Short little one shot focusing on a peasant reflecting on the coronation of the new King of Gondor.


The king's coronation ceremony must have been beautiful. Didn't get the chance to see it myself, but that's just the luck life's dealt some of us.

The evening ball ended a while ago; all the nobles have turned in, the maids have finished cleaning, and all the drunks have managed to stagger homeā€¦or at least away from here. Guess that makes me the only one awake at this ungodly hour. Maybe a few of 'em sick folks in the House of Healing, bless their souls, but other than that I'm all alone, sweeping up the rice thrown by the crowd as the king passed by.

I wonder how this king business is going to work out. I was born under the reign of the Steward Ecthelion II. Born leader he was. Didn't let anyone starve no matter how harsh the winter was. Didn't spend all his time and tax money throwing festivals and parties, but just enough to keep the common folk happy. In fact, looking at it now, he prepared us for this was against Sauron. Enlisted the aid of that wizard, Mithrandir, and that captain from the north, Thorongil.

There's been a rumor going around the pub that Thorongil and this new king, Elessar, are one and the same. Some special blood in his kind that allows him to live longer than the rest of us men. I don't know what to make of all this, but the bartender often socialized with the late Denethor's sons, so I'm guessing he knows best.

Tragic fate for poor Denethor, burned alive they say. Such a shame really, he was a stable leader despite what some people say. Sure he was no Ecthelion, but he did his best and kept Gondor safe as it could be during those trying years. And he did it all while being a single father of two sons. Well, one son later in Denethor's life. And with the younger son near death, no wonder the steward lost it. Can't blame the lad though, I know what its like to loose a son and a wife.

But the young son, Faramir, pulled through in the end. Brought back from death by the very man that has reclaimed the throne of Gondor they say. Well I suppose that explains why young Faramir gave up the white rod so readily. Repaying a debt of some kind.

In all my years of living I've trusted the line of stewards, and they haven't failed me yet. I guess Faramir knows what he's doing, letting the king return to rule us.

Long live the king! Long live Gondor! That's what they shouted in the streets today as they threw this rice. Must have been beautiful, but I don't think these people realized how much work cleaning this stuff really is.

Ah well, some serve their country in war, others in politics. Me, I serve the white city sweeping the streets after the world has closed its eyes, dreaming of the happier times that are sure to come.