Mushra: no more fan fiction, no more fan fiction, Windflame stopped writing fan fiction.

Sago: Mushra what are you singing about?

Mushra: Windflame, she has stopped writing fan fiction. Isn't this a glorious day.

Sago: I'll be careful if I was you Mushra, she could still be around and if she hears you she might decide start writing again.

Mushra: Windflame won't start writing, she's too busy nowadays with coursework and if I have my way that evil tyrant will never write again.

Sago: haven't you forgotten something Mushra.

Mushra: like what?

Windflame: like the fact I've nearly finished my coursework.

Mushra: !

(Mushra backs away terrified.)

Windflame: are you missed me. How are you doing Sago?

Sago: I'm fine how you? You're nearly finished with university now right?

Windflame: well, I can't complain. Just killing myself with my final film other than that I'm just fine, and yes Uni is nearly over for me so I'll be looking for a job soon.

Mushra: what is she doing back here? She's not supposed to be here, she was never supposed to come back here.

Windflame: oh Mushra, Mushra, Mushra. Whatever made you think I would ever stop torturing you?

Mushra: but you will gone. I was happy, I was ecstatic, I couldn't be happier to know you were never coming back.

Windflame: you don't look at my deviant art, do you Mushra?

Mushra: you mean the place you draw everywhere. I stopped looking at that after you did the zombie Yakumo book mark.

Windflame: then you shouldn't really look at any new pictures I've done.

Sago: you mean like the redrawn version of broken Doll.

Mushra: you redrew that?

Windflame: yes but that is not important right now. What is important is the information I have.

Mushra: you mean to say that you have given up fan fiction together.

Windflame: not a chance.

Mushra: you haven't updated in ages.

Windflame: and I am extremely sorry about that. All I can say is that I have been working on future chapters of Shinzo guardians, and after I have finished my final film I'll be heading to Germany for the FMX. So my plan is to work on the next chapter while I am heading to Germany and also while I am there….

Sago: so why are you talking about Shinzo guardians here?

Windflame: well after drawing the chibi Mushra and Yakumo picture. I wanted to try and update this fan fiction.


Windflame: I think what I said Mushra, is that my idea for when you was younger has changed.


Sago: Mushra let her speak.

Mushra: NO! She said she was no longer going to write this.

Windflame: yes Mushra let me speak. As I saying, I thought that I will try and give this fan fiction another go, while I am in Germany as well.

Mushra: you can't do that.

Windflame: I think I can, and I'm going to.

Sago: so you have ideas then?

Windflame: nope, none at all.


Windflame: one, to make you miserable.

Sago: that's your only enjoyment.

Mushra: you do that just by breathing.

Windflame: ha ha, very funny guys. The second is because I feel bad for all the people that took the time to read through my terrible spelling and grammar and looked forward to an update only for me to tell them I was not going to be updating this any-more. I also didn't tell them on this fan fiction, but on the rewritten version of Shinzo guardians.

Sago: yeah, that wasn't very nice off you.

Windflame: and I am very sorry about that.

Mushra: how are you supposed to write fan fiction without any ideas, or inspiration.

Windflame: I have inspiration; I increased my collection on Shinzo so if I ever lose inspiration, when listening to my iPod one of the Mushrambo soundtrack can start to play randomly and reminded me I got to write.

Sago: where did you get the soundtrack from?

Windflame: the Internet.

(Mushra starts hitting his head on the wall)

Windflame: as for ideas, I was going to try and come up random ideas, and if anyone would like, they can give their own ideas in a review.

Mushra: DON'T DO IT!

Windflame: so if people would please forgive me, I would like to try my hand at writing this again.

Sago: and you're not going to give up again.

Windflame: I'll try not to, I'll try and keep on writing as much as I can and even see if I can get the end.


Windflame: Mushra, haven't you learned yet, life isn't fair for you when I'm writing.

Mushrambo: and if she doesn't update, I'll be there to give her little inspiration.

Windflame: but I like my head where is.

Mushra: Chop off her head now and save us the trouble of what she could write.

Sago: and we're back to this again.

(Sago looks over to see Mushra trying to convince Mushrambo to cut off Windflame's head. With Windflame in the back trying to hide her laptop from Mushra's site so he couldn't sabotage any future work.)

Sago: I believe I am left with the message of wishing everyonel a very happy Easter, and try not to get sick from eating too much chocolate.

Windflame: I want chocolate.

Mushra: I want you to stop writing.

Mushrambo: get to writing.

Windflame: it won't be until next month after my final hand in.