I need you, Tellus, Ariel, Covetina, Isis, and Hecate! I need you. Please.' He cried out helplessly, feeling the fire sword lash through his stomach.

Thorondor laughed, " Your elements will not listen, you have exhausted them, using them to escape the dungeons, swim, and fly, call them try it, but they won't come." Thrusting his sword up and under Harry's sword, he disarmed him, sending Harry to his knees in the process.

Thorondor went to touch Harry, magic welling up in his fingertips, creating a ball of bright white fire. " Thorondor please, I-" Harry muttered before exhaustion took over, Harry slumped to the ground, blood from his back and stomach pooled around him.

Thorondor sighed ' Oh Harry, you could of done it all yourself.' Thorondor lent down and picked up the young man, wrapping his fiery wings around himself and Harry.

Thorondor created a portal of fire, stepping through into an infirmary where a plump medi-witch motioned for him to set the young man on a bed.

" How many times do I have to tell everybody, he's sixteen years old, he's hardly old enough to be going through intense training! Specially when he's training, and battling half gods! And the elements, oh my poor child." She muttered to Thorondor, glaring at him as she cast spell after spell on the young man, " And you, how could you participate in training him, when you yourself, said you would never even think about it! You're supposed to be one of his guardians! Not his torturer." She cast an enervate spell at Thorondor he sidestepped it quickly.

" Madame, I really did not want to participate in his training, but Albus said that it was for the best, and that I would make a world of difference. Just wake Harry up and send him on his way to his room, I believe his other guardians are there and waiting, as will I when he's up. Good day." Thorondor said stiffly, anger seeping through his words, making the poor med-witch shiver.

Three days later, a very tired medi-witch slumped next to Harry, casting one last spell to awaken him. Harry's eye fluttered open, showing unfocused dark emerald eyes. Groaning he sat up. " Poppy? How'd I get here? Where's Thorondor- is he all right? What about my other guardians? Did I pass the training?" the exhausted boy said all in one breathe, breathing in deeply, he smiled at Poppy.

Laughing Poppy stood up, " Young Mr. Potter, you are a strange one, you get inflicted with horrible wounds, not even 3 day later you're up and about, ready to go for another round! You'll be the death of me, I swear. I better not be seeing you that often come tomorrow, when school starts up. And you get in all that mischief with your friends." They both laughed as the remembered all the times he'd been in to see Poppy.

" You love me really, and you'd probably think something was terribly wrong if I were to suddenly not be here at least once a week!" Laughing he swung his legs out of the bed, wincing when he felt his stomach flare. " Poppy, why'd Thorondor participate? I mean he was so against this sort of training."

" Oh Harry, he told me Albus insisted that it was for the best. I believe him and your other guardians are waiting for you in you room." She said the last part to herself as she watched Harry blur across the room and out the door. ' You're a mystery Harry Potter, you should of died from those blows, but you just get up and run around like you are as healthy as a ever. Must be the Draconian in you' the nurse mused in her head, walking to the fire place she opened a jar, pinching some of the red powder into her fingers, throwing it in the flames, she watched the flames turn green, " Albus Dumbledore!" She stated clearly.

Waiting for the old mans head to appear, she gave in Harry's report, ending with him running to his guardians, she glared at the old man. " Albus, the boy is sixteen, hardly old enough to be training with the elements, and fighting the gods. Albus he could of died! You didn't see those injuries! He'll be scared for life, and using the one guardian that he trust to protect him above all! Albus you ruined that, this could hold Harry back from bonding fully with the other guardians. You've no idea how pissed off I am!" She yelled at the headmaster. Turning around she ended the conversation with a flick of her wand.

Harry blurred through the halls, turning here and there in the maze, finally ending up at a large painting of a scaly-winged women. " 'Ello young master. How are you this fine evening? I heard you had a good training session." She said in a beautiful voice speaking in Draconian, he concentrated fully on translating the words to English.

Fumbling with his tongue he smiled " Lady, it's a pleasure to see you again. I'm fine, the training went well; I got a few injuries but nothing that won't heal in a few hours. And I didn't complete the hole mission." His voice came out unsure, stumbling upon a few words.

Smiling the lady nodded " Young Harry, you need not concentrate with the words, the should come to naturally, just let it flow across your lips like water. Practice with your guardians, they know the language. Have a nice night young master." She said opening the painting.

Walking inside, he was attacked by five large people, each with wings, all muttering something along the lines, " your not hurt that much are you?" or " Oh your safe now, nothing to worry about." Even " Thorondor, I'm going to kill you after I make sure he's alright"

Laughing he hugged back all of them, " You guys trying to smother me with those wings of yours," watching them all pull back, he saw Thorondor, at the back off the group standing somewhat unsure and moody. " Uh… guys can me and Thorondor have a moment alone? Just for five, then I promise you guys can inspect me more after." He watched as each nodded an understanding and walked to the balcony.

Thorondor stepped forward, " Harry, you alright? I really didn't want to participate, you know that, but Albus kept insisting, saying that it would help you if you had a stronger opponent other than the minor air, and water, and half gods. I didn't want to hurt you, but I don't know, I just got swept up by it all." He said sincerely dropping the usually icy front.

Harry sighed, " Thorondor, its alright. You were just doing what you thought best, I'm just tiered of Albus using me a pawn on his chess bored. I know it's me who has to defeat Voldemort. I hate both of them, if Dumbledore so much as puts me through another training session I'll kill him myself. Bloody bastard, you know he's almost as bad as Voldemort." Harry said moving to hug Thorondor, he sighed into the taller man's shoulder.

Pulling back just in time as the door opened again and Albus Dumbledore walked confidently in, sinking down in a chair, " Harry please be so kind as to go and fetch your elements." He requested with a command lying in his blue eyes. Harry left quickly to get his Guardians.

" I don't like the term Fetch or elements Albus, it makes it seem like were Harry's pets, where his guardians, not animals. If you have to refer to us by a name please use the term Guardian." Thorondor snarled viciously, sitting on the coach glaring at the still smiling Headmaster.

" Yes, yes, Harry good your back. Now I want to talk to you about your mistakes in this training session-"

" No, get out old man! Harry will not participate in anymore of your bloody training as his dark guardian I refuse to allow him to talk to about anything of the sort! If he needs training than we, his guardians will train him. But right now Harry is a fully trained wizard capable of beating some of the most powerful wizards of this time. I even think he could beat you if he wanted to! Now get out before I curse you to a world of darkness!" Hecate screamed at the shocked man, white hair stumbled angrily into his eyes, black air started to swirl around the now furious Guardian.

Dumbledore rose to his feet angrily, " Harry Potter! You better control your element, before I control him for you!" Dumbledore snarled out, glaring at Hecate, whipping his wand out of his robes.

Harry was on his feet in an instant, a magic knife pressed to the Headmasters throat, " So much as mutter a curse in any direction I'll slice your throat so quickly you won't have time to blink." Harry snarled out, pushing the knife further into the headmaster's neck, slowly he carved a small lightning bolt, an inch long, and he spoke softly "Never threaten one of my own old man It's sucks doesn't it, you've trained me so hard to defend the people who need it, to fight properly by your side, yet I find my self fighting the man who taught me these arts, oh the irony. My first real defense and I fight my mentor. Leave Albus, before I change my mind in slicing your throat!"

Harry stepped away from Albus, as he quickly hurried out of the room. Slumping down into one of the couches he pulled his knees tightly to his chest. "He's going to kick me out of school, than I'll truly be alone." He rested his head on his knees.

Tellus walked softly over to him, wings shimmering away until they were no more. Standing in front of him was tall women, chestnut brown hair tumbled down her wait, vines where tied into small braids, she was wearing a low cut green silk dress, kneeling down in front of Harry she raised on pale dainty hand, softy raising his chin until he met dark chocolate eyes, " Harry, don't worry, as long as we're here you'll always be alright, and we don't plan on leaving you anytime soon, so you'll never be alone." Tellus murmured, her voice light and throaty. Sitting down on the coach she pulled the boy into a hug.

"Thanks, I know I'll always have you guys, but its just what about my friends, and don't say you guys are, you're family, not friends. Anyway, does anyone want to spare, I feel a little restless, mad, and all, anyone up to kicking my ass tonight?" Laughing he stood up summoning his sword with a quick flick of his writs. Something glinted from the stairs; it was the crystal of Harry's sword. Grabbing the light long sword, he took oh the black sheath, looking it over, he noticed the old runes glow faintly, smiling he placed it off to the side. " So who will it be this time?" Harry said, settling himself into position.

Isis stepped forward, like her brother Hecate; she was the guardian of light, many people who saw them believed them to be opposite, Hecate guardian of the light, because of the long white hair, and Isis the guardian of the dark.

Isis was the tallest out of the group, the tallest being he had ever seen next to Hagrid, and his brother. Her skin was perfectly white, setting off slanting violet eyes and full red lips. Her hair was unbound, falling loosely below her shoulders in black, snaky locks. Isis settled into position with boneless grace. " You may start." Her voice was husky and soft, like the wind blowing through the treetops, and yet Harry was reminded of a pack of wolves howling after the hunt.

Harry and Isis crossed weapons; Isis swung her blade around meeting Harry's right on with a loud clang. She bore down on Harry trying to force him to the floor. Harry gritted his teeth and held, the muscles in his arms screaming. Isis stepped back trying to catch Harry off balance. " Harry, you won't win, your too weak!"

Harry didn't reply, it was custom to yell insults and challenges at the opponent, Harry thought it was a waste of breath, he noticed the his unusual silence in his recent duels, unnerved the other. Instead he watched Isis waiting for the movement in her torso that would give the next thrust away.

He wiped his sword down and in, Isis struck it away, before she could counter he slid his own blade straight toward Isis heart ready to pull back if he had to. Isis stepped back hurriedly, and Harry lunged in before he lost his balance. Isis kept attacking verbally, and physically, trying to find his weakness. Harry parried each blow and watched for the opening he would use to knock her sword away, he wanted no bloodshed tonight. Seeing his chance he lunged forward, Isis stumbled back, falling on her back, Harry quickly lunged forward to rest his swords tip at her throat.

" I give," she said, grinning she held up a hand, waiting for Harry to pull her up. Pulling her to his feet, he looked around at the clapping figures on the pushed back chairs. Grinning he ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair. Isis watched him, smiling, " You were holding back young one. You were using your bad arm, you would have defeated me in a minute if you used you left." She said, watching the young man's face flush even more.

" Umm how'd you notice?" Harry asked uncomfortably, sitting down he summoned a glass of water, chugging it back he looked at Isis stupidly.

" Harry, I've seen you fight Thorondor, and you're much, much better when you fight him. You just have to try harder with him, he's a master, and were not." Isis said gently hugging the boy close.

Harry blushed, " Guilty I suppose. I'm tired, I think I'll go have a shower, and go to sleep, after all school starts tomorrow, that is if I'm even still aloud to attend, but hey if he hasn't kicked us out of these rooms, I suppose he won't kick my out of school. Are you guys going to stay here or going back to your markings?" Harry asked, they had only been back in his markings they had given him when he trained, or people who didn't know about him and his guardians were around.

" Harry, by tomorrow, your going to have six new voices in your head." Covetina said silkily, her words seemed to role of her tongue like water, her dark navy blue hair done at the top of her head with water strips holding it in place, silver skin shown brightly under the candlelight, she looked at Harry seriously from her sapphire eyes, " Harry, its going to be hard to cope with six beings in your mind, so your going to have to study Occlumency harder, will help you, but we won't be able to show our selves unless absolutely necessary alright. Now go to sleep, you disserve it." She sent him up the stairs with a light peck to the cheek.

Harry stumbled up the stairs tiredly, the impact of the day finally setting in. Passing his room, he went to the large bathroom. It was done in silver and black marble, a large bathtub that could easily fit 7 adults, with six taps, once for cold and hot water and the others for different aromas, it was placed directly in the center. There were two shower stalls, directly next to each other, one with a black door with a silver dragon on it, the other that was silver with a black unicorn in the center rearing up. On the other side of the room were a large mirror that was covered by a black fabric, two sinks, and black shelves that held all Harry's toiletries, each self had Celtic designs done in silver.

Walking over to the mirror, he took the material into his hands and pulled lightly, feeling the material shimmer softly into his hands, studying the fabric he came to realize that it wasn't just black, but more of a black opal, all the colors together. Letting his hair fall into his eyes, he looked up dreading what would meet his eyes. Harry hadn't looked at himself since the beginning of the summer, hating how short and delicate he looked, he covered up the mirror in every room that he had lived in for the summer.

He was taller than he last remembered, going from 5ft 4 to 6ft since his transformation, his hair though was only slightly different from unfashionably messy black, to black, green and silver styled messy. He wore a tight black tank that clung to his hard body; over the shirt he wore a thick black dragon hide vest with black and silver dragon scales covering the front, his pants were made of two different types of fabric, dragon hide, and black unicorn hair.

He wore a silver gantlet on his right wrist that held his wand and a silver band on his left bicep. The word Dragon was tattooed on his right bicep in Draconian and the edge of something poked out from under his sleeve. A sword hung from his hip in an arrogant fashion and the hilt of a dagger could be seen from one of boots.

Pulling off his sword and gantlets, his vest came next than his tank. Turning around he looked at the wings on his backs, starting from between his shoulder blade to his shoulders and down, they weren't tattoos but his wings lying dormant until he had a need for them, underneath that lay a ruin that symbolized water, air, earth, earth, light, dark, and fire. Sighing he walked over to the shower topless, turning on the water, he undid his pants, letting them fall he stepped into the hot water.

After washing he stepped out of the shower, wrapped a black towel around his waist, he walked out of the room, and down the hall. Stopping at a cherry oak door with a carved Dragon in the center, placing his hand on the dragon's chest, the door opened. The room was simple but elegant; a fireplace in the center, a polished black oak desk with a carved silver dragons designs, there was a silver, black, and green bed, there were two doors, one was leading to his new wardrobes, the other was a quick was to the front entrance of the school. The walls were covered in simple well-designed tapestries, there were window in arched shapes, all in all the room was quite striking.

Walking over to the bed he pulled off all the show pillows, pulling back the silky fabric he let the towel fall to the ground, knowing that a house elf would come pick it up. Climbing in he rested his head on the pillow, he felt himself drift off.

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