Okay, see how fast that was? It's because of summer, no more school all day. My job isn't horribly demanding so I've had a lot more time to write the story. So this is the last chapter. Sad? Well don't be I promised an epilogue, so you'll be seeing a little more of me. Okay no more chatting it's time for the last chapter of MISAWA'S MISTAKE:

Chapter 5

Misawa's Mistake

Lina and Chazz sat at the bottom of the hill covered in sticky, black mud. With rain poring down on top of their heads.

"Arg! You are such a moron! You had to say it didn't you? Every time someone says that phrase something goes wrong." Lina hit him upside the head when she finished.

Surprisingly Chazz was laughing, rolling around in the mud.

"Have you gone nuts?"

As she watched the black haired boy roll around she couldn't help it she started to laugh as well. The ridiculousness of the situation had finally sunk in, and she started to roll as the feeling of moronisum (A/N: not a word, but it should be) coursed through her veins. It was midnight, she had fallen down a cliff, nearly drowned, ran into 3 skinny-dipping Slifers, almost gotten hit in the head with a frilly umbrella, fallen for her best friend, and fallen down a hill to sit covered it the grossest mud she'd ever seen while it rained. All of the torture had been endured just because Bastion had offended Chazz in a way she might never know.

Soon they were both in Hysterics just like that day so long ago just after the two had first met.

Flashback to age 5

A small girl with her brown hair in a pony tail, and a young boy with spiked hair that resembled a hedgehog were lying on the ground in the mud, from the rain the day before, laughing.

"Did you see his face when the whip cream hit him?" The not yet mature voice of Chazz spoke through his giggles.

"That was great it was even funnier the third time" Lina laughed through hysterics.

Chazz's older brother, who was 14 at the time, came running his long black hair curled out at the back of his neck. (A/N: skater boy style) He was holding a towel that was dripping with whipped cream and some of the slightly sticky substance was still on his cheek.

"CHAZZ! LINA! YOU LITTLE BRATS! THAT WASN'T FUNNY AT ALL!" he dropped the towel to the ground and started running towards the children.

End Flashback

This time no crazed teenager ran out of the house, and attacked them. So they just simply sat there and laughed. Until finally they just sat and thought.

"Okay let's go" Chazz stood up and helped Lina get to her feet.

"Yeah I want to get back to sleep before 3am" Lina giggled.

They began to walk back up the hall and the rain began to wash off some of the mud. Finally the two reached the RA Yellow dorm, and walked up the stairs to the boy's level. They walked until they found a door with numbers written all over it.

"This had to be it, who else writes numbers on his door?" Chazz asked.

"Well I haven't met any other number-graffiting, science nerds that live in RA, but if I do I'll let you know." Lina replied sarcastically.

Chazz started pounding on the door.

"OPEN UP YOU NERD!" Chazz let out all of his frustration on the door…which didn't open.

one hour later

"Damn door won't open, and Bastion can't wake up for the life of him." Lina said.

She and Chazz were covered in dry mud and she was resting her head on his chest as they sat next to the door. Slowly the two fell asleep letting the exhaustion fall over them like a wave.

The next morning

Bastion walked out of his dorm ready for his classes. He noticed the two muddy figures sitting next to his door. He noticed that the boy was Chazz. That is what I expected. He thought, but it was worth it to put up that picture of him from kindergarten next to one of a hedgehog. The caption above the animal said "Little Chazz without Makeup", and the one above the boy said "Little Chazz with Makeup." Then there was a picture of him at him current age next to the picture of a cockatoo. The bird had "Big Chazz with Makeup," and the teenager had "Big Chazz with makeup.

Bastion had also included a caption at the bottom that said "And I bet the girls think he is an animal." His web page had gotten over a thousand hits and he had gotten so many emails that just said LOL it wasn't even funny.

"Oh well now that he's shown up here I'll just have to replace it" And so saying Bastion took out a digital camera and snapped a picture of the two sleeping Obelisks.

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