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Yakumo doesn't understand why Mushra fights so much so she wants to find out why but he won't tell her. So she ends up going back in time some how to when he was only a chibi before he got the jewel that lets him hyper form.

Chapter 1: waking up in anther time.

Yakumo sat in Hacuba as they made their way west to Shinzo they had just defeated Tombo and Mushra was back with them again. Yakumo happy as they were all on their way again but one thought kept nagging her. 'What if Mushra cards anther Enterran." The thought of the spider Enterrans that Mushra carded a few weeks ago came to her. Looking Yakumo could see the Back of Mushra his back facing her he seemed to be talking to Sago.

'How can he kill Enterrans he is just a kid.'

"Yakumo is everything ok." Hacuba asked turning around to see Yakumo thinking.

"Oh I'm fine Hacuba just thinking." Yakumo said to the robot.

"Come on Sago how did you get court." Looking up at Mushra again Yakumo saw that he was right in front of Sago blocking his view.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I was framed." Sago said gritting his teeth at the fire Enterran.

"Well all we do is wanted to know how you got court." Kutal said driving next to Sago Mushra was still up side down on his hover board.

"What are you three talking about?" Yakumo ask catching up with them she was now in between Sago and Kutal.

"Nothing Yakumo, nothing at all." Sago said nervously shacking his hands in the air and his head.

"Were trying to find out how sago got thrown in jail for passing counter fit money." Mushra said returning right way up again. Yakumo was a little thankful for that she didn't want all the blood rushing to his head.

"I told you it wasn't my fault a was framed." Sago said glaring at Mushra who stuck out his tongue.

"Come now Sago were all friends you can tell us." Kutal said but Sago chose to ignore him. Yakumo was looking at the three confused.

Mushra just shrugged his shoulder and flew a head and Kutal started to fantasy's about food.

"Sago…" Yakumo whispered so only Sago could hear her and Hacuba.

"I was framed." Sago said not looking at the human but just kept looking a head.

"No it's not that it's just…" Yakumo started, Sago was now looking at her.


"Well you've known Mushra longer then I have, why dose he always fight all the time." Yakumo asked while Sago just looked at her.

"To tell you the truth Yakumo I don't know he never told me. I first meet him when I was in trouble with a rival gang Mushra helped me out. It was strange as he was only a kid and could hyper form, as you could see me and Kutal didn't know we could hyper form until a few weeks ago but Mushra he could Hyper form since he was…. Well I don't know when." Sago said Yakumo just smiled at him and nodded.

"if you really want to know you should ask him, I think we should stop for a while any way as it is getting dark." Sago said.

"Yes and I'll cook you the most delish food you have ever eaten Yakumo." Kutal said, Yakumo could not help but smile.

"What are you guys talking about?" Mushra asked in front of them to they all turned to him and just said nothing in union with out realizing it. Mushra just scratched his head.

After eating Hacuba sat in back charging, Sago was leaning against a tree flipping a coin trying to see if luck was with him. Kutal was passed out sleeping in the made up bed for himself while Yakumo and Mushra sat by the fire. Night had came and the stars were shining down on them the moon being full.

"The sky looks so nice tonight." Yakumo heard herself saying looking up at the stars.

"Yah I guess." Mushra said still looking at the fire.

"Haven't you ever just looked you at the night sky Mushra?" Yakumo asked tucking a bit a stray hair behind her ear. Unknown to the both of them sago was eavesdropping on their conversation.

"No." Mushra said a little bit to fast.

Thinking back to what sago had told her earlier Yakumo thought that now would be the best time to ask Mushra about his fight.

"Mushra, why do you always fight?"

"To protect you." Mushra answered thinking Yakumo was going to send him away again like last time. His check didn't hurt anymore but he could still remember Yakumo slapping him and that's what hurt the most.

"No Mushra you fought even before we meet why." Yakumo asked she could see Mushra eyes take a distant sad look in them before he lowered his head so Yakumo couldn't see his eyes.

"I fight because I have to." Mushra said making it clear in his voice that he didn't want to talk about the subject again.

'Mushra i wish you would tell me what's wrong.' Yakumo thought unknown to her a shouting start flew across the sky. Sago just sat their looking at the to before turning his attention to the sky also just to see the Silvia star go flying across the sky.

Soon after Sago Mushra and Yakumo joined Kutal in sleep. Yakumo thoughts were still on Mushra, now she wanted to know why he never really talked about his past. It made her think she didn't really know much about him except he was a hyper Enterran that loved fighting and according to Sago he had been a hyper Enterran since a young age. It also made her think that she didn't know much about Sago and Kutal ether.

'I guess every one deserves their secrets.' Yakumo thought calmly drifting to sleep.

Yakumo woke up to have the sun shining in her face. Slowly getting up Yakumo looked around to see that she was not in the clearing her, Mushra, Sago and Kutal had decided to rest at. Looking around worriedly Yakumo could not find her friends.

"MUSRHA, SOGO, KUTAL." Yakumo yelled only to have no answer. Standing up Yakumo looked around again and started walking around calling out her friends name's and Hacuba name as well. She was really starting to get scared now she didn't know she was. Hearing some rustling from a near by bush Yakumo turned around to see what it was slowly making her way to the bush.

"Hello." Yakumo said hoping it was not anther Enterran that wanted to eat her.

She could hear a scared gasp as what ever was behind the bush try to run away, but after hearing a thud she knew who ever it was had fallen over. Worried at who ever it could be was hurt Yakumo ran into the bush to see a 4 year old version of Mushra holding his knee that was cut and now bleeding.

"Mushra." Yakumo eyes were wide looking down at the small child whose teary eyes were now looking at her.

"How do you know my name?" Chibi Mushra asked.

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