Harry Potter and the Kid and the Tiger
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Chapter One: The Invitation
A screeching of owls could be heard outside the window of the smallest bedroom on 4 Privet Drive. Naturally, there was something very wrong about this because owls should only appear at night and it was seven o'clock in morning. Besides that, there were interesting white parcels that the owls were carrying in their talons, they actually looked like envelopes. Even more strange, a young boy had opened his window, looking very tired but somehow pleased to see the owls, and he welcomed them in!
Harry Potter was in fact very pleased to see the owls as he was a young wizard studying at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for three-fourths of the year. The rest of the time was spent at the Dursleys, a very unlikable anti-magic family who had tried unsuccessfully to beat the magic out of Harry by locking him under the cupboard and maltreating him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This had been after his parents had been killed by Lord Voldemort, the most powerful Dark wizard in a century, and Harry had at the age of one, somehow escaped and destroyed Voldemort. Unfortunately for the Dursleys, Harry had been accepted by Hogwarts and had made his two friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. At the end of last year, Lord Voldemort had risen again and was steadily gaining power.
All summer Harry had been waiting to collapse and scream because of the pain and the visions in his scar every time Lord Voldemort was either near or feeling particular murderous. Harry rubbed his scar, it had been the only souvenir of the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra, that had killed his parents. Turning his attention away from his rather unpleasant past, Harry looked over the owls. One was his snowy-white owl Hedwig who he had recently sent on a normal letter to his godfather, who had been wrongfully accused of murder fifteen years ago, Sirius Black, the other, an old frail owl that Harry feared might be dead was Errol, the Weasley family's personal owl, the third was an owl that Harry didn't recognize but figured that the message had either come from Hagrid, the large half-giant who was the gamekeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher at Hogwarts, or was from his other friend Hermione Granger.
Harry picked up Sirius's letter first and Hedwig affectionately nipped his hand and flew off to her cage.
Dear Harry,
Thanks for your last letter. Harry, I have very bad news for you, and you probably haven't heard because of the Muggles
you live with. The dementors have been rioting at Azkaban, the Magical Law Enforcement Wizards barely managed to contain order. As you probably know I've been working for Dumbledore the last few months and there's a lot of stuff I'll have to tell you when you get to Hogwarts, don't send any more owls, it'll attract to much attention what with Dark Forces getting stronger.

Good luck,

Harry was worried. "Don't send anymore owls..." that just didn't sound like Sirius. But Harry pushed his worries aside, after all, Sirius was working for Albus Dumbledore, the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He picked up Ron's owl after checking to be sure Errol was still breathing, and placed him next to Hedwig on the cage who seemed shocked that Harry would put such an undistinguished elderly owl next to her. Harry shrugged and read the letter.

Bad news from the Burrow. Fred and George "accidently" tested their new De Layed Action Paperweight Firecrackers on Percy's reports from the Ministry. It was insane! As you probably know, Perce was promoted to the Head of his department, man I've NEVER seen Mum or Dad this mad! Mum was saying that what Fred and George should be studying for their N.E.W.T.s and Dad actually was mad at Fred and George! He said that if they EVER do anything like that, Percy'd get kicked out of Ministry....oh man. Dad quit the Ministry himself last year to help Dumbledore, but still. Percy was absolutely GLOWING! And then Ginny picked up a bottle of their Impossible To Get Out Dye that they put in a shampoo bottle and washed her hair with it! Now she has jet-black hair and Fred and George said it won't come out for a year! Cool, huh?


Sniggering, Harry then picked up Hermione's letter, it was written carefully in her neat scrawl.

Dear Harry,
I've decided not to go to Bulgaria. So, I was wondering if you and Ron could come over to my house? If you can, we'll pick you up (by car, Ron told me what happened when the Weasleys used Floo powder) on Saturday at five. Send this owl with an answer write away!
Love from,

Harry hastily answered Hermione's letter accepting her invitation, and gave it to Hermione's owl, who nipped his fingers and was off.
Harry sighed, Hermione's letter had created another problem, asking Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia if he could go.
Normally, Harry would have asked them before telling Hermione that he could come, but in the last five years, Harry had learned enough about the Dursleys that he could easily pressure them into it.
As he came downstairs he noticed that Aunt Petunia had already fixed breakfast, a single orange wedge for each of them as Dudley was now on the "Fruit Diet", having failed at the "No-Calorie Diet", the "Carbs Diet", and the "Starving Diet". No matter what Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia seemed to try, Dudley Dursley seemed to be approaching critical mass.
Aunt Petunia acknowledged him gruffly, turning around to show him her horse-like face, "Breakfast is over. You don't get any, you little rat! Sleeping in and then expecting breakfast!"
"No problem," Harry said, trying to stay calm. Harry had grown over the summer and now nearly topped six feet, unfortunately, the way the Dursley's fed him, he weighed a scant 115 pounds.
"So," Uncle Vernon boomed, his mustache bristling, "That's how you treat your aunt, eh? 'No problem'? Well, I won't have that kind of insolence in my house! I'll-"
Harry cut Uncle Vernon off, and lazily brushed a hand through his impossible curly black hair. "Uncle Vernon, I still haven't finished my letter to Sirius yet. I could easily tell him how the last few weeks have been going..." It was lie of course, but it got the reaction he wanted.
Uncle Vernon gulped. The Dursleys still thought that Sirius Black was an escaped murderer, and feared his very name.
"All right, Harry," Uncle Vernon said, smiling sweetly, but his face was slowly turning purple, "What do you want for breakfast?"
"Actually," Harry began, "A friend from my school invited me to stay at her house for the last few weeks until term starts. They'll arrive by car, and her parents are Mug-" Harry checked himself there not wanting to say "Muggles" in front of the Dursleys, "normal like you are. Can I go?"
Uncle Vernon was taken aback. Dudley meanwhile stole his orange wedge while Uncle Vernon was contemplating what to do, finally Uncle Vernon responded,
"They'd come her in a civilized manner of course?"
Harry nodded.
"Fine then, you may go."
Dudley fell out of his chair in shock, the crash shook the foundations of the house.