Harry Potter and the Kid and the Tiger
Chapter Twenty Four-The Phinder's Locket
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As soon as the two black bolts of light hit Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in their respective foreheads, a strange phenonmenon and an intricate series of events occured.

The curses rebounded.

The clear and perfect shots that both Lucius Malfoy and Lord Voldemort had taken came back and hit them both square in their chests. As Voldemort hit the ground crying in agony, he carefully opened the silver locket around his neck and a whisp of silver smoke drifted away out the door. Thus, Lord Voldemort died.

A few dementors continued their set tasks, but at the killing of Voldemort, most simply walked away. No one else was Kissed by a dementor that night.

Lucius Malfoy cried out in pain and agony and was killed by the same curse he had sent just as Voldemort was, but for an odd reason he managed to hold out a little longer.

The Death Eaters were all singularly stunned at the killing of two of their leaders, the betrayal of one, and the strange dissappearance of their fourth main Dark leader. They were all easily captured and detained. They would be tried as criminals later in front of a very unsympathetic Magical Law Enforcement Court.

The wizard responsible for the strange disappearence of the fourth leader, saw his two friends hit by the curse and then saw their bodies crumple. He fell over in shock, he had just lost his sister and know this? In doing so he awakened a white rat that had been previously stunned, the rat ran away into the Forbidden Forest.

Draco Malfoy's eyes slowly fluttered open and he whispered, What am I doing here?

Hobbes Siberia slowly walked over to Harry and Hermione and looked at them. He picked them up and carried them to the hospital wing, where he figured, business would be booming.

Harry Potter opened his eyes.

Is this Heaven? he thought. Figuring that he probably wouldn't be in Heaven if he was lying on his back surrounded by an antispectic smell he shivered for a second, and thought he might have gone someplace else.

Suddenly, he realized if there was an antiseptic smell, and he was in a bed, he was probably in the hospital wing.

That meant...

he said sadly. He'd failed, and he'd lost Hermione as a result. How could he?

a hesitant voice answered nearby.

That voice, Harry sat up straight and instantly regretted it, pain spasms went up and down his back. Nevertheless he turned.

he exclaimed. Tears running from both of their eyes, they reached across their seperate beds and hugged each other. Harry held on to Hermione as long as was humanly possible. He never wanted to let go, never.

I love you, Hermione, Harry didn't know what made him say it, but he did. And he knew it was true. He loved her.

I love you too, Harry, Hermione answered and they met into a kiss. Tears of joy were free-falling down Harry's face as he kissed her. It was the sweetest feeling he'd ever had.

Eventually, they had to break apart as much as neither one wanted too, they were things a person needed to survive. Oxygen for example.

As Harry pulled back he took in Hermione's face, so perfect, so beautiful, she was so smart, so...he froze.

Hermione asked urgently, What's wrong?

Your forehead, Harry pointed at it.

Fingers trembling, Hermione Granger put her hands over her forehead and her face contorted into a look of shock.

It was a scar. The scar was a lightening bolt, and looked exactly like Harry's and was dead center on Hermione Granger's forehead.

Madam Pomfrey walked in to Harry and Hermione's room, Oh you're awake.

You mean you knew we weren't dead? Harry asked incredulously.

Yes Mr. Potter, Madam Pomfrey said with a rather quirky expression on her face, It doesn't take a spell to read your pulse.

Harry felt his face go red from embarassment.

Professor Dumbledore will be in to see you shortly.

You mean he's alive? Hermione asked excitedly.

Yes, Miss Granger, he's alive. He's a tough old bird, and he came brave marvelously from the Cruitatius Curse being used on him.

Someone used the Cruitatius Curse on Dumbledore? Harry asked shocked.

Hermione supplied, Voldemort did before he tried to kill you.

Harry asked, Voldemort tried to kill me?

Hermione nodded, Yeah, that's why I tried to save you.

I was trying to save you! Harry responded.

Madam Pomfrey viewed the exchange with a smile and began to walk out to get the Headmaster.

Madam Pomfrey? Hermione asked.

she turned around.

Are Calvin, Ron, and Hobbes OK?

Madam Pomfrey said, and then turned back around.

You've got to be kidding.

That was the response of Harry Potter when Professor Dumbledore had regaled his story of what had happened following his leap into the air.

Have I ever kidded you Mr. Potter? Dumbledore asked with a benign smile.

Well no, but...

Then what should you worry about?

Can I just clarify a few things? Hermione asked.

Naturally Miss Granger, Professor Dumbledore's mustasche bristled as he nodded.

Well, how many people died?

the old Headmaster replied, Twelve students, one teacher, six Death Eaters. The teacher we lost was Professor Vector.

Harry knew it was selfish but he hoped that nobody he knew had been killed, Who were the students?

Well, I should start with Ginny Weasley.

Harry and Hermione gasped at once,

Who else? Hermione choked out.

Amanda Rwanda of Hufflepuff, Jeremy Cooley of Slytherin, Pansy Parkinson of Slytherin although she betrayed the school, Wilbur Wye of Ravenclaw, Lauren Sinclair of Hufflepuff, Gavin Gavin of Gryffindor, Tyrone Colbert of Gryffindor, Owen McOwen-Smith of Ravenclaw, Irving Strange of Slytherin, Paul Peterson of Ravenclaw, Sara Quinn of Gryffindor, Sara Edwarth of Ravenclaw.

Oh jeez, Harry managed to get out.

Dumbledore sighed,

Well, Professor, what about Draco Malfoy? Hermione inquired.

Well, as you know, Mr. Malfoy has had tendency for trouble this year, Dumbledore said with a shadow of his old twinkle in his eye, It appears that his father was holding him under first the Confoundus Charm and then the Imperious Cursefor most of the year. He was under a similar form of mind-control, but different.

Bond Charm? Hermione guessed.

Exactly, Miss Granger, seeing Harry's blank look Dumbledore continued on, Bond Charms create a bond between two people in which the stronger can control the weaker.
And what of Peter Pettigrew?
Dumbledore sighed, Somehow he escaped from the Ministry before he was sent into Azkaban. However, I wonder if Minister Weasley might have had something to do with it...

Harry nodded and then he remembered something, he felt rather like in his second year, Um, Professor Dumbledore, sir. When Sirius talked to me, Dumbledore nodded, He told me my mum was related to a cousin of Slytherin...is that true?

(A/N: Silvestra, I know your going to think I got this from HP and the UL, but I don't think I did. I planned portions of this story before (I think) I read UL, and I know it wasn't at the forfront of my mind, really until I realized it later. Hmmm, maybe my subconsious is playing tricks on me)

Well, to a point Harry. But I would assume that if Sirius told you, he told you that cousin was disowned?

Harry nodded, Yeah, he did.

Well, I have been researching it. That disowned cousin was none other then Godric Gryffindor.

Harry sqwaked, I'm the...Heir of Gryffindor?

Dumbledore nodded, Voldemort must have found out somehow.

Harry couldn't imagine Dumbledore lying to him, but it seemed really weird that Dudley Dursley could have been the...co-Heir of Gryffindor, but he remembered what Hermione had said, C'mon, evil people have had good children and vice versea.

Is there anything else? Dumbledore asked patiently.

Harry asked, Why exactly did me and Hermione not die?

The twinkle was completely back in Dumbledore's eyes now, Well, that is for me to know, and you to find out.

As he stood up to leave Hermione asked tentative, Um, Professor?

Professor Dumbledore turned around.

Well, that mist that came from the locket? What exactly was it?

I don't exactly know, Miss Granger, I do have an idea.

Hermione nodded and they left it at that.

After Harry and Hermione were released from the hospital wing they had a small amount of joy when they met up with their friends, but were saddened at the End-Of-The-Year Feast.

Dumbledore stood up and lifted a hand. The Hall grew quiet.

You all know of the demise of Lord Voldemort, and the capture of his Death Eaters, and the people that made it happen.

It was unavoidable that a few people turned and looked at Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Ron looked into his cup and Harry noticed tears were free-falling from his eyes. Lavander Brown, the person nearest Ron put her arm around him.

But there were also eleven students who bravely fought and died for this school, Harry noticed that Dumbledore didn't mention Pansy Parkinson, And they died not in vain. Remember. Always remember.

The slogan of the Phoenix Underground Harry thought, and before he knew it he was standing up, lifting his glass,

Remember, remember, remember, remember, it was repeated throughout the Great Hall.

Well, Calvin. Goodbye, Harry said with a grin as he shook Calvin's hand and gave him a friendly pat on the back. Calvin grinned his thanks, and went over to his parents. Harry took a good look at them, his mom with her skinny figure and brown hair, and his dad with combed back black hair seeded with white.

Harry turned to his best friend who had been quiet ever since Ginny had died, If you need anything just owl me, OK? I can't imagine what you're going through.

They exchanged a friendly hug, and Ron went off to join his grieving family.

Harry grinned, The last time at the end of the year you kissed me on the cheek, can you please do that again?

Hermione nodded, I'll do one better.

And she kissed him on the cheek and then she kissed him on the lips. Harry wrapped his arms around her and Hermione did the same with him. When they parted they both said, I love you, Harry, and I love you, Hermione, at the same time.

After Hermione had joined her parents who were politely ribbing her about the kiss, Harry turned to the tall wiry raven-haired man behind him with haunted eyes that had seen horrors no one ever would wish to experience, and might never seen completely again.

Come on, Sirius. Let's go home.

The man sat down and leaned against the hill. He breathed in the cool night air of Romania and heaved a deep sigh. He'd need to go home soon. Some time soon too.

Suddenly a silver mist floated gently around him. It sort of tickled at first and he idly wondered if it was just fog, or maybe even smog. Then he felt a deep pain in his stomach and head, and words began to echo in his head. That voice, he'd heard it before, what was it?


The man struggled, he didn't want this thing, whatever it happened to be. But he soon felt this power flowing through him, and he knew he had to accept it. And so he did. The voice suddenly abated and the man stood up and raised his hand up towards the heavens. And then he brought it down, yelling a spell so mightily loud it was a wonder the Earth itself didn't sudder. The hill was hit with a yellow flash and exploded, sending a large mushroom cloud into the air.

The man bellowed out, I am Lord Neovoldemort!