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-Into the Goal-

Ulrich kicked the soccer ball. It soared through the air, over the heads of the opposing team, and into the goal. The crowd went wild. Well, the Kadic part of the crowd. The referee blew his whistle signaling the end of the soccer match. Ulrich's teammates high-fived him and went to shake hands with the other team. It was a great game, in Kadic's favor, 21 to 14. When Ulrich finished shaking hands with the Wolf Creek team, he went over to the bench and grabbed his water bottle. He opened the cap and poured it on himself, letting the cool water flow over his face and down his neck.

"You played a good game."

Ulrich turned and saw a man in a blue suit smiling down at him, "Thank you, sir."

The man offered his hand, "Peter Ramsey. I work in America. I own a school in Ohio that trains people to become star athletes. You've caught my eye. You see, every year, we give away five scholarships. I was hoping that you might be able to come and train."

"I'm…Ulrich Stern," Ulrich took Mr. Ramsey's hand and shook it, processing all this. He didn't want to be famous. He already had to save the world from XANA!

"Now, son. If you'll give me your phone number, I'll call later."

"But…I-I don't want to-" he was cut off as the man shoved a piece of paper and a pen at him. He sighed and took them. Writing down his home phone number, he gave it to Mr. Ramsey.

"Ah, thank you. You'll be a fine addition to my school," the man smiled and walked away. Ulrich groaned. He had given the man his parents' phone number. His dad was sure to say yes. He grabbed his towel and wiped off his face. 'What have I done?' His friends ran up to him.

"We did it Ulrich!" Odd yelled, thrusting a fist in the air, "I mean, you did it!" Ulrich had to smile at Odd's enthusiasm.

"Good job, Ulrich!" Aelita said. Jeremy smiled and nodded. Yumi shivered.

"How can you not be cold? In shorts and a t-shirt?" Yumi asked, teeth chattering.

Ulrich shrugged. Yumi noticed he was a little off. She made a mental note to ask him what was wrong. She knew nobody else had noticed. Odd was too busy jumping up and down. Aelita and Jeremy were talking about the recent visit to Lyoko.

"Odd, I think you had too much caffeine," Yumi laughed.

"Nonsense!" said Odd, still jumping up and down like a maniac.

Yumi turned to Ulrich, "Come on. My dad said he'd drive us. That way, you won't be sitting in that gross bus."

Ulrich didn't even hear her. He was staring off into space.

Yumi waved a hand in front of his face, "Uh, Ulrich?" He didn't flinch. She took what was left of the water in his water bottle and splashed him with it.

"Ahhhh! What was that for?" he glared.

She rolled her eyes and smiled at him, "Come ON! My dad's going to drive us back to school." He grabbed his stuff and followed Yumi to her dad's car. He was silent the whole ride. Yumi stared at him. He just looked out the window. When they arrived at Kadic, Yumi got out of the car with Ulrich.

"Dad, I'm gonna stay here for dinner. Okay?"

Her dad smiled, "Okay sweetie. Have fun!" She watched the car drive off. Then she turned to Ulrich.

"Ulrich, what's wrong?" she asked.

He hesitated, looking at the ground "Yumi, I got a scholarship to a school that trains very good athletes, apparently like me," he adverted his eyes to the ground. Yumi placed a hand on his shoulder.

"That's great!"

"No, it's not."

"Why not?"

He kept his eyes on the ground. It was a while before he answered, "Yumi, the school's in America. Ohio, to be exact." Yumi felt as though she had been slapped. No Ulrich? It couldn't be true!

"Y-You're sure?" she asked weakly, dreading his response. He nodded solemnly. He started to cry. She hugged him, "It'll be okay."

"But what about XANA? And you…guys," he added the 'guys' quickly and blushed. She did too.

"I'll be fine. And so will the others."

"Yumi, don't tell them yet please," he pleaded.

She nodded. Now she was crying too. They stood there, awkwardly, for a moment. Yumi let go, 'He'll never feel the same way about me.' She thought. Little did she know, the same thoughts were running through Ulrich's head, too.

-That Night-

The phone rang next to Ulrich's bed. Sighing, the brunette picked it up and placed it to his ear, "Hi, dad."

"Hello, son! So, are you all packed?" asked Mr. Stern.

"What?" Packed? What did his dad mean?

"I talked to that fine fellow, Mr. Ramsey. I told him you would take the scholarship! He said he'd send a jet over at twelve. So you had better get packing!"

"Twelve? Tomorrow? But dad, I don't want that scholarship! I want to stay here, at Kadic!"

"Yes, tomorrow, son. You are taking that scholarship. Sorry, but Mr. Ramsey said there's no going back after this. Be ready to leave tomorrow. I'm driving up there to see you off. Oh yes, Mr. Ramsey said that somebody wanted you to do some modeling, now who was it? Ah, yes. Ms. Telerose. She owns a modeling agency. Mr. Ramsey took some pictures of you playing and she saw them. I said yes to her offer also."

"You WHAT?" Ulrich yelled.

"Be ready to leave tomorrow! Bye, son. I'm so proud of you!" his father exclaimed and hung up. Ulrich stared at the phone. He slammed it down.

"DANG IT!" he yelled. Collapsing on his bed, he screamed into a pillow.

"Ulrich?" Odd, who had been asleep, sat up and yawned, "What 'smatter?"

Ulrich sighed and got up, "Let's go get the others. They need to hear this too." He pulled out his cell phone and called Yumi as Odd went to get Jeremy and Aelita. Soon, the whole group was assembled in Ulrich and Odd's room.

Aelita turned to Ulrich, "What is it?" Ulrich told them. When he finished they were all at a loss for words. Except for Odd, of course.

"We'll throw a party! The principal should know about this by now. I'm sure he'll let us. We need to make your last day here the best one yet!" Odd grinned.

Jeremy perked up, "Before that, we can pull the plug on XANA! I've found Aelita's antivirus code!" They all cheered quietly. But Ulrich didn't join in. He just smiled painfully. Yumi noticed and knelt down in front of him.

"Ulrich, what's wrong?"

"America. That's so far away! And me as a model?" he snorted, "I don't think so. Oh, dad. What did you get me into? I'm no model! I mean, can you see me as a model? Nope. Nuh-uh." He groaned and stared out the window, almost longingly.

"Maybe I can't. But Ulrich, promise me something," she put a hand on his cheek and turned his head so he was looking at her.


"To take care of yourself," she whispered. He nodded. They both started to lean forward.

"Hey! Are you two lovebirds going to help? Or are you gonna stay in your cozy little corner over there?" Odd called from across the room. The response he got was both of them jumping and blushing hysterically.

-The Next Morning-

Ulrich opened his eyes. Morning time. He got up, showered, and finished the packing he had started yesterday. When he finished, it was 7:30. Ulrich decided to mess with his roommate one last time, since he wouldn't be around too much longer. He took Odd's headphones and placed them on his friend's ears. Cranking up the volume, he hit the 'play' button. Odd shot up in bed like a rocket.

"WHERE'S THE FIRE?" he yelled. Ulrich shushed him and turned off the CD player, grinning.

"Ulrich? Is that you?" Odd rubbed his eyes sleepily.

Ulrich rolled his eyes, "No, it's the lady next door. Of course it's me!"

"A girl moved in next door?" Odd leaned forward eagerly.

"No! Sheesh, you're more gullible than I thought!" Ulrich whacked him with his pillow. Odd took his pillow and started hitting Ulrich back. Soon, a full-fledged pillow fight was on. This was how Yumi found them. When they heard the door, they both spun around, feathers flying. She giggled.

"Am I interrupting anything?" she asked.

"Not at all," Ulrich grinned, "Care to join us?'

"With pleasure," she grabbed a pillow and swung at him. Laughing, he dodged it and aimed at Odd. After a while they all got tired and stopped. Jeremy and Aelita came in and announced that it was time to go to the factory. When they arrived, Jeremy told Aelita to get in a scanner. She did so and Jeremy typed in a few codes. He pressed 'enter' and they waited. The elevator doors opened and there stood Aelita, all smiles.

"Virus, deleted," she said happily. They all walked over to a giant switch on the wall. Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi, Aelita, and Odd each put a hand on it.

"Ready?" asked Jeremy. They all nodded, "Okay then. One, two……THREE!" They all pulled. The computer shut down. XANA was gone. Aelita was alive.

"YESSSS!" Odd screamed. They all cheered. Aelita hugged Jeremy, causing him to blush. Ulrich did too as Yumi hugged him. Soon, they stopped rejoicing and went to the party Odd had gotten permission for the day before. On the way there, everyone was smiling. The same thought was running through each of their minds: 'We beat him.'

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