How will I start tomorrow without you here?

The young man sighed deeply as he looked out of the window looking out into the vastness of outer space. Together with the rest of the team, they were switching around the control room of Thunderbird Five so that it could either run automatically or by a remote computer down on Tracy Island.

'Wish you were here John' He thought before disappearing back under the control panel to finish the job they had all began.

'And just think that only a month ago we were all together until you came back here... where did we go wrong?'

Who's heart will guide me while the answers disappear?

The young man coughed as he rose up out of bed and looked out at the view in front of him, the cold reaches of outer space. Shortly before coming back from his break, John had gone out on a rescue with his brothers, it went as any other normal rescue but was soon over and he was sent back up here to run the space station of their fleet.

Sometimes and only sometimes John longed for the company of his family and to be around them on their tropical island paradise instead of being up in geostationary orbit watching over the planet's communication system waiting for a call asking for International Rescue's help with some disaster or other.

Sighing with another muffled cough, he dug out a clean uniform before heading for the shower to refresh himself the best he could ready for another long day of staring out into the vastness of outer space. As he was waiting for the shower to warm up, John sneezed and rested the back of his hand on his forehead. Oh Great He thought to himself feeling that there was a temperature, John must have caught a cold while out on the rescue but only now decided to emerge and infect him.

Once his shower was over and was changed into the fresh uniform, John headed into the small kitchen of his quarters for some breakfast and hopefully something to help him get rid of this cold.

Armed with a coffee and a simple breakfast that he could find, he sat down at the command desk of Thunderbird Five and read over the system's output of the station and its systems. Seeing that all was normal and everything across the communication systems was all quiet, for a change, John decided to head back to his quarters for some television while finishing his breakfast, he was half way there when...

"Calling International Rescue, come in International Rescue" The radio blared into life, all around it the computer focused on locating the source of the call ready to send the co-ordinates to the main computer for when John would report it down to Tracy Island.

Pushing away all of the sorrow and self pity that had been building up inside of him since he discovered that he was coming down with a cold before picking up the microphone and answered the call.

"This is International Rescue, go ahead" John said in his normal voice and stood ready to take the information from the young man on the radio.

An earthquake had hit Los Angeles; this shook a small apartment block off it foundations trapping the residents on the higher floors. There were over thirty people trapped, but the manager was unsure due to the Christmas season.

"Ok just relax and if any changes happens, then contact me as soon as you can" John said into the microphone and checked his notes.

"You got it, thanks again" The young man said and the frequency went silent.

John sighed deeply and turned the frequency to call the island. "Thunderbird Five to Tracy Island" He called and waited for their response.

Is it too late? Are you too far gone to stay?

It should have been then, we should have noticed that something was wrong! But we didn't... I'm so sorry John...

Best friends forever, should never have to go away!

Coughing down on his bed John coughed hard until he found it difficult to breathe. He had managed to hide the fact that he was coming down with a cold from his family.

From what he had heard of the rescue, it went quite well without any further complications and only necessary contact to John or base. As he rested against his pillows fully dressed in the blue International Rescue uniform except for the hat, John could feel the increase of his temperature and hoped that this was only a 24-hour bug.

Falling asleep from the unknown exhaustion that had suddenly hit him hard, John didn't hear the beeping tone of the communication system of Thunderbird Five. Turning over and subconsciously pulled his blankets out from under him before falling deeper asleep.

What will I do? You know I'm only half without you!

It wasn't until a few hours after everyone had settled back down on the island that I figured it out, but I guess that you were deep into your fever by then.

How will I make through?

Jeff went over one of his reports for his aerospace business when he heard footsteps entering from the passageway, looking up from the long report he saw Scott entering the large living area. "Is everything ok son?" Jeff asked as he took his glasses off.

"Do you remember how John sounded when he called down about that rescue we just went on?" Scott asked his father.

Jeff frowned and tried to remember what John sounded like. "I don't understand what you mean Scott," He said confused into what his eldest son was thinking.

If only tears could bring you back to me!

It was then that I realised that over the years that Dad was slowly getting more and more distant from you, I guess that is why you loved being up here in Thunderbird Five so much, to keep away from him.

Is it because he saw so much of Mom in you? Just like with Alan?

Is it because you didn't want him to cause more pain than he had already been through since her death?

If only love could find a way!

Scott inwardly sighed and wished that his father to get over whatever John had ever done to him to get over it. "He didn't sound right... if it is ok I am going to call him and check" He said with a slight stern tone he used when it came to the well bring of his brothers.

Jeff looked back down at his reports before looking back up at his eldest son. "Ok Scott, I want to go and check on Brains" He said getting up from his desk and left the room heading towards the laboratory underground.

Scott watched his father leave the room, "Tracy Island to Thunderbird Five, come in" He called into the radio once he took his father's chair. As he waited for his brother to return his call he didn't hear Virgil enter the room looking to practise on the piano. "Tracy Island to Thunderbird Five" Scott repeated wondering where John was in the space station.

"Something up Scott?" Virgil asked as he settled down at the piano wondering why Scott was trying to contact John up on the space station.

"Just something didn't feel right earlier when John called down about the rescue at Los Angeles" He said as he leaned back against the back of the tall chair. Virgil warmed up as he went over what Scott had just said,

"He did sound a little strange... how come he hasn't answered?" He asked not starting the main melody he was going to play, or itching along fingers wanting to escape into the musical notes of the piano.

"I'm not sure Virgil, he isn't usually too far away from the main control room" Scott said as he moved forward to try the radio again.

What I would do, what I would give if you

It was then that I started to worry, apart from that time when we had the long range interference problems, you had never failed to respond to our calls.

But what happened next was well unexpected...

Return to me, someday, somehow, someway!

Jeff had headed to his room for a shower and change of clothes to freshen up after his visit to the laboratory. Brains was working on a formulae to increase the power of the fuel the Thunderbirds used so it could either carry more or less depending on the craft.

Sighing deeply as he finished getting undressed before stepping into the shower cubicle, Jeff slowly let down some of the mental barriers he kept up while around his family and when it came to running the large company that grew everyday. As the hot water seeped into his skin or trickled down his back relaxing the tense muscles around his shoulders and across the spine, which was stiff from the morning's paperwork.

If my tears could bring you back to me!

In the office the small group was growing, Alan had come from his room in search of one of the books John had written for basic programming only to find Scott and Virgil standing around, Scott was in what was usually their father's chair while Virgil was leaning against the desk, both were facing towards the portraits.

"Something up?" He asked confused to what was wrong with his brothers.

Scott looked up from where he was about to try to contact John once again. "Oh hey Alan, we're just trying to contact John but he doesn't answer... could it be possible that long range communication is out?" He asked his younger brother.

"There might be space interference, John and myself have been trying something new with a couple of systems aboard the space station... let me try something" Alan said moving over to where Scott was sat.

"Um, sure Alan just don't let Dad hear that you've been playing around with the station's programming" Scott said getting up off the chair that was soon filled by Alan. "Wasn't just me" He muttered as he went over the communication panel.

"This should work, we set cameras up on our last change over but we had never had the chance to check the network between here and Thunderbird Five... If this doesn't work then that means that there is a long range communication problem" Alan said as he glanced over at John's portrait.

"You got me worried here Alan! Just make sure that you keep those cameras up in Thunderbird Five" Virgil said trying to lighten the mood.

Alan smiled slightly, "Don't worry Virgil, I won't put on in your shower, you might break it with your horrid singing" He said as the beeping from the computer went over what Alan had just inputted, "Think that's got it!"

John's portrait disappeared to reveal the control room of Thunderbird Five. "Nice work, can you move the camera around the room?" Scott asked.

"I should think so, we did program more than one in different places of the station..." Alan said as he pressed a few commands into the computer, the screen flickered as it moved left and right, the camera showed the control room which was quiet and empty.

"He's not there... so where can he go?" Virgil asked wondering where John could have gone on the space station.

Alan thought for a while looking at the monitor that displayed the empty and oddly quiet control room. "What time is it?" He asked in a quiet voice as he rested his head in his hands with his elbows on the edge of the console.

Scott and Virgil looked at each other wondering what their younger brother was thinking. "How is that going to help?" Scott asked the question that went through both Virgil and himself's mind.

"If I know the time then I can take a guess to where John will be in the station" Alan said with a sigh, hands covering his face.

Scott looked at his watch, "It has just gone two," He said as he moved back over to perch on the edge of their father's desk.

Alan nodded and flipped a few switches and the camera changed to the doorway of their dormitory up in their quarters of the space station. "We usually crash in the dorm about a hour after a rescue" He said making the camera zoom in to get a better view of the dormitories.

I've cried you a notion if you would sail on home again

We were doing so well, we were so close to finding out why you weren't returning our callings...

Then he stepped in..

Wings of emotion will carry you and all they can!

Jeff walked back into his office wanting to continue with his paperwork. "What is going on here?" He asked with a frown on his face seeing three of his sons sat around his desk.

"We're checking on John, Alan has made contact with the station and have been using its security systems to find him" Scott said and pointed at where John's portrait, rising to his feet at the same time.

"It looks like we were right to worry" He added with a sigh as he looked at the screen to see that Alan had maxed out the zoom to fill the monitor with the image of John in a fevered sleep.

Jeff couldn't believe what he was seeing, his third son covered in sweat clinging to the blanket covering him. As the blanket moved he saw the blue International Rescue uniform, No wonder he's sweating... he is in full uniform Jeff thought to himself. "The heating must be broken up there and John is dressed in full uniform as procedure... this is nothing to worry about" Jeff said and turned his back to the portraits.

Virgil and Alan looked at the portrait a little closer before looking at each other and knew that what their dad said made them think that maybe there wasn't nothing to worry about but one look at their eldest brother told them that it was something to worry about.

Scott's arms were crossed tightly against his chest and his blue eyes narrowed dangerously. "Alan, check the temperature readout for Thunderbird Five" He said to his youngest brother, who spun in the chair and did what his eldest brother had ordered.

The camera flickered and switched out to a readout of Thunderbird Five, the numbers flashed across the screen until the temperature readouts were highlighted. "Here they are Scott, they look normal" Alan said as he read over the numbers.

Virgil looked at the readouts, "So its not the temperature... are you going up there?" He asked Scott, seeing that he was looking at the readouts also.

"I'm not an astronaut, but that is my... our brother up there" Scott said with a sigh, he was partly trained as an astronaut to fly under the command of either John or Alan. "If Alan is willing to go then we are going up there and bring John back here," He said ignoring that his father was in the room.

"I'm ready! He didn't look so good, we need to make sure that its nothing serious... but where could he get sick?" Alan asked leaving the chair and joined Scott at his side.

Just like love guides you and your hear will chart the course

Where indeed!

When Alan said that I tried to figure it out... I still am!

You only went on one rescue and helped Virgil with the people we rescued from the collapsed mining tunnel in Asia, you seemed fine then.

Soon you'll be drifting to the arms of your true north!

"I don't know, we need to get up there... Virg, can you run the office?" Scott asked.

"Now hang on boys! John looked fine and with both of you off to that space station, what if a rescue comes up? I won't allow it!" Jeff rose his voice up and reminded his three sons that he was in the room. "If there is something wrong with John then he will contact us to say that there is something wrong that needs to be dealt with" He carried on with his stern tone.

Scott frowned, "I don't buy that! I'm going with Alan with or without your permission" He said nodding at Virgil, who sat behind the desk. Alan had moved to sit on the couch ready to go.

Jeff frowned he knew that Scott was as stubborn as he was and once he had his mind set on doing a task then he wouldn't change his mind until the task was complete. Jeff sighed deeply and ran a hand along his face, sighing as he did so. "Go! If it ends up that you are wasting time then we need to talk when you get back" He said in his stern voice with a hint of tiredness.

Scott nodded and felt his stomach tighten in unknown anxiety that was the worry for his brother up in the space station. He moved to sit next to Alan, "Ready to go" He spoke with his emotionless voice although his insides were anything but emotionless.

Look in my eyes, you'll see a million tears have gone by!

See the fight we had to do to get you off the space station you love so much?

What did you do to Dad to make him dislike you so much?

Hope you can answer that question one day...

And still they're not dry!

"Thunderbird Three to Thunderbird Five, come in" Alan called and hoped for some kind of response. Scott sat next to him in silence, holding the arms of the chair he was sat in tightly.

Static filled the open channel.

"Thunderbird Three to Thunderbird Five please respond" Alan called again as he held the orbital pattern around the space station.

If only tears could bring you back to me!

John groaned, coughed violently before tucking himself deeper into his blankets seeking the warmth they offered. He tried to focus on getting out of his bed but as he opened his eyes, the artificial lights of the space station made pain shoot down his optic nerves making him close his eyes to hide away from the bright light.

"Thunderbird Three to Thunderbird Five, John respond please" Alan's voice echoed throughout the silent space station making John wince because of the noise added to the headache that had been increasing the more he woke up.

Stiffly he moved around the bed till he had his feet on the ground, John moved the blanket so it was warped around him tightly before groaning and rising to his feet.

Slowly and strangely stiff along his legs John reached forward step by step slowly, using the sides of the walkways as support. He slowly walked along the small walkway that usually took a few seconds walk felt like hours to his ill body. This is more than a cold! John thought to himself as he finally made it to the quietly buzzing control room.

"Thunderbird Three to Thunderbird Five, requesting permission to dock" Scott's voice had replaced Alan's.

John coughed and opened the channel, "T-Thunderbird Five t-to T-Thunderb-bird T-Three" He gasped, his throat hoarse from the violent coughing that been shaking his body.

Alan's voice returned on the radio,"John? You sound awful! Are you ok?" He asked as John tried to make sense of the controls in front of him.

"No... thought it was a cold but I feel just horrible" John croaked then realised that they were in an orbit around the station.

"Can you activate the tunnel? We're coming in" Scott's voice spoke up across the open communication channel.

John looked at the controls through tired vision, "S-Scott... I can't" He said with a sigh, rubbing his eyes with a shaky hand.

"Its ok John, its ok! We can get in just fine, we will have to do it manually that's all" Scott's voice said reassuringly.

John nodded and coughed feeling his stomach cramp up, "O-ok Scott" He croaked before heading back to his room.

If only love could find a way

Alan and Scott glanced at each other when the radio went silent. They both knew their brother was sick, seriously sick.

"Contact base while I go over and activate the tunnel manually" Scott said getting up out of the chair and started to walk over to where the spacesuits were stored.

"Ok Scott..." Alan said as he went over some of the instrumentation. "Scott..." He muttered watching the readouts of the rocket.

Scott stopped near the doorway, "It will be ok Alan, John will be fine" He said keeping his back to his younger brother before heading out to change into his spacesuit.

"Thunderbird Three to base, come in" Alan called and waited for Tracy Island to respond. He heard the small alarm sounding that informed the pilot that the airlock had been opened.

What would I do, what I would give if you

"Go ahead Alan" Jeff answered the call, opening the channel at the same time.

"We have reached Thunderbird Five, Scott has gone across to activate the tunnel" Alan reported wondering how their father would handle that piece of information,

Jeff nodded and let his son continue, "Carry on son" He spoke softly silently wondering what was wrong with either the space station or its operator.

"We made contact with John, he was unable to operate the tunnel from his end... he sounds really bad Dad" Alan continued sounding worried for his older brother.

"Explain Alan" Jeff said, resting his head on the back of his hands which were formed into fists and held up his head though his eyes never left Alan's portrait.

Alan deeply sighed and quickly found words to explain to his father what they had heard from John. "We have not got much detail on John's state of health... I am waiting for Scott to give me the ok to start docking" He said taking a breath.

"Would you like me to stay up here or switch Thunderbird Five to remote computer if John is sick?" Alan asked waiting with baited breath for his father's reply.

Jeff thought for a while, they could not afford to have the space station offline for long in case a rescue call came through. But if John was as bad as Alan seemed to think he was then he would not be able to get Thunderbird Three back to earth safely.

"We have been meaning to test the adjustments to the remote systems of Thunderbird Five" Jeff said thoughtfully before closing his eyes and sighed. "Very well Alan but contact me immediately when you have more information" He added opening his eyes to look at his youngest son.

"F-A-B Dad" Alan said before closing the channel.

Jeff sighed and heard Kyrano come in carrying his tray of freshly brewed coffee.

Return to me, someday, somehow, someway!

Scott locked the airlock behind him and waited for the pressure to level out, allowing him to breathe without the aide of the space suit's supply. After a few seconds a tone sounded which allowed him to take the helmet of the space suit off.

Once that was done Scott walked into the main station, "John?" He called listening hard over the noise of the command room for any sound of his brother. Might be in his room... Scott thought to himself as he made his way over to the computer.

"Thunderbird Five to Thunderbird Three! Begin docking sequence!" Scott called on the radio over to his younger brother.

F-A-B Scott! How's John?" Alan asked across the radio as Scott entered a few commands into the computer.

"I'm about to go and find him Alan" Scott said as he went over what he had entered into the computer, "Ok, you should be able to dock with no problem!" He said happy that he had set up the docking tunnel correctly.

"F-A-B Scott, see you in a minute!" Alan said before the radio went silent.

Scott sighed and looked around the control room, wondering where to start looking for his brother. "Might as well start with the bedroom..." He muttered and headed over to the bedrooms of Thunderbird Five.

If my tears could bring you back to me!

When John had heard that Scott and Alan was going to start docking to come and see him, more likely that Alan would be left here while John went back to earth until this bug was gone.

He had barely got to the bathroom when the cramping in his stomach got too much and John lost all that he had eaten for breakfast down the toilet, What is wrong with me? He thought to himself as the heaving turned dry before his world turned black.

I've held you close inside the words I've only whisper before

Scott entered the bedroom to see that there were signs of it being slept in but there was no sign of John.

"John?" He called as he walked around the small room, looking for any sign of his brother. As he walked past the bathroom he saw a pair of boots just visible from the doorway.

"John!" Scott called as he rushed over to the bathroom and bent down near John's unconscious form, he checked his vitals and could feel that he was burning up but his hands were cold to the touch. "John... come on wake up" Scott said softly shaking John's shoulders softly.

John groaned feeling himself slowly waking up but wished he had stayed asleep, away from the aches and pains of his ill ridden body. He slowly opened his eyes and once his vision had cleared, John realised that the blurred figure was his oldest brother Scott.

"S-Scott?" He spoke with a croak confused to why Scott was up in Thunderbird Five when the eldest Tracy son usually disliked being up in the space station.

"It's ok John, come on..." Scott said helping his brother up slowly onto his feet, supporting his weight of his brother. "Wow bro... you need to loose some weight" He grunted to John as he led him out of the bathroom back into the bedroom.

"W-Where?" John muttered as Scott settled him down on the bed.

"John, are you sure you're ok?" Scott asked as he checked John's temperature with the back of his hand and felt the same fever-like temperature.

Apart from being covered in sweat, John was even more pale than usual with his skin while but his cheeks were flushed red from the high temperature. When he coughed his throat sounded rubbed raw from either the coughing earlier or when he had lost his breakfast.

He coughed once again, "" John managed to gasp breathing deeply along the red raw throat.

"Scott?" A loud voice called making John wince.

Scott got up and poked his head out of the bedroom seeing Alan had just come into the space station looking around for his elder brother. "Shh Alan, we're in here" He called in a half whisper waving Alan over.

Alan walked over, "Why are you whispering?" He asked keeping his own voice low though he had no idea why.

Scott nodded his head to the room behind him, "I found John unconscious in the bathroom... I think we better get John back on earth now!" He whispered and turned to look at his brother on the bed.

Alan bit his lip, "Ok... I'll work on switching Thunderbird Five on to remote... will you be ok to get John across to Thunderbird Three?" He asked wincing a little to hear John cough harshly.

"yeah I should be fine... just hope that this is a bad case of the flu" Scott whispered before going back into John's room.

Alan sighed and headed off back into the control room to start switching Thunderbird Five to its remote systems so that they could use the systems while down on earth when they needed to, especially if a rescue came up.

Scott sat down next to John, who had started to shiver as he sat upright on his bed with h is arms warped around him hoping for some extra warmth. "John? You ready to go home?" He asked quietly figuring out how John reacted to Alan's voice echoing around the station that he had a bad headache.

John looked at his brother tiredly, "Home? I thought this is my home" He said confused and just wanted to sleep to keep awake and away from his ill ridden body.

"No John... I meant home, back on the island with the others" Scott with a soft smile and moved closer to his brother. The high temperature must have confused him... He thought before inwardly sighing to himself.

John looked at him oddly before yawning with a wince to the ache of his throat. "If you say so..." He muttered lightly.

Scott frowned worried that there was more to John than just this bad case of the flu but it will have to wait until it had gone. "Come on, let's get you over to Thunderbird Three!" He said lifting John's arm up and moved it along the back of his shoulders.

"I can walk Scott" John muttered as he tried to get up on his feet but wobbled and found himself being supported by his brother.

"Sure you can and Parker can dance the Can-Can" Scott said with a slight smile, before helping John across the room and into the control room.

John coughed hard leaning heavily on Scott making Alan spin around on the chair before spinning back around to look at the large panel in front of him. "D-D-don't Scott..." John gasped fighting to get his breath back.

"Sorry... How is it coming Alan?" Scott asked as John and himself made their way across the room over to the airlock.

"Few more minutes then all controls can be accessed from the island" Alan said as he worked hard between the two large computers with using the wheels on the chair.

"Ok, I'll get John settled down into Thunderbird Three" Scott said opening the airlock with his free hand.

"Ok Scott, think we better keep John awake till we know what is wrong with him" Alan said sounding concerned for his brother as they all had the flu before but whatever John had seemed different from the flu and that worried him.

Scott looked over at John and shook him gently, "He's right John, come on" He said earning a moan and a tired glare from his younger brother, before helping him through the airlock and across to Thunderbird Three.

For one more chance, for one last dance inside of me!

Virgil walked into the lounge to find his father in deep thought instead of working on the small piles of paperwork lying in front of him.

"Is something wrong Dad?" He asked wondering what was worrying Jeff so badly that he couldn't focus on his work, even though Virgil remembered hearing Thunderbird Three lift off earlier.

Jeff looked up from the paperwork he had been staring at hoping that if he looked at it long enough that it would either disappear of fill itself out. He saw his second eldest son standing just in front of the desk, "Sorry Virgil, I was miles away... did you say something?" Jeff asked coming out of his daze.

"I just wondered if you heard from Scott and Alan?" Virgil asked wondering if everything was ok with Thunderbird Five and his younger brother, John.

"Alan reported that they were about to depart... that was about ten minutes ago, when they got up there Scott found John unconscious" Jef said with a sigh even though his face was stern and serious, his inner feelings were worried and confused to what could be wrong with his middle son.

"Unconscious?" Virgil exclaimed more worried for his brother, "Do they know what is wrong with him?" He asked hoping that it was nothing serious.

"Scott thinks it is a bad flu but I heard in his voice that there must be more to that" Jeff said looking up at the clock before looking back at his son. "Brains is down preparing the sick bay" He added and then worked on clearing the desk of all of the irritating paperwork.

Virgil nodded and left the lounge to see if the genius behind the Thunderbird machinery needed any help into preparing the sick bay.

That I would like and love!

Scott had kept John awake all throughout the long flight from Thunderbird Five back to base on Tracy Island. He had talked of everything he could think of that he thought his brother might like listening to but, he was quickly running out of topics.

One that had had made Scott worry was John's breathing just before they entered earth's atmosphere, this forced Scott to give John a oxygen mask to help him breath though John had tiredly and weakly fought Scott off without succession.

They were now on final approach with Tracy Island at last, Scott could only stay with John as Alan focused on landing Thunderbird Three safely and securely.

"Bet you Grandma has started cooking and busy trying to outdo herself on her own cooking" Scott joked with John, who just continued to breath raspily through the oxygen mask fighting to keep awake when all he wanted to do was to go asleep until whatever had infested his body was gone.

A small thud and echoes sounded through the large rocket, "Scott, we've landed safely! We better get John to the sick bay" Alan's voice came from a small radio unit on a computer nearby.

"Ok Alan, we better take the service tunnels to the main complex... make it easier for John than rather take the couch back up to the lounge" Scott answered undoing his own restraints before undoing John's. He shouldered the oxygen pack before helping and supporting John out of the chair, careful not to knock the mask or its tubes.

"Ok Scott... I'll meet you there, got to run the scan" Alan said as taping could be heard from where Alan was closing Thunderbird Three down securely.

"Let's go John, I think you know that this is not the flu" Scott muttered quietly to John as they worked their way out of the large rocket and into the hanger.

If only tears could bring you back to me!

Virgil and Brains looked over the computer readouts from the monitor in front of them. "I-I-it looks ok h-h-here Virgil" Brains said going over the data before turning around to look at Virgil then around the sick bay.

"Think you're right Brains, what do you think could be wrong with John?" Virgil asked wondering if the young genius had any idea what could be wrong with their brother.

Brains looked at the second eldest son and back to the computer, he sighed. "F-from wh-wh-what I-I-I have been d-d-told, it seems like a re-re-normal cold or a bad flu... b-but I-I-I won't be able to say for s-s-sure until we h-have ru-ru-run a s-scan" He said trying his best to keep the stutter down as he typed a few things down on the computer in front of him before the quiet whoosh of the door got the attention of the room's occupants.

Alan entered the room and was followed closely by Scott supporting John, who wore an oxygen mask and was almost asleep on his own feet.

Virgil inwardly frowned seeing how bad his brother was, "Bring him over to the bed Scott" He said in his normal voice and saw John wince in the loudness of his voice.

Scott helped move John across the sick bay and lowered him down gently on the bed. "We have to keep our voices low, Al... turn the lights down" He half whispered as he unhooked the oxygen kit from himself and attached it to the diagnostic bed.

Brains looked blank as he worked on starting the scan to see what was wrong with the middle son of his friends, Jeff's, family. The computer beeped before it started recording the data from the diagnostic bed where John laid.

Alan had had the blinds closed making the room darker as the sun fought through them, but the light was still fine for everyone to see clearly inside the sick bay.

Scott could only watch as the diagnostic bed was following its programming. Virgil stood beside him and hoped that it was just the flu but when he had seen John being supported by Scott had worried Virgil deeply.

"How is it going Brains?" A gruff voice asked from the doorway making the boys turn to face the source of the voice.

Brains did not remove his eyes from the monitor, "The systems are scanning through the results of the scan but it is taking some time..." He said as Scott moved over to sit next to John to keep him awake as Brains finished his work on the computer.

Jeff shrugged off the looks from his sons and moved closer to Brains and the computer. "What is taking so long Brains?" He asked ignoring the coughing coming from the bed that held his middle son.

John coughed violently and tried to move to his side, the mask had moved off his face. "Easy John! Take deep breaths" Scott ordered softly, holding onto his brother's shoulder with one hand while moving his mask back over John's face to help him breathe.

Virgil moved and rested his hand on Alan's shoulder for support, "It'll be ok Al" He whispered into his youngest brother's ear.

Alan nodded, "O..ok.. I..I should call Gordon and let him known what's going on" He said as his aqua loving brother had gone off to the mainland for a few days to compete in one of the sports that Gordon loved so much.

Virgil watched the youngest of the Tracy family leave the sick bay, "I'll go with him" He decided, telling Scott before following Alan back to the main lounge.

Scott watched Alan closely followed by Virgil leave the sick bay, leaving just Brains, Jeff, John and himself in the quiet room. The only sounds were John breathing deeply and ragged, and the tap of the keyboard as Brains continued to find what was wrong with John.

If only love could find a way!

John fought through the thick fog blocking his senses, he found it hard to breathe and felt really cold though his cheeks flushed red. He could feel a mask on his face that he roughly guessed was top help his breathing but he didn't truthfully knew what was wrong with him or where he was.

When John tried to climb up, his muscles everywhere in his body protested against the movement while he felt a hand rest on his right shoulder. "Easy John" A familiar voice spoke quietly helping him move up with his pillows holding him up.

"S-scott? W-Whe..." John croaked from under the mask, he could feel the cold oxygen touching his flushed skin.

"We're in the sick bay on the island" Scott said quietly helping John take the mask off before helping his brother take a drink of water.

"I...island? H-how?" John asked in the same croaky and tired voice, resting heavily against the pillows and shivered.

"Cold John? Hang on" Scott said in the same hushed tone ever since he had found John unconscious in Thunderbird Five. He got up and went over to one of the storage cupboards, and retrieved a few of the blankets that were kept there.

Scott took back them over before laying them over his brother, "Is that better John?" He asked tucking the blankets in around the edges of the bed.

John nodded slightly, wincing in the movement. Scott frowned as he sat back down on the chair. "Are you ok John? This is more than the flu isn't it?" He spoke softly as John gently fought with the oxygen mask. Scott could see that his younger brother was more awake but his blue eyes were dull and the sparkle that was usually there was missing, John's skin was more pale than normal and clammy from the fever that was wracking his body.

"I...I do-don't know" John gasped trying to keep back the coughing from rising up out of his chest. Scott gave him a hand to put the oxygen mask back on, "It's ok John, Brains and Tin-Tin are working on finding out what is wrong with you" He said quietly hearing the door open quietly.

Virgil came in closely followed by Alan, they both smiled as they crossed over the room and grabbed a spare chair each. "Hey John" Virgil spoke in the same hushed tone Scott had been using.

John closed his eyes and leaned deeper into the pillows, "Come on bro, don't be like that please" Alan said quietly taking John's hand for it to only be pulled away.

Scott looked worried at how John had suddenly closed up when his other brothers had came in, "It's ok John, they are only worried for you" He spoke up and looked at John, who opened his eyes and looked at Scott before looking behind him and closed his eyes once again.

Turning around in his chair, Scott saw that Jeff had returned accompanied by Brains and Tin-Tin, who looked grave and worried for the blond Tracy led in the bed. Scott could see instantly that they had found out what is wrong with John.

"You've found out haven't you?" He spoke in the same hushed tone but all the command from where he was the field commander while on a mission for International Rescue was there.

Tin-Tin looked at the ground while Brains and Jeff shared a blank look.

What I would do, what I would give if you

They knew John, they had found out and yet they were worried about how we would handle it... only if I recognised the signs myself we could have got you to the hospital sooner.

But then as you would say, 'its no use kicking yourself, these things happen'

Wish they didn't hang out on us...

Return to me, someday, some how, some way!

Jeff sighed and knew that now they knew what was wrong with his middle son, then they would have to act quickly from it getting any worse.

"We have to take John to mainland, we all have to go as we have been near him" He spoke without revealing what John had.

Alan and Virgil rose up out of their chairs, while Scott stayed in his. "What are you saying Dad? What is wrong with our brother?" Virgil asked as the tone of his father worried him.

John coughed violently and turned to his side, placing his back to his father. Scott jumped up and rushed to the other side of the bed, "Easy John, its ok" He said removing the mask off in time for John to throw up onto the floor below, as he had not had anything to eat, it was only just water.

Virgil and Alan winced but kept still unsure how to help their brother as Scott helped John clean up and put the oxygen mask on.

"I-I'm s-sorry" John muttered, his shoulders shaking from the suppressed tears he was holding back.

"It's ok Johnny, these things happen" Scott said quietly and helped his brother until he was led back against the pillows before retrieving some tissues and tried his best to clean up the mess.

"Are you going to say what is wrong with him or not?" Scott asked getting back up, using the bin closed to his father on purpose.

"Brains has run the tests and discovered that John has meningitis" Jeff said with a sigh, his shoulders slouching a little as he watched John rest against the pillows, the oxygen mask steaming up with every breath he took.

Scott gasped and turned to look at Virgil and Alan before looking at John. "We got to get him to a hospital now" He spoke, his fists clenched tightly to his sides.

If my tears could bring you back to me!