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Merlin glanced quickly at him, " You don't understand, do you? I've wanted to go home for so long that it hurt. Do you know what it's like to be able to go home and only stay a short time, after missing so much? That's why you don't understand, when I thought about going home, I thought of going to a place after I finished all this stupid business with the mortals, that I had a home to go to after all the shit I've been through, that I could go and relax, until I just waste away you know?" Merlin whispered into the wind, " But know, I have to go home, and complete business that I haven't finished there, and still have to go back to the mortal world. I just don't know if I'll be able to go back to the mortal world willingly." She said, turning onto her back her wings silently flapping underneath her.

" No I don't, and I sincerely apologize for dragging you home this soon." Harry whispered, wishing that he could gather her in his arms, and just hug all her worries away.

Heart of a Dragon; Part 5

Harry, glanced around at the never ending shimmering symbols, floating over to one particular mind catching symbol, it was an eight pointed star with a skull in the center, " Hey guys what's this symbol mean? And what's with all the symbols here?" Harry asked.

Merlin and Draco looked back, and seemed to converse between the other mentally, before gliding to where he was hovering. Draco took one look at the symbol and turned to Merlin slightly gesturing that she should take this one.

"Do you see that symbol further to your left, the one with the snake encircling the tree?" Merlin asked softly, keeping her gaze entirely focused on the black eerie symbol. Seeing Harry nod in the corner of her eyesight, she asked, " Do you know what it means?"

Harry turned to look at the beautiful symbol, studying it, he took the information on symbolism he knew, and thought together what he though it meant. " Well the snake is usually linked to treachery and death in many cultures, it was seen as a "trickster" in ancient Africa, and many other cultures say that it is directly linked to Satan himself. The tree I'm guessing is for the life evil has taken over the centuries." Harry said, pausing and looking at the two thoughtful faces. " Also in the Bible it usually represents sin, temptation, destruction, and Satan, that's all I know." Harry said, feeling stupid after he said it all.

Merlin smiled, " You're right, in the bible the serpent usually represent sins, temptation, destruction, and Satan, but that's a Christen view. But the serpent in many earth-centred or pagan cultures worships the serpent. It represents rebirth (because of it moulting), protection against evil, either male of female sexuality, rain and fertility, a mediator between the physical and spiritual world, the tree just links the snake to the earth. So basically this symbol represent the good in most things. The orders in which we live you understand?"

"Chaos is the opposite of order. Since everything changes, there is no right or no wrong -- only the quest for pleasure. The 8-pointed star represents the many different directions of chaos and the many ways you can follow it. We worship daemons and angels, and when we die, Chaos rewards us with the pleasures we liked in life. Chaos is everywhere, it blows in the wind..." She trailed off, gliding closer to look in the eyes of the skull, her eyes glazed over, her back to the two men, who watched as the black in her wings seemed to melt over the other colours, the wings that remained were shimmering black wings, that seemed to radiate chaos and order all at the same time.

Draco stepped forward, never having seen his friend so engrossed in an object, or her wings change colours. " Merl? You okay sweetheart?" He asked, when she didn't answer he reached out hesitantly an touched her silk covered shoulder, only to get a shock that through him several feet back, and down as he lost his balance and his wings gave, it took him a few minutes to realize before he was rocketing up again.

" Malfoy, don't touch her again you fool!" Harry cried as Draco went to grab her shoulder, he quickly glided over to push him out of the way only to have him push him straight into the electric body of Merlin.

A sharp pain flew through his body, but instead of flying back words he seemed to melt into her, their minds merging as one. Harry landed in a never-ending black vortex, a young black hair girl, around 6-7, she was wearing a light green dress, she had large feathery black wings, no colours were swirling in tem, just sparkling black. Harry watched as she turned around, a frown marring her tan face.

" Who are you?" She asked innocently.

Realization dawned on Harry as he looked into the young girls green-mercury eyes, " Merlin?" he whispered awed.

" Who are you? And how do you know my name? Did my parent send you to get me again? Well go back and tell them I will never come home!" She scowled turn and looked back at the swirling black.

" Merlin, you don't have to go home, really you don't, but what I do need you to do is grab my hand so we can get out of here, it's not safe here." Harry said reaching toward the young girl. Noticing his hand he brought it back quickly shocked at how small it was, conjuring up a mirror out of the black air, he gasped as he looked at a young 8-9 year old version of himself.

"Yes it is I've been here plenty of times. It rather peaceful here when you don't wished to be bothered." She said after of fact.

"Merlin, why don't you want to go home, you family's there, don't you want to go see your parents, Draco perhaps?" Harry said throwing in Draco hoping they were good friends when they were younger.

" My family even told me they didn't want me, for being a Dark Draconian! It's not my fault you know; really it's mothers and fathers. They only want me back because mother can't have any children, and they need me to because I'm the heir. Everyone at the court looks down at me, nobody likes me, they call me evil, and other words, that when I repeated I got lashed. And why would I want to go back to Draco Deus, he is a complete ass! He's the worst out of everyone my age, always taunting me, and when I make him stop I get lashed! So I've decided to run away. I met with a few other Dark Draconian's, and well I'm going to stay with them." She finished stubbornly.

Harry was stunned, " Well, your not going back their, not now at least, look I'm a Dark Draconian as well," turning around quickly he showed her his now black as night wings, hearing her gasp, he turned around, only to have her collide with him, tears pouring down her face, as she threw her arms around his neck.

" Briar told me someone would come and get me! He just didn't mention when… I've been so scared, I got all lost in some forest, the palace guards have been chasing me, and then I fell, and then… screaming, and then I was here. What's your name?" She asked pressing her face in Harry's chest, her hands curling into his hair tightly.


" Just Harry?" Seeing him nod hesitantly, she smiled, a smile that met her eyes, " it doesn't suit you, you know? What about…" She thought for a second her brows burrowing for a second before jumping up in excitement. " What about, Anray? It means Heart of fire, or also in old, old, really old, ancient Draconian, it means Heart of a Dragon." She said excitedly. Pausing a moment she looked into his eyes, and smiled, " But Anray, seems really long in some way… so for short I'll call you Ray. Okay remembers that, because I'm not going to call you anything else!" She said happily, wrapping her feet around his waist and shifting so she was more comfortable.

" So are you ready to go back to the world of the living?" Harry asked, holding on tightly to the small bundle.

"No. But I guess I don't have much of a choice, do I." Harry shook his head, when she asked, she sighed, and nodded, " Fine lets go back." She buried her head into his shoulder once again.

Harry concentrated on bringing them back to their own 16-year-old minds. Feeling everything around him swirl, squeezing him until he couldn't breath, he opened his eyes after everything felt normal.

Looking around he found himself, surrounded in grass, Draco sitting 5ft away, cooking some sort of food. Feeling something move, he looked down only to find a young version of Merlin. Groaning he looked at Draco again, " Draco, what the hell has just happened here." He asked, wincing at how childish his voice sounded.

"Erg, where I'm I" A small muffled voice sounded from his shoulder.

Harry quickly got up, letting the small girl sit up, she was dressed in the older Merlin's clothes, but they seemed to have shrunk to fit her, Harry was similar dressed. "You okay blackbird?" Draco asked, walking over slowly, using his nickname for her.

Merlin shot her head up quickly, giving a startled gasp as she saw who was towering above her, concern sketched out on his face. " What are you doing here? Anray, you said I didn't have to go back, you said I was going back to Briar's!" She cried out hysterically, tears threatening to pour down her face.

Harry shocked looked at Draco worriedly, " Merl, we are going to Briar's. And Draco here, is coming too, since he's going to help protect us." He said grabbing the shaking girl into his arms, and giving her a reassuring hug.

Draco glanced around awkwardly, noticing the food was beginning to boil over the side of the pot; he rushed over, dishing out the stew into three equal shares. After Merlin was filled, she fell asleep quickly, pressed up against Harry's leg.

Harry glanced up at Draco, fighting down his own yawn, cursing his child needs, he whispered to Draco hoping not to wake up the young girl beside him, " You do know Briar, don't you. Please tell me you do, because what do you want me to tell an 7 year old, her worst enemy, and I someone who is supposed to help her get to a man-or kid named Briar!" He ran a hand through his hair, messing it up even more then it was.

Draco looked uncomfortable for moment, " Yes I know Briar Moss, he's the head of the Dark Draconian clan, back when he found Merl, they're were only a small rebel group consisting of maybe 5 parties, each with maybe 50 Draconian's. Merlin here when her parents finally found her, made them a actual clan, telling her parents where to put it, if they did not give Dark Draconian's equal rights to every Draconian. Briar Moss does not really like me much, so don't except a warm welcome." Draco said shifting, lying down until he was comfortable on his conjured mattress, staring up at the symbols floating in the sky.

"I have one more question; why does she hate you so much? You guys are such good friends now." Harry asked, yawning halfway between his questions.

Draco sighed, remember their past, " You have to understand, before me and Merlin did a truce bond, and then a friendship bond, I was and still am, very much a 'light' Draconian, if that's what you want to call us. I was raised along with every other Draconian in Valacirca, to look down upon any Dark Draconian's. So like most I teased her, cursed her, fought with her, anything to get her riled up. Anything to get her in trouble, a lot of the times, she ended up getting lashed. I was a horrible boy to her. When she ran away at 6, we looked for her. It took us five years to find her another 2 to get her to come home, and start to take over the roles of Queen. I was being trained to be her Advisor, General of the Valacirca army. So after many fights, were one of us would nearly die, or loose a limb, we decided to make a truce. After that we started to work together, train together, and became friends. We preformed, a truce bond, bonding us together in body, so we could not physically harm each other, then after a few years, a friendship bond, thus she transferred some qualities of Dark Draconian's to me." Draco finished, looking over to the two curled up sleeping figures, and he sighed, and shut his own eyes.

Harry laid still; keeping his breathing even, as he thought about what Draco had just informed him. Sighing he looked at the smaller figures curled into his stomach. Wondering how he cam to be 8 years old again. Shifting away from the sleeping girl, he closed his eyes, reaching down until he felt his magic, pausing a second he dived down deeper, his breath batching as magic shifted through him, eager to break free of his hold.

Finally arriving at the center, he looked around at the swirling mass of raw magic, colors swirling around his figure as he searched for something. Finally giving up he dropped to his knees, raising his head.

"Up through my roots, down through my wings,

into my core, energy sings.

Through mind gone still, through words that dance,

descend upon me sacred trance.

Let all impediments to grace

now be banished from this place.

Salted water, smoke of sage,

cast out all trace of doubt, fear, rage.

Rise up, flame, and circle 'round --

within, protection will be found.

The forces raised within your frame,

Circle of Power, you'll contain.

Spirits of East, South, West, North,

I summon, stir, and call you forth.

Graces of thought, change, feeling, fact --

these gifts now let your strength attract.

O Lady, Queen of Earth and Sea,

come to my aid, I cry to Thee.

O Lord of Air, O lord of Fire,

come and bring form to my desire.

O light that rises, light that spins,

I raise you as the Work begins.

O dark that sets, dark that stays

O swirling cone of power, I pray

that you now do as I now say.

O mighty Ones, you are released

with thanks and love by this your priest.

O Circle, open your embrace,

O Power, to your task make haste.

Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, now hear ye --

align yourselves compatibly!

Let no reversal trouble me --

as is my will, So mote it be!"

Power ran through his veins at lightning speed, he felt it gather up in his core, traveling to the very tips of his body; finally the pressure subsided to a minimum. Opening his eyes, he say six different colored spheres, circling him, finally turning to bright figures. Gulping in huge breaths of air, he ran to the tallest red-laced figure, tears running down his face.

"Harry, what's wrong? Why did you call us? Why are you so young?" Thorondor asked softly, wrapping his arms quickly around the younger Harry, lifting him up till he could wrap his arms and legs around him comfortably. The other five watched stunned, wondering how Thorondor could go from being so cold, to fiery compassionate, almost loving.

"I don't know what's wrong, I don't even know why I'm so bloody emotional. It's this stupid body! I rescued Merlin, from some black vortex, and WHAM! Her and me are like ten years younger. I just need some one I trust with me, till we get back to Hogwarts. I ended up claiming a mate! Not just any mate, the princes of Draconian! Erg! My life is ruined! I'm going to be a King! And not only that, Merlin, has lost all knowledge of dieing, and then being reborn, and Dumbledore, and wants to go see some Rebel leader, who is now King of the Dark Draconian's. Everything is just so complicated now! I'm so confused!" Harry sobbed out barely coherent.

"Will you guys fly with us please? I don't know why I'm so god damn emotional, I just need you two, the others won't mind I promise! I'm barely even making any sense!" Harry cried out tightening his hold on Thorondor, weaving his small hands through his red hair.

Thorondor looked up, pain etched out on his face, almost pleading for the others to stop Harry's pain. Watching them all nod their head, he sighed, tightening his hold on the smaller boy. " Harry we will fly with you, till you go back to you original age, alright?" Harry nodded, before burrowing deeper into Thorondor's shoulder.

Thorondor watched the younger Harry nod off into sleep, before slowly shimmering out of existence. Looking over at the others, some of the Lady's had small tears forming, all except Tellus, who had a determined look on her lovely face. "Well what are we waiting for, lets get out of his core, and be solid again, to help out our Harry." She said, holding her hands out waiting for the others to gather in a six-point star. They started chanting, shimmering out of existence.

Draco woke to an odd feeling of someone watching him, watching him with such intensity that it sent fiery shivers down his back. Bolting right up he grabbed his boot knife, flinging it towards the spot he felt the feeling from. Opening his eyes completely, he was startled to see a large fire winged, man standing holding his dagger with a look of boredom on his sculptured face.

"Who the hell are you!" He shouted gathering his magic up incase of an attack.

Harry slowly woke to loud sounds of yelling, rolling over, hoping that it wasn't Merlin and Draco fighting he shot up, and rushed over to where his Guardian was holding Draco up by the neck with fire. "Thorondor let him down!" Harry cried out cringing at his high-pitched voice.

"What's happening are we under attack!" Merlin said shooting up from her curled up position.

Thorondor glanced at Harry quickly before casually dropping Draco to the ground, he walked over the Harry, bent and picked up the small boy. " Are you okay? You were awfully distressed last night when you summoned us." Thorondor asked, nuzzling the young boys hair.

" Yeah, I'm fine. I think it's just this body. I might still remember everything from when I was 16, but I've gotten more emotional, and I don't know how to put it, young minded?" Harry said trying to word out what he meant so that it made sense. Looking around he noticed that not all the guardians where around, his gaze went to the sky hoping to find some glimpse of his family. " Where are the others?" He asked, tensing hoping that everything was okay.

"They have just gone hunting, the next forest it about a ten minute flight from here, they left about an hour ago, so they should be back in ten or twenty minutes." Thorondor said, looking into Harry's large emerald eyes.

"Or we could be back now." Tellus said, her voice carrying over Merlin and Draco, making them jump, and turn quickly, only to get a mouth full of feathers as five figures raced towards Harry, passing him around the tightly formed circle, asking if he was alright, and such.

Merlin and Draco stood side by side each other staring at the 7 figures, try to figure out what was going on, and who were these 6 winged gods. Draco puffed out his chest and cleared his throat loudly, effectively catching everyone's attention. Looking at Harry he smiled nicely, " Harry, why don't you introduce us to your…friends." Draco strained out Harry's name, like it was painful to call him by the birth name.

Harry blushed crimson, looking at Draco embarrassedly, " Oh, yeah these are my Guardians. The one holding me is Thorondor; Tellus was the one, who told us they were back, Hecate is the white haired man, and Isis is the black haired violet-eyed one, Covetina is the one with dark blue hair, and Aries is the smallest one, with the whitish blue hair, and gray eyes." Harry said pointing to each one as he spoke.

Merlin gasped, " These are your guardian's? How is this possible? No one's ever been able to give their guardians solid bodies! I only get to see them in my head!" She babbled, looking at the six tall figures in awe. " Which one's control which elements?" She asked excitedly.

Harry grinned, " Well Thorondor controls fire, Tellus is my Earth guardian, Ariel my air, Covetina my water, Hecate is my dark, and Isis is my light guardian" He said proudly, puffing out his chest, his small arms still wrapped around Thorondor's neck.

" Wow, the teachers at school always said that the guardian's weren't real, that they were just elements that we controlled, I always wondered why I could talk to them. The teachers told me I was crazy, attention seeking dark brat." Merlin said, walking up slowly, touching Aries baby blue white feathers.

"Well darling, you aren't crazy. Your teachers are just jealous that you can communicate with your guardians, when they cannot. It just goes to show who's more powerful." Ariel said quietly, her voice as soft as a summer breeze.

Merlin beamed up at the smiling guardian, rushing over to give Ariel a large hug. Draco walked over to the guardians, still weary of them, " I can talk to my guardians as well, and I can sometimes see them in my sleep, helping me. I always thought I was just imagining it." He murmured his hand slowly lifting until he softly touched Tellus's earth toned wings.

Tellus out of habit quickly moved her wing out of the way, sticking out her left hand for him to shake. Grasping his hand, she shook it firmly, locking gazes, earth colors to mercury. " Pleasure to meet you Draco Malfoy or should I call you Lord Deus?" Tellus asked softly, releasing his soft hand from her callused.

" Draco is fine. I need no titles, from either realm. I neither want nor am I proud of the reputation I have in both of my homes. They both portray a spoiled little brat, which I would like to leave behind." He said firmly, raising his gaze to the multi-colored sky.

" If that is your wish, then it will only be nice of me to comply." Tellus said formally, patting his shoulder softly. " I think we should move on, we need to make is to Briars camp as soon as possible, so we may figure out what is going on with Merlin and Harry." Tellus said turning thoughtful eyes to the young children.

Ariel, who was now holding a hyper Merlin, spread her wings, winked at her friends, and was in the air, leaving the rest in her swirling wind. Tellus grinned a looking at Draco who was a little confused, " Race you!" She said before taking off. Draco stood their for a second, gaping at the swirling figure above him, before smirking and taking off. Hecate and Isis right behind him leaving Harry and Thorondor behind.

" Thorondor let me down! I want to fly!" Harry begged, trying to wiggle free of Thorondor's tight hold, his now small wings, sprouting from his little back.

Thorondor laughed lightly " Harry, you should let me carry you for the first bit of the journey, since your body is younger, your wings are smaller, and most likely not strong enough to fly for a long distance. You'll most likely end up falling asleep half way their." He said, bending his knees, he jumped into the air, quickly flying to the faraway figures. He caught up with them and before anyone saw him was further ahead then they were by a large distance.

In the distance he heard Tellus scream out, " Show off!" Harry through back his head, laughing he let the wind crease his upper body.

Night fell quickly, but they kept going, stopping every now and then to drink, or eat, but they kept going, hoping to find the rebel leaders camp. Draco stopped, turning in a circle before gliding softly to the ground. " Were here. Were trespassing on his land, so he will most likely send someone out to collect us. Do .Not. Fight. Back. Or they will attack us, most likely killing us in the process." Draco warned firmly looking more at Tellus, and Thorondor, whose wings had automatically bristled and hardened into sharp metal feathers.

"Anray, Briar would not attack us! He would never hurt me, never ever!" she said innocently, face set in a determined frown.

Harry smiled at her, " We meant that he would probably attack us, not you." Harry said calming the young girl. Yawning deeply, he looked around before pulling out a small folded up cloth, waving his hand over it, it grew so it could fit four fully grown men, flinging himself on it, he curled up against Thorondor, Merlin shifted shyly closer to him.

"Night Anray,"

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