Author: Ohayo minna! How was your first day of school? (…Author tries to go kill her English teacher…to no avail…) There has been a debate recently of whether or not the story shall make a turn to yoai or stay straight. Even though I haven't counted the reviews yet, all I can say is that there are a lot of supporters on both sides. Therefore, a vote shall take place as of now. These are several ways that the pairings may end up, so please take your vote.






Obvious Hinting of NejiSasuNaru, but HinaNaru prevails (xD)

Until the voting has a significant amount of numbers in which a clear majority can be given, the story shall progress in a freakishly kawaii fight over Naru-chan!


Naruto has faced many fears in his life, from being denied the healthy environment to grow up in, a time when Ichiraku closed for an entire week due to the head chef having back pains, and having to clean up the damn foxes prison because as the feared 9-tailed fox claimed that paws are not a good effective tool for cleaning up poop. You would think that Naruto would not be frightened that easily, having gone through and dealt with many youth mental scarring. It would take a lot for the young kitsune chibi to stock up on vast supplies of instant noodle, lock the door, hammer it up with nails, chain it up, push the sofa against the door and then build himself a heavily kage bunshin guarded fortress.

For Naruto, the Hyuuga-Uchiha rivalry was never so frightening.


Online Messenger – Akatsuki Server

SharknotFish has logged on

ArtisticClay has logged on

PervyKiller has logged on

SharknotFish- O!!!

ArtisticClay- M, un!!!

PervyKiller- …

SharknotFish- .

PervyKiller- …G…

PervyKiller- …Why are we supposed to be so shocked…?

ArtisticClay- I never knew that Online Messenger has an Akatsuki server, un!

SharknotFish- You think that our dangerously evil mass killing organization that has to kill a lotta people and stay low at the same time has been discovered??

ArtisticClay- OO Leader's going to KILL us!! What are we going to do?!? Kisame! It's your fault! You're too messy with your killing!!

SharknotFish- WHAT?? I clean up!!

PervyKiller- …You forgot to pick up the legs of that girl you killed that Friday…

ArtisticClay- You severed her legs? How artistic!

SharknotFish- How'd you know that?? Who are you???

PervyKiller- …I am Uchiha…Itachi…

ArtisticClay- OO

SharknotFish- OO

PervyKiller- …What…?

SharknotFish- PervyKiller Itachi…that is soooo wrong…

ArtisticClay- Un…

PervyKiller- …As for your question, this server is not a legal server…I hacked the Online Messenger main database and created this server…

SharknotFish- Hacking is ILLEGAL!!

ArtisticClay- Kisame, you're an S-class Criminal for a reason, un.

PervyKiller- …I also got a hold of VERY interesting development about the Kyuubi vessel… You know how he's always spouting about how he's going to become Hokage…?

SharknotFish- It is DAMN annoying!!! :0

PervyKiller- …He can't be a virgin if he wants to become Hokage, and by foolish little brother and this Hyuuga are hell bent on helping him…Kukukukuku…

ArtisticClay- Is that Orochimaru's laugh?! 0.o

PervyKiller- …I borrow a lot of things from him, like his credit card…

SharknotFish- It's a Platinum Sound Unlimited Visa Card and Itachi won't even SHARE!!!

NotSoShy has logged on

SharknotFish- Who's that?

PervyKiller- …I don't care…

NotSoShy- I am Hyuuga Hinata

SharknotFish- Aren't you the heiress to the Hyuuga, the one that always stutters?

ArtisticClay- How'd you get onto this server?!?!0.o

NotSoShy- I HACKED! 0

PervyKiller- …

SharkNotFish- But how did a person hack onto a server that was created by hacking??

NotSoShy- Everyone thinks I'm a girl that's too shy, and underestimate me. I used this to my advantage. While Neji-nii-san and Sasuke-san are busy fighting for Naruto-kun, I will steal Naruto-kun from under their noses! Kukukukuku!!!

ArtisticClay- I'm scared, un…

ArtisticClay has logged off

SharkNotFish- Didn't Orochimaru place a copyright on his laugh last time when he found out that people went around mocking his laugh?

SharkNotFish has logged off

PervyKiller- …You live in Konoha, right…?

NotSoShy- Yes.

PervyKiller- …The Gama Sannin Jiraiya resides in your village…I request an autographed copy of the new Icha Icha Beach Fun…

NotSoShy- It's sold out, I tried to get it… ; ;

PervyKiller- …Tell everyone that Sasuke has a birthmark on the left side of his behind… His fangirls will keep him busy while you steal Naruto…

NotSoShy- Throw in Neji-blackmail, and I'll get you your book.

PervyKiller- …Neji once found a white hair on his head…

NotSoShy- OO really?!?! Wowies!! Ok, I'll mail you the copy. I hacked your address too.

NotSoShy has logged off

PervyKiller has logged off


It's been an entire week of refuge in the (not-so) invincible Naru-Fortress, and our poor blonds' ramen supply has been thoroughly exhausted. Without food, it would mean that his chakra recovery would be painfully slow. That means the number of Kage Bunshins produced for the sake of keeping hordes of people from mauling him would decrease, ultimately leading to either Sasuke or Neji braking in.

There was a knock on the half broken door, and Naruto's head slowly turned in a dramatic manner towards the sound.

There was a tense moment until Naruto heard what he considered the kindest sentence he ever heard.

"Naruto-kun, I know that you haven't gone shopping for a long time. So um, I brought you some ramen that I made for you to eat." A shy voice, almost barely audible over the grumbling of Naruto's stomach made its way to Naruto's ears. For a moment, Naruto just sat there enjoying the moment as the word 'ramen', rang in his eardrums, then…



Somewhere else, Hyuuga Haishi was currently being sued at an amount that could empty the entire Hyuuga fortune. Something about using a copyrighted slang on the Online Messenger?


Author's Note: I think that I will leave it hanging there. There is mentioning of all the pairings and I gave Hinata a personality that is going to be effective when fighting for Naru-chan.

Well, please vote for the pairing that you want. The voting will end when I decide that there is a clear majority.

Saa, ja ne! D