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Punk Rocket sneered wildly, a steady trickle of blood coming down his chin, his eyes wide with insanity, his mouth stretched out to show his crooked yellow hued teeth twisted in a manic grin.

"So Lil' Blackbird is back, eh? Well piss off ya gothic wench!" he screeched, aiming the now super charged Flying V II at the empath.

Raven, for her part, never lost her cool. Her solid white eyes merely stared back at Punk Rocket, their unblinking nature revealing the seriousness and gravity of the situation at hand. Punk Rocket, still grinning madly, strummed a mighty chord on Flying V II causing a powerful sonic wave to shriek it's way towards Raven at breakneck speed.

The young sorceresses instantly raised up her hands causing a large solid black wall of her dark energy to form between her and the sonic blast, and with a loud BOOM! the two opposing energies collided fiercely. Raven grit her teeth putting all she had into keeping the shield intact, the other Titans still in shock at her sudden reappearance.

"Eh then, what's this? Wanna play who's stronger? Fine then, lass!"

Punk Rocket fell to his knees in an over dramatic display of rock and roll, wildly strumming his guitar, the sound waves intensifying at an alarming rate. Yet Raven still hung in there, her arms completely outstretched giving it every last drop she could muster.

The struggle continued on for a minute or so, the forces locked in a dead head with no clear advantage. This annoyed Punk Rocket, clearly insulted that she wasn't a fan of his music and dared to go toe to toe with a living legend such as himself.

"What's the matter Lil' Blackbird? Getting' tired now are we?" he taunted, trying to get under Raven's skin and make her lose focus. Raven felt a slight smirk on her face as she coolly replied "Only getting sick of hearing your music."

The Rebel Without A Clue flew into a rage and began to intensify his guitar strumming, the noise of his "music" growing more intense and more powerful, it's sheer raw aggression slowly pushing Raven back on the stage causing her to lose ground.

"Oh what a shame now, isn't it? Lil' Blackbird can't fight the rock now can she?" he teased. Raven grit her teeth harder, her voice low and foreboding. "You will not win!" Punk Rocket chuckled softly to himself. "Is that a fact now, eh? I seem to be doing a bloody good job of winning don't cha think?"

Raven strained and drained every last drop of her powers she could find within herself to fight the increasing threat, but his guitar was just too powerful. Her muscles were starting to ache, her vision was going blurry, her head starting to spin as the fight was draining her...she felt like she could pass out at any minute, yet she still fought. In reality, she should still be back in the medical ward of Titans Tower, as she hadn't fully regained her strength yet.

But she knew she had to fight. She fought for Starfire for taking the time to get to know her, regardless of how annoyed Raven may get...she fought for Cyborg who was like the older brother she never had...she fought for Robin who believed in her when she didn't...she fought for Beast Boy...

Beast Boy.

Two simple words that echoed in her mind. Beast. Boy.

Suddenly the pain in her limbs seemed like a distant memory at thought of Garfield Logan. Her face, which was once taut with pain and aggression, now seemed to completely relax, her grunting and teeth gritting having come to a complete stop. She felt relaxed, calm, her mind no longer stressed over the energy battle with Punk Rocket.


Upon reaching Zinthos the pale Azarthian's voice became thunderous as it echoed throughout the tattered theater. The wall of black energy she had cast up to protect her and her friends (and Red X) from Punk Rocket abruptly morphed into a large, screeching black raven. It shot out at the now confused punk, slamming him hard against a concrete wall at the far end of the theater.

Punk Rocket collapsed in a heap, landing on all fours. He was barely able to lift his head, coughing loudly as he tried to fill his lungs with as much air as possible. He gingerly lifted his head up to see Raven standing right in front him, her fists tightly clenched emanating her dark energy.

"Is...(cough)...that the best...ya got wanker?" he weakly managed to spit out.

Her face blank, Raven merely raised her hands in the air, causing a deep black raven's talon to emerge from ground, gripping the rocker tightly in it's grasp. Raven calmly let her hood down as the energy talon lowered herself so that they were looking eye to eye. His eyes confused and scared, her eyes solid white and expressionless.

"If you ever attempt to hurt me or my friends or anybody ever again..." she paused, collecting herself before she became too carried away. "...let's just hope for you sake you don't."

The empathic girl turned her back on Punk Rocket, waiting for the authorities to make their way inside who had been outside in the street this entire time. Though Punk Rocket wasn't done just yet...

"'re still a bitch..." he wheezed.

Without even turning back to look at him, the dark talon flung the defeated rebel against the floor, finally knocking him out cold.

She stepped back on the stage, heading towards Beast Boy, but was cut off by Red X.

"My that's quite the display. Is that the only thing you can do with your powers?" he cooed, trying to sound as seductive as possible. Raven merely illuminated him with a flick of her wrist, casually removing him from her path.

"Sorry, but red isn't my color." and turning to face Beast Boy, a large smile on her face said "I'd much rather have green."

Robin made his way outside and gave the ok for the SWAT team to run in and apprehend Punk Rocket. Commissioner Young had assured the Titans that there was no way Punk Rocket would escape again, as he was being shipped to Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. Once there, he'd more than likely be heavily medicated to induce him to a near zombie like state.

As for the Flying V II, Cyborg easily picked it up, due to his lack of finger prints, and proceeded to smash it into thousands of tiny pieces.

And as for Red X? After Raven had let him down, he had a little discussion with Robin.

"So I suppose this means you're going try to arrest me now, huh kid?"

Robin merely smirked to himself. "I'm going to turn my back and count to 3. If by that time you're still here than yeah, I will try to arrest you."

Robin had barely uttered "one" when Red X teleported away.

"Uhhh Robin? You feeling ok?" offered Cyborg. Robin just smiled broadly "It's cool Cyborg. I owe him one, but just this once. Next time, it's business as usual..."

Later that day back in the Tower, the Titans were returning to life as it normally was. Starfire and Robin had left to go see a movie and Cyborg was in the garage endlessly tweaking the T-Car.

That just left Raven and Beast Boy who were on the couch back in the OPs room. Raven sat on the far side reading a new book of Azarathian love poems, while Beast Boy lay on his back his head resting comfortably in Raven's lap. She casually ran her free hand through his hair while the changeling read an issue of Highlights magazine, chucking to himself over the exploits of Goofus, as opposed to Gallant, whom he had a strong dislike for.

"Raven, I gotta tell ya something..." he said, putting his book down. Raven looked down at her beau, smiling softly. "And what's that?"

"Well, remember how you totally kicked Punk Rocket's butt earlier today?"

Raven nodded.

"Dude, that was totally hot! That was like...a major turn on." he said. Raven merely rolled her eyes, before feeling a slight half smile creep on her face.

"You're not going to need a cold shower are you?"

"Not unless you wanna join me..." he offered, half jokingly. Raven playfully swatted him on the head as a response, before returning her gaze to her book. A few minutes passed before Beast Boy said something again...

"Hey Rae..."

"No shower, Gar." she said flatly, still looking at her book.

"No, not that...I was you'd bring me back to life?"

Raven paused before closing her book and putting it on the edge of the couch.

"It's called a 'Soul Transfer' and it's rarely used due to the risk of death from the person attempting it. When you were hurt by Punk Rocket, I could sense your life essence leaving you quickly. I'm sure Cyborg would have had you in the Tower at record speed, but it would have been too late."

" gave me a copy of your soul?"

"Not a copy. I gave you almost my entire soul, restoring your life essence to what it was before the attack. I held on to just enough to keep me alive, till my body could restore itself."

Beast Boy scratched his head, digesting this information.

" that mean I can make stuff all floaty like you do? And..." his voice suddenly stricken with horror "...will that mean I'm gonna drink tea?"

Raven smiled at his worry and placed a gentle, reassuring kiss on his forehead.

"No. But we do share a spiritual connection now. Here, sit up for a second..."

Beast Boy grudgingly sat up, not wanting to leave his perfect pillow, but did as told.

"Now," she said "close your eyes and guide your thoughts towards me. Let the whole rest of the world fade away and focus on me." Beast Boy nodded as focusing on her would not be a problem at all.

After a minute or two, he heard his beloved say "Now, open your eyes..." and he did. "Notice anything different?"

Beast Boy's jaw dropped.

"DUDE! I can read your thoughts! That's awesome! Ok, now you do me!" he said,his face grinning ear to ear. Raven closed her eyes and focused on Beast Boy before opening her violet orbs and cocking an eyebrow.



"Forget it. Not happening." came her response after scanning his mind.

"Aw c'mon! You don't have to wear the thigh high boots if you don't want to!"

Without warning Raven lunged for Beast Boy, pulling his head close to hers as she kissed him deeply and passionately. Her hand stroked the back of his head as their tongues danced together wildly, the Azarthain holding nothing back.

She slowly pulled away, her amethyst eyes glistening with a desire that sent shivers down the young man's spine.

"Think that would hold you over?" she asked dryly. Beast Boy just nodded, his eyes wide, a slight dribble of drool coming down the corner of his mouth. "That...tha-that will do just fine..." he squeaked.

Raven smirked as she sat back on the couch and picked her up book. "Now if you excuse me Gar, I wish to finish my poetry."

"Yeah...y-you do that. I think...I think I'm gonna go take a cold shower now..."