Chapter 1: The creation of Kawaii no Jutsu!

Author: Ok, this is a fanfic that was inspired by a few funny fanfics that I read a while ago. Personally, I think it's funny. Now I want you guys to review me your opinions!



Naruto sat at his favorite Ichiraku's Ramen bar enjoying a nice bowl of ramen. 'There's got to be a way to get things that I want in life. Some Jutsu that will make people listen to me and give me things that I want!'

Naruto slurped up the rest of his ramen and left. Walking down a street, a voice caught his attention. A chibi girl was begging her older sibling for candy, while putting on a cute face. Naruto's face cracked into an evil grin. 'I've got it! I'll just take that technique to the extreme…'

The kitsune ran off to the forest clearing with a surface of water. There, he started to invent another Jutsu. Doing a hand seal, he transformed into a rather ugly chibi. 'No, too fat…no this time's too skinny…now it's too short!' Naruto inspected his work with the most care, making sure that it would be perfect. After getting the look right, Naruto moved onto the voice. After many trials of that, he decided that his Jutsu is completed.

'Now to test it out…' Naruto walks up to Sasuke and asked him to join him in a bowl of ramen. Sasuke, being Sasuke, grunted. But then found him being dragged to the ramen shop. Finally relenting, Sasuke ordered the ramen and they both began to eat. Naruto, obviously finishing first, looked at Sasuke who has barely started to eat. 'Yes, this would be perfect…' Naruto grinned.

"That's a nice bowl of ramen you've got there…"

"No, not sharing."

"You're going to regret that!"

"Oh yeah! What are you going to do?"

"Observe, Kawaii no Jutsu!" Naruto turned into a chibi version of himself. "Please, Sasuke-Kun?"

Sasuke stared, then slowly handed Naruto the ramen. "Here…" Sasuke mumbled. "Losing self-control…"

"Naruto took the ramen from Sasuke and began to eat it happily. 'What a genius you are, Naruto…' Naruto thought to himself.

"Kawaii no Jutsu, brother won't stand a chance…" Sasuke muttered.

In the forest

"Today is the day, Aniki. Your life is approaching its end!" yelled Sasuke.

"Burn tail and run little brother, you're still weak." Itachi mused.

"Kawaii no Jutsu!" Sasuke concentrated his chakra, while Itachi looked confused at the name. Sasuke was then surrounded by clouds and out stepped a chibi version of Sasuke.

"Please, Aniki! Drop dead…"

Itachi stared at his little brother before smacking him on the head. "MORON! Ever since you were a chibi, I've grown a resistance to that!"

Sasuke looked around frantically. His eyes fell on Naruto, who was currently chanting out 'Ramen'. Sasuke grabbed him and pulled him in front of Itachi. "Take that!"

Naruto looked surprised by Sasuke's actions but was terrified at the sight of the person in front of him. "Kawaii no Jutsu!" Naruto transformed. "Please, don't kill me…" Itachi stared…

'Success…hehe…' Sasuke grinned in triumph.

Itachi then grabbed chibi Naruto from Sasuke. "Kya! Kawaii!" Itachi hugged Naruto.

"The heck…k…" Sasuke sweatdropped. After watching for a while, Sasuke grabbed Naruto back.

"That's enough! You've had him long enough!"

"You've had him longer!"

The two brothers pulled at Naruto. Then, Naruto turned into a log. "Ah! Naruto!" Sasuke yelled.

"Naru-Chan? Naru-Chan?" Itachi looked around for the terrified ninja.

'Sibling rivalry. I've never faced anything so terrifying…" Naruto thought as he hid behind one of the surrounding trees.

Author: How'd you like the chapter? I want you guys to review me suggestions for the next victims of Naruto's 'Kawaii no Jutsu' and what happened to the victims. I was thinking Tsunade for the title Hokage or Kakashi to burn the Icha, Icha Paradise books. But that's up to you!