Title: Brothers
Author: Hawkeye/Katy
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: I own Caleb Wolfe. I don't own CSI: Miami. Hear that? Me no own. You no sue.

"What in the world was that all about?"

The three men shared innocent looks, before turning their dubious innocence on the rest of the team. Three sets of brown eyes stared innocently across the table. The rest of the team stared back, not believing them for a second. Speed and Eric looked at Ryan, hoping the Reader would explain, after all, he knew the situation far better than they did. Ryan fidgeted slightly, before taking a step back, his eyes going vacant as his brother spoke to him.



'Is this shirt blue?'

'Is what!'

'The shirt… Eric's taking me out tonight, I want to wear my blue linen shirt. Is this one the blue one?'

'You pulled me out of work to see if your shirt was blue?'


The team looked at Ryan in shock as he laughed hysterically, his eyes still vacant. Leaning against the wall, the Reader giggled helplessly. Ryan laughed and laughed, til tears ran down his face and he could hardly breathe.

'You finished, Ry?'

'Yeah… I'm good.'

'So… is it blue?'

'Yes, Caleb, that's the blue one. May I make a suggestion?'

'Of course.'

'Borrow my dark jeans.'

'Oooh, nice… Thanks, Ry.'

'No probs, they're in the clean laundry pile, about halfway down.'

'Thanks. Bye.'


Still snickering, Ryan came back to himself, shaking his head to clear the disorientation. The team was still looking at him like he'd grown a second head. He gave them a serene smile and sat back down in his chair, turning to Calleigh.

"You were saying…?"

The Southern Belle gave him an odd look before speaking, "What happened before, with you and Speed, and Eric and Caleb?"

Ryan turned first to Eric, giving him a questioning look. At Eric's nod, he turned to Speed, shooting the other Trace Analyst a soft smile. Speed smiled back and nodded too. Speed and Eric looked at each other, then took seats on either side of Ryan. The three men looked across the table at the rest of their team, before Ryan spoke.

"Well… It would seem that…" here the Reader blushed slightly, "Uh… Eric and Speed, due to their… um… closeness… with Caleb and I, have developed certain Reader-like abilities."

The team stared at the three in shock. On Ryan's left, Speed was snickering gently at Ryan, on his right, Eric was blushing crimson. Alexx's instincts as a doctor kicked in, making her the first to speak, shooting questions at all three men.

"When did this happen? What exactly can the two of you do? Does that make them Readers now, Ryan? Is there any chance this could damage them in any way? Could another Reader hurt them, like they did you and Caleb?"

Eric stepped up to answer the first question, "It happened a week ago, I was at Caleb's house, and Ryan was at Speed's. From what the four of us can gather, it happened almost simultaneously. I mean, Cay and Ryan had a conversation almost straight after it happened, and it had happened to both of us, so…" he shrugged.

Speed took over, "Ryan and I, like you saw before, can talk to each other inside our heads and I can, unless he shuts me out, feel his emotions, like he and Caleb can. What's the word for it, Ry?"

"Linking," Ryan supplied helpfully, staring intently at the table.

"Right, linking," Speed continued, "I can only link with Ryan; we've tried it with both Caleb and Delko, no luck. Delko, on the other hand, can't exactly link with Caleb, you saw before how Ryan had to talk to Caleb and tell Eric that Caleb wanted to see him… but… Eric can give Caleb the use of his eyes, like Ryan can. Once again, we tried that with me, no luck."

Ryan shot the ME a crooked smile before he answered her remaining questions, "No, this doesn't make them Readers. Readers are born, not made. I… I don't actually know what this makes them. Personally, I would keep this between us. If people call us on it, tell them it's because we're in a relationship or something, but… Cay and I, we've had hell from the Registry… I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, let alone on these two."

Ryan rubbed absently at a spot on his shoulder, just above his heart, before continuing, "This won't damage them, Alexx, any more than it damaged me or Cay or any other Reader. Speed and Eric will just have to get used to what they can do, and considering it only happened because of their closeness to me and Cay… it's not like they'll be dealing with it alone. As for another Reader hurting them…" Ryan shrugged helplessly, "I honestly don't know, the only way to find out is to see if we… Caleb and I… can hurt them… and that is something that neither of us are willing to do."

"Understandable," Horatio nodded.

Ryan shot him a grateful smile, before looking down at the table again, catching sight of his watch. His eyes widened. Was it that time already? His eyes flew up to the clock on the breakroom wall. Yep, it was. He grinned, turning to Eric.

"You're going to be late, Delko," he said in a sing-song voice, knowing it wasn't true, if Eric hurried he'd be fine, but teasing him anyway.

Eric's head snapped up to look at the clock, "Oh, damn!"

Throwing a hurried goodbye over his shoulder, Eric rushed out of the lab, much to the amusement of Ryan and Speed, who both snickered softly. Speed laid his head on Ryan's shoulder, blushing slightly at Alexx's knowing smile. The rest of the team followed the Cuban with their eyes, looking bemused. As one, they turned back to Ryan for an explanation.

"He's taking Caleb out tonight."

The team broke into knowing smiles; they understood Delko's feelings for the blind Reader. Speed looked at his own watch before standing up, taking Ryan's arm and pulling him to his feet too. Ryan gave him a questioning look. Speed answered with a wicked smirk as he gently tugged Ryan out of the breakroom, waving goodbye over his shoulder.

"What? You didn't think I'd forgotten your birthday did you?"

Ryan blushed, "Well…"

Speed raised an eyebrow, "How rude. For that, I might consider cancelling tonight's reservations at Antonio's."

Ryan blinked, "You got reservations at Antonio's? Wait… you managed to hide the fact that you got reservations at Antonio's?"

Speed gave Ryan his trademark half-smirk, "I'm just that good."

Ryan shook his head, following the other man out the door. He really was that good. And Delko was good for Caleb. Ryan's head tilted slightly as he thought about that. A soft smile spread across his face. Him and Caleb were okay. They were more than okay; they were together, they had friends and they had something more than friends. The Wolfe twins didn't have to run anymore.

The End